11 writing problems and solutions

Writing is a craft. It takes time for anyone to learn and improve. But there are some shortcuts you can try, maybe adapt to your own needs. Here are 11 writing problems and their solutions, or hacks.

Too many ideas syndrome

Problem: You have too many equally good story ideas and can’t pick just one to write.

Solution: Select your top 3 favorite stories and write the first scene of all three. If you can’t decide, write the first chapter. The right project will be easier to work with, you’ll have fun writing it, you will be daydreaming about the story, you will love the characters. So, give away three chances instead of one.

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Outline spoiling the fun

Problem: Whenever you outline a story idea, it completely spoils your will to write it. The mystery is gone.

Solution: Instead of outlining the whole story, just make a clear goal on how your characters should end. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will they be happy? Will they find redemption? Will they be wronged? Decide how your story should end and explore the plot as you go. Remember, no one will read your first draft, so just write.

Lost midway

Problem: If you are a pantser, you might get lost in the middle of the story, especially after the first plot point.

Solution: Give your story an ending. If you know where your characters will end up, you’ll have a better understanding of which routes to take. Always keep in mind how the story will end. Use it as the beacon of a lighthouse to guide you through stormy waters.

Creative block

Problem: You don’t have story ideas. Or nothing you have so far excites you enough for a novel.

Solution: Read a book or watch a movie completely out of your genre. This works like magic, I promise. I’m not a sci-fi person, but Akira has given me more story ideas than any movie and book from my own genre.

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Writing anxiety

Problem: You are scared of writing, scared of starting a new story, or just scared of not doing a good job.

Solution: Write a fanfic. No one expects a fanfic to be a masterpiece (although many are). Fanfics are done for fun and for passion. So, write your book in fanfic format. You can even use fandom characters and aus in the process. When the story is completed, change back to original characters.

Editing as you write

Problem: You keep going back to previous paragraphs and editing instead of moving forward with your writing.

Solution: Write your novel by hand. This might sound like a lot of work, but it’s quite the opposite. The white screen of the computer urges you to review, to make it perfect, academic like perfect. The paper however, brings you back to the craft, to the urge of filling lines and pages. Handwriting also gives you the opportunity of sketching and doodling. 

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Problem: Tumblr. Youtube. Email. Netflix. Bathroom. Fridge. Bed.

Solution: Go offline. Turn off your wi-fi. Use a device without internet connection. Or, if you keep fooling yourself and turning the internet back on, write your novel by hand. Give yourself a daily hour of internet, but live offline. And if you take unnecessary trips to the fridge or the bathroom, try the pomodoro technique.

Lack of plots

Problem: Nothing relevant is happening, your story looks kind of boring. Or the main plot is too weak for a whole novel.

Solution: Take a few days off. Just relax. When you are ready to go back, read what you have written so far. Maybe you were just tired. But, if the story really sucks, go back to basics. Ask yourself two questions. What type of story am I writing? How will this story end? Follow the answer like a map. Change what needs to be changed, even if you have to delete the whole progress. If you lack plots, don’t add fillers, just go back to basics.  

Weak main character

Problem: Your character lacks personality, voice and/or visuals.

Solution: Give your main character three things. An external battle. An internal battle. And an unique feature. The external battle is their goal, what they want to achieve, what they dream about. An internal battle is their fears, traumas, doubts, mental issues, prejudices and triggers to overcome. An unique feature is what sets them apart from other characters, maybe they have piercings, or tattoos, or pink hair, or lilac eyes, maybe they wear neon boots, or a mask, or mittens, maybe they are left-handed, or blind, maybe they have a scar, or a birthmark. Every amazing main character has external battles, internal battles and unique features.  

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Problem: You have no will to write. The passion is gone. You feel empty.

Solution: If you don’t have access to medical help, reading is a good way to reevaluate your career and regain your passion for the words. Read lots of books. Don’t worry about writing, just read. Lose yourself in fictional adventures. Read sci-fi, romance, horror, fantasy, crime, family saga, classics, foreigner fictions, fanfics, shorts, poetry. Immerse in literature. Literature can save lives.  

Strange dialogues

Problem: Dialogues seem too formal, or too much like the narration, or characters lack individuality.

Solution: Read your dialogues out loud while acting as your characters. You can find a quiet empty room for that. Be an actor. Go for the emotions. Record your acting sections, after all, you might improvise at some point.    

