International Dance Day

Happy International Dance Day!!!

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Need some study music? Don’t worry we got your back:

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Plus if you need a study break, we don’t need to remind you it’s international dance day. 

Maya Stovall employs a mix of anthropological observation and urban intervention to create what she considers performance and ethnography. Stovall’s current research focuses on Detroit, where she grew up. The subjects in her video for the 2017 Biennial are her neighbors in the McDougall-Hunt area on the city’s east side. In Liquor Store Theatre, she dances on the sidewalks and streets outside neighborhood liquor stores, combining elements of ballet and contemporary movement. After each performance, she invites her audience—largely these establishments’ patrons and other passersby—to share their recollections of and predictions for Detroit, which she records on video. The artist focused on liquor stores in particular because they serve as hubs of both commerce and community, with individuals selling clothing, electronic goods, and other everyday items in their immediate vicinity. They are, in Stovall’s words, “a backstage view of ongoing life in a neighborhood, in spite of narratives of abandonment.”

[Maya Stovall (b. 1982), still from Liquor Store Theatre vol. 1, no. 1, 2014. Digital video, color, sound; 4 min. Courtesy the artist, Eric Johnston, and Todd Stovall. Photograph by Eric Johnston]

Celebrate International Dance Day! 

From our stacks: Illustrations from Polite and Social Dances: A Collection of Historic Dances, Spanish, Italian, French, English, German, American. With Historical Sketches, Descriptions of the Dances and Instructions for Their Performance. Compiled and Edited by Mari Ruef Hofer. Chicago: Clayton F. Summy Co., 1917.