Adlock HC
  • When John moved out to live with Mary Irene would often come visit Sherlock where he always served her tea.
  • In one of her visits, they end up talking about their families.
  • This leads to Irene talking about one of her fondest memories which is her dressing up in her mothers’ dresses.
  • And on her ninth b-day, her mom gets her a white dress.
  • Sherlock just scoffs at that.
  • Irene looks at him and asks what his favorite birthday was.
  • He says his family never really celebrated it.
  • After an awkward moment of silence, Irene says that she doesn’t even know Sherlock’s b-day and asks him what it is.
  • Sherlock just looks at his cup of tea and doesn’t answer even after she asks multiple times.
  • So after that Irene keeps making guesses to try to guess his b-day (kinda like when Sherlock tried to guess John’s middle name).
  • One day after Sherlock came back to his flat after solving a case he sees Irene sitting in his chair with a smug smile on her face.
  • He just looks at her suspiciously and asks what.
  • All she says is how his parents are lovely and before Sherlock can ask more questions she stands up and says she has to go and leaves.
  • Then when Sherlock gets her text message he just knows that Irene most definitely went to his parent’s house to find out when his birthday was.
  • After that Sherlock’s parents won’t stop bothering him about when he’ll introduce “that delightfully cute girl that came by one day”.
A song of our own - 'Summer', by toocoolformuggles

Lady Summer

My song was Vivaldi’s ’Summer’, from Four Seasons 

The first time he heard that song, Sherlock thought he had found Heaven. 

It was a quiet winter morning of the year 1986 —Christmas’ morning, in fact—, and Mycroft was babbling about something he had read on the newspaper. The newspaper! How could someone as well-read and educated like his brother be interested in what those journalists had to say about the world? Why did he even care about the rest of the world? It was absurd. With the intention of ignoring Mycroft better, Sherlock turned on the radio that sat on his mother’s countertop, and tuned a station that only transmitted classical music. But the last musical chords of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’  that resonated in the kitchen barely covered Mycroft’s words. 

Sherlock grumbled, and when he rose his hand to change the radio station, a new melody began to play, filling the warm air of his’ parent’s house. Surprised, Sherlock discovered that he wasn’t able to recognise the melody: his young ears had never heard that before. So he closed his eyes, letting the beautiful melody slide into his mind and conquer it. 

The musical notes started to draw graceful silhouettes in the black canvas his head was. The figures danced slowly, jumping randomly, dying and resurrecting over and over again. All of the sudden, the melody started an amazing crescendo, and the figures developed wings and rose from the ground. They looked like angels flying towards a wide, blue sky. And in the deeps of the sky, the Gates of Heaven were open to receive those graceful creatures. 

Of course that he, the boy who would latter become the Great Detective, had never believed in such absurd things like Heaven or God… But that day, the first time he listened to Vivaldi’s composition, ‘Summer’, he felt something so powerful growing inside his chest, something amazing, something that he couldn’t explain nor understand if there really wasn’t a Superior Creature responsible of it. 

Thirty one years had passed since that warm, glorious morning, when Sherlock placed his violin between his shoulder and his chin, closed his eyes, and played the first Cs of the song that had bewitched his soul. 

It started slowly, like a whisper, as if the violin was shy and didn’t want to share the notes. But then, things changed. The melody turned more shrill, powerful, and started to rise, like those angels who flew to the Gates of Heaven. The notes ascended in ethereal circles, and then they fell… they let themselves fall from the highs, because that’s what they were supposed to do. 

Sherlock opened his eyes carefully, not knowing what he would find behind this eyelids. 

The Woman looked fascinated, her blue eyes wide open and her cherry lips slightly parted. 

He closed his eyes again, as the bow slid upon the violin’s strings. 

Sherlock’s song resurrected from it’s ashes, the angels resembling to phoenixes now. It grew wilder, burning everything in it’s path. Burning Sherlock’s hands, his chin, his shoulder, starting a massive fire inside his chest. It didn’t matter how many times the melody forced Sherlock to lower the intensity of the notes, the angels kept dancing around him majestically. Nothing could stop them now… Nothing except from the end of the song, which was inevitable. But the angels had reached the Gates of Heaven by then, and none of them fell to the ground. 

When Sherlock opened his eyes, he saw Irene sitting in front of him, burning. Maybe one angel had never rose from the ground, after all. 

His whole life, Sherlock had been convinced that there wasn’t in all Earth a masterpiece comparable to ’Summer’, but the last few years something new had been growing inside his old soul, and he couldn’t bring himself to ignore it. He had tried, though. Of course he had. But one night he came to the wise conclusion that a man like him could never compete with a goddess like Irene Adler. And while not even in his wildest dreams would he had imagined he would end up dedicating that song to another human being, there he was. And there she was. And she was Heaven

Side note: I am so happy about the song I was given, so I hope I made a little justice to it with this fic! Tho, you know, maybe this was a little ambitious for someone who has english as her second language, but when I started listening to that amazing song I couldn’t help it. So, you know, if you find any horrible mistake in my writing, please tell us, so we can fix it! 

I get that Moriarty and Irene Adler are fascinating characters given so little canon (both appear in only one story) so it makes sense that remakes always want to throw them together but listen.  Listen.  Irene Adler beat Sherlock Holmes.  And Sherlock Holmes beat James Moriarty.  Therefore, Irene Adler should be able to beat James Moriarty.  So why is she always working for him?

  • Sherlock : Rules are made to be broken.
  • Mycroft : They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
  • Molly : Uh, piñatas.
  • Irene : Karate boards.
  • John : Glow sticks.
  • Eurus : Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
  • Sherlock : Rules.
LGBTQ Marvel Characters

Here are some noteworthy LGBTQ characters from the Marvel characters.


Jean-Paul Beaubier/Northstar - Marvel’s first openly gay, major character and one of the X-Men.

America Chavez/Miss America - Marvel’s first Lesbian Latina character

Theodore “Teddy”Altman/Hulking and William “Billy” Kaplan/Wiccan –probably Marvel’s most famous gay couple


Raven Darkholme/Mystique and Irene Adler/Destiny - we’ve seen Mystique in quite a few X-men movies, yet it still hasn’t been shown that she is Bi, even though she has a long-term female partner in the comics. :(

Loki/God of Mischief - confirmed to be Bi in the Young Avengers series.

David Alleyne/Prodigy 



Wade Wilson/Deadpool 

Julie Power/Lightspeed


Sera - a trans lesbian angel sorceress

Ken Shiga/Koi Boi - though never stated to be trans in canon, Ken has been shown wearing a chest binder under his clothes and his co-creator, Erica Henderson, confirmed that he is a trans boy.