LIVE BLOG: The Iowa GOP caucus

Heading into the final stretch, the throngs of media are almost as large as the audiences of voters on the campaign trail in Iowa. (Photo: Jordan Fabian)

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DES MOINES, Iowa – With about two out of five likely Iowa voters undecided, the Iowa Republican caucuses are truly up for grabs. Univision News is on the trail in Iowa following several candidates as they make their closing arguments to potential voters before the nation’s first nominating contest.

Check back regularly, as we’ll be live blogging events and developments throughout the day.

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GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney narrowly won the Iowa caucus yesterday, just a few weeks after he appeared on our cover along side an antagonizing, "Why Don’t They Like Me?“ cover line. White House photographer Brooks Kraft shot the cover image, and was there to capture Romney autographing copies for supporters. 

"Apparently a common occurrence,” Kraft says, “as he quickly said "Watch how I handle this!” as he crossed out the “n’t” before signing.“ 

“Jimmy Who?”

Republican presidential candidates have gathered in the Hawkeye State today for the 2012 Iowa Caucuses.  For Jimmy Carter, the 1976 Iowa Caucus propelled his campaign into the national spotlight.

Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter began his presidential bid as an unknown, referred to by the press as “Jimmy Who?"  The campaign was organized by amateurs and the Carter family traveled the country speaking at rallies, shopping centers, and factories.  Backing them was the "Peanut Brigade,” Georgia volunteers who worked in every caucus and primary.

At the 1976 Iowa Caucus, Jimmy Carter captured national media attention by winning the most votes for a candidate. The victory in Iowa introduced his campaign to a larger audience and made Carter the Democratic party’s leading vote-getter. 

Pictured here, Jimmy Carter during a campaign rally, 1976. From the Carter Library.

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Diversity creates conflict. We can’t celebrate diversity because it creates conflict.

Rick Santorum at a campaign event in Ottumwa, Iowa.


This is probably the best “I’m really scared of change” quote ever. It’s a shit cupcake, frosted with fear, and topped off with teeny-tiny white Dominionist Christian sprinkles.

This sign from a Santorum supporter in Iowa explains so much:

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In honor of the Iowa caucus: ‘Come Back, America!’ (For three more horrible songs, visit The American Jesus)