Invader Zim


Hey pals. Life upload.

So I’ve been so hard in the south park fandom those days, and I have so much stuff to do for class. BUT the other day I went to the Fnac, looking for some south park merchan. When I looked at the funkos. You know since I’m on the invader zim fandom I’ve always been looking in every fisicals store where funkos are sell if I can find any of the invader zim ones. For months. Unsuccessfully. I had already admited that since here in my country there was no invader zim at the tv and thar no one knows the show, I would never find it. And then. That gir. Appears. In front of my eyes. Dude.

And for the comic, I know I already have volume 1 bought in amazon, but I found it on a store where they were selling comics imported from usa editorials for just one dollar and I almost buy all of them. so boi. I’m so happy




Let’s kick off the insanely unpredictable world of 2017 with the most insanely unpredictable cartoon cast of all time! Yes, INVADER ZIM!  Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (Gir), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) reminisce, talk shop, and break into musical numbers while discussing the iconic series. What was it like working for the legendary Jhonen Vasquez? What is Zim’s favorite episode? And, why was there bacon in the soap, Gir?! SILENCE! Zim’s empire of podcast doom begins NOW!

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i think the funniest thing about this is that the comic is so far gone from zim’s original intention of destroying the earth that he really doesnt even care if he unintentionally saves it because hes gotten so used to living there

like i love the whole mood of the comic that nobody gives a shit anymore because it’s literally been 15+ years that have passed between new zim material and it just feels so right
like what im trying to convey is super blatant here
it’s like theyre as old and tired as we are now and they forgot what their motives were over the 15 years that passed and that’s the funniest shit ever imo