Invader zim

1920s AU

1) Zim has figured out that that the tallest sent him here to die by now but is just chillin. He likes to indulge himself and to feel like the center of attention and 1920s culture gives him just that.

2) Dib’s in his mid 20s and relatively zim is also this age. Gaz is in her early 20s

3) Membrane used to be a scientist researching aliens maybe? But prohibition was an opportunity to make money selling illegal alcohol.

4) membrane’s distribution area is so large that he has dib control half and gaz the other half but they report to membrane

5) Zim sitting in dibs lap drinking illegal alcohol

6) dib being the most flustered ever when he sees zim for the first time (zim is a flapper and looks awesome). He announces he has to pee when caught staring and walks in a closet instead of the bathroom and doesn’t correct himself. Just stays in there. (Pun not intended)

7) torque is a bootlegger and gets caught making a delivery and the cops gotta be bribed away. Dib kicks his ass

@catlyngunn Tag.

Yo, @catlyngunn (and/or) @catlyngunn21 @mysteriouslymysterion
“PREPARE YOUR BLADDER FOR EMINENT RELEASE” …or, you know, what ever. Just don’t have high expectations…

It’s half of what you wanted. This Zim alone was too ambitious for me. I did have an idea for Dib’s pinstripe suit by making it a Zoot Suit, really in brace that Canon Latino vibe… but I am flawed…


[[ I had a ball drawing this. Pretty much used Zim as my guinea pig to test out a bunch of different tools with Ibis Paint X.

I’m fairly pleased with how it came out though there are certainly a few details I’d like to correct if I where to draw something similar to this in the future. It was also my first time doing nebula and galaxies so it was a shit ton of fun.

I’m preparing for possible commissions in the future, so if there’s any way I can improve, I’m all ears 😸 I’m also always open for requests and ideas, my ask box is always open! ]]


FOUND this and needed to share it. I DID NOT MAKE THIS. It’s by KhalidSMShahin.

this one is going out to all the fandoms who are on this site.

Verizon bought Tumblr, and is censoring Net Neutrality posts.

But this post is not on the net neutrality tag

Your site, your blogs, are under the dominion of the enemy.

don’t let them take what is rightfully ours!

At this point, Ajit Pai, the FCC, and service providers such as Comcast and Verizon are openly, brazenly ignoring the will of the American people, and are in the process of making laws which will damage the quality of life, and in many cases the livelihoods, of people and businesses across the nation.

Though Ajit Pai was appointed by the President of the United States by legitimate means, he has shown that he is in spirit an enemy of the people he is supposed to represent, and a traitor to the United States government, as are those in Congress who side with him. The government must serve the people because the people are the basis of the government’s authority, and those members of it who refuse to do so are by definition traitors, enemies. What has been given can, and indeed must, be taken away.

There will be a reckoning.

And the service providers, they will not be safe.