Interview | Peta Murgatroyd & Hubby Maks Chmerkovskiy Dish On It All At The 2018 Industry Dance Awards

fuchsia-feferi  asked:

Neptuna: exists. Everyone: wow. Ok. Fuck you

Neptuna: Breathes

Everyone: Wow, this is so sad. Can we assault her?

For real tho like

NEPTUNA HASN’T RLLY DONE ANYTHING! She’s been rather chill. And yet there’s a ton of people insulting her and trying to legit threaten and assault her

Look, she’s a bitch. And some of the flak she got was funny but at least then she was actively mean toward Alice and shit, but now she’s trying to cool herself and just chill out and yet people are still trying to be rude and even physically hurt her and honestly it’s rlly sad. 

I feel for poor Neptuna cus at this point she doesnt know what shes doing wrong and that she’s always gonna be treated this way no matter what she does. 

So can we please lay off the awfully rude and threatening messages for her? thanks.