Ireland in photographs

Most days for the last 3 years I have walked the same route from my house to where the gym and my old college were. As a photographer I am constantly challenging myself to see where I can get a photograph so naturally on this walk I would look at everything and see what I could get a picture. After three years I felt as if I had seen everything on this road and there was no point looking to see if there was any subjects for photographs. 

That was until tonight, when I saw this sign and knew I needed a photograph of it, and honestly I love this photograph. It is especially special to me because I found something somewhere I stopped looking because I thought I had seen it all. Honestly this can be seen in other aspects of life too, no matter how much you think you know about something, there is probably something waiting to be discovered.


We piled into a rented Opel (named Opal) and left Dublin with the western islands on our minds. The four of us met up in Ireland, for one last road trip for the summer, before we each make big jumps in our lives. Brenna and Josh, moving to Prague and the end of our travels. Shannon, off to Ghana in a few weeks. And myself, moving out west to LA in a month.

We drove about 750 kilometers, drank about 500 Guinness’s, and listened to a lot of Cranberries songs.

As I get older and reflect on what it means to grow up, it’s reassuring to know that regardless of where our lives lead us, there are friends that being around reminds me that I’m living life the way I should be.