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What is the most uncommon headcannon that you have for justlex?

Hmmmm… maybe how soft Justin is? Like I can just see him melting into a puddle and being the biggest baby when it comes to Alex and affection. He’d be super shy about initiating it to begin with, but he’d want ALL of the cuddles and soft kisses.

I also know a lot of people see Alex as slightly feminine and can headcanon him in crop tips and things, but I think Justin would be just as likely to enjoy that. Justin presumably didn’t have societies influence of certain media’s (television and internet) while growing up with his mum, so I think he’s a little oblivious to the whole gender roles thing.

Additionally, I think Justin would be hella clingy as Alex’s boyfriend. He’d be the one to hold Alex’s hand all the time, and just try to kiss him in the middle of conversation and get super pouty whenever anyone tried to talk to Alex

i’m autistic and have anxiety disorders and i personally live in fear of april fools day because every single april 1st i get “pranked” in a way that takes advantage of my disabilities. like for the first 9 years of school my friends used to tell me the world was really going to end april 1st and that was my phobiaa s a child, so i would spend most of april fools day hiding in the bathrooms having a panic attack whenever a plane sound would go overhead AND ONE APRIL 1ST my friends told me one of my friends was dead and they got half the school to pretend this guy was dead and i was frantically trying to figure out if they were really dead so i asked a teacher and he was fucking IN ON IT a TEACHER. the last 4 years i have gotten screamers, cruel jokes that I can’t tell are sarcasm, or chain posts that scare me so muh i can’t sleep at night. i now avoid the internet and tv all day on april 1st and just sit in my room alone and don’t talk to anyone. because of my dsiabilities, I cannot tell when something is a joke or when someone is being sarcastic, even if it seems obvious to toher people


Markiplier Theory: Markiplier’s Egos are trying to take over through TV- but why?

But Dark isn’t the one who’s the top power. He’s on the other end. He’s just the other guy who’s controlling the meeting.

The other one was standing. Wilford Warfstache. And by visual, that means he’s controlling the team. He’s the one manning the ship. And by technicalities, that means he’s the one fueling the movement of the egos, since in meetings the one who’s standing is the project head. 

Dark wanted to take control, but failed all the time. He literally cracks all the time when he possesses Mark. The real ending with ADWM is that he doesn’t even win. You still get the ‘retry’ option after it because it’s not the ending that you’re supposed to get. He’s still defeated.

Dark reinforces his admiration to Wilford in the video. He says “Look. Will. I respect you. I always had.” He turned to Wilford because he’s not the one who could do it. 

Wilford has always been a seamless character, no problems in confronting Mark head-on. He has been on TV for so many times (though ending in a bad way). Wilford has interviewed Mark, Slenderman, FNAF guys, and all. He has the most power out of all the egos. 

Take note he’s the base character/ego. He’s literally the one on Mark’s profile pic forever. 

Wilford hijacks the game that was initially for Bim Trimmer. He hijacks the Bubbles commercial. He’s the one presenting the idea to everyone. And his idea is amazing. Because TV isn’t only for TV anymore.

You can get TV shows through the internet. TV is the main media- you get news, you get drama, movies, et cetera. And now the egos are targeting that.

This also implies Wilford got every, single possible ego to help him in the endeavor. It might have been lost in Dark’s eyes (he’s not one for entertainment. He doesn’t get it. But he still concedes because it’s Wilford.) There were new egos introduced here.

Now: Everyone’s roles in the TV Industry

Game Show Segments: Bim Trimmer. He was the one who decided the game, and hosts on weird conditions. He had the Disc of Riches, and most probably others too.

Commercials/Advertisements Segments: Ad Mark (probably akin to Scent O’ Iplier advertisement) is seen and heard in the Bubbles segment.  Ed Edgar Adopt-a-Lot, who was supposed to have a “30 second segment, barely getting 5”. He wants the money. 

Movies/Series: Silver Surfer. What’s the most prominent series right now? It’s usually the ones with heroes. He says “he took a break from crime fighting to pursue entertainment”. He’s the one that’s going to star in those series, usually on Netflix. Another one, akin to “House, Grey’s Anatomy, etc”, Dr. Iplier is going to be the star. He says “I came across as a professional and handsome actor.” Let it be known that the ‘hit’ looks for doctors are hot ones- which Dr. Iplier readily knows. However it is to be noted that Septiplier is an actual ego (lol) which might have been a romantic segment for a series.

News: The Jims. Both are Jims- Jim the head newscaster, and the weather reporter. This means that they are literally broadcasting, not only to TV, but on radio and newspaper as well. The other Jim was on the Sun as well. This implies their range of power. Probably has connections all over the world because of their status of being reporters.

Music: Mark Bop. Akin to MTV, this one is targeting the music industry. He’s alive and bringing back the classics, and most probably going to make more. He’s doing revivals, he’s going to dominate.

Reality TV: Possibly the only one that was intended to where the ‘real’ Mark and the team were supposed to show up. They are shown as the ‘actors’ of their ‘roles’- with Mark as Markiplier, Amy as Peebles, Kathryn as Editor, Tyler as Apocalypto_12, and Ethan as Crankgameplays. (This still means that Wilford got them to do this for Markiplier TV.)

— Also the segments of “Bad Dog” can be compared to those series you’d see on AXN, like Breaking the Magician’s Code. Mark ‘crying’ and the subscriber drop is a close second here, most probably those series with “Living with the…” titles. It is important to note that Kathryn was also there at Wilford in the Disc of Riches, where the whole team was. It might be speculated that the Teamiplier are just actors, and Tyler just acted dead because it’s obvious Wilford didn’t really have bullets when it sounded, and Kathryn was more of the behind-the-scenes type.—-

Other possible TV segments: Informational-Probably like Nat Geo, King of the Squirrels might be in this part, however he is shown to be out of the meeting- possibly because it’s a so-so segment. Wilford doesn’t know what to do yet with him, alongside the many other missing egos. Talk Show- maybe more directed to Wilford or Bim Trimmer.

