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AD-LIVE 2017 Secret Video Day Performance

Shoutan’s part with Asanuma-san starts from 16:56

Their relationship for this performance is: an Intruder and Landlord XD

Everything else is a secret until the performance.

AD-LIVE 2017 Secret Video Night Performance

Shoutan’s part with Asanuma-san starts from 18:00

Their relationship for this performance is: Best friends

Everything else is a secret until the performance.

Obligatory Food Crisis Post

There are already plenty of posts talking about the practical side of the food crisis and giving you advice on how to stay healthy and safe. Some especially good examples: 

  • this one on which foods are and are not likely to be clean
  • this one on coping mentally with the possibility that you might have to eat polluted food
  • 2-part post: part 1 | part 2 covering a variety of ways you can deal with this and things you can do, including what to do with food you can’t eat.

What I want to talk about is why this happened, why it failed, and whether it was a good idea anyway. To clarify, I do not in any way endorse Allocator Savo’s actions. But I do think his intentions were good, even if his chosen method was flawed to say the least. 

It’s important - to me, at least, and probably to many other people - to understand the logic behind Savo’s decision. He did not do this intending people to starve, or to get ill. He did it because he thought people would be able to mentally adjust to the idea that the food was “safe” to eat, and that it being touched by reds wouldn’t cause it to make people ill. It’s a common belief among blues and greens that, because there’s no apparent physical evidence of pollution - there is no way to distinguish between polluted and non-polluted items unless you know their history - it must therefore not be real, and exists only as a social construct. I make no comment on whether this is in fact correct as a belief, but in this particular case it caused Savo to incorrectly predict the outcome of his actions. People who surround themselves with others who think like them tend to forget that most people think differently: blues and greens forget that other castes think of pollution as very real, regardless of what the science says. 

Savo’s logic, therefore, ran something like this: Pollution has no basis in scientific fact. It is entirely socially constructed, and exists only in people’s heads. Therefore, it isn’t real, and food touched by reds is objectively perfectly safe to eat. But people won’t eat it if they have a choice, so I won’t give them a choice. I’ll make it so as much food as I can is touched by reds, so people will have to eat it. When they see that they don’t get sick and it doesn’t kill them, they’ll understand that it was all in their heads and they’ll stop being scared of pollution. Then reds can be treated like the rest of us, because we won’t have to stop them touching things.

Clearly, this logic is flawed in several ways, the most blatant of which being the fact that Savo orchestrated this series of events entirely by himself as far as the Voan government is concerned. He did not consult with his peers or his superiors, or even any behavioural scientists or sociologists who could have told him how people would really respond to their food supply being polluted. He simply assumed that he was right, and in the right, and acted. This sort of behaviour is the height of blue arrogance and privilege. Savo was convinced that he knew best, and attempted to force his beliefs about pollution on everyone else, not even stopping to consider the idea that people might suffer from his actions. 

One group who are likely to suffer unjustly from this crisis are, ironically, the very reds for whom Savo was attempting to improve matters. For a start, the specific reds who aided Savo in his plan are being blamed for going along with it, even though any reasonable person should see that of course reds would do what a blue told them to do. Blues, after all, are supposed to know best. Whoops, is my caste abolitionist streak showing? 

Since most people can’t actually reach those specific reds, most of whom are anonymous anyway, this blame is being further diverted onto any reds they can reach. I understand that people are angry and scared and hurting. You have every right to be. But please don’t take that out on people who had just as little to do with the situation as you did, and are just as angry about it even if they’re less likely to starve. 

One final word: those of us who are lucky enough to be pollution hyposensitive, or who are confident enough in our belief that pollution isn’t real to be able to eat polluted food without making ourselves ill, should at least consider preferentially buying and eating Voan food to reduce demand on clean food for everyone else. This is not an obligation, but I will personally be eating only polluted food until the crisis dies down. For one thing, it’s likely to be much cheaper.

A scenario that I’m in love with: someone with magic powers that suffers a severe backlash if they use them too much; their body harshly rejecting the magic in their veins, causing them to burn with fever and throw up everything in their system in their body’s quest to rid itself of the intruder.
Ad Gladium | Chapter VIII
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We knew you filthy sinners loved the smut last chapter, so have some more! The plot doesn’t intrude (literally) until the end. And as always, let me and @raedmagdon know what you think in the comments and in our ask boxes!

