Coalville, Iowa
Population: 610

“Coalville takes its name from the coal mines of the area. It began as one of the northernmost coal mining towns in Iowa. Early settlers were mining coal from outcrops along the Des Moines River by 1860, and in 1870, a mine was opened on Holiday Creek, about a mile east of Coalville, with a 3-mile tramway to the Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad (later the Illinois Central). Later in 1870, a shaft was sunk at Coalville. The Fort Dodge Coal company took over these mines and opened several more in the Coalville area. By 1880, manual labor was being augmented with machinery in these mines. In 1883, the Fort Dodge Coal company employed 350 miners to produce 30 carloads of coal daily.The Pleasant Valley Coal Company sank a 105-foot shaft in Coalville in 1895, employing 100 men to mine a 6-foot coal bed. This was mined out in the early 20th century. 

The Gleason Coal Company sank a shaft in 1899 that operated until 1907, producing 200,000 tons of coal over its lifetime. Gleason sunk a new shaft in 1908. United Mine Workers local 392 was organized in Coalville in 1899; by 1907, it had 133 members. Mine wages varied from $1.91 to $2.56 per day.”


Charlotte’s baby boy. He is a Peruvian and 10 days old. He is an only pig, so getting all of mom’s attention. A very spoiled boy. 💙 

He will be looking for his own forever family in a couple of weeks. Located near Cedar Rapids Iowa.

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You guys, I really need your help. I don’t have that many followers so if you could reblog to get this out there that would be great. My friend has been missing for a few weeks and her parents and friends are very concerned. Her name is Aravis, we live in Iowa. She wrote a note to her mom while she was at work saying she was going to stay at her dads for a week. When her mom contacted the dad he said he hasn’t heard from her. Yesterday someone said they may have saw her and a tall guy with back packs (like they are hitch hiking). She was spotted in Cedar Rapids, IA. Please share to find my friend. We love her to death and we want to know what’s going on. Please boost this in case some of your followers are from Iowa or she gets out of the state. For more information look her up on Facebook. Her mom is running her account and keeping updates. Please and thank you.


These two girls are part of a group of six we took in as fosters. They are now ready for their own loving, forever family.

The girls are around four months old. They are bonded, so we will be looking for a home where they can stay together.

These cuties are located near Cedar Rapids Iowa.

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The other kitchen.

More here: http://www.placesthatwere.com/2016/09/creepy-abandoned-schools-of-rural-iowa.html

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