Technical Run Through: Google. He’s the one who keeps them at bay, to let them remember their ‘primary objective’. With his role in the meeting room, it can be assumed that he is the one holding the technical stuff- when the episodes air, how the lighting is, cameras are placed, etc. This also means that whatever is shown on TV will be uploaded on the internet. It will be easily accessible. Alongside him is The Author, now known as The Host. He tells how everything goes in how the things should go. He’s the scriptwriter. He’s the director. He literally is a host to the people watching Television. Without the structure of a show, how does one run? Without the audience’s help, how does a show follow through? Without good mediums, who will like it? That’s his job.

Now, Dark and Wilford are the acting CEOs. They don’t necessarily have the segments, but that mean they are the ones who are going to control the whole operation. Dark’s probably like the ‘president’ and Wilford is the ‘CEO’ of Markiplier TV. (President: Second-in-command. CEO: owner, chief). Usually the CEO who is on screen more than the president, which makes sense in this way.

Now, what do you guys think?

Mixed Black African Girl (Cameroonian/French)

I’m a mixed black african girl who grew up and lived most of her life in Cameroon, in Central Africa. My dad is half-white (french) and half-black (cameroonian), and my mom is 100% cameroonian. There’s little to no black african characters in popular fiction, which has always bothered me, and it would be so nice to read about someone like me for once.

  • Culture and food

Cameroon is a country created during colonization, with borders defined by europeans. Because of that, Cameroon is actually made of 200 ethnic groups, each of them having their own language and culture. So the culture and daily habits vary a lot depending on which region of Cameroon you are in. In the big cities, though, everyone is mingled no matter where they’re from. However, so many different ethnic groups cohabiting together often causes tension. There are also a lot of stereotypes about every ethnic group.

I grew up in the central and coastal areas of the country, and I’m Bassa. The Bassa are one of the main ethnic groups in Cameroon. If your parents are from two different ethnic groups, it is decided that you officially belong to your father’s ethnic group. My mother is Bakoko but my father is Bassa, so I’m the latter. When I meet another Cameroonian, two of the first questions we usually ask each other are : What are you (meaning, what’s your ethnic group) ? and Where is you village ?

Villages are very important in the Cameroonian culture. Your village is where your father’s ancestors were born. Even if you’re not born there, you usually have grandparents or great-uncles or family friends living there, and if you have enough money to do so you must regularly visit your village. And usually, when people earn enough money, they send money to their village so that people living there can have a better life, build more houses and schools etc.

Cameroonian food is very diverse, and varies depending on the region. The national dish is Ndolé, a dish made with ndolé leaves, stewed nuts, and meat (fish, beef or shrimps). Other common foods are bobolo and miondo (food made out of fermented manioc), soya (spicy grilled meat on skewers), and plantain. My dad is half-french though, so at home we eat almost as much french food as cameroonian food (crème brûlée, shepherd’s pie, beef bourguignon, A LOT of bread and cheese).

  • Language

There are hundreds of different languages, but the official languages are French and English. Cameroon was colonized by France and England so Northern Cameroon mainly speaks english and central/southern Cameroon mainly speaks french. Most people also speak their ethnic group’s language. I don’t know how to speak Bassa, though, because neither do my parents. When me and my siblings were kids, our dad asked our baby-sitter to teach us, but she could only do so much and I only remember a few words.

  • Beauty Standards

Like most countries, there is a lot of colorism in Cameroon based on European beauty standards. When you’re a woman, the lighter you are, the prettier and more desirable you are considered. Dark skinned women are often mocked and considered not as pretty. A lot of people, mainly women but also men, use dangerous products to lighten their skin. Internalized racism and white beauty standards are very insidious, and a lot of people want to look like white people, including me when I was younger. As a kid I remember wishing i was a pretty blonde-haired blue-eyed white girl like the heroines of the books i was reading. Growing up I stopped wishing that, but I relaxed and straightened my hair a lot, wanting to have long straight hair without realizing that it was still an attempt to look like the ideal version of a white girl. I’m sure that if I had more black female characters to relate to when I was growing up, I wouldn’t have spend so many years hating myself without even realizing I was doing it.

Also, Cameroonians usually consider thick, curvy women to be the ideal beauty standard. But being thin is still an ideal broadcast by the media (especially that american and european media are heavily broadcast and consumed in Cameroon) so most women still diet a lot and go to the gym to lose weight.

  • Clothing

Women wear a lot of skirts and dresses, be it casual or for work. Most cameroonian schools have uniforms and mandatory hairstyles (either cornrows or short shaved hair).

Elderly people often wear more traditional clothes and outfits. The most prominent traditional item of clothing is the Kaba. The Kaba is a long dress made of wax fabric and other materials and is owned by pretty much every woman. The dress looks different depending on the situation : the Kaba you wear when you stay at home is usually very long and very loose, the Kaba you wear during official/formal events is more tight-fitting and stylized, etc.

  • Dating and Relationships

I’ve never dated anyone, but when I was in high school none of my friends ever told their parents they were seeing someone. Having your parents know about and meet the person you’re dating after only a few weeks or months is something that just doesn’t happen (unless someone gets pregnant). It’s when things get serious that you introduce them to your family. Also, a lot of parents would prefer their children to marry someone from the same ethnic group.

Homosexuality is still illegal there, and you can go to jail for being gay.

  • Home/Family life

My parents are still happily married, and I have 3 siblings. My parents are both close to their siblings, and I’m close to mine. Me and my siblings grew up with our cousins, we were always at each other’s houses. I pretty much consider most of my cousins as extra siblings. We have a very big extended family and every day I discover new distant cousins, aunts, great-uncles etc. My dad being half-french, when I was growing up we sometimes went to France during summer to visit his relatives living there.

In Cameroon, most people who have enough money to do so send their children to study abroad once they’ve graduated high school. I’m currently living in France for my studies, and most of my high school friends are also going to college in France, England, Canada, Brussels, South Africa etc.