A curious warmth spread in Lexa’s chest, and it took her a moment to recognize it as amusement. It had been so long since she’d found anything funny that the feeling seemed unusual at first. Gradually, though, she began to smirk. Would Nia be infuriated to find out that only the night before, she had been the one holding Clarke at the end of a chain? It was exactly the sort of thing that would crawl under the Empress’s skin.

A knock on the door drew Lexa from her thoughts. She remained in bed, waiting, her stomach fluttering at the possibility that it might be Clarke returning. Perhaps, Lexa thought, she could convince her new lover to join her for a few stolen minutes before she was forced to return to Ontari’s ludus.

Although she pulled the silk sheets protectively around her body just in case, Lexa was relieved to see that it was indeed Clarke who entered the room. As soon as she saw her lover’s face, looking warm and golden without the pale powder of her makeup, Lexa let them fall again. Clarke’s smile brought the sun into the room and made Lexa forget all about shielding herself from view.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be awake yet,” Clarke murmured, approaching the bed with a sway in her hips.

Heat blossomed in Lexa’s core. “Oh?”

“You fought a pauna yesterday and lived. I’m surprised you didn’t want to sleep for a year.” Clarke’s eyes did not hold much worry. They traveled from Lexa’s face to her shoulders, lingering without shame on her breasts.

“I feel rested,” Lexa said. Short sentences were all she could manage under the circumstances. Clarke had a way of stealing her words.

Clarke ran her tongue over her lower lip, drawing it between her teeth. Her gaze traveled lower still, to the portion of Lexa’s body still covered by the sheets. “Perhaps I had hoped to wake you myself.”

Ok so recently in my 20 gallon tank baby snails started popping up EVERYWHERE

and I was like where the frickkkk are they coming from?! so I glared at my nerite snail and I said “is this your mess??” but I was also very happy because I had become a snail mom…I put my “parent/culprit” snail in a separate tank so if it had any more babies it could do it’s business in there and so I could figure out what to do with all of the children in the bigger tank…oh how cute I thought they were….


so my precious baby had nothing to do with this and got a time out of his home because of THE FAKERS?? IM SO SORRY SPAZZ IVE BEEN A BAD MOTHER…CLEARLY I HAVE TO WORK ON MY PARENTING SKILLS…

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Another Force sensitive!Hux where he is now Snoke's new apprentice bc Ben has always been weak and pathetic in his eyes/has ran back to fam. After a long 6 months of training, he emerges a different man with Sith yellow eyes who only sees Ben as a traitor now due to SnOkE. One night, when Ben has snuck into his Finalizer's quarters to see him, Hux first goes to kill him but then when Ben tells him that he still loves him, Hux can't.

I think Force sensitive hux is one of my favourite fandom AU’s and this is really really good

Just imagine Hux leaping out of bed and grabbing his new red-blades lightsaber from underneath his pillow to pin the intruder down on the floor

And Hux recognises Ben’s voice straight away

“I just had to see you,” Ben says, seemingly unfazed by the red blade in his face. “Your…your eyes, Hux.”

And Hux just chuckles because, this, Ben Solo, is what true power looks like; the glowing yellow eyes and the ablaster skin and the merciless attitude is just what the Supreme Leader wants in his apprentice

“How pleased he’ll be,” Hux says, using the Force to constrict Ben’s throat. “That I’ll be the one to kill the failed apprentice, the boy who calls himself Ben, the weakest jedi.”

Ben gasps as he struggles to breathe and knowing that he’s about to die, he whispers “I love…you” before his eyes roll back, and he’s gone

And Hux screams, throwing his sword aside and gathers Ben up into his arms and hugs him tightly, telling him that he loves him too, that he never stopped

Ben isn’t dead, just unconscious, but Hux cries into his shoulder and begs him to be alright because he loves him so very very dearly ❤️

Cody Bellinger ~ Shy

Request: can you do an imagine where you work with jon as intern and cody notices you and is too shy to say anything

“Go up those stairs, turn left and then to the right, Jon should be in his office.” The woman at the front desk told me. I applied as an intern for photography at Dodger Stadium because I need to get hours for my course. Luckily I was accepted and will be able to experience this great opportunity. 

I followed the woman’s directions which led me to Jon Soohoo’s office. I for sure thought that I was going to get lost just because I forget things easily. 

I knocked on the door even though the door was open because I did not want to intrude. “Hello. I’m Jon. You must be the new intern, (Y/N). 

