“To fly the flag upside down means ‘distress,’ 'danger’ … and America certainly is in distress,” … individuals are facing personal distress because America could become a police state after Sept. 11. 'Getting a rifle butt to your skull will be distressful … or having your privacy invaded is going to be distressful.’

…if people are going to complain about a possible police state coming or the government invading their privacy, 'then they have got to get with the program.’
They have got to understand the significance of the upside-down flag and why we have to start doing it nationwide"

A NATION AT WAR? reports: 

Malacañang’s effort to promote National Flag Day this Saturday was not off to a good start, at least on the Internet.

While the Office of the President’s website encouraged Filipinos to display the Philippine flag from May 28 to June 12, it displayed the Philippine flag upside down, inadvertently indicating that the Philippines is at war.

A screen shot of the OP website, accessed around 3:30 p.m., showed the Philippine flag with the red field on top of the blue field.

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Submission: New demisexual flag?

Submitted by voiceactresskurutta

In terms of the demisexual community becoming more independent and individualized, I think one of the first steps would be to create a unique flag. The only one really proposed currently may not be exactly like the asexual one, but it still uses the same colors - meaning that people making and buying pride accessories that rely on the colors can’t get something unique to demisexuality alone, as it’ll just be associated with asexuality. 

I’ve created a similar yet unique flag originally based on this post which also fits in with this pride shield design as well. So this is the design I came up with. It uses three of the same colors as the asexual flag but inverts the scheme. I feel that this design reflects the spectrum - demisexuals who are totally okay with romance and sex, the ones who are unsure, the ones who perhaps only okay with sex sometimes, and the ones who are sex repulsed. 

I’m not saying it’s the best design in the world, but I’ve found myself fairly attached to it, though I’m biased. I’d really like to see the demi community get its own unique flag. The one with the triangle isn’t really full accepted either. I asked some artists at convention who made pride items why they had nothing for demisexuality, and they said they’d love to make stuff ‘as soon as the community comes together and officially decides on a flag’. So… yeah…. long story short, if anyone at all cares, this is my proposed flag!

This is neat! I’m just wondering what the symbolism is behind the maroon stripe? I’m not sure how one would go about voting for or popularizing a flag, but if people like this, they should use it, and see if it gains traction.

I'm going to get a tattoo

Of an inverted American flag
It is some patriots’ way of showing displeasure with the state of our so called “republic”

Tell you what, if America ever returns to it’s former splendor, I’ll stand on my head and walk on my hands for the rest of my life.

God Ble$$ Thi$ Me$$