6 Top Motivations That Drive The Best Entrepreneurs

Some of the most effective and intrinsic motivations for today’s entrepreneurs would include the following:

1. Making a difference in the world.

2. Find personal meaning from building a business.

3. Satisfaction of doing something great.

4. Personal growth and accomplishment.

5. Seeing the real value of one’s beliefs.

6. Helping others achieve their goals.

The primary message here is not to hide your real motivation from yourself, your team, or your investors. Read more >

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Ley de la Atracción: “Atraes lo que piensas. Las ideas se convierten en cosas”.
- Enfócate con pasión en lo que quieres.
- La mente moldea todo lo que ve.
- Las ideas positivas son muy poderosas.
- Coloca atención a lo que sientes.
- Cada sentimiento bueno atrae más buenos sentimientos.
- Si vives preocupado o con miedo eso seguirás viviendo.
- Pide lo que quieres, sin importarte el cómo, siéntete bien.
- Ten confianza, da cada paso.
- Todo lo que somos es el resultado de lo que hemos pensado.
- Cuando visualizas, materializas. Si pasa por tu mente, pasará por tus manos. ♠️… . #success #inspiration #motivation #successful#millionaire #entrepreneur #million #money#networth #milliondollars #business#investing #realestate #investor #finance #luxury#entrepreneurship #investing #dollars #advice #mentor #wealth #quote #quoteoftheday #dailyquote #invest #mentorship #luxury #lifestyle #stockmarket #motivational

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How To Trade The RSI Divergence Like A Pro Part 1

Take the first in mastering how to trade the Relative Strength Index (RSI) divergence like a pro.  Know where and when does the best RSI indicator divergence occur and be able to filter out false
RSI divergence.  Improve day and swing trading using the RSI oscillator.
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MyTree understands your ‘business needs’. To truly thrive, your business needs to interact with Social Media, bottom line.
—  Josh Krohn - CEO, MyTree Networking Website, LLC.

Chrimata by Anagrama /

Chrimata is an investment and consulting company that focuses on the agricultural sector. It specializes in connecting agronomists, who are seeking capital for their businesses, with the investor world. Chrimata’s years of experience provide confidence to both investors and agronomists, assuring them that suitable investment plans are being carried out.

We proposed a branding identity that could assist in maintaining a good relationship between both sectors with the use of a simple and modern graphic language that instills trust in investors. The logo aims to reflect the main values of the company; the wolf is a loyal animal as well as a great companion that is fiercely territorial, its head turned on its side represents the wolf’s alert stance. Our branding proposal maintains the assertiveness and diligence that the brand guarantees. The end result is an efficient visual that is fair and balanced yet fierce, parallel to Chrimata’s objectives.


Warren Buffett’s Advice To Jay-Z

In this interview from 2010, the world’s most famous investor chats with Jay Z and Steve Forbes about talent, success and building moats.
How To Day Trade On The Fifteen Minute Chart Using The Wave Principle
How to day trade on the fifteen-minute chart using the wave principle A day trader is day trading the GBPAUD currency pair by combining the wave principle, t...

How to day trade on the fifteen-minute chart using the wave principle
A day trader is day trading the GBPAUD currency pair by combining the wave principle, top down trading and fifty
per cent Fibonacci retracement like a professional trader.
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MyTree needs an investor to kick off Phase 1

Our mission is simple: fuse the Top Social Networking Sites to one so you can paint the portrait of your life. MyTree was designed by us to be defined by you.

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