~ Happy Valentine’s day to all Destiel shippers out there! ~

Angels didn’t sulk, Castiel was sure of it. Or at least, he had been sure of it, until this morning. Until he found himself dejectedly sipping his coffee in the bunker’s kitchen, using Sam’s laptop to look for an interesting case to distract him from this ridiculous… Well, sulking.

February 14th. It shouldn’t make a difference, of course. It was a silly human tradition, Castiel shouldn’t even care about it in the first place. Even though Sam had encouraged him during their talk yesterday. Had almost convinced Castiel to go for it and do something for Dean, something to finally show Dean how he felt.

But Castiel had chickened out, and decided that he wouldn’t -couldn’t- do it. Surely Sam had it all wrong; Dean didn’t see Castiel that way, there was no chance, and he’d merely make a fool of himself. Not to mention, things would get tense and uncomfortable around the bunker.

With a heavy sigh, Castiel closed the laptop, not even lucky in finding a case to take his mind off of whatever wild random Valentine’s day dates that Dean without a doubt had planned for today.

He put down his empty mug, already planning to go for a drive to clear his head, when someone suddenly coughed pointedly. Castiel turned his head at the sound, tilting it and meeting green eyes and a flustered face.

“Dean? Is something wrong?” He asked, slowly getting up from his seat.

“No.” Dean replied right away, making a sound that could either be a huff or a laugh. “Just wanna say… The card is giving me cavities from just looking at it, but yeah, me too.”

Castiel frowned at his favorite human, puzzled, at which Dean rolled his eyes and dangled something in front of him, clearly a Valentine’s themed card. On it were flowers, bees, and the rather cheesy line ‘I want to BEE yours’.

Written in one of the corners was Castiel’s name, the hand writing much like Castiel’s, but not quite identical. There was no way that Dean could’ve known that though.

“Dean, I…” Castiel started, about to betray his main and only suspect; Sam Winchester.

But Sam was saved when Dean cut Castiel off with a swift kiss, gentle but sure, right on the lips. Castiel blinked in wonder when Dean pulled back, smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Look man, I get it, I know we need to talk about this…” Dean muttered, his eyes never leaving Castiel’s. “But I just… I’ve waited a long time, hell, so have you. Would it kill us to have some fun today and leave the serious crap for tomorrow?”

Castiel answered him with a kiss of his own, a feeling of pure bliss knocking the breath out of both of them. They could talk later, the angel decided as their kiss deepened, Dean’s hands finding their way into Castiel’s hair. For now, this was enough. Castiel made a mental note to thank Sam tomorrow.


Sneakily peeking through the kitchen door, Sam Winchester breathed a relieved “finally”.

So he’d cheated a little to at last escape that never ending tension between his older brother and their guardian angel; could anyone really blame him after seven years? He shrugged, giving himself a well-deserved pat on the shoulder, whistling a tune as he headed to his room to get ready for his lunch date with Eileen.


For the better part of 2012 and 2013, I did not go online, because I didn’t like what they were saying about me. And it was so overwhelmingly inaccurate that I knew there was nothing I could do to fight. When the media decides that they don’t like you, there’s nothing you can do that doesn’t seem desperate and irritating to everyone when you try to defend yourself. So I just had to go into my little emotional bunker and pretend there weren’t bombs going off outside.”


“To great friends, great girls, and great food,” you toasted, holding up your drink. Jody echoed your words and Claire merely downed her sparkling juice in one go, her black nails tapping against the crystal flute. Alex rolled her eyes and smiled, sipping her own. Donna set hers down and launched into a story about an incident at the precinct earlier that week, and the rest of you sat, captivated by the hilarity of her story. A warm feeling grew in your stomach as you looked around the dinner table, familiar smiling faces looking back at you. 

“Happy Galentine’s Day, Y/N. Thanks for always being here for me,” Claire said when you stood to head home to the bunker. Alex hugged you tightly.

“And for me, too,” she repeated. Donna and Jody gave you hugs of their own, and you pretended you didn’t notice when your phone mysteriously went missing from your back pocket, causing you to stay another few hours to “look” for it by watching a movie with them, hoping it would magically turn up. 

(Alex) (Claire) (Donna) (Jody)

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Que se siente ser chileno y tener el festival de viña del mar,el gran festival de festivales????

