Google Engineer’s Home Project Is A Futuristic Device With Real Life Applications

Showing a proactive nature, Google engineer Max Braun has taken it upon himself to create a hi-tech futuristic device that also serves as a sleek and sophisticated mirror in his bathroom. Thinking ahead of his time and the existing products available in the market, Braun has devised a mirror which also serves as an interface for customised and relevant information, like weather updates and news notifications.

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Refurbishment of Musée Rodin Dominique Brard + Richard Duplat

After a complete restoration over the past three years, the magnificent Hôtel Biron, home of the Rodin Museum in Paris since 1919, reopened its doors to the public on 12 November 2015, the 175th birthday of the famous French sculptor.

The 18th-century palace required extensive updating and a redesign of its interior to meet the standards of a modern museum. It had not undergone full renovation since Auguste Rodin him- self used it as his Paris studio until his death in 1917. The renovation has allowed the museum to completely rethink its exhibition space, and to show the work of Rodin and some of his contemporaries—including his pupil and lover Camille Claudel—in a new light. The new layout will highlight the sculptor’s creative development. In particular, some of his works in plaster have been brought out of storage to be displayed, many for the first time, to illustrate the evolution of his work.

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