The Arrangement (Part 12)

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Summary (story spoilers): someone delivers some unexpected and unpleasant news, sending you running. Sam and Benny confront Dean, and the three of them go looking for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings (again, spoilers): lots of language, angst, cheating, feelings of betrayal and worthlessness

A/N: Thank you guys for all your patience! My show this weekend went really well! I came in 3rd out of 17 and qualified for Nationals in early May! Hope you enjoy this installment, though I think I’ll have a few upset messages…

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The project: a “field journal,” wherein you submit works, and I select a few pieces from the submissions pool to showcase in a free e-book! I will make no money off of this project, and full credit will be given to artists whose works I choose. Submissions close on April 30, 2017 at 11:59pm EST; projected release is mid-May to early June.

The “field journal” will be separated into chapters:


FOUNDATIONS will discuss childhoods, formative experiences, people who raised you, personal and political histories, the birth of cities. THE EXPLORER will address the spirit of adventure, foreign lands, rediscovering one’s neighborhood, wildernesses, outer space, the sea. THE LOVER will focus on sexuality, self love, healing, separation, reunion.

Think of this as the really laid back and less refined cousin of the literary magazine. Along with poetry and prose, I’m interested in horoscopes, doodles, photographs, confessions, fragments, collages, etc. Anything interesting! I intend to keep this project quite small, so it will only comprise of roughly 7-8 pieces per chapter.

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awalkingaesthetic  asked:

Every time I start to recover from this game I remember that V exists and then I am ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN. FYI your headcanons are important. Anyway. I would be so incredibly psyched if you could write RFA + Minor Trio learning that MC has a horse, and their reaction to MC's Very Important Very Large Pet.

Fun fact my dad actually tried to get me to like horses as a child. I never really took to them. I have a healthy fear of large, muscly animals who can step on me. I only really like being stepped on by large, muscly women


  • oh god being on top of a horse is scary they’re so tall
  • h e l p
  • You giggle as you lead Bloomington the III around the pasture with a terrified, squirming Yoosung on top of him. He tries to pretend that he’s Cool with this, because he wants to be a Cool Man, but he’s not cool.
  • he’s super not cool.
  • Luckily Bloomington is the chillest of horses, and he does not freak out with this strange blond wiggle-man being on top of him. He manages to stay on him for a good fifteen minutes before needing to get off and hyperventilate.
  • Despite being terrified, Yoosung also thought the experience was great, and wants to continue trying to get used to your horse. Eventually, you teach him how to ride your baby, and Yoosung is SO HAPPY.
  • can the three of you join the SCA please


  • Zen is less thrilled with your very important, very large pet, because your very important, very large pet keeps trying to eat his hair.
  • He puts up with it, however, because your very important, very large pet is beautiful, and he loves posing with him.
  • The internet proceeds to blow up with photos of Zen the Prince on your gorgeous white horse, and you giggle when Bloomington the III becomes a minor celebrity for awhile.
  • People keep sending him treats. It’s adorable. You tell him how handsome he is and Zen gets a little jealous that he’s not getting all of your attention.
  • zen can deal with it. 
  • bloomy deseves it.


  • she. she doesn’t know how to feel about this’.
  • like. just.
  • he’s so big.
  • and so large.
  • and requires so much maintenance. 
  • But you love him dearly, and she loves you dearly, so she tries to get used to his presence.
  • At first, she won’t even come near him. She doesn’t say she isn’t interested, but she slips out of every offer you make to spend time together with him. She’ll watch him, but not much else, until one Valentine’s day when - in an effort to please you - she agrees to go on a walk with you and him.
  • It goes well. You see her smile. She says maybe another day like this wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Slowly, very very slowly, you get Jaehee acclimated to him. You have her feed him, have her pet him, and inch by inch, she starts falling in love with those big, brown eyes of his…
  • and the way you look in a jockey outfit, because HOOOOO DAMN DO THOSE RIDING BOOTS MAKE YOU LOOK MIGHTY FINE.
  • (like tbh her favorite part of horse maintenance is seeing you in your riding gear.)


  • Jumin doesn’t Get horses, but he loves you, so he showers Bloomington the III with all the things a hose could want. It only increases in volume when you mention how hard it was growing up, and how you felt like Bloomy was the only creature in the world who understood you. Jumin gets it. He empathizes. And so, he wants to reward your horse for all of the company and comfort he’s given you throughout the years.
  • Toys, premium food, the best horse finery he can find… seriously, his man buys him a huge mcfreakin plot of land to do his horsey thing on.
  • He even tries to RIDE him, once you give him some lessons, though Jumin is a little absentminded and useless, so that doesn’t go entirely well.
  • He loves watching you with him, though, because you look so happy, and you’re always so very lovely when you’re happy.


  • are you kidding me
  • seven LOVES HORSES
  • you own a HORSE???!?
  • You kinda have to reign Seven in around Bloomington tbh, because he’s a bit too hyperactive and horses don’t really like that. But oh man, once you get him calm
  • seven feeds him treats out of the palm of his hand and he has never looked happier in his entire life.
  • (seven, no.)