El Festival De Viña Es Una Mierda, Son Pocos Los Artistas Buenos Que Han Ido a Ese Festival (como: Los Prisioneros, Los Bunkers, Calle 13, Franz Ferdinand, etc) Ademas No Llevan Raperos Pero Si Mierda Comerciales Del Regaytonto

Read Between The Lyrics

From this request: Can you do a Sam x reader where the reader is shy, quiet, and sweet, is listening to Empire (Let Them Sing) by Bring Me The Horizon and Sam overhears and is taken by surprise. Like, he thinks it’s cute that she rocks out to that band and they stay up late to talk about music and other things

Here’s the song



Sam had decided to stay at home during Dean’s bar adventure tonight. He was kind of tired of that scene and would much rather stay at the bunker.

You also turned down Dean’s offer, saying you needed a night in after so many nights on the road.

So Dean went off on his own, leaving you and Sam in the bunker to amuse yourselves.

After a few hours, Sam wondered what you were up to. He hadn’t seen you since you’d disappeared into your room.

He headed down the hall. The closer he got, he realized he could hear the faintest strains of… something. Voices?

Your door was cracked open and the sound was flooding through it. Sam knocked gently but didn’t think he could be heard over what he now realized was a song.

He carefully pushed your door open. You were sitting on your bed, eyes trained on your laptop. Your fingers were flying over the keys. The music was coming from the speakers on your computer.

It was certainly different from anything Dean played in the car. But the lyrics… while said in a harsh tone, they meant something.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he watched you. Your head was bobbing slightly and Sam saw one foot bouncing along to the song. This was not something he would have expected you to listen to. At first glance, you were what everyone would call ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’. You were short-ish (granted, practically everyone was short to Sam) with brilliant eyes that sparkled against your rosy complexion. You somehow managed to almost always have a smile on your face and a kind thing to say about everyone you met. You weren’t the typical hunter, but damn it all if you weren’t one of the best the Winchesters had ever come across.

You were constantly surprising Sam.

At that moment you shifted on the bed, stretching. Your eyes darted to the door and your hand darted to your chest. “Sam! You scared me!”

“Sorry!” Sam said.

“What are you doing?”

“I just…” Sam took a step into your room. “What are you listening to?”

“Oh,” you said, glancing down at your computer. A faint blush lit up your cheeks. “It’s, um, Bring Me The Horizon.” You looked back up at him. “Was it bothering you? Sometimes I forget how loud it gets.”

“No,” Sam said. “No, nothing like that.” He paused, listening. “Is this the type of music you listen to? I wouldn’t have expected that.”

You scoffed. “Okay, Dean. Sorry my music collection isn’t made up entirely of classic rock.”

Sam bit his lip. “Fair enough.”

At that moment, the song ended. The next song that began to play was much slower, much more… enchanting. A soft female voice began to sing. “What’s this? The same group?”

“Um, no.” Now it was your turn to bite your lip. “This… is a song from Tangled.”

A small chuckle left Sam’s mouth. “That’s… quite the change.”

“Shut up,” you said with a tiny smile. “If you’re going to be so judgmental, tell me what song should have followed.”

Sam shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Then don’t make fun of my diverse taste in music.”

Sam stood, thinking. You stared up at him. “What?”

“I…” Sam shook his head. “You know, I’m not even sure I have my own taste in music.”

You laughed once. “Come on.”

“No, I’m serious. My music was always determined by my dad, or Dean, or my roommates. I listened to whatever they chose.”

You cocked your head to the side. “Sounds like someone needs a music education.” You patted the mattress next to you. “Come on, sit.”

You and Sam spent the next few hours talking and laughing. You played him assorted songs from your iTunes library, found some on YouTube. You and Sam explored music of all genres, from all countries. Amidst the lyrics and melodies, the two of you began to talk about… everything. Eventually, the two of you slid down from a sitting position to that awkward propped-up-on-your-elbow position to laying side by side on your bed.

The conversation slowed between the two of you. The silence was filled with So This Is Love, the beautiful ballad from Cinderella.

‘Ironic,’ you thought, feeling your face heat both from the song and from the gaze from Sam’s hazel eyes. You leaned forward to switch the song before things got too awkward, but Sam stopped you.

You glanced down at his hand on yours before looking back up at his face.

Sam slowly leaned forward, your faces drawn to the other, lips begging to meet.


****I had to mention Motörhead. Rest in peace, master. 

You take a jacket from the closet and check yourself one more time before you go out from your bedroom on the bunker.

Dean bought tickets for a concert in a city next to yours few days ago and he asked you to go with him. At first you were surprised because it was that kind of things that Dean and Sam do it together but Dean told you that Sam will have “bitch things” to do that day.

So you now cross the hall and see that Sam has a pile of books in front of him and he seems so concentrate.

