I’m sorry

I’m sorry if I am distant sometimes, being around people drains me

I’m sorry if I constantly ask if we are “alright”, its hard for me to tell

I’m sorry if I worry too much, I can’t help it

I’m sorry if I say the wrong thing, but I only have good intentions

I’m sorry if I get jealous easily, I just know you can find better

I’m sorry if I say sorry too much

Youtubers I like & watch... [Language/ Polyglot Theme]

I watch a lot of Youtube lol, so here is a list of some of the youtubers I like to watch regarding languages, language learning, polyglots… etc.                                      (Just to kind of be organized) 

These are just some for now


Polyglot Progress: makes videos on languages, language learning, etc

Ophelia Vert: language learner/speaker who makes videos on languages +

Ambie Gonzalez Tv: Polyglot, makes videos on languages, travel, Korean and Spanish content +

Azren the Language Nerd: Language learner/teacher, polyglot- knowledgeable and gives great tips

Jasmine Lipska: Makes content on positivity, language learning + ~studies/speaks Korean(+)

linguamarina: Makes content on language learning, travelling +

Language Learning Lounge: Makes videos on language learning & tips, plays games & streams in different languages

Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve: Polyglot, gives great knowledge on languages and learning ~wise

Langfocus: Gives detailed information on languages and their history

NativLang: Talks about languages, uses visuals and video to explain history and reason for languages in the past & present

Damon and Jo: Language learners and world travelers who make videos in different languages & gives travel tips & language tips

Lindie Botes: Polyglot ~ gives tips and advice on language learning; most known for learning/speaking Asian languages

Lina Vasquez: Gives tips and advice on languages and polyglotism (?) + 


if you make videos on languages, or similar topics, link your blog/channel