I took these months ago to show a little about the curl-up ability of the DF-H body for @charlietheskonk - It usually doesn’t take this long to edit the pics, and I planned so much more for the location (a ruin bar) but right at the start this old tourist guy started to harass me, and though his friend took him away after I told them off, it still killed the whole mood :(

Iplehouse Bibiane head on Dollfamily-H v2 62cm body (in reality it barely reaches 60cm)

Anubis, by Ashbet.

He’s been a labor of love for the past three years – cobbled together as a custom hybrid of four different dolls (SOOM Ender jackal head, IpleHouse SID body in Light Brown resin, IpleHouse EID Magician Chase beast hands, originally white, IpleHouse EID Shadow Chase beast feet, originally Ebony, with the mismatched parts dyed with RIT, sprayed with Tamiya Flat Enamel, and airbrushed and handpainted to match), and while there were a number of setbacks in his construction, the end result is SO very worth it.

Almost all the credit (for everything other than design/planning/hybridization) goes to FunnyLori, for doing an EPIC job on his customizations – it was a ton of work that had some false starts (the damned sealant on black kept blooming, OMG!), but she stuck with it, and I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out.

I fairly heavily beveled his eyes from the inside, in order to fit him with 16mm goldstone spheres (and to get them to sit far enough forward that they’d catch the light.) I love that he has actual semi-precious stones for eyes – it seems fitting.

He’s mostly based on this 2005 painting, although I’ve been avidly drawing him since I was in second grade, including featuring as a character in my long-running and intermittent “Angel of Death” graphic novel/art project since 1990.

Having him represented in this form has been a dream of mine for literally decades (before I’d ever seen an actual BJD), and I am immensely humbled and grateful to finally have him at home. He and Sekhmet and Bast are all touchstones for me, and I can’t express how overjoyed I am to see this dream realized.

(Other than my hands being torn all to hell from making him a custom S-hook using completely inappropriate tools, when I discovered an issue as I was assembling him last night – still worth it!)


After four very different face-ups I’m thrilled to finally introduce Brooke, my Iplehouse JID Benny. I’ve been saving up for her for years, so to finally have her complete like this is really amazing. Hopefully I can get more pics of her later (before the sun sets)


Still can’t get decent lighting in my room if my life depended on it -n- but hey, this is how the kitchen set is coming along! X3

Built a more permanent platform for the kitchen sets, there was this little awkward corner left so I turned it into a plant table… thing XD. Re-wallpapered everything, put up some shelves, spray painted Paddy’s chair and gave it some legs, and got a few new kitchen props.

Still got a lot to do, top of my list is to get glass for the window (I’m just going to buy a picture frame from the dollar store) and I want to rip the tap off the sink and replace it with something metal that will look more realistic.


The Dollstars Crew at ManikaManila Halloween 2015

Here’s my crew in the Halloween costumes I made them. XD I always seem to push myself hardest for this meet, and this year was really no exception. Glad I got to do this though, I had a lot of fun! Cloud!Doki and Marceline!Zita belong to Anj and Kyra respectively. ♥


And the ‘fun’ doesn’t stop there:

Crobi 1 2
DOD 1 2

Oh, and this beauty here

And you still think it’s okay? Because, oh yeah, you absolutely need this piece of plastic and don’t have the balls it takes to save for it and thus buy stolen property and while you’re at it go a ruin it for everyone else. Brava.