Iowa State

fire works from Des Moines, Iowa!

Edit: would you guys like to see more? I have lots of videos and I have one I have reversed and it’s beautiful!

iowa culture is that time a few years back when animal rights activists broke into the display case of the state fair’s famous annual 600 pound butter cow sculpture in the middle of the night and covered it in red paint and the butter cow workers had to call the butter cow sculptor at 4 am to come over and scrape red paint off the butter cow and everyone was outraged for like 8 weeks

Concept: I am gainfully employed, and every day ride my bike to work even though my job is an evening shift at a gas station in the middle of Iowa thanks to my knowledge of the secret roads. I watch the sunset and read my book in between serving customers. A significant number of them give off a vague aura of being Not Quite Human. I have nothing to fear from the Thistle Men, for the corn protects me