Invader Zim

anonymous asked:

Species swap au. Dib is a competent irken invader that's weirdly charmed by this loud and odd human, Zim. He likes to listen to Zim rant about humankind's "Impending Doom". Zim likes aliens and lives in a foster home with Gir, a strange little kid (1

2) Gir, a strange little kid that likes to act like a dog sometimes (also obsessed with robots). Dib thinks nothing of Zim’s unhealthy diet of nothing but snack foods. S p e c i e s s w a p.

I’m honestly not sure if Dib WOULD be a competent one tbh? Granted he’s not nearly as destructive and overly ambitious as ZIM, but he’s still overzealous and impatient. I think MAYBE he might be a competent one but, maybe he was encoded as a solider/scientist and therefor as an invader but, he was never passionate about it (like how human Dib is about SCIENCE ™ like his dad wants him to be) and instead ends up finding his passion on Earth, in the paranormal and the weird humans. So, he kind of does the opposite of what the Tallest want and ends up being earth’s savior even in this universe all because he finds ghosts/cryptids (and Zim) fascinating.