“That is me.” I smiled. He gestured for me to take a seat and we began talking about photography. We also talked about what led me to pick a place like Dodger Stadium to intern at. 

“Well, I grew up a huge Dodgers fan. Baseball has literally been my life since day one. It is definitely my dream to work here someday.” I smiled thinking about all of the games I went to as a child and how baseball impacted my life greatly. 

“Well the Dodgers organization is happy to have you here. You never know, they could decide to hire you on full time.” He said. 

“That would be so amazing. I would definitely love my job.” I smiled.

We walked down to the field where all of the players where taking BP. I was so excited to see this in action because I have never watched them while they are practicing. 

I began taking a few pictures of the players while they were playing catch or stretching. I then showed them to Jon who said that they were pretty good. he still showed me a few ways to capture a better picture. 

I was trying to figure out how to change the settings on my camera when I got tapped on the shoulder. 

“Hi, my friend over there, Cody, you probably know him. Anyways, he thinks you’re cute but he is too shy to tell you that.” Joc came up to me and pointed at Cody. I laughed and waved at Cody who had been watching us the whole time. 

Joc walked away and I continued to fix my camera. I looked up and saw Cody and Joc exchange a few words before Cody walked up to me.

“Hi I’m (Y/N).” I smiled.

“I’m hungry.” He said and then blushed. “Wait no I’m not hungry. Well actually I am, I mean my name isn’t hungry it’s Cody but you already knew that.” He chuckled scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I’ll just shut up now.” 

I laughed at his awkwardness, I thought it was cute. “It’s okay, I’m hungry too.”

“Well since you’re hungry and I am hungry, how about we grab a bite to eat after the game?” He asked. Cody Bellinger just basically asked me on a date. Wait was it a date? Hell yeah it was. 

“I’d like that.” I smiled.

Who knew that becoming an intern for the Los Angeles Dodgers could lead you to forming friendships and possibly even something more. 

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hi i was wondering about any headcanons you have about botw! zelink since i read some of your prompts and you're a big shipper like me sorry for intruding thank you!

OHMYGOSH no need to apologize! Thank you for reading my work thanks for loving it /sobs

I have a whole bunch of headcanons about zelink though no need to be shy!

more under the cut!

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Ciels arguing about which Lu is better? Bonus if they don't think that their own Lu is the best (Example: DL rooted for DB while DM rooted for NB)

Since the three Lus were all huddled in another room and the Ciels were under strict orders “not to intrude on a queens’ night only,” the three of them sat in awkward silence at the kitchen table. Finally, Royal Guard cleared his throat and said, “Dreadlord, you’re quite lucky to have Chiliarch. To you at least, she seems quite kind and forgiving.”

Dreadlord raised an eyebrow in surprise at this. “You think so? She still acts like a spoiled child most of the time. I mean it’s cute but… sometimes she drops the act suddenly and it’s really strange when she really sounds hundreds of years older.”

Royal Guard nodded in response. “Noblesse is extremely picky with detail. While I’m happy to be attending to her for the majority of the time, I feel like she goes too far sometimes, but I have no room to object.”

Demonio finally spoke up in that tired, husky voice of his. “…I liked her. Noblesse, I mean. She seemed very calm and composed… very elegant.”

Shaking his head, Dreadlord countered, “I would be happy to be in your spot for a day at least, you know? Diabla seems… really honest at least. I don’t have to play mind games to figure out what she wants, and then I get yelled at because I couldn’t guess from just her pouting. That kind of thing.”

“Well, Chiliarch…”

They got swept into the conversation and the discussion continued for a while until Royal Guard finally noticed the three Lus standing rather unhappily outside the kitchen, clearly displeased by the blatant betrayal of their Ciels, and gulped.

H x H reaction episode 25

In the previous eisode : we meet Killua’s family, and everyone is an abusive asshole, especially his dad. Also, Canary isn’t dead and I am happy about it because she and Killua needs to be friends again.

Mmm. I still don’t really know what’s her deal with Killua, but I’ll gladly take anything that fleshes her character.

Yeah, sure, how would you even take responsibily for her letting you in ? The whole point of her existence is keeping intruders out. If she just gets shot the way I thought she was two episodes ago, what the hell are you going to do, Gon ?

I kinda zig-zag on my feelings for Gon, but this kind of detail is why I just can’t really embrace him as a character.

Oh, fuck you.