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If There's God (of Social Media)

@kazliin I’m not done with coping from your destructive chapter.

I cannot write angst, thank god for that. So there’s my semi headcannon/hopeful thinking of what happen behind he screen?? This is heavily inspired by @kixboxer ’s idea of Victor’s secret internet accounts


Victor Nikiforov have two instagram account.

He also have two twitter handle.

One of the account in each platform are ratified, blue ticked, and co-managed by Yakov’s PR team during the time of need such as posterity shots, events and exclusive shows announcement.

The other account, however, lacks the mark of legitimacy, have less than 3 digit followers in contrast of millions in his official accounts, also running mainly on Katsuki Yuuri based content.

His second instagram especially, conspicuously named poodleonskate, is an avid follower of Phicit Chulanont’s account and religiously liking every single post tagged #spottheyuuri, won at least 3 giveaway post (2 of them are Yuuri Merchandise, the other is artisan nail polish set) and mainly posts random scenery photos and Katsuki Yuuri’s screengrab stills.

His other twitter also used to liking and retweeting every Yuuri-content from Chulanont’s feed. He also used the twitter to gush about Yuuri with fellow Yuuri fans, that probably will shred him alive if they know that he’s… well.. him?

Victor probably spent more time using his unofficial account more than Yakov would like. He almost failed to be surprised when Mila casually commented on his post as poodleonskate, she probably caught him engaging some excited foray with twitter user yuurifan1275 about Katsuki’s new exhibition skate. Yakov apparently knows too and offhandedly warned him about personal information and maintaining public image.

That didn’t stop him to occasionally slip. The worst slip on came in the form of liking one of Chulanont’s instagram post using his official account.

(“Holy fucking shit?”, Phichit choked and ultimately sprayed the half chewed remains of his breakfast all over the kitchen table. The notification in his phone stayed innocently.

‘V-nikiforov, blueducky, saracrispino liked your post
#spottheyuuri #cocolacafe #spring #detroit #dogfriendslife ’

“Ew.” Yuuri crossed the livingroom with disdainful eyes towards their table and the remains of Phicit’s breakfast all over their dingy table.

As much as he wanted to share the extraordinary happening in his sns life, Yuuri getting aneurysm this early in the morning is not exactly the best scenario for everyone involved.)

Yakov gave him an earful afterwards while his rinkmates watched from the rinkside with varying degree of amusement and secondhand embarrassment. Half an hour and several ‘yes coach, not going to happen again’ thrown, Victor’s back on the ice with nothing but slight mortification and cold dread of someone caught red handed. Despite himself, a traitorous part of his mind cannot help but being thrilled of the outcome.He slightly hoped that Yuuri (or Phichit, and then by proxy, Yuuri) would comment on it.

They didn’t.


Donna Francie @bingowednesday
What just happenED?!!!! OMG!!

Eloisethecat @bonnie-bie
@bingowednesday Victor liked a #spottheyuuri post??#whatdoesthatmean #viktuuri

Victuuriistotallyreal @just-inn
Excuse me while I’m draining my tears out #viktuuri

Bluescluesboy @JonahLi
@bonnie-b @bingowednesday here we go again…

Viktorlove @sundayterrs
@JonahLi Ikr?! It’s just a lke?!! We all know Victor LOVES dog? Like LOVE LOVE? That post have a cute dog!! Not evrything is abt your gross shipping!

Zaskia G. @chameleonarecute
Another day in FS fandom.. #viktuurilimbo #spottheyuuri

ひめこ。西山 @kumahimee
Can confirm that Japanese twitter also lost their shit. #instagate #spottheyuuri #viktornikiforov #katsukiyuuri #figureskating


After the Big Reveal, years worth of tears were spilled within a day, heart wrenching apologies, more kissing, and tedious ceremonies and official duties performed with hands on each other’s body parts, the floodgate finally opened.

Within an hour V-nikiforov’s official account already liked every post tagged #spottheyuuri, compilation videos of Yuuri singing in the livingroom while dipping a mop, every Katsuki based aesthetic blog, and various account’s post in which Yuuri is tagged.

(“Holy shit.” Ketty said as her feed flooded with notification after skating legend Victor Nikiforov, also Yuuri’s supposed arch nemesis retweeted her post about Yuuri’s FS composing session, liked In her instagram featuring her equipment that was used in composing Yuuri on Ice song.)

