tony stark, a certified baby-cuddler

everyone needs more tony and babies in their life, right? have a fic. because tony canonically goes to hospitals and hugs babies who need it. (for mobile users, there’s a read-more after a few paragraphs)

Tony Stark isn’t new to kids, not exactly.

He’s always tried to visit paediatric wards when he had a moment, letting the kids play with the armours and telling them stories. He helped Reed and Sue with babysitting, and he remembers Val’s first attempts at building microprocessors. He held a newborn Danielle Cage in his arms and he marvelled at how tiny she was. He’s always glad to help his baby Avengers with homework.

He likes kids. He might never have his own, and he tells himself he’s made his peace with that, but he likes kids and he likes spending time with them, from babies and toddlers to I’m-not-a-kid-anymore teenagers.

And the moments he spends with kids never get any less special.

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invincible iron man #11 (2017) out here just casually ???? realising ??? all my hopes and dreams ????? holy f U ck

“He just goes around the world and he holds babies.”

“When he has trouble sleeping. Which is a lot.”

Invincible Iron Man 11 

People talk about Iron Man not having the strongest rogues’ gallery like say, Spider-man and Batman (and there’s also a whole, valid discussion about Yellow Peril in there, fair enough), but I’d argue that it’s because the person he’s usually busy fighting is himself.  

I mean, Tony might get the Shocker trying it on a few times and the odd bank robbery, but if you look at the comics and ask who the main villain is, you’ll often get answers like:

  • “seven hours of paperwork”
  • “unwanted company buyouts”
  • “childhood abuse” 
  • “alcoholism”
  • “heavily-implied PTSD”
  • “the slow sapping of idealism”
  • “taking his friends for granted”
  • “chronic illness”
  • “the U.S. government”
  • “self-destructive and compulsive behaviour”
  • “stages of grief”
  • “the lack of privacy that comes with being a public figure”

Ah yes, and the old favourite, which makes a regular return in all his arcs:

  • “crippling self-loathing”

I mean, it’s kind of amazing some of the comics arcs are as gripping as they are. I just guess it’s catchier to put “IRON MAN VS. DOOM: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN” on a cover than to use titles like “TONY STARK VS. JUGGLING A POLITICAL CAREER AND PERSONAL ETHICS: THE RETURN YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.” Um.

what if tony keeps visiting one orphanage and the kids change and he plays with them all, but this one kid stays. maybe they’re sick, maybe they’re just unlucky, but tony watches this tiny little toddler who was barely walking grow up and learn to speak and always recognise tony with a smile

and tony thinks, well, he’s getting older, less superheroing, and he has friends with kids, and maybe … maybe …

so he gets his lawyers on it

and the next time he visits the orphanage, he doesn’t leave alone. he carries the baby in his arms, and they’re clutching him tight, still afraid tony will disappear

and tony understands and makes sure to always show he’s there and it’s a long time before he can put the kid to sleep without them fearing tony will be gone in the morning

but they get there, because they’re family now

(but he still keeps going to hospitals to hug babies who need it and to orphanages to entertain the kids bc he adopted his kid and he loves them but he doesn’t want to abandon all these other tiny little humans)