  • Identity issues

Despite being only ¼ white, I’m very light-skinned. My siblings being much darker skinned, when I was a kid I thought I was adopted (i’m not, it’s just genetics). Cameroon being a black country, when someone is visibly mixed and light-skinned as i am, most people just label them “white”. A lot of people would refer to me as “the white” and it always really hurt me. My family wouldn’t understand why i was so angry and hurt, they’d say “they don’t mean anything by it, it’s just that you’re light” but the fact is it made me feel like i don’t belong. I’m cameroonian, i’ve lived in Cameroon almost my entire life, i’m black, and still some people see me as “other”, they see me as white. And so for a long time, I didn’t dare to call myself black, I’d say “I’m biracial” or “I’m mixed” instead because I somehow felt like a fraud. But I’m black and not white-passing at all, and I still experience racism abroad (but I’m aware I have a lot more privilege than dark skinned people).

  • Daily struggles

So I’m currently living in France. On one hand, sometimes white people are racist toward me, or just totally obnoxious and ignorant, trying to touch my natural hair and thinking that people in Cameroon don’t have computers or whatever. On the other hand, when I randomly meet other cameroonians and we start talking, they always assume that because i’m mixed i’ve lived my entire life in France and i don’t know anything about Cameroon. And there’s nothing wrong with being a child of immigrants and not knowing the country your parents or grandparents came from, but i know that if i wasn’t visibly mixed they wouldn’t question the fact that i know Cameroon and lived there my entire life.

  • Misconceptions

Because of how the media depict African countries, a lot of people think that everyone in Africa is extremely poor and starving, that we don’t have electricity and internet and that everyone lives in huts. Which is so false. We have rich people and poor people, we have huge modern cities and regular cities and small villages with huts, almost everyone has access to a tv and internet, etc.

  • Things I’d like to see less of

Cameroon and other african countries being depicted as poor unfortunate countries where everyone is starving and illiterate and waiting for the generous white people to save us. What we need is for people to see us as the humans we are, and to allow us to grow in peace.

  • Things I’d like to see more of

Black african characters being written as the complex human beings we are. Shy black african characters. Nerdy and hella smart black african characters. Mixed black african characters who struggle with their identity. LGBTQ black african characters.

  • Tropes/Stereotypes I’m tired of seeing.

The “savage”, “uncivilized” african. African characters who are aggressive, dumb and shout all the time. The poor africans in need of saving by white people.


This was supposed to be posted earlier in the week but I just now managed to finish it. Special thanks to @permanentcross for yelling at me to write it (and for not being mad at me for calling it Snowstorm - she’s cool with it). Let me know if you guys enjoy it! Much love, B xx


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Being stuck at the hotel during a snowstorm, having nothing to do except looking at each other’s faces, Harry’s bored out of his mind. So, while you watch some stupid tv show, he’s lying on his tummy, scrolling through his phone and you’re lying on him, cheek smushed against his bum, cause it’s why not? Even though the heating is on, the view of the city covered in white fluffy snow on your window is giving you chills and you yearn to be close to him but he’s too focused on his damn phone to pay attention to you. 

Tired of the silly TV show and of being ignored in order for him to scroll aimlessly through social media, even though he’s never posting anything, you sigh, moving your head to look up at him, your cheek smushed to his bum as you look at the back of his head. His hair is messy, curling at the ends and with no sunglasses to hold it back, you can truly appreciate just how long his hair has become over the past few months, his sweats are clinging to his long legs and the long sleeved t-shirt make his broad shoulders look even wider with the white fabric straining against them.

He looks good and warm and so cozy that all you want is to snuggle up to him and be close, share languid kisses that make your tummy flutter with butterflies and your toes curl when he presses closer. But he’s on his phone. And, even though your hand is pressing to his back, scratching lightly over his shirt and you’re very much resting against him, he shows no signs of letting go of the small piece of technology he holds so dearly in his hands any time soon.

You’ve tried everything already - calling his name, to which he only gave you a mumbled “hum?” and when you continued to speak, you were left with no response from him; you’ve tried pinching his sides but the boy has a brain of steel and when he’s invested in something like he is on his phone, it’s hard to break him away from it. You’ve tried turning up the volume on the TV to see if the movie playing in it would catch his attention and make him move you up to him for a cuddle while you both watch it but not even then had you managed to catch his eye and you were sick of it.

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Alright kids buckle up this is gonna be a long one

Viktor owns a dacha that he inherited from his family that’s way out in the middle of Butt Fuck, Russia on the shore of a lake the name of which Yuuri cannot pronounce. 

Yuuri finds out about the dacha because the key to the place is an actual skeleton key and Yuuri asked about it while holding Viktor’s keys for him one day.

“Oh, that’s just the dacha,” Viktor took the key and spun it around in his fingers, contemplative. “I haven’t been there in years, not since the deed was put in my name. Maybe I’ll take you there someday.”

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Beautiful - Jughead Jones

xfightxthexfairiesx said:

Could you maybe do a jughead x reader where betty and veronica want the reader to tryout for cheerleading with them but shes to self concious too because she think shes not pretty or skinny enough to be one. Then maybe jughead tells her how he thinks she beautiful and society tries to make everyone think they have to look like a supermodel to be pretty. If there can be alot of fluff that would be great. And then she decides to try out and she makes the team. Thanks

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This was so fun to write! I just wanted to say before you start reading that if you are struggling with your looks, gender, sexuality and that makes you feel bad, everyone is going through this too. Some have made it through it already and some are still struggling. If you need to talk to someone you can message me. You’re wonderful.

It started as a joke, something you would’ve never done unless it was in some hypothetical universe where you just weren’t you. Where you weren’t ugly or fat, instead where you were skinny and beautiful. There were unspoken rules that cheerleaders had to be the best of the best; beyond pretty and gorgeous. The whole idea of joining seemed impossible, but with Veronica and Betty breathing down your neck, it was hard to say ‘no’. So you didn’t, instead you just avoided the two girls all day. Somehow you managed this feat and made it through the day without joining the cheerleading squad. Granted, the tryouts weren’t until tomorrow so you would have yet another day of avoiding your friends.