(“Holy shit” said professor Gilman of Advanced Trigonometry class after his usually barren instagram feed exploded after someone named V-nikiforov liked his last year’s class photo featuring international student slash campus heartthrob Katsuki.)

“Really.” Yuuri asked dryly, but the corner of his mouth are soft and fond.

Victor looked him straight in the eyes, his eyes are sporting the same puffiness as Yuuri and as red. His nose is still clogged when he answered but his grin are terribly (terribly) blinding.


Phicit+chu posted


I totally appreciate the likes guys, but #reallyvictor? #nowweknow #wegetit #littleyurihadbenscreamingfor10minutes #guys #guystherearechildrenpresent #pausethekissing #victuuri #lovewins #Iamthebestman


This is basically a huge list of books. Summer is already over, but you can read these during any free time you have.

Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

“The ultimate rapid language-learning guide!…At thirty years old, Gabriel Wyner speaks six languages fluently.  He didn’t learn them in school – who does? – rather, he learned them in the past few years, working on his own and practicing on the subway, using simple techniques and free online resources. In Fluent Forever Wyner reveals what he’s discovered.”

Moonwalking With Einstein by Joshua Foer

“Moonwalking with Einstein recounts Joshua Foer’s yearlong quest to improve his memory under the tutelage of top “mental athletes.” He draws on cutting-edge research, a surprising cultural history of remembering, and venerable tricks of the mentalist’s trade to transform our understanding of human memory.”

What If? by Randall Munroe

“Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical answers.” The humor and information in this book reignited my interest in science after a tiring school year.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Maria Kondo

“This international bestseller featuring Tokyo’s newest lifestyle phenomenon will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home—and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.”

How to Become a Straight-A Student by Cal Newport

“Real straight-A students don’t study harder–they study smarter… "How to Become a Straight-A Student” reveals for the first time the proven study secrets of real straight-A students across the country and weaves them into a simple, practical system that anyone can master.“ 

Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel

“Drawing on recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and other disciplines, the authors offer concrete techniques for becoming more productive learners.“

A Mind For Numbers by Barbara Oakley

“ Whether you are a student struggling to fulfill a math or science requirement, or you are embarking on a career change that requires a higher level of math competency, A Mind for Number soffers the tools you need to get a better grasp of that intimidating but inescapable field.“

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

“Creativity is not a gift from the gods, says Twyla Tharp, bestowed by some divine and mystical spark. It is the product of preparation and effort, and it’s within reach of everyone who wants to achieve it.” 

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

“Remember the last time that you were so focused, so motivated that you felt at the absolute top of your form – alert, energized and free of self-consciousness? Chances are you were experiencing flow – an almost euphoric state of concentration and complete involvement.”

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

“The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, raising exceptional children, becoming more productive, building revolutionary companies and social movements, and achieving success is understanding how habits work.”


Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is upon us! 

Over 70 exhibitions across Southern California explore Latin American and Latino/a art in dialogue with Los Angeles.

Four on view at the Getty Center:

Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas
This major international loan exhibition featuring more than 300 masterpieces, traces the development of luxury arts in the Americas from about 1000 BC to the arrival of Europeans in the early sixteenth century. Recent investigation into the historical, cultural, social, and political conditions under which such works were produced and circulated has led to new ways of thinking about materials, luxury, and the visual arts from a global perspective.

Making Art Concrete
Combining art historical and scientific analysis, experts from the Getty Conservation Institute and Getty Research Institute have collaborated with the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros to examine the formal strategies and material choices of avant-garde painters and sculptors associated with the Concrete art movement in Argentina and Brazil. These works of geometric abstraction, created between 1946 and 1962, are presented alongside information on the way artists pioneered new techniques and materials.

The Metropolis in Latin America:
Focusing on six capitals—Buenos Aires, Havana, Lima, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago de Chile—this show presents the colonial city as a terrain shaped by Iberian urban regulations, and the republican city as an arena of negotiation of previously imposed and newly imported models, which were later challenged by waves of indigenous revivals. 

Photography in Argentina: Contradiction and Continuity
Comprising three hundred works by sixty artists, this exhibition examines crucial periods and aesthetic movements in which photography had a critical role, producing—and, at times, dismantling—national constructions, utopian visions, and avant-garde artistic trends in Argentina.

‘Coco’ to Premiere at Mexico’s Morelia International Film Festival

Pixar’s next feature film, Coco, is set to have its world premiere at Mexico’s Morelia International Film Festival on October 20th. That’s over a month before the US release date!

