Into the Bunker

quick’n’dirty decoder for this episode if anybody attempts a rewatch: eurus=eros=love is dfp sherlock’s love-as-the-villain nightmare, locked away in sexuality dick bunker to keep her from hypnotizing and beguiling everyone she meets. the games hit on the main points they’ve set up in eps 1 and 2 and need to wrap up in the once and future ep 4:

  • killing the guard to save his wife = john dealing with his moral code when he somehow sacrifices mary’s life in order to save sherlock’s. expect full deets on how this actually went down
  • mirrorverse garridebs = actual garridebs, i.e. sherlock inadvertently shows his full feelings for john under situational pressure. yet another alcoholic john mirror here :(
  • the molly thing = john dealing with how he canNOT tell sherlock how he feels about him until sherlock says it first
  • john vs mycroft = sherlock’s ultimate decision to choose john/love over mycroft/cold pure reason, which as we know are supposedly in opposition

mycroft is mark repeatedly telling us that everything in the episode is bonkers and we’re the terrified little girl on the plane screaming for everyone else to wake up


The Nazi Warehouse

More than 70 years ago, the Nazis built a large ammunition factory at this place. Today there are only a few buildings left, and the city is ashamed of its inglorious past. This old warehouse is still left and is slowly being recovered by nature. It is hard to imagine that once many people have been working in this now quiet forest. Because of the extremely robust construction of the Nazis, it will probably last for a long time….

You Promised me Forever

A/N: Something that happened when I couldn’t sleep… Thanks for betaing this @thorne93.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: All the ANGST. Character death.

Wordcount: 730

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I have never believed in love, at least not in this life, not as a hunter. The few people I’ve known to have that has lost it, brutally, bloody. No, I have never believed in love, not until the day I met Dean Winchester.

It started for us with a simple arrangement, a kind of friends with benefits deal where we would share a night of passion and comfort whenever we worked a case together. After a while it evolved to texts and phonecalls, and one day we found ourselves going out of our way to spend some time together. I worked more and more cases with the Winchester brothers and within a year of our first night together I found myself living in the bunker with them.

I knew long before then that I loved him, maybe I even knew after that first night, but much like Dean I didn’t think I deserved love. We struggled with findinding our pace me and him. Equally stubborn, equally broken by this life. But somehow we managed and we found what we needed, what we had longed for, in each other. It was like the pieces of our broken souls fit perfectly together.

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#35 and #44 with Sam :)

35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

Getting shot and being a hunter was a terrible enough combination to have to deal with.  Throwing the hunt for Lucifer into the mix, and you still recovering, well… that only made things worse.

For the last two weeks, you’d been pushing yourself to what Sam easily thought of as your breaking point. Despite it being one of the farthest shots from lethal, your boyfriend of 4 years was constantly trying to get you to take it easy, even if just for a few moments. You were doing everything he was, which you didn’t see as a big deal, since every day was spent in the bunker doing research. You knew it wasn’t perfect healing conditions, but it could be worse. Sam, naturally, thought otherwise.

“Come on,” his hands were holding onto one of the chairs at the other end of the table you were sitting at. You looked up from your book, raising your eyebrows. One foot was resting on the table, your ankle placed on top of your extended leg. It was the usual way you sat, which made Sam bitch at you for getting dirt on the table and Dean wonder how the hell you found it comfortable.

“Nah, I’m good,” you shook your head, looking back at what you were reading.

“Okay then,” his voice sounded sweet, but you knew he was about to say something condescending. “Have it your way. Take off your shirt and get over here. Now.”

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Let’s Make A Deal- Part 1

So this is part 1, it’s kind of long but I’m setting things up for the future story. It’s a little depressing, but not by much. It’s also my way of venting, so I hope this is good, I appreciate any and all feedback, let me know what you think, thank you! 

Summary: The reader wakes up in the bunker, but she seems just as surprised as The Winchesters to be there.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

word Count: 2,769

Parts: Intro

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“Oh, you’re awake”

“Sam Winchester?” I gasped

He raised his eye brows expectantly, wondering.

“y/n? I presume”

He held up my phone and wallet. Of course they’d take the ID of a stranger that popped up in their home. Question is, how did I get here? The last thing I remember was watching an episode of supernatural, maybe this is a dream. But these metal cuffs on my wrists feel very real. I pull on the cuffs again.

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Today is was [New Temp’s] last day. The managers threw a little farewell party for her. I did not begrudge that, because she really did give her best and try her hardest.

“I’m going to miss you, [Keri]. You have been so kind and gentle to me, and taught me so much, not just about the job but about customer service in general, and I feel I can go to the next assignment a little more confident because of your investment of time in me.”

Ain’t gonna lie to you, dear readers, I truly considered becoming a professional poker player at this point, because if I could mask the desire to snap her ass in a thousand quivering pieces so consistently for so long, then there’s a superpower I’m sleeping on.

[Way Tall] checked the last batch of work New Temp turned in. She announced that we all need to invest in armor and find the nearest nuclear bunker because when [GGCoworker] comes back tomorrow and finds the twice shat hot mess lurking in the once again unalphabetized cabinet, someone’s gonna get shanked.

In other news, the much needed addition to my department starts tomorrow. I have been told to be “nice” to the new person, and not throw them into the deep end of the pool by having them “check” on a problem property. I said I could promise no such thing, and that the ethical thing for me to do was to terrorize all new employees equally. A statement upheld by [Pixie] (so named because of her hair, and because that is the opposite of her personality) who strangely remained on with us despite my inadvertent hostile welcome.

What can I say? I don’t coddle. I’ll help, but I don’t coddle.

Oh, and [Prima Donna] weasel worded her way into an opportunity to ask me if I had any trepidation of taking the certification test in the upcoming weeks.

“I took it Saturday.”

“This Saturday? Like… two days ago, Saturday?”

“Yea, might as well get it over with.”


“I passed.”

(Imagine a voice suddenly roughened and vicious.) “Of course, you passed. You’re incapable of failure, it appears.” She exits.

There’s that superpower again.


There was a loud shout that sounded suspiciously like Sam coming from the library, followed by a clank then a loud crash and several moments of colorful language. The shouting could be explained by a number of things, a nightmare after falling asleep at a table while researching, being startled by something in the bunker (which happened more than either brother cared to admit), or even a scary moment in a movie. The stranger thing was the clanking then crashing that followed immediately after the shouting.

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