Ira Gamagoori


Anime Aesthetic : Huge macho men who can move mountains , but they are actually huge - soft teddy bears when it comes to their tiny wifes / girlfriends :)

Update …


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

{The Elite Four Diner???|Kill La Kill| rest by ♣3}

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anonymous asked:

Girll it's been about a month we need another one of your "otaku updates"!!

Over that past month or so I’ve been reading more manga.. and by manga.. I mean YAOI MANGA!! 

I finished up this season of Killing Stalking and I can say.. I am deeply.. aroused.. disturbed?? 

OKAY but 19 DAYS THO!!! This Manga is so fucking cute and funny! Tianshan trash FO LIFE!!..

10 Count is so fucking hot like??? It deals with mental health as well and it has me so fucked up!! Protect Shirotani at all fucking costs.. FUCK KUROSE TILL YOU DIE!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL GAY SPECIMEN!! 

I also rewatched Kiss Him Not Me because… fujoshi.. STILL 15/10 RECOMMEND! MY HUSBAND EVEN LOVED IT!

I watched Kill la Kill with my hubby.. it was pretty good! Music was fantastic.. and so was Gamagoori.. FUCKING FAV MASOCHIST LMAO!


So basically… a lot of gay and fluff.. mostly gay smut.. oops.

A good friend of mine asked Trigger on my behalf, “Are Ryuko and Mako a couple?”

The answer, “We can’t confirm that. But Mako and Gamagori are definitely not a couple.”

I’ll take it.

Finally Finished watching the Kill La Kill Blu-Ray’s 😋

* it’s great to finally own my favourite anime
* kinda bummed that “All the anime” split a 24 episode plus 1 OVA series over 3 separate boxes
* cost about £65 for the whole series
* though it’s worse for Americans I believe, 5 separate purchases all together
* the English dub was superb, really gave me a sense of genuine fun and some really touching moments
* really is amazingly animated
* story is simple but I personally think that it plays to the shows strength
* it’s great to see shows with strong females leads
* the nudity can make it a difficult sale for some but personally I was raised to never shame the naked body no matter what size, shape or colour
* phenomenal soundtrack
* genuinely made you have emotions for a sailor uniform
*Great villains ( seriously we need more sensual badass Ragyo’s)
* from the people who brought you Gurran Lagann, panty and stocking with garter belt & would go on to make little witch Academia
* has the blessing/curse of being one of the “super” popular anime of its airing season, leading to inevitable ultra hype that no show can really live up to/bashing that it’s popular trash
* it’s my personal favourite anime, because it reintroduced me to anime in general after a long break from the medium & it the first I ever watched as it was airing from beginning to end

* ANIMATION 9/10 (a beautiful mix of styles and gorgeous imagery)
* STORY 7/10 (simple but it allows a great mix of action and comedy)
* CHARACTERS 10/10 ( an insane mix of personalities that I will remember and love for all my days)

OVERALL 9/10 not perfect but very few shows are, definitely gets a recommendation from me as a must watch/definitely buy