“All these kids singing my own words back at me.”

Polygon site review: Ignoring the "reset" button

Appraisal comes in many forms, yet most assume it only applies to particular works and products. Services alone can be examined and judged, specifically because said labors retain their own sets of standards and regularities. Despite every journalist fancying themselves as a definite individual, publications are not exempt from possessing common conditions that all of their writers embrace together. Video game journalism, to put it simply, is a product like any other.

With that, one can only wonder why the professional sector of criticism is presumably excluded from examination. After all, many public organizations that gauge quality (FDA, EPA, etc.) are faced with inspections of their own.

Therefore, regarding journalism and criticism as a whole, a review of a professional and well-funded site like Polygon is not only fitting, it also reveals many consistent flaws. The site considers itself a unique take on the world of video game journalism, though it’s anything but.

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