When school ended, you went straight home and didn’t dare move from your room in the fear your friends would see you out and about. With boredom nipping at your heels, you found yourself thinking about your looks, then criticizing your figure in the mirror. Too big there, too jiggly here, you started to judge every limb and appendage. At first, you didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes, until one started to roll down your cheek. You quickly wiped it anyway, marking down another thing you hated about yourself: too sensitive. You weren’t as strong or as stunning as the celebrities on the internet and the TV screens, no, you were just below average you. Before anymore poisonous thoughts could enter your brain, you heard your phone go off. You walked over to your desk where it was and saw that it was your neighbor, Jughead Jones. You felt a sense of relief that it wasn’t Veronica or Betty.

Jughead : Hey can I come over? I don’t understand this geometry homework.

You : Sure, but I don’t know how much help I’ll be.

Jughead : Okay, be there in two.

You turned towards your window and saw Jughead leaving his room in the house across from yours. His family had lived in the house across from yours as long as you could remember. You had been friends since the first grade, when the Jones’ family moved in. You walked back over to the mirror and an horrid idea struck you. From this angle, Jughead could’ve had the perfect view to see you standing in front of the mirror, to see how upset you were. A pit grew in your stomach as you heard your front door open a shut, followed by the sound of Jughead running up your stairs.

You turned as your friend opened the door, barely making eye contact. You noticed his hands were empty and your heart fell. “Where’s your Geometry book?” You asked hopefully, trying to pretend that there was a chance he didn’t see you judging yourself in the mirror. You glanced up from his hands and saw his steady gaze. “Do you really think about my Geometry homework?” You swallowed at his words and your shoulders sagged. “There are these things,” he started, walking over to your window, “called curtains, that if you want to judge yourself in private you can just…” He reached up and gently pulled on one of your curtains, blocking the view of his bedroom window. “I wasn’t, I was just,” you stumbled over your words.

“I overheard the new girl trying to convince to join the Riverdale Vixens,” he said, faking school spirit by waving his hands with minimal effort. “I assume, you and your mirror were having a conversation about it.” You knew that there was no fooling Jughead, he could read you like a book. No lie could cover your bad self image and he wouldn’t buy it anyway. “I’m not pretty enough,” you whispered, feeling tears in the corners of your eyes. Jughead took a step towards you, leaning down to look into your face, “Say again?” You almost started to sob, “Jug, please don’t,” but your friend wasn’t having it. He placed his hands on your shoulders, slowly turning you to look into the mirror. “Now,” he murmured in your ear, “say it again.” You stared at your reflection, studying the features that you so hated. You were about to say it, but with Jughead looking at you with those eyes, you just couldn’t. You felt his hands travel from your shoulders, down your arms, and to your waist where they wrapped around your middle. You back rested against his chest and he rested his chin on top of your head. “You are so beautiful Y/N. Nothing can worth changing yourself for.” You turned in his arms to face him now and felt your cheeks grow hot at the closeness, “Jug…” He was just staring at you now, mesmerized by every detail.

“You’re so lovely, don’t let the world make you think you’re not,” his hand was on the side of your face, with his fingers in your hair. He was so utterly taken by your grace, he had been since grade school. It was killing him that you didn’t see yourself as he did and he was desperate to make you see it; but now wasn’t the time. He backed away a little, pulling his hand away from your face, “You should try out, you’ll blow them away Y/N.” You snapped out of your puppy-love induced daze and nodded. “T-thank you, Jug. I will.” He gave you a bright smile that met his green eyes. He opened his mouth once more, most likely to mention your shared moment, but he phone started to ring. He picked it out of his pocket and scowled at the screen. “I gotta go,” he said, walking towards the door, “but I’ll see you at the game, and you’ll be in a snazzy uniform.” You let out a laugh as he walked out of the room. When he was gone, you let out a sigh With a renewed sense of confidence, you texted Veronica and Betty.

You : I’ll be seeing you both at tryouts tomorrow, yes?

Veronica : Hell yes!

Betty : This is going to be so fun.

You paced around near the bleachers, pulling your jacket more securely around your shoulders and chest. Jughead had texted you a few hours before the game saying that he’d be near the right side of the bleachers. You stopped your pacing and looked out at the field, wondering if you needed to move. You almost screamed when someone put their hand on your shoulder. “Am I that scary?”

You turned and smiled at Jughead, who wore a playful expression. “How’d tryouts go, you never told me?” He asked with raised eyebrows. You bit your bottom lip, giving him a sly smile. “Did you not-” you cut him off by pulling the sides of your over sized jacket away from your body. He smiled when he saw the cheerleading uniform, “See what did I tell ya!”   

You blushed but before you could say anything you heard a whistle go off. “I believe that’s your que, River Vixen.” You gave him another smile and was about to walked away when you spun around. You faced Jughead, planting a hand on his face, pulling him in. Your lips met softly, but as soon as he put a hand to your waist, the kiss became frenzied. You pulled away breathless but smiling widely, “I’ll see you after the game, Jughead.” You murmured and Jughead just nodded dumbly. “See you later, beautiful.” He said and your felt a blush rise to your cheeks. You walked away then, leaving a smile on Jughead’s face.

