EA-6B Prowlers from the USS George H.W. Bush take a bow on their final front-line cruise.

The last of the Intruder family, Prowlers are involved in electronic jamming over the skies of Iraq in coordination with the US strikes against ISIS, jamming communications and providing cover against any possible SAM threats. The EA-6B will soon be completely replaced with the EA-18G Growler.

via War Is Boring

My Medication

I can’t shake this paranoid feeling. Like someone’s watching me…. closely.

I reached out to the light switch in hopes to escape my anxiety in the darkness. Then I crawled under the bed and laid on my stomach. I’ll just stay under here until I feel okay….

I thought I heard a door close down the hall…. No, it can’t be. I must just be having another episode.

I began to breathe more heavily and  curled up into fetal position. Everything seemed to move slower and was so loud. Every tic of the clock pierced through my ears and echoed around in my skull. And every tic seemed at least 5 seconds apart.

Suddenly I could swear I heard another door closing down the hall, this time much closer. Followed by footsteps…. approaching…. so slowly.

Sweat began to pour out of every inch of me. My head felt like 1000 degrees. I knew it, I knew someone was in here…. or is there?

That’s it! I just need my medication. I jammed my hand into my pocket and yanked out my pills. As fast as I could, I threw 3 in my mouth and swallowed them down.

But the footsteps kept coming and my chest was still heaving. I could hear the thumping of feet getting closer and closer until finally they stopped, just outside the door.

At the same moment I began to feel cooler again and my heart stopped pounding out of my chest. My breathing began to slow down and a wave of relief overcame me.

It was just another episode. Thank god.

I was just feeling so clear minded and relieved that I almost didn’t hear the door slowly creep open and the pitter patter of feet enter the room. Huh, I guess someone WAS in the house….

Now that my crippling anxiety was temporarily gone, I was focused once again on what I came to do. It gets me every time though. Next time I have to remember to take my medication before I enter a house.

I silently slipped the blade out of my pocket. I reached out from under the bed and sliced right through her Achilles. She screamed in agony as she fell backwards and her face landed right next to mine. The mix of surprise and horror on her face as she saw me was priceless.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” I whispered as I swiped the blade across her throat.

Written by: Sage