I was joking about The Hell of a Butler, but he is just as douchy as Sebastian, and a thousand times less attractive, so I’m just -_-. Killua’s family really interests me, not this guy, though.

Fuck you gently with a chainsaw ! I’m going to fight you, Ugly Sebastian !


I was low-key hoping Kurapika’s eyes would have some Sharingan abilities and that he would be able to see the coin, but though luck, they are just good at being pretty and getting you killed, I guess ? :(

I’m not sure that’s how it works, but if Kura says so, who am I to disagree, am I right ?

This is ridiculous.

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Scenario for single parent sinbad please.

Sure thing~ Hope this is okay


The sound of the door being thrown open sounded out, alerting the King of Sandra that he had an intruder. Before he could even look up, the perpetrator started to climb up into his lap. He laughed and helped them up, brushing his child’s hair down.

“What do you think you’re doing, little one?” He asked. “I’m working on some very important things here!”

“Everyone knows you never do your work, Daddy!” They exclaimed, making some of his attendants chuckle in agreement. 

“I’m sorry, my lord.” Spartos said as he entered the throne room, obviously out of breath. “They escaped me, and I couldn’t catch up.”

Sinbad waved a hand to his general. “It’s fine.” He grinned and pat his child’s head. “Look at you- outrunning one of my generals!”

The child giggled and picked up their father’s quill, studying the feather with curiosity. “Sir Spartos is dismissed from babysitting!” They announced in their best Sinbad impression.

Sinbad laughed and waved a hand, dismissing Spartos. “I can handle them, for now.” He said and then bounced his leg a little, making the child bounce as well. “You are going to give all my generals heart attacks one day, running away all the time…” 

“I just wanted to come see you.” They replied with an adorable pout. Sinbad stopped and then shrugged it off.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! They should be used to it.” He pinched their cheek, making them giggle once again. “Now, can you sit there and be still while Daddy finishes some work?”

They nodded and snuggled into his front. “Yeah. I just wanna be here with you.” 

Sinbad smiled, petting his child’s head gently. While he never imagined he’d be a father before having them, he now couldn’t imagine a world without them. “We’ll play later.” He decided as he returned to his work, one arm holding his child close to him.

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NC - long or short au idea - seriously tho, punk skater Kara covered in tattoos and and piercings crashing the Lois and clark wedding and dancing with Cat. I just love punk skater Kara and and I need more of her and Cat

“Who on earth is that?” Cat asked through gritted teeth, pointing at the girl who just entered the lobby.

She saw Clark follow the line of her sight and when he let out an honest-to-god Midwestern curse, she arched an impressed brow.

“That would be Kara, my cousin. I asked her to clean up a little but apparently, I was talking to a wall.” Clark mumbled before crossing the elegant hall of the Metropolis Halldorf Hotel to go talk to his relative.

Cat smirked at how people were looking at the intruder, their judgmental disapproval written all over their face and the offense clear in their eyes as they openly stared.

Kara, since it was the girl’s name, was wearing a boyfriend baggy jean that was falling loosely on a pair of very destroyed Converses, shoes that must have been black, once upon a time. Her dark gray tank top was floating around her thin and athletic silhouette, revealing a sport bra underneath. Her bare arms were covered with black ink, tattoos of all shapes and forms, some featuring bright colors and some already faded away, the ink becoming blue with hints of green. She had long golden hair that covered her broad shoulders and framed her face rather gracefully, despite the beany plugged on the top of her head and the huge, aviator sunglasses hiding her eyes.There was something fascinating, to that out-of-place attitude, Cat had to admit. The girl was holding a skateboard in her right hand and scrolling through a brand new iPhone with the other one, oblivious to the general ambiance floating around her.

Cat watched at the talk between cousins quickly escalated into a dispute and she considered joining in when Kara suddenly threw her skate on the floor and jumped on it, fleeing the discussion and then the hotel entirely.

“Well. That went perfectly, I’d say.” Cat snorted as she came to a stop next to Clark.

“She’s so … impossible. I told her she could come back when she has something nice to wear. It is a wedding, after all.” Clark explained, but he was clearly tensed and annoyed.

Cat chose to leave him alone and went to get herself a drink, still wondering why she was attending her archenemesis’s matrimonial ceremony in the first place.

“Oh, so you do clean up nice, after all.” Cat chimed in, stopping next to an almost presentable Kara Danvers near the punch bowl.