1. Nikola Tesla was an inventor, discoverer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, theoretical and experimental physicist, mathematician, futurist and humanitarian. He was a hyper-polyglot who could speak eight languages including: Serbo-Croatian, English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin. He was known to have one of the most remarkable memories, being able to recite full books, poetry and mathematical formulas by heart. He claimed to have had a three-dimensional memory and thought process that tormented him in his youth, but later aided him with building his inventions in his own mind without wasting any physical energy. Tesla was a man who was far ahead of his time, and even our time today. He was the first to discover the rotating magnetic field, and invent and patent a commutatorless alternating current induction motor based off this discovery. All electrical machinery using or generating alternating current is due to Tesla, without which all our electrified power lines, long distance trolley cars, electric vehicles, and our subways would be far less advanced. He is the true father of radio, sending the first radio signals up to 30 miles in distance in experiments at his Houston Street laboratory before its destruction by fire in 1895. He was the first to demonstrate wireless energy/power by lighting his phosphorescent light bulbs wirelessly in a demonstration given before the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, 1893, and later lit lamps wirelessly at a distance of 25 miles away from his transmitter. In his labs he conducted a range of experiments with mechanical oscillators/generators, electrical discharge tubes, electrical therapy, and some of the first X-ray imaging. Tesla was also the first to demonstrate remote control, building a wireless controlled boat first exhibited in 1898. At Colorado Springs in 1899, he created artificial lightning bolts 100 feet long, and sent currents around the Earth with a mean velocity of 292,815 miles per second with his transmitter patented in 1900. Some of his greatest experiments and demonstrations have yet to be reproduced by even our greatest scientists today. Although not recognized for, he was the first to discover the electron, radioactivity, terrestrial resonance, stationary waves (standing waves), and cosmic rays, which he also recorded traveling many times faster than light. His life long work was a dynamic theory of gravity that explained the causes of gravitation and the motions of heavenly bodies, which he claimed had been worked out in all details and he hoped to give it to the world. He was so satisfied with his theory that he believed it would put an end to the “idle speculations and false conceptions” rooted from Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. All his ideas and discoveries were logical inferences based off knowledge from his many years of investigations, experiments and developments in science and radio technology. Tesla predicted television, the internet, smart phones, weather control, interplanetary communication, an idea to produce an artificial Aurora Borealis to light the night skies, a particle beam to be used for defense in war, and the transmission of wireless power to any point on the globe. He intended to unify all these innovations into one big machine known as his Magnifying Transmitter, or his World System, but lacked the investments and funds to finish and prove his work on a large scale. Tesla would eventually die penniless and alone in his New York apartment, but like all the greats listed above, he lives on through all his inventions and contributions to this world.

“Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

–Nikola Tesla

Back to the Drawing Board

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written by: Meghan | @bellamyfrecklefaceblake

prompt: ‘You’ve been sketching your soulmate’s face since you were old enough to pick up a pencil, the drawings become more realistic through the years as the day you meet comes near.’ for anonymous

word count: 2881

Clarke has been drawing the same face for as long as she can remember. As she ages, the face ages, looking more and more real until she’s twenty-three and the person she draws looks so real he could be standing right in front of her.

Clarke is used to waking up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to break out her charcoal pencils. She’s used to sketching the same face every other month since she first knew how to hold a pencil. Each year—each drawing—the face becomes less abstract and more solid.

It’s not only her skills that are getting better, but the image in her head grows clearer. When she was younger, she was never sure if it was a boy or a girl that she was sketching. She knew they had freckles and unruly hair that was never the same length twice. But with age and time, it became clear that the face is male, it’s strong, and it’s more attractive than most men she’s seen in real life.

She doesn’t know who he is or what he does or where lives. But she does know—or, at least, suspect—that he’s her soulmate.

Soulmates aren’t guaranteed in life, but there are certain people who find their soulmates in various ways. Clarke thinks that the urge to sketch this one particular face is her way. The face ages along with her, maybe a little older, but at the same pace.

And when she is twenty-three years old, she wakes up and the face she sketches is as clear as day. Her hands move rapidly, creating the lines of his face with unmatched precision—not a single stray line, not a hair out of place, not a freckle forgotten. He’s wearing glasses and smirking ever so slightly. It’s the realest he’s ever looked—like he’s standing right in front of her. And when she stops and scoots her chair away from the table, she finally breathes again. And she can’t look away.

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camerakind  asked:

Hello! I'm a biology student looking to pursue a career with animals. I used to always say I would become a veterinarian, but I worry that I will burn out in vet school. My mom tells me that if I don't become a vet, my only other animal-related option will be to test on laboratory animals. I, of course, know that there are options in the zoological field, and I appreciate the things you've recently reblogged on the topic! Do you have any other career ideas to share?

You’ve absolutely got other options - there are lots of ways to work with or around animals that are not veterinary or lab work. Some options, in no particular order:

  • Zookeeping
  • Dog training 
  • Pet behavior consulting
  • Conservation research (could watch animals in situ, or work with reintroduction / outreach efforts)
  • Education (with a small company, at a zoo or aquarium, with a media company)
  • Wildlife rehabilitation (lots of veterinary-related work)
  • Science communication (newspaper writing, tv shows, internet blogging)
  • Veterinary technician 
  • Animal shelter work (multiple jobs, everything from kennel staff to adoption assistants to behavioral science and vet tech work)
  • Animal husbandry in non-zoo settings (sanctuaries or game ranches)
  • Farm staff (lots of manual labor in this one)

I’m sure there’s a whole bunch more, but that gives you an idea of the range. It really comes down to how much interaction you want with animals, what type of animals, and how much work it takes to get there. Jobs like in-situ research don’t give you much hands-on contact with animals because the goal is to keep them wild, and require more advanced academic work to get into, but are hella rewarding when you’re out watching gorillas or something. Shelter work lets you snuggle a lot more animals, although they’re mostly domestic, and doesn’t require much of a degree but also involves a lot of poop scooping. The more education-based jobs can have you around animals a lot, and sometimes in contact with them, but are not direct-contact focused and require a bit of a different academic background. 

100 conseils donnés par un professeur de Harvard avant son départ en retraite

1. Il y a plein de manières possibles de rentrer dans une piscines. Les escaliers n'en font pas partie.

2. Dans aucune circonstance vous ne devez demander à une femme si elle est enceinte.

3. N'abandonnez pas avant d'avoir essayé.

4. Si un artiste de rue vous a fait vous arrêter de marcher, vous lui devez une pièce.

5. Toujours dire “nous” quand vous parlez de votre équipe favorite.

6. Quand on vous dit un secret, gardez-le pour vous.

7. Ne sous estimez jamais la puissance d'un fantôme utilisé au bon moment dans une partie de “Mario Kart”.

8. Ce n'est pas parce que vous pouvez faire quelque chose que vous devez le faire.

9. Ne vous faites pas plus bêtes que vous ne l'êtes.

10. Vous n'avez qu'une seule et unique opportunité de remarquer une nouvelle coupe de cheveux.

11. Si vous restez plus qu'une nuit, déballez vos affaires.

12. Ne jamais se garer devant un bar…

13. Attendez vous à ce que la personne devant vous baisse son siège. Préprez-vous en conséquence.

14. Gardez une photo de votre premier poisson rouge, de votre première voiture, et de votre premier amoureux/amoureuse.

15. Gardez vos héros en très haute estime.

16. Un bronzage ne s'achète pas, il se mérite.

17; Ne mentez jamais à votre médecin.

