Imagine that you are best friends with Jane foster. So when Thor comes crashing down to earth and all that random romance happens, you get invited to their wedding in Asgard. It is there that you meet the Royal Family, including Loki (because let’s say in this universe Loki didn’t do any of the stuff he did to fall off the bridge, because why not?).

You join the Family at the high table and while having a perfectly reasonable interrogation of the Royal Family(Jane only deserves the best). Loki, deciding to live up to his title of the God of Mischief, turns your drink into a snake (constrictor). What Loki doesn’t realise is that you love snakes and therefore you start cooing at it like a normal person would a baby or puppy. Loki and everyone else is rather confused (apart from Jane who’s debating if it’s too late to throw you off a cliff because you do this kind of thing far too often).

Interrogations at the Edge

Just a fanfic set in Race to the Edge. Contains Hiccstrid

Rated: K

Summary: The teens decide to do a practice interrogation at the Edge. Just to prepare themselves if they ever get questioned by Viggo.

The teens were gathered inside the closed dome listening to Hiccup as he explained the task for the day.

‘Ok guys listen up.’ He called for their attention

‘Today we are going to be running a practice interrogation incase you are ever captured by Viggo.’

‘I want to make sure you guys are prepared if he ever questions you guys.’ Hiccup continued.

‘Ok, ok princess, just get on with it’ Snotlout urged.

Hiccup just rolled his eyes and continued explaining.

'So one person is going to be the victim while the rest of us have to figure out a way to make them crack.’

‘We have to force them to say their full name, for example Hiccup Haddock.’

'Once the victim says their name, they’re out. Got it?’

They all agreed.

‘So who’s going first.’ Astrid asked.

‘I’ll go babe, since I’m the strongest and bravest here of course.’ Snotlout pressed, glancing over to both Astrid and Heather.

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ELI5: During a police interrogation, can you actually get away with not saying anything until you're provided with a lawyer?

Depends on where you live, but I assume you are talking about the United States.

In the US, the sixth amendment to the constitution says the following:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

Brewer v. Williams (1979) held that once adversarial proceedings have begun against a defendant, he has a right to legal representation when the government interrogates him.

So basically, yes, it works like it does on TV. At least, it does in the States.

Now, in practical matters, the police are allowed to lie to you. There’s nothing stopping them from trying to convince you that you don’t need a lawyer. You could say to them something like “I think I need a lawyer,” and they could say something like “Why do you need a lawyer? Lawyers are for bad guys. You aren’t a bad guy, are you? We just want to get a bit of information”

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

rinch prompt: honesty kink

john playing at interrogating harold in bed, just as a joke, witholding orgasm until harold gives him an answer or gives in

and harold would’ve sworn he didn’t have one, except john does something and out of harold’s mouth slips “lavender, it’s lavender,” and he’s coming in John’s unmoving grip

john finding more and more casual, silly secrets to ferret out of harold, and each time harold struggles, tells himself it’s petty and he’ll just say it.

but it’s so much better to wait and have it pulled out of him.

(also, he tries telling john his hometown’s name in a restaurant and has to leave w a strategically draped jacket, it’s very awkward)

Imagine: The team is sure that you are the unsub but have no proof. Spencer is determined to crack you, but you surprise him.

Outsmarted//mature content
Morgan practically stomps out of the interrogation room, fed up with your arrogant attitude and lack of willingness to provide useful information.The team only has one more hour to get you to break.

“Let me try talking to her.” Spence insists, studying Morgan’s gestures of frustration carefully. 

“Be my guest, kid. She’s impossible.” Morgan sighs, moving aside for Reid to pass by, “We only have an hour until she’s free.”

He grips the door knob to the interrogation room, pulling it open to reveal a profile view of you. Your eyes remain transfixed on the blank wall in front of you, not making so much as a move to face the determined profiler. Instead you smirk, listening carefully to his light footsteps as they ascend on you,  

“By the sound of your light, carefully paced footsteps, you must be the smart one of the group, the genius if you will?” you state, still staring into space. Spencer is taken back by your intelligence, and his perception has changed completely, not sure what to expect from you anymore. Finally, he takes a seat in front of you, your eyes meeting his own. You silently evaluate his appearance, taking note of his every feature. His short brown hair shapes his face perfectly, showcasing a pair of innocent chocolate brown eyes and soft voluptuous pink lips. He can’t be much older than you are “Young and cute too.You must be the youngest one on the team, but I guarantee you are the most intelligent.” You pause for a brief second to smile. If my calculations are correct, your time is almost up.“ 

"The only person that you are hurting here is yourself.” Spencer tries directly. His mind is racing a million miles per minute as he studies you. desperately trying to ignore your obvious beauty.

“I seem to be at a disadvantage here.” you state, tilting your head to the side in curiosity, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours." 

"Dr. Spencer Reid.” he replies. 

“Doctor huh?” you scoff, “You must have quite a few degrees to have earned that fancy title.”

“Why did you do all of this?” the handsome profiler asks.  

“What makes you so sure it was me?” you challenge right back. 

“Do you know what I see when I look at you?” he squints his eyes, folding his hands neatly on the table and gathering his thoughts, “I see an intelligent young woman, full of potential. But I also see a scared little girl, with a hatred towards men, stemming from problems with your father as a child.”