This gives me a *bit* more hope regarding Disney/Pixar’s handling of Mexican culture, heritage and tradition in regards to this film. Some of you may remember the incredibly stupid mistakes the company made re: Coco, up to and including trying to copyright the term ‘Día de los Muertos,’ –  the traditional holiday celebrated on November 1 and 2 in Mexico and across Latin America that honors the lives of lost family members or friends.

Yeah, that was pretty stupid. This is not. This is good!


Rogue One (2016)

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Cinematography by Greig Fraser


Remington M1867 Navy

Manufactured by E. Remington and Sons c.1865-75 - serial number 2526.
.50 caliber, single-shot rolling block. The cartridge was a centerfire design featuring an internal rod like the 12mm Perrin, and existed in a grapeshot variant.

An upgrade to the M1865 with a shorter barrel, a trigger guard and made to use centerfire cartridges. In this configuration it attracted contracts from not only the US Navy but also the French army during the Franco-Prussian war.
In that last context it would definitely have been a step-up from the standard issue pistols. In fact it’s pretty hard to find a single good handgun of the 50′s and 60′s that wasn’t used in 1870-71.

welcome to CHASING GOLD, a yuri on ice winter and summer games zine!

CHASING GOLD is a yoi fic and art zine that will focus on various aspects of the winter and summer games, including the paralympics. the games are the world’s foremost international sporting event, featuring thousands of athletes from over a hundred of different countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds. the purpose of the games is to foster friendly competition, encourage national and international unity, and celebrate the balanced qualities of body, mind, and will. with the 2018 pyeongchang winter games coming up in february, we thought this would be a good chance to capture the olympic spirit of our favorite yuri on ice characters! 

artists and writers can choose to portray any sport listed as an event in the 2018 pyeongchang winter games, the 2020 tokyo summer games, or the paralympics, or other scenes such as opening ceremonies, olympic village, and so on! aus are welcome and encouraged!

CHASING GOLD apps open november 26, 2017!

artists, please prepare three (3) pieces for applications, at least one of which must be full color and background; we will be judging applicants based on coloring, background, anatomy, and composition. writers, please prepare up to three (3) pieces totalling no more than 3,000 words; we will be judging applicants based on storytelling, grammar & spelling, style, and characterization. 

we prefer that at least one application piece for both artists and writers be for the yuri on ice fandom.

announcement of invited guest artists and writers to follow!

about & faq | schedule | sports list |  contact

Quick drabble featuring Wilford’s internal struggles. 

TW: Mental illness, negative thoughts, implied suicide


They don’t want you.

It’s not unusual to hear those words. Wilford knows everyone has an annoying voice in their mind. A voice that talks down to you, tries to make you think you’re a failure and even a monster.

Usually Wilford was able to tune it out and distract himself – that’s where being on T.V. came into play. Not only was it the perfect distraction, but it filled him with joy to see the reactions from his fans. Amused, thrilled, devastated, disgusted, horrified; it didn’t matter what emotion it was, just as long as they kept coming back for more.

But the annoying voice was like a fly buzzing inside of his head. In a room full of people clapping, laughing, shouting, and sometimes screaming, the buzzing was lost in the cacophony of sound.

In an empty room, however, the buzzing was all he heard.

When things were silent, when no one was around, that’s when he heard the voice. And it followed him, becoming harder to ignore whenever someone brushed him off.

They don’t want you, it buzzed when Bim sighed and asked him, “Not now, can’t you see I’m busy?”

They don’t want you, it droned when Google said in his deadpan voice, “I can’t entertain your ridiculous antics right now.”

They don’t want you, it hummed when Bing grimaced and said, “That’s just…too far, my dude. I’m outtie.”

They don’t want you, it murmured when Dr. Iplier shook his head and said, “You’re simply insane, Wilford, and even I can’t cure that.”

They don’t want you, it whispered when the Host walked away muttering, “The Host refuses to engage Warfstache and walks away…”

They don’t want you, it shouted when Anti cackled and said, “You think that’s going to work? You’re delusional, old man.”

They don’t want you, it screamed when Dark just scowled and turned away.

They don’t want you, they don’t want you, they don’t want you.

The words bounced around in his head, trapped with nowhere to go. It was utter chaos, but not the kind he liked to cause.