18. Toutes les armes à feu sont chargées.

19. Quand une personne a des coups de soleil , n'y faites pas allusion. Croyez-moi, elle est au courant.

20. Le meilleur moyen de dire merci quand on vous offre un vêtement/ bijou, c'est de le porter. Même si ce n'est que pour une seule fois.

21. Prenez congé de votre téléphone, internet et TV au moins une fois par an.

22. Ne vous bourrez pas de pain au restaurant, même s'il est très bon.

23. Une poignée de main vaut mille autographes.

24. N'encombrez pas le pas de la porte.

25. Si vous décidez de vous habiller du sexe opposé pour une soirée, faites-le à 100%.

26. Si vous voulez savoir ce qui vous rend vraiment unique, allez voir un caricaturiste et demandez-lui de faire votre portrait.

27. N'allez pas chez le coiffeur le même jour qu'un évènement spécial.

28. Faites attention aux objets qui sont entre vous et le sol. Achetez toujours des bonnes chaussures, des bons pneus, et des bons draps.

29. Ne mangez jamais votre repas à votre bureau, si vous pouvez l'éviter.

30. Quand vous êtes avec des nouveaux amis, ne parlez pas uniquement de vos amis de longue date.

31. Asseyez vous pour manger avec les nouveaux.

32. Quand vous voyagez, gardez l'esprit alerte et soyez prompts à réagir. Ou que vous soyez.

33. Il n'est jamais trop tard pour s'excuser.

34. Ne posez pas avec de l'alcool. Ça vous donne juste l'air d'être un beauf.

35. Si vous avez la priorité sur la route, prenez la.

36. On ne choisit pas son propre surnom.

37. Quand vous vous mariez à quelqu'un, souvenez-vous que vous vous mariez aussi avec leur famille entière.

38. Ne poussez jamais quelqu'un d'un ponton.

39. On n'annule pas un dîner par texto.

40. Être fier de ses ancêtres, c'est bien. Vivre en leur faisant honneur, c'est mieux.

41. Ne faites pas d'esclandre pour rien.

42. Si vous devez donner un discours de remerciement, il vaut mieux faire court et agréable.

43. Apprenez à ignorer l'objectif

44.  Ne vous réjouissez jamais du malheur des autres.

45. Investissez dans un sac à dos/ valise de qualité.

46. Consacrez du temps à votre mère pour son anniversaire. C'est une journée spéciale, pour elle aussi.

47. Au moment d'ouvrir les cadeaux, il n'y a rien de pire que de deviner correctement ce qui se trouve à l'intérieur.

48. La compassion est une béquille. Ne faites jamais semblant d'avoir une entorse.

49. Donnez du mérite. Prenez le blâme.

50. Serrez les dents de temps en temps.

51. Ne soyez jamais le dernier dans la piscine

52. Il est malpoli de fixer les gens du regard

53. Soyez respectueux envers les personnes qui portent des armes à feu professionellement.

54. Rebiffez vous contre ceux qui vous emmerdent. Vous n'avez à le faire qu'une seule fois.

55. Si vous avez expliqué votre point de vue, arrêtez de parler.

56. Admettez-le quand vous avez tort.

57. Si vous offrez votre aide, continuez jusqu'à ce que le travail soit fini.

58. Regardez les gens dans les yeux quand vous vous adressez à eux.

59. Remerciez le chauffeur du bus.

60. Ne répondez jamais au téléphone à table.

61. Pardonnez vous à vous même pour vos erreurs.

62. Ayez à votre répertoire au moins une bonne blague.

63. Ne huez pas. La personne qui est en face de vous est aussi le fils de quelqu'un.

64. Sachez cuisiner au moins un bon plat.

65. Apprenez à utiliser un cran de sûreté.

66. Soyez sympa avec les plus jeunes. Une réputation se construit sur une vie entière.

67. Il n'y a rien de mal à aller au cinéma tout seul.

68. Dansez avec votre mère/père.

69. Ne perdez jamais votre calme. Encore moins au travail.

70. Remerciez toujours votre hôte.

71. Si vous ne comprenez pas, demandez qu'on vous explique avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Mieux vaut paraître idiot pendant une minute en demandant que de le rester en se taisant.

72. Connaissez la taille des vêtements de votre amoureux/amoureuse

73. Un T-shirt de couleur unie est tout à fait acceptable.

74. Soyez à l'écoute. N'attendez pas juste votre tour pour parler.

75. Tenez vos promesses.

76. Asseyez vous dans les premiers rangs si vous faites des études. VOus ressortirez du lot, vous écouterez mieux, et cela fera la différence au moment de l'examen.

77. Aidez votre mère a porter ses sacs. Après tout, elle vous a porté dans son ventre pendant 9 mois.

78. Soyez patients avec le service de sécurité des aéroports. Il ne font que faire leur travail.

79. Ne soyez pas le type casse-couilles qui parle pendant le film.

80. Le sexe opposé aime les gens qui prennent la douche.

81. Vous êtes ce que vous faites. Pas ce que vous dites.

82. Apprenez à changer une roue.

83. Soyez gentils. Chaque personne mène un dur combat avec la vie.

84. Une heure passée avec vos grands parents est une heure qui vaut de l'or ! Demandez-leur conseil tant que vous le pouvez encore.

