Invader zim

💥 Gir Chaotic Good Influence Spell💥

an Invader Zim inspired spell for Gir causing chaotic good in your life. 

gather: a stuffed animal dog (one you don’t mind cutting up), non-sharp metal bits like nuts and bolts, and dried coffee grounds

💥 open the stuffed animal

💥 put the nuts and bolts inside

💥 sew it up

💥 sprinkle the coffee grounds over it

💥 shake the stuffed animal when you need to invoke its infulence

Zim's Ego

Quick thoughts on the space-bug. Join in if you want. So, you know how Zim craves attention, but tires of it quickly? He’s not really into people kneeling at his feet, he’s more into mundane conversations where he can just say what’s on his mind. He didn’t relish in the power he had over the primordial shmeep-shmoop organisms, and instead was annoyed by their devotion. When he accepted Derb as his intern, he went through a list of grandiose names before finally settling on “just Zim.” And after basically dubbing Derb as his slave, he starts bonding with him by taking him out to abduct humans, and bringing him to his special place. Let me remind you that this was all Zim’s idea, and he had no reason to do this other than wanting company. He didn’t just take Derb to his special spot, he shared it with him. He basically did the same as a kid sharing a cookie, in his own twisted way. You know… I should get started on talking about Zim’s obsession with destruction.