“You know nothing about me.” you snap, your voice still somehow calm and articulate.

“I know that your father used to beat and rape your mother, and that one day he was going to hurt you so your mother confronted him and he murdered her. I know that to rebel, you became the very thing that your father hated. a call girl.  Why would you throw your life away so easily?" 

"And what about you, doctor? What traumatic event as a child led you to join the FBI? A handsome guy like you, smart too, still not married at this age? You’re obviously successful. Have you ever even been with a woman before, Spencer?” The shockingly personal nature of the question causes the profiler to break eye contact for a quick moment. “You know, despite what you may think, any woman would be happy to be with you." 

"It’s in your best interest to cooperate with us.” he states bluntly, ignoring your previous comment. The tips of your mouth curve upwards into a coy smile. Then, in one smooth action, you delicately tilt your head to the side as your eyes continue to study his, your hair naturally collecting on the right side of your body. The simple movement emphasizes the dangerously low cut shirt you are wearing, as well as your now protruding collarbone along with the soft flesh on your neck. Expertly, you reach across the table, covering his large hand with one of your own. 

“We all have our demons.” you whisper, so faint he can just barely hear you, “But what you’re insisting is that I must be punished for my so-called crimes. Will you punish me, doctor?” Spencer nearly jumps out of his chair, his breath beginning to quicken as he licks his lips. Still, he makes no effort to rip his hand from yours. The truth is, he is intrigued by you, oddly attracted to your nature and compelled by your body movements. “Seems like you haven’t felt loved in a long time, Spencer. Will you let me make you feel good?” When he doesn’t respond, you continue teasing him, “My body, hot and sweaty against yours as we kiss like two newly weds and make love in the mere glow of the moonlight, illuminating our bodies. You’re a soft lover, I can feel it. I don’t get many of those, you know.” For a moment, you remain quiet, watching the handsome profiler. 

“My demons don’t drive me completely psychotic to the point of murder.” he sneers, finally tearing his hand away. 

“The look in your eyes tells me that you want me, right here and now. But you’re a professional. You gave up on playing into my fantasy when you realized what you really want, me.” you pause, acknowledging your surroundings, “And with that, it looks like your time’s up, Spencer." 

Just then, Hotch opens the door, addressing the fact that they have no proof, and you are free to leave. Spencer stands as you do, disappointed that for once in his life, someone has outsmarted him. As you strut out of the room, swaying your hips from side to side, you stop beside him, bringing your lips dangerously close to his ear and breathing, "May we meet again, doctor." 

Your hot breath tickles his ear, sending shivers up his spine. As you exit the small enclosed space, Spencer remains standing, left with the all too vivid memories of your intense words and seductive stare. 


Anakin, Mace, Obi-wan, interrogating CAD Bane

What to say when you use the technique:

“…yeah I find psychology so FASCINATING, it’s like one of those concepts that really grasps your interest. One of the most interesting parts of psychology, to me, is that theory of social masks. Freud touched on this a bit, but basically we all go about life wearing social masks. We use these masks to ward off unwanted people and sometimes to gain influence. However, there are these rare people who you trust completely, people who you know would never betray you, and the kind of person you have a strong powerful connection with.  You intuitively just know that you could drop the mask with this person, and as you let the masks fall (physical motion of removing the mask) you discover that everything is okay now, it’s like when you know you’ve made the right decision, and how all the little moments of your life have lead up to this powerful moment.”


What I think of when I hear: 

“Rey will flirt with the darkside.”

Also, you know this is what you were imagining when you watched it in theaters…let’s be real here

Big thanks to @hardyness for supplying me with the first and last gifs (excluding the text on the last one)!

REVIEW: Visaranai

*ing: Dinesh Ravi,  Samuthirakani,  Aadukalam Murugadoss

So bare bones: When 4 migrant workers get arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, they fall into the political plot and become victims of the “gods” of our society- the police. 

My opinion:

  • Firstly, this movie is a docu-drama thriller that is based off of novel, Lock Up. It’s won many awards, but it’s definitely not a film for the faint hearted by any means. 
  • Acting wise: The acting was phenomenal. The portrayal of the police was not extremely overdone and due to the acting and the script writing, the lines between good and bad were extremely blurred. The migrant workers play their roles with such innocence and goodness that it tears you up from the beginning to see that this is the cruel punishment that they face. The perfect contrast between their looks and their demeanor makes them pray to the police and that’s what is so excellent about their acting as well. 
  • The movie is rife with twists and definitely violence, but it’s clearly intended and hard-hitting violence. As a review said, “the theaters were chilled with silence.” It leaves you with thoughts about innocence and corruption. Who, in society, is good and who is bad nowadays? That’s the main theme of the story. 
  • Every little minute of the movie is crucial to its plot progression and honestly, even the characters are so neatly portrayed that I wholeheartedly was so glad that this movie was such a hit. Likewise, the author of the book is an Auto Driver and was one of the migrant workers brutally mistreated so this is definitely a very relevant movie to watch. 
  • Please, please put in some of your time to watch this movie. You will definitely leave with a new conception of society, or atleast a haunting shadow of truth that lingers in your head afterwards. 

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