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I’m on my second glass of wine, and honestly???? The Purple Wall™ at Magic Kingdom Park® at Walt Disney World Resort© is so iconic for so many reasons. Like, I don’t even know who the first person to take a picture there was, but it just spread like wildfire, and suddenly, everyone and their mom was taking a photo at this wall and they were finding other walls at WDW to take pictures at. And I’m so happy about it? Like, it encourages people to go be cute for a hot second and just let loose and take photos and be cute and happy and I just love it so much. Like??? I was looking through old Purple Wall™ photos earlier and

They’re just so good. And then people found the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot -

And then there’s the Blue Wall by The Living Seas (which some call the Toothpaste Wall)

And that doesn’t even COVER Animal Kingdom which is just an aesthetic PARADISE

And then, if you go to the other coast, Disneyland has great aesthetic spots too!

Bottom line - The Disney Parks fandom kind of just became a beacon of positive self-image because of this one wall that was a pretty shade of purple in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, and I’m so happy to see people post pictures of themselves and their friends at these places. And if you’re EVER at a Disney Park, feel free to be basic for however long you need to be. Take as many photos as you want. Make yourself feel good. Know how beautiful you are. If you see a wall/an area you think is pretty, take a picture of yourself there. Make it prettier! <3

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Trump administration is open to direct talks with North Korea as long as the agenda is right — that is, denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

As he prepared to chair a U.N. Security Council meeting on the subject, Tillerson sat down with NPR’s Steve Inskeep to explain his approach. The secretary says North Korea has to come to the table willing to talk about giving up its nuclear weapons.

“You know if you listen to the North Korea, their reason for having nuclear weapons is they believe it is their only pathway to secure the ongoing existence of their regime,” Tillerson explained. “We hope to convince them is that: you do not need these weapons to secure the existence of your regime. … We do not seek a collapse of the regime. We do not seek an accelerated reunification of the peninsula. We seek a denuclearized Korean peninsula,” he stressed, adding he believes that China shares this goal and is beginning to question whether North Korea is a “liability.”

Trump Administration Wants North Korea At Negotiating Table On Nuclear Weapons

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/NPR

so I’m going through the atomic blonde tag and I literally just saw a post saying that the movie is sexist because charlize theron looks “too thin” in the trailer, and because it’s “unrealistic” for a woman to be able to beat up men who are significantly larger than her, especially in heels??? 

like??? buddy. pal. my guy.  

this is a female-lead film in an almost entirely male-dominated genre (seriously, when was the last time you saw an action movie where the main character was a.) female, and b.) not someone’s wife/girlfriend?), directed by an established filmmaker (david leitch, best known for his work on john wick), starring an oscar-winning actress who is also producing it herself, featuring a romantic subplot between two women, with feminist themes in the trailers and promotional material, and you’re going to boycott it… because the main character (a secret agent who is required to keep high standards of physical fitness for her job) is too fit??? or because she’s too feminine??? (I mean, I can run and jump and climb in heels, and I’m definitely not a highly-trained spy.) if you genuinely believe that conventionally attractive/traditionally feminine women being portrayed as tough and badass is “unrealistic,” then it sounds like the only one being sexist here is you. 

ikke muslime

ha! Hat off, Julie! Even I, as an agnostic from a country that is perceived as “religious”, even I didn’t foresee what was coming. Of course! Why has Yousef to be muslim? Why has Yousef to be religious at all? Just because of his name? Or because he is nice and gentle in flirting with Sana?

Well, now we know: it was very superficial to assume Yousef was muslim. It was shortsighted, and a bit racist, or at least narrow minded, and we have been all put in our place.

And we weren’t only racist towards muslims: we, like Sana, thought that a Norwegian guy couldn’t have flirted with Sana respectfully, in fact we assumed that Yousef was respectful because of his faith, and not simply because he respected her. Or, in my case, I assumed he was hiding something. No! He’s just a nice guy (and nice here is a very high compliment, not a generic one). He’s kind, gentle and caring, very much like Even.

What’s more, I interpreted Sana’s brother attitude towards Yousef + Sana as a warning: but it was simply an indication that Yousef might not be an easy choice for Sana… because he isn’t muslim! This is Yousef’s “dark side” (as we all knew everything was too perfect).

But can’t it be perfect anyway? As a non religious person (but also, as somebody who has nothing against religion), I don’t know. Religion and faith are very important aspects of life. I guess we’ll have too see.

Hat off, Julie Andem. Now I love you even if you created Willhelm ;)