Aroace + Astrology Signs
  • Aquarius: rollercoaster aroace. Weekends at a theme park during summer vacation. Running from ride to ride. Laughter bright and happy filling the air. High speed rollercoasters that leave them dizzy and spinning and wanting more. Cotton candy and hotdogs and a hot summer day.
  • Pisces: rainy day aroace. Waking up and watching the raindrops against the window. Listening to the calming sound of thunder as it softly vibrates the air. Huddling under a cozy and warm blanket and just letting the noises of an early morning rainstorm wash over the world.
  • Aries: Concert aroace. Loud music filling the air. Defining in intensity. Vibration the air in waves. The pushing and pulling of a large crowd. Dancing in the middle of a mosh pit. Screaming and cheering and clapping. Light shows and lasers filling the night air.
  • Taurus: Kitchen aroace. A pot of herbs on the windowsill. The warmth of a kitchen in the middle of fall. Flower and salt and sugar spilt slightly over a kitchen counter. A rolling pin dusted and gliding over dough. A large pot of stew boiling on the stove filling the air with its rich fragrance.
  • Gemini: internet aroace. Social media and glossy magazines. Keeping up with all the latest gossip. Planned trips that are too expensive to ever go on. Big extravagant dreams that are unlikely to come true but bring joy anyway. Day dreaming at 3am and 3pm. random Accumulated knowledge that is both useless and excited. Static.
  • Cancer: arts-and-crafts aroace. The feeling of yarn between fingers. The sun pouring through an open wonder, a slight breeze ruffling the curtains. Comforting silence and the soft clink of knitting needles. Quarts stones upon a table and light reflected in a million directions spelling out a million possibilities as the world goes by.
  • Leo: Pool party aroace. Canon balls and sword fights with pool noodles. The hottest day of the year being enjoyed at the edge of a pool. Laying on a pool chair in the heat of the sun, burning because of forgotten sun screen. Jumping right into the pool to cool down and the smell of Alo afterwards with no regrets.
  • Virgo: Library aroace. The quiet corner in a library that's always free and always seems to be waiting. The smell of old books and new books. Exploring row after row of shelves to find the perfect book to read. Exploring row after row of books and grabbing any that sound even a little interesting. Sitting and reading to the soft sounds of pages turning until the sun has set.
  • Libra: Night-on-the-town aroace. Large cities and bright lights. Stumbling laughter and knowing the nights just started. Partying until 3am with half-strangers. Rich food and amazing drinks. Food trucks and food carts. Hopping from one amazing location to the next. Meeting new and interesting people along the way.
  • Scorpio: Sunset aroace. Careful and slow passing days with long sunsets. The soft warmth of the last days of summer turning into fall. Crickets and cicadas and fireflies singing and dancing through the air. A golden and bright sunset filling the sky and painting the world in orange and yellows. The comforting familiarity of home.
  • Sagittarius: Roadtrip aroace. Long drives through bright sunny days down unknown and long forgotten routes. Stopping at small hotels for afternoon naps when the sun is highest and driving through the night to watch the stars. Open roads and desert highways and a warm comforting feeling of being free. Soft music playing from the radio mostly going ignored.
  • Capricorn: Camping aroace. Driving out to the middle of the forest and pitching a tent. Hiking long distances up steep rocks just to find the best view from the top of a cliff. The sound of small streams tricking over rocks. A small campfire and roasting marshmallows to make s'mores that drip chocolate down fingers. Counting the stars.