85. Ne jettez pas vos déchets dans la nature.

86. Si vous avez une soeur, rencontrez son petit ami. Votre opinion compte.

87. Vous ne serez pas toujours le plus fort ou le plus rapide. Mais vous pouvez être le plus endurant.

88. N’ appelez jamais quelqu'un avant 9 heures du matin ou après  9 heures du soir.

89. Achetez les propriétés orange au Monopoly.

90. Donnez de l'importance aux petites choses.

91. Portez toujours un soutien-gorge au travail.

92. Il y a une ligne très fine entre avoir l'air sensuelle et avoir l'air d'une prostituée. Trouvez la.

93. On n'est jamais trop vieux pour avoir besoin de sa maman.

94. Mesdemoiselles, si vous prenez la décision de porter des talons hauts pour un rendez-vous, gardez les jusqu'au bout et évitez de vous plaindre à propos de vos pieds qui vous font mal. Vous savez ce qui vous attend.

95. Si vous n'avez pas de débouche-évier chez vous, achetez-en un

96. Vos pas de danse ne sont peut être pas les meilleurs du monde, mais je vous promet qu'il est bien plus drôle de passer pour un idiot qui ne sait pas danser que de rester assis tout seul.

97. Souriez aux inconnus…

98. Etablissez-vous des objectifs dans votre vie.

99. Votre âge ne définit pas l'heure à laquelle vous devez vous coucher.

100. Si vous DEVEZ vous battre, en dernier recours, frappez le premier et cognez fort.

Good Punishments for LDRs...

These are some that work for me.. But every little and relationship is different!!

* If y'all can video chat, make them stand or sit in the corner. You can monitor her/im during Timeout ⏳
* Have them write what they did wrong a certain number of times with pictures as proof
* Make them write or type a letter 📃 to you about why they are sorry
* Restrictions of sweets 🍬, Tv Time 📺, Internet/Cell Phone 💻📱use
* Earlier Bedtime 💤- the worst in my opinion, less time with Daddy 🙁💕
* Chores; such as cleaning their room , doing dishes, bathroom etc.
* No PlayTime 🌝🌚

Prva noć u Beogradu

- šta si to kupio?

- ma ništa, knjiga neka. I par bukmarka na poklon.

Jeste da ih nemam kome pokloniti al’ dobro. Nek’ stoje za slučaj da se pojavi neko. Ne mora ni sve znati.

- a koja je knjiga, nešto dobro?

- aha. Tomaševa poezija, hoćeš da pogledaš?

- a de zezaš da čitaš poeziju? Fakat?

- Tu i tamo, šta znam. Poezija mi je iskrenija od romana.

- Ti baš neki čudan lik, ha?

Ja baš neki čudan lik. Jebeš ga ako razumijem šta je čudno u tom’ što kupim knjigu na svom prvom dolasku u Beograd. Oke, možda bi bilo normalno da smo prvo otišli na ta neka turistička mjesta koja se moraju vidjeti a ne da insistiram da svratimo do šopinga na Ušću jer moram u Vulkan da uzmem knjigu… ali nije ni najgora moguća stvar za uraditi kad se tek dođe?

- ma uzeo prvu s reda, da imam šta raditi večeras u hotelskoj sobi.

- pa imaš tv i internet, a vjerovatno će raja negdje u kafanu večeras. Nije valjda da ne ideš s nama?

- idem naravno, ali ne ostajem dugo. Ipak treba u šest ustati, došli smo da radimo.

- uvijek preozbiljno shvataš posao, opusti se.

- radoholičar jebiga.

Zaustavljam taksi. Otvorim joj vrata, ona uđe, uđem i ja za njom. Do hotela imamo desetak minuta vožnje. Čim smo sjeli ona nastavlja.

-i šta, radije bi čitao pjesmice nego s nama na provod ha?

Taksista odbi pogled od retrovizor pravo prema meni, isti onaj pogled kao njen. Znam, zvučalo je fakat loše kako je to rekla.

-kad to tako kažeš, i zvuči čudno ali nije baš tako. Doći ću, rekao sam ti već, ali oko jedanest idem nazad u hotel. Trebam spremiti izvještaje za sutra tako da ću to da odradim a poslije se pružim uz knjigu dok me san ne uhvati. 

-baš si bezveze, pa i mi radimo sutra isto kao ti a opet možemo u provod.

-E slušaj, fakat mi nije do objašnjavanja oke?

Taksista začuđeno podiže obrvu. Nasmija se onako penzionerski i širom otvori uho.

- a ja tebe, odmah se ljutiš. Nisam ništa loše rekla. Izvini eto, neću riječ progovoriti.

Taksista presretan nastalom tišinom, jedino je sa radija svirala neka Bajagina, Ona na jednom kraju zadnjeg sjedišta zuri kroz prozor, ja na drugom slažem neke rečenice u glavi. Kao dvoje nadurene djece, nismo se primjećivali.

-Petsko četrdeset, reče taksista. Stigli smo. 

Platim taksi i dok čekam kusur, ona izađe iz auta. Dobro.

- zadrži kusur majstore, vozi dalje.

- gdje ćemo – upita taksista kao da se ništa nije desilo.

- negdje pored rijeke, nije važno. Moram da zapalim.

- daleko je Miljacka prijatelju, hoće li Dunav poslužiti?

- samo vozi.

Taksista nagazi na gas a moja nova radna kolegica ostade na trotoaru začuđena. Mogu se kladiti da mi je nešto opsovala.

- Jel tebi sve ovo zvučalo kretenski s moje strane?

- Kome, meni? – upita taksista nesigurno.

- Tebi prijatelju, tebi.

- Šta znam jebiga. Nisi neki poseban kavalir.

Vjerovatno je u pravu, mogao sam ovo mirnije riješiti. Jebiga sad. 

Bajaga je završio, sad svira neka čudna klasična muzika i nas dvojica ćutimo. Sarajevski taksista bi mi do sad sedam puta rekao „što je bolan ne odvede u sobu da joj šatro čitaš poeziju“ ili makar ono drsko „e jesi papak jarane“.

Ovaj beogradski umije da ćuti.

Auto pređe preko neke kaldrme, haman iste kao na čaršiji. Zavuče se kroz dvije-tri uske ulice i stade na trotoaru.

- Zemun nije na nekom posebnom glasu u Beogradu, pogotovo kod turista. Ne znam, meni je lepo. Tamo levo su ti restorani gde dolaze sve neki bitni tipovi, nemoj tu da ideš. Prođi iza ove ograde, ima jedna dobra klupa kraj reke. Tu možeš zapaliti i čitati koliko ti volja.

