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Right now, 35 million people are enslaved worldwide. Children, women and men are trapped in forced labor or sexual slavery, where violence, deceit and abuse become their everyday. Learn what International Justice Mission is doing and how you can join the fight:

Yesterday, the International Justice Mission team helped rescue 89 children, women, and men from a brick factory in India who were being held as slaves. Today, these families are free and will be given a savings account and livestock from the government. Additionally, IJM will walk with them to ensure that they are integrated back into society.

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Can I tell you a little something about money? This Halloween, Americans spent $370 million on halloween costumes….for their pets….Just so you know, that is about the entire national budget of the entire Central African Republic, where the most recent LRA attacks have been taking place. The idea that there is not the resources to actually go after those who commit these atrocities is simply not true. The question is: do we have the commitment and sense of clarity to actually do what is worth doing?
—  Gary Haugen at MOVE:DC

Re-rescued in a city of 18 million.

Suhana’s story. 

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Meet Hannah and Kayleigh, two girls who are raising awareness in their communities and campaigning for the end of slavery.

Learn more about the “It’s Your Move” Campaign by the International Justice Mission and view more movers and shakers featured in the video series!

Each year, the Department of State honors individuals around the world who have devoted their lives to the fight against human trafficking. These individuals are NGO workers, lawmakers, police officers, and concerned citizens who are committed to ending modern slavery. They are recognized for their tireless efforts – despite resistance, opposition, and threats to their lives – to protect victims, punish offenders, and raise awareness of ongoing criminal practices in their countries and abroad.

Gary Haugen serves as President and CEO of International Justice Mission. IJM is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local governments to ensure victim rescue, to prosecute perpetrators and to strengthen the community that promotes functioning public justice systems. Under Mr. Haugen’s leadership, IJM has assisted nearly 4,000 victims of sex trafficking and forced labor since 2006 alone, leading to more than 220 criminal convictions and hundreds of ongoing trials. IJM is also using its innovative model to address sexual violence, property seizure, illegal detention, and police brutality.

Mr. Haugen’s vision has transformed human rights advocacy and is empowering a new generation of activists to help local governments transform justice systems to protect the poor from violence. This powerful model is working: independent evaluation has demonstrated that after four years of IJM partnership with local law enforcement in Cebu, Philippines, the availability of minors for sex decreased by a stunning 79 percent.

We applaud the work of Gary Haugen and IJM and encourage you to join the fight against slavery!


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@ijm rescued 330+ men, women and children from a brick kiln in India. This is a photo from that rescue. It’s one of their biggest rescues to date, @ijm is one of the coalition partners of @enditmovement slavery is still present in our world. Those that are free need to know. Speak up and get behind an organization that fights this modern evil.

Jesus beckons me to follow him to that place of weakness where I risk the vulnerability of a child so that I might know how strong my Father is and how much he loves me. But truth be told, I would rather be an adult. I’d rather be in a place where I can still pull things together if God doesn’t show up, where I risk no ultimate humiliation, where I don’t have to take the shallow breaths of desperation.
And as a result, my experience of my heavenly Father is simply impoverished.

excerpt from “Just Courage”

Gary Haugen, CEO of International Justice Mission


what a strange coincidence. so there’s going to be an interest meeting for the IJM (International Justice Mission) at school this week. i actually just talked to a lady last week about possibly doing work for them this summer. :O 

i’m pretty stoked that there’s going to be a ‘campus chapter’ or something of the sort. 


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I follow this guy on twitter, and he follows me (Luke Dowler). He’s a pretty solid musician and he made this song about human trafficking, which is a subject very few people will talk about, let alone sing about. 70% of the proceeds raised from this song go to the International Justice Mission. I think you should at least watch this video.


Gary Haugen, founder and CEO of IJM, has given a TED Talk on the violence that the world’s poor experience on a daily basis. This man’s passion and devotion is admirable and truly inspiring. Watch this video, it is well worth the time!


How can I look at them—men, women, children… human beings created in the image of the living God—and do nothing? How can I look into their eyes and not realize that I could very easily be one of them, suffering under the injustice of human trafficking, the evil of modern-day slavery? How can I as a person not feel revolted, betrayed, and infuriated by the very human condition called sin that dwells not only in the traffickers but also in me, in all of us? How can I live not wanting to address and uproot the problem that is at the core of all us: from the way we foster the businesses that exploit the labor and purity of our brothers and sisters, the way we go about living our comfortable lives, the way we complain about the most insignificant of things, the way we fail to acknowledge the blessings poured out to us by the grace of God?

Let freedom ring. Let justice prevail. Let the love of God shine down upon the darkness of this world.

[Isaiah 1:17] “…learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”