- Y/N: Hey, where’s Dean? We’ll gonna miss the first songs *you say keeping the tickets into your jacket front pocket*

- Sam: You look great, Y/N, and I think Dean is checking himself for tenth time in the last minutes.

-Y/N: Really? He knows that we’ll go to a concert not to a Miss Universe competition, right?

- Sam: *chuckles* I’m not really sure.

Dean cross the hall with a handsome smile on his face.

- Dean: Come on Y/N, or we will get late for the concert *he goes upstairs and open the door for you, then he turns to Sam* Bye bitch!

- Sam: Bye Y/N, have fun with that jerk.

- Y/N: I’ll try *you say crossing the door*

You two get into the car. You check the dashboard searching for your favourite Motörhead cassette and turn it up. Dean smiles next to you as you sing it loud with your hair moving with the wind which cross the car from the windows.

- Y/N: Hey, I think you missed the road *you say turning down the volume and pointing the lost road from the right*

- Dean: Oh, I don’t think so.

- Y/N: Sure? Because I swear that it was for that way.

Dean turns the volume up again with a big smile as he starts to sing too.
Moments later you were driving into the woods and Dean stops the Impala between a group of trees.

- Dean: We arrived.

- Y/N: So… you’ll gonna take a chainsaw, kill me and bury my body here? *you say getting out form the car* Here is the concert? I didn’t know the trees were so bustling. Look at that oak, man, he knows the lyrics better than me.

- Dean: *laughs* Forget about the concert, I just want to be alone with you.

- Y/N: To kill me. And bury me after burn my bones just to be sure that I will not come back and harass you till the end of time.

- Dean: Or maybe I just want to do this.

He pressed his lips to yours, kissing you softly. When you open your eyes you are without words and all you can do is just open your mouth.

- Dean: Well… it was so bad?

- Y/N: N-no… it’s just… I-I… I don’t expected that.

- Dean: Well because I was about to open the car trunk and get the chainsaw.

You laugh kissing him back, taking him by surprise this time.

- Y/N: I’m glad you want to be alone with me *you say looking into his green eyes*

He embraces your waist, smiling, kisses your forehead, and starts to walk through the forest with you.

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drunken love confessions, but team free will? :)) please?

Anon, this is probably not the obliging SFF prompt filler person you are looking for. :) @aria-lerendeair is much better at actually managing to catch the spirit of a prompt. But…

(… and this probably doesn’t really answer the prompt itself because I always fail at that…)

So, apparently Castiel said yes to Lucifer. Like a stupid, gullible son-of-a-bitch who doesn’t learn. And when they fixed it, he wasn’t even grateful. Not even though they had managed to literally save him from the literal devil and postpone the destruction of all creation by at least a week or so. Nope, he just vanished into some bedroom of the bunker (not even the one Dean had set up for him, stupidly hoping, that one time a couple of years ago—just an empty bedroom with no freakin’ sheets on the bed, seriously?) and locked the door. And stayed there for two hours.



Sixteen. Sixteen goddamn hours.

… twenty.



Oh hey, why not make it a nice round thirty, and come on, doesn’t a guy have to piss?

Unless he was listening at the door and just sneaking out when he knew Dean wasn’t hanging around listening like a creeper.

Or—pissing in a—in something in the room, which was just fucking unsanitary, okay?

… Thirty-four hours, and Castiel emerged. Did he ever.


“Okay, congrats,” said Dean. “You’ve officially halved the amount of alcohol in the whole bunker.”

Castiel blinked up at him blearily from the depths of the sofa. “There’s more?”

“I’m including the stuff storing those weird pig-octopus foetus things on the eighth level down here, buddy. You need to ease off, okay? Okay. Good talk.”

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Personal Space

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Pwclpc

by jenkies81

Castiel has never felt compelled to explore the physical aspect of his relationship with Dean, though he is confident of their love for one another. Dean doesn’t talk about his feelings, but neither does Castiel. Everything is business as usual in the Men of Letters bunker until one night, when Castiel decides to seize a unique opportunity, and his relationship with Dean changes forever.

Words: 3751, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Pwclpc


February 13, 2016


I have vaguely heard of the term “Spring Cleaning” once before when Sam told me Dean was “nesting” at the bunker. From my understanding the term relates to the cleaning of personal spaces and other areas in preparation for a freer year. 

I do remember a time last year in where this same effect occurred around the bunker. Coincidentally it was also around the same time Sam had asked for help with digitizing records for the bunker archives, therefore there had yet to be a more opportune time for work to be done that had not been a case. 