- Hvala ti. Koliko sam dužan?

- Ništa prijatelju, samo se čuvaj.

Čudan tip. Klimnu mi glavom u retrovizoru, klimnem i ja njemu i izađem. Taksi nestane u daljini.

Prođem do klupe, zapalim cigaretu i izjadam se Dunavu. 

Dobrih par sati sam tu sjedio. Pročitao Tomaša, ispušio posljednju kutiju Lakija i naravno ignorisao sve pozive i poruke na telefonu. Imao sam dovoljno novca za taksi nazad do hotela, ništa drugo mi nije bilo bitno.

Oko pola dva pozovem taksi. Nadao sam se onom istom čovjeku koji me i dovezao tu ali šanse za to su premale.

Došao neki Crnogorac u sivom Pežou. Kad sam mu rekao da sam iz Sarajeva, ispričao mi je čitavu historiju svoje porodice - sin mu tamo studira, hoće da ženi neku Selmu.  Pola ga nisam slušao.

Platim čovjeka, izađem iz taksija i u hotel. Šteta što ne rade knjižare, otišao bih još po nešto. Ovako, legnem i ponovo počnem Tomaša.

Poezija je čudna stvar. Ovisno o tome gdje je čitate i u kakvom raspoloženju, svaki put je ista knjiga – drugačija.

U dva sata legnem da spavam. Sutra je dug dan.

Junkrat headcanons:

- He needs glasses, but doesn’t realise this. He only finds out after joining Overwatch when he jokingly steals Winston’s and he has clearer vision for the first time ever (though not perfectly clear as he has a different prescription)

- Because of him living in Australia he’s never really had a “proper” meal,so when he joins Overwatch it takes him a while to get accustomed to literally always having food, and not having to fight over it. He hoards food a lot, so Angela gets him a mini fridge that she keeps stocked for him, so he knows he’ll never run out of food.

- He has PTSD and night terrors.

- He doesn’t really “get” gender roles and just kinda wears whatever he feels like, or is most comfortable at the time.

- He’s Autistic, and because of his upbringing he struggles with social cues and accidentally upsets people a lot.

- It takes him a long time to get accustomed to life in general. He’s never had the amenities of a normal life, he’s never had indoor plumbing, a proper bed, three meals a day, TV, the internet etc.

- He loves storms + lightning

- He’s Asexual and panromantic, though he’s barely interested in people in a romantic sense as he’s just amazed there are people other than Roadhog to talk to tbh

- He doesn’t trust Genji at all, since Genji looks like he’s just an Omnic. Genji makes him boba a lot though, and always remembers how he likes it. Junkrat drinks it begrudgingly because he’s not gonna turn down boba.

what to do if you are feeling gross

so sometimes I’m just sitting around being lazy, watching tv or getting distracted by internet things, or I’ve eaten too much or I’ve just had a super long day. and sometimes I’m even aware of how much of a blob I am being, I’m sure this happens to other people, too. anyways I wanted to share this little list to motivate me/others to stop being a blob:

1. very very first thing. shut off your internet. put all the tv and stuff out of reach. this is really important, but you will feel 100% better afterwards.

3. uncover your windows, let natural light filter in. if you can/want to open them, that’s also fantastic. it really helps lighten your mood, always makes me feel more connected with the rest of the world.

2. put on some music. it’s ok to use your phone/computer for this, but remember to just keep it away from arm’s reach. also, you can use whatever music you’d like, but I suggest something soft, like Frank Sinatra or Beegie Adair or Jack Johnson.

3. take a walk. look at the colors and plants people surround themselves with. pick out houses/buildings you like. look at the sky, listen to what’s going on around you. I don’t generally listen to music for this because I like to feel grounded when I walk, but if you’re more of a song person that’s okay, too. it’s really easy to forget how long it’s been since you’ve had some fresh air.

4. take a bath. if it’s hot out, turn on a fan and cool down the room so you’re all cosy in the water, put in some bubbles and scents. grab a book or magazine. exfoliate, do your nails, put on a face mask. throw yourself a little spa day. when you get out, put on lotion, put on new underwear and soft, comfy clothing.

5. make your favourite cup of tea or coffee, or maybe pour yourself some lemonade or just cold water is fine too.

6. go sit in a common area of your house, like a living room or dining table. if you’re not home alone and don’t want to be bothered, gently voice it to the people around you or go sit somewhere else where you feel comfortable and relaxed. just get out of the same walls, find a change of scenery. you could even leave and go to a café or a park if you’d like.

7. do some writing/doodling. whenever this happens, I always like to use a spare piece of printer paper or something not connected to a notebook so I’m less attached to it and less likely to care about the way it looks. let the pen do its own thing, don’t worry about messing up. if you feel that you’re getting frustrated, step away and do something else.

8. make some lists. this is one of my favourite pastimes. list nice things that you’ve seen recently that you think you’ll forget later on. list little details of your dreams, list things you want to do in your favourite season, list recipes you’d like to try. the possibilities are endless.

9. cook/bake something. important reminders—if you don’t find this relaxing, don’t do it!! find another hobby that you love where you can enjoy doing something productive. also, even if you’re making something fantastic, be sure not to snack too much or overeat (I’m very prone to this). you could also make something for a friend or a neighbour!! people always enjoy a heartfelt craft made by someone who cares.

10. catch up with an old friend or family member. ask them out for coffee or something, it’s always nice to talk. trust me, they will very much appreciate you reaching out.

11. write a letter to someone. you do not have to send it.

12. go to a park and look at the flowers or sit in the grass. grab a sketchbook, some sudoku, a book, a puzzle, your thoughts, or anything else you could tinker with while enjoying the fresh air. something to make your brain work a little.

there’s more, of course, but this is all I can really come up with at the moment—I hope it works! now get off that web and have a good time!!

The First Night // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff

Words: 1.6k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: pre-smut

Summary: Dan and Phil’s first night in the new flat. Cue cuddles and domestic banter.

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