No, this was much worse. Wilford stared at the reflection in his mirror, hands shaking as they grabbed for the gun.

They don’t want you.

And why would they?

Wilford pulled the trigger.

And nothing happened.

“Huh,” he said aloud. “Dark must’ve emptied it.”

It wasn’t like Wilford could actually die here. What would the point of unloading his weapon be? Maybe it was to protect others. Dark was, after all, extremely mistrusting of guns.

Especially when it was Wilford using them.

For some reason, that thought made him smile.

Beholder Anatomy - Part 1 - External Anatomy

Beholders are perhaps the most deadly of the great monsters of the D&D World.

They are certainly one of the most distinctive and unusual in appearance.

The original beholders are said to have been spawned on one of the Outer Planes by a primal entity as powerful as a deity.

This creature has no name, and its children have no need to generate one for it.

To others, it is known only as the Great Mother, a name granted more for the fact that the creature spawned the entire beholder race from its very flesh than for any real certainty that it is female.

From the Great Mother, the beholder race and its various kin have propagated to the other planes with great success, for few can stand in the way of such destructive creatures.

Although the information in this is presented as fact, beholders are alien creatures in body, mind, and soul…

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Revamped Masterlist

Updated: August 3, 2017


Zack Addy

James Aubrey

Wendell Bray

Temperance Brennan

Seeley Booth 

Colin Fisher

Jack Hodgins

Caroline Julian - Teacher

Angela Montenegro

Vincent Nigel-Murray

Cam Saroyan

Lance Sweets

Squints + Breakup (Features above interns as well as Clark Edison, Colin Fisher, Arastoo Viziri, Daisy Wick)

Coming Out (Bones team x reader)

Criminal Minds

Aaron Hotchner

Jennifer Jareau

Derek Morgan

Spencer Reid

David Rossi

CM Team x reader



Dean Winchester


The Wailing (2016)

Directed by Na Hong-jin

Cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo

Ivory Coast Market: Goods for Sale

Colorful vegetable seller in Abidjan, open market, Ivory Coast.

Photo Exhibition in Brasilia, Brazil
November 5-20, 2008. Featuring six international photographers. Overall exhibit: THE HEART OF AFRICA. Thirty images from Steve Evans in a sub-show called: AFRICA HEART, AFRICA SOUL. Sponsored by Cara e Cultura Negra.

Africa Heart, Africa Soul

A Photographic Exhibition by Steve Evans

“When shooting, there are certain qualities that immediately capture my attention,” Steve said. “It often has to do with the face and the eyes and what they might be saying – ‘I have wisdom,’ or ‘I know sorrow,’ or ‘I have dignity,’ or ‘I survived,’ or ‘I’m in love.’ I look for dignity and pride in a person. I look for pain and sorrow, melancholy and loneliness. I look for wisdom reflected in the wrinkles of age. I look for the innocence of youth, for the bond of strong relationships between a mother and a child, a father and a son, two friends, a man and a woman. These reflect the heart and soul of a person. In addition, there are particular circumstances of nature – like a sunrise or sunset – that reflect the very heart and soul of God.” Each image of “Africa Heart, Africa Soul” is a window into the very heart and soul of Africa, featuring photographs from the slave forts of West Africa to the majestic sunrises and sunsets of southern and central Africa. Six countries are documented: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, and the images span over twenty-five years of photographing Africa.


McLaren 720S Dubai, 2017. A one-off special created for the Dubai International Motor Show featuring McLaren Special Operations (MSO) designed satin finish black paintwork and gold-coloured wheels and interior components. The rear wing Rear wing features a famous Bruce McLaren quote, painted in gold Arabic script stylised to echo the Dubai skyline. The quote is ‘Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone’

everybody listen to me. In Philosopher’s Stone when Nimbus 2000 arrives Oliver Wood just stares. What?

Oliver would have smelled that thing the moment Hedwig came in with it. The moment he saw the package he would start laughing and hugging people around him and everyone would be like what’s wrong with him. He would be screaming at the top of his lungs. His new seeker has the best broom in the world??? How can Oliver Wood contain himself? He can’t. 

Marcus, on the other hand, would also smell the broom the moment it entered but his reaction would be internal screaming and eating porridge passive aggressively. But his internal screaming would also feature “oh my god the most divine broom on earth I MUST SEE IT”


Suntan (2016)

Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos

Cinematography by Christos Karamanis