The girl had gathered her hair into a sophisticated braid, and she was wearing a black woman suit, with a white shirt and black suspenders and a pair or shining, polished black shoes. She had deep blue eyes, Cat noticed as she stared into that rebellious ocean for a second too long.

“Oh, you’re Lois’s bitch-ass rival. She said there was a chance you might show up.” Kara said and the blunt sassiness made Cat wince a little. She wasn’t expecting such a brute attitude, not from the cousin of the most well put together man she knew.

“You could say that, yes. Cat Grant, if you have utility for a name anyway.” She replied with a short nod and Kara barely reacted. “I know your name is Kara, so now that this is out of the way … Do you think it’s possible to get anything stronger than that pathetic excuse of a fruit salad they call Punch?”

That, at least, got a reaction. Kara smirked and moved her hand to search through her inside pocket, retrieving a black and sliver flask she handed over to Cat. 

“Careful, this is really strong.” The girl warned and Cat noticed the piercing the center of her tongue, a small and metallic ball catching the light every time the girl spoke. She had another one, a small ring at the corner of her bottom left lip and one, unused, in the right side of her nose.

She stared at the flask and then held out her glass for Kara to pour the alcohol. The girl arched an amused brow, but she did as Cat wanted. The beverage was of an old amber color, sparkling under the sunlight and smelling like some very old and fancy Bourbon.

“Oh, I haven’t had one of those since I went to Ireland, years ago.” Cat whispered after the first sip, savoring the rich flavors of the cereals mixing in her mouth, burning her tongue with memories and awashing her whole body with the familiar warmth caused by good booze. “I’m surprised you got your hand on such a precious drink.” Cat absentmindedly said and Kara frowned, instantly putting her walls back up.

“Why? Do you think the way I look, the way I dress or the way I lead my life mean that I don’t know how to enjoy good stuff?” She snarled and before Cat could say anything, Kara put her flask away and walked away. Cat grumbled under her breath, something about those Danvers people who were always flying away from hard talks and conflicts.

“You should stay away from Kara. She’s a sweet kid, but she’s … trouble. She’s going through some rough things, and she’s pushing everyone away.” Lois warned when Cat explained what had happened around the punch bowl. The bride was smiling and apparently, she was very happy about her day but there was a shadow in her eyes when she talked about Kara.

“Yes well. She is such a Danvers, honestly. I have no idea how you can put up with people who are so immature or so afraid they feel the need to walk away every time the conversation becomes a little hard.” Cat retorted while sipping at her punch, refraining herself to make a disgusted face at the insipid taste of it. After the very fine Bourbon, drinking this fruity drink was terrible.

“Oh really. I suppose in that case, I don’t have to ask you for a dance.” Kara’s voice echoed from behind them and both women turned around to face the rebellious Danvers. She had removed the vest of her suit and rolled her sleeves up her arms, ostensibly showing off some of her tattoos. With her hands in her pockets and a smirk on her lips, she was the very image of a hipster crashing a conservative party.

“Well, you’d have to properly ask, but we both know you’re too afraid to do such a thing. Beside, what guarantee do I have you won’t abandon me on the dance floor, if we ever get into another heavy talk you won’t be able to handle?” Cat replied with a glare, hiding the fact she was feeling strangely attracted to the younger Danvers at the moment. There is something to be said about the tattoos, the piercings and the suspenders in such an official and traditional gathering.

“I have a solution for that. How about we don’t talk? May I have this dance?” Kara asked, boldly, as she stepped in to invade Cat’s personal space. She hated that kind of move, and she was usually the one doing it, but she found that having this strange, free-spirited mind in her immediate proximity wasn’t bothering her as much as it should have. Kara smelled like Bourbon, Lemon zests and pine wood and it was kind of heady, fascinating.

“I suppose you may, yes.” Cat sighed before taking Kara’s hand, under the dumbfounded eyes of one confused Lois Lane.

“Will you snap at me if I tell you I’m surprised you’re such a good dancer?” Cat tried after a few waltzes and a more energetic dance with Kara.

“No, but when you think about it, it’s not that strange. I skate a lot, I have balance and I know how to move my body. I also happen to remember my father’s lessons, of when I was just a little girl.” Kara replied and her tone was soft and a little sad. Cat instantly knew there was a tragedy behind the deep and sparkling blue eyes she’s been drowning in since Kara asked for a dance.

“Well, I’m glad you do.” Cat simply said before pressing her cheek against Kara’s front to dance a slow to the sound of Thinking out loud, by Ed Sheeran.