Dean, for his part, had ignored Sam’s asks for help with the cataloging and instead focused more on self-organizing the bunker areas. His excuse was to make the area “more homey,” which is when I then learned about this “spring cleaning.” Now, you must understand my confusion with the term, because it had been nearing the start of summer, not spring…

This did not seem to bother Dean at the time, however. He worked on his own anyway, cleaning out his room, putting furniture in odd places with the idea that it was supposed to follow what he calls “feng shui.” He failed to realize that I know this term, however, and did not appreciate my input when I told him that yellow should not go in the southernmost areas of the room.

Spring cleaning seems to be a very relaxing practice, despite the chaos running in our lives. We did find some very interesting articles around Dean’s room at the time: a dusted clock, some not very joyful spiders, and a few half written letters from a past man of letters. Apart from that and after Dean agreed to let me help, we did manage to move about the heavier furniture and find a solid silver band towards the back. It had a name long since eroded away, but it must have been very important to the original owner. Dean picked it up to examine it, muttering under his breath about his grandfather. I have no idea what the ring means, but I suspect it has something to do with his grandfather’s allegiance to the men of letters. Either that or there is another meaning to the ring.

I suppose Dean will be continuing the spring cleaning at some point around this time, or he will save it for summer again.




Mustache Heart

Title: Mustache Heart (it makes sense later, I promise)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,120

Warnings: a mild swear, and the cheesiest cheese I’ve possibly ever written in my life…

A/N: Was planning on posting this on Valentine’s Day, but I was so excited to put something out that I did it a day early. Hope you enjoy!

You are in love. 

Or, at least that’s what Sam concluded after Dean walked out of the kitchen in the bunker, almost tripping over his tattered bathrobe in the process. 

He had hid his smile behind his coffee mug, and as Dean disappeared around the corner, mumbling profanities under his breath, Sam’s hazel eyes flashed with realization. 

“You’re in love with him,” he told you, nothing but certainty present in his voice. 

You scoffed, a defensive comment denying your feelings resting on the tip of your tongue, but Sam’s chuckle made you forget it. 

“You were staring at him like you were deciding whether or not to jump on him right then and there-”

“I was not-” Sam’s eyebrows jumped up his forehead, and the words died in your throat. 

“Okay, maybe I was lying just a bit. I’m pretty sure you’d’ve written him a love sonnet, and then jumped on him.”

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60 with Castiel 😂

Are you watching porn?


   Being the youngest Winchester meant I spent most of my days locked away in the bunker with Castiel. Most of the time it was fine, I was left to wander the bunker and do what ever it is I wanted, then there were days when Cas decided that we just had to watch a movie together. Normally that would be a fun thing, but with Cas, you never knew what movie he would put on. Being an angel meant that Cas know very little about movies. Which usually meant I was watching some weird ass movies with him.

  “Y/n come and watch this movie, I think it is one you`ll enjoy. It`s about Harry Potter.” Castiel called from his bedroom, his words causing me to raise an eyebrow.

  “Coming Cas.” I yelled back, sighing as I put the book I was reading to the side. I jumped up from my chair and made my way to where Cas was curled up. I hummed as I walked, rolling my eyes playfully at the man child sitting on the edge of the bed. The light from the TV flashed across his face, the sounds of moans filling the air.

  “Cas? Are you watching porn?” I squealed, glancing at the TV long enough to let out a surprised squeak. It was certainly about Harry Potter, only not any Harry Potter movie I saw. Harry and Draco where naked, Harry giving Draco a blow job. “Jesus it`s gay porn!”

  “No I am Cas not Jesus and this is porn? It said Harry Potter?” He muttered, cocking his head to the side in utter confusion.

  “Yes it`s Harry Potter themed Porn. I`ll grab the actual movies.” I giggled, smiling at the angel sitting on the bed. He nodded, keeping his eyes on the screen.

  “Would that not hurt? Draco is putting what he calls a wand up Harry, but that`s not a wand.”

  “Okay, that goes off, I`ll be back.”

  “Y/n I am confused.”

  “Ask my brothers I`m not explaining this.” I said, shaking my head as I ran to my room, scooping the 8 films into my arms. When I walked back into the room I dropped onto the bed beside Cas, passing him the first movie.

  “Put this on my dear Castiel, we are going to Hogwarts.”

  “I have been I don`t think I want to go again.”

  “That was porno Hogwarts, this is actually Hogwarts. Trust me you`ll love it.”

  “I trust you, so lets go to Hogwarts.”