  • he’s pretty shy around your horse tbh. He can’t see very well, and he’s not used to animals beyond cats and dogs, but Bloomy is so gentle and so good and V just melts when he nuzzles his hand and snorts on him.
  • He gets really interested in trying to photograph your precious equine pal. There’s some pretty interesting history with horse photography - people didn’t really get how horses moved until they could be captured on camera - and V thinks that historical background is neat.
  • You gallop and trot Bloomington around for V, letting him take his pictures, and you’re pretty sure that your diva of a pet enjoys the attention.
  • V eventually publishes a book of his horse photographs, and right on the very front page there’s a picture of you, riding him, and smiling with the sun in your hair.
  • (he says that one is his favorite.)

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Much like Seven, Saeran thinks your horse is great, but he’s way shyer about expressing his affection due to his severe emotional issues. With some coaxing, though, he consents to an introduction, and forming a relationship with Bloomington the III just… really… helps.
  • It’s healing for him, taking care of such an intelligent creature. He helps you clean his hooves, brush him, muck his stables, and you can see that he’s happy. It’s good work. Honest work. And at the end of the day, Saeran is rewarded with the love of an innocent, pure creature that doesn’t even understand the concept of evil.
  • Saeran gets so into horses, and when you start teaching him how to ride… it’s like the world has opened up for him.
  • After some time, he gets a horse of his own, and the two of you go on rides together through the countryside. It’s where Saeran belongs, out in nature, far away from the people who hurt him…
  • And he finally finds some measure of peace.


  • “uh,” vanderwood says, swallowing something that is definitely not fear. “no thanks.”
  • To Vanderwood, horses are big, stinky, and smelly. They’re unpredictable, dangerous, and they just don’t get the appeal. And… they never really do get the appeal. Vandy just isn’t an animal person.
  • But they’re a YOU person, so they’re going to be as supportive as they can.
  • You can never really get them interacting with him, but they do go to every single one of your horse shows. You do dressage, and while they don’t really like Bloomington on his own, with you riding him? Oh boy
  • oh boy howdy
  • it’s impressive. the two of you are impressive.
  • They can appreciate that, at least, and the bond the two of you share. Vanderwood might not want to directly interact with your horse… but they’re never once unhappy that he exists.
Nosebleed Club Field Journal

Hi everyone! I have a project idea for you all: a “field journal,” wherein you submit works, and I select a few pieces from the submissions pool to showcase in a free e-book! I will make no money off of this project, and full credit will be given to artists whose works I choose.

The title for this project is still pending, but right now I have three chapters in mind:


FOUNDATIONS will discuss childhoods, formative experiences, people who raised you, personal and political histories, the birth of cities. THE EXPLORER will address the spirit of adventure, foreign lands, rediscovering one’s neighborhood, wildernesses, outer space, the sea. THE LOVER will focus on sexuality, self love, healing, separation, reunion.

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Jay Park - Unspoken Rule Pt. 2

Part 1

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“Dude, just hire her as a photographer if you want to see her again so badly,” Gray said with an amused chuckle.

“What?” Jay snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head to his friend who was grinning at him widely. He was so lost in his thoughts he hadn’t even realized that someone was talking to him.

“You’ve been staring at the wall for the past ten minutes without saying a thing,” Simon pointed out, joining the conversation. Of course he wouldn’t miss out on a chance of teasing Jay. It was way too much fun, especially since Jay was a bad liar.

“I wasn’t thinking about her,” he quickly denied. His prompt denial making it a little too obvious that he was lying.

“Well, then I guess the wall’s just that interesting,” Simon said jokingly while he rolled his eyes.

“What’s stopping you? You usually wouldn’t be so reluctant if you’re interested in someone.”

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Photograph (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

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Request:  Hey, I love your truth or dare piece! I’ve seen so many writings about the girl discovering that Jonathan has taken pictures of her. I was wondering if you could write something about Jonathan Byers finding out that he , himself, has been the subject of another girl’s photos. Maybe they could get together in the end. Thank you so much anyways!! 

You had a passion for the art of photography.  Every little leaf, flower, cup of coffee, and the little things in life you cherished.  However, you weren’t much for photographing people.  That it, until you met Jonathan Byers.

Well… you didn’t really ‘meet’ him.  One time you accidentally bumped into him when you were going into the darkroom to develop photos and he was coming out.  He muttered a quick “oh–uh–sorry” before quickly heading home.  It was at that moment you realized how handsome and photogenic Jonathan actually was.

Sadly, you didn’t have any classes with Jonathan so you could talk to him.  You knew he wasn’t really much of a talker anyway.  Eventually you began secretly taking photos of Jonathan after school or between classes when you were positive no one was looking.  Luckily Jonathan never noticed.  You had some really nice good-quality photos of him taking photos of whatever after school.

**Jonathan’s Perspective**

Jonathan did know who you were.  Y/N L/N, a wannabe photographer such as himself.  He did think you were quite beautiful.  But he never saw how a girl like you could love a boy like him.  You did love Jonathan, but of course he never knew that.  Jonathan had always wanted to take your picture.  But he could only imagine a terrible reaction from you if he could even bring up enough courage to ask you.

Jonathan would occasionally run into you in the darkroom now and then, but as soon as he walked in you would snatch your photos from the drying rack and rush out even if some of the photos were still wet.  That basically screamed “Ew I don’t like you in the slightest” to Jonathan.

**Regular Perspective I Guess**

Today when you went into the darkroom to develop new photos, after you clipped them onto the drying rack you realized you had forgotten your science textbook in the classroom.  Not exactly thinking, you left the room to go get it.

Leaving your photos on the drying rack.

Your science classroom was way on the other side of the school, so it was going to take you a good fifteen minutes to get there and back.  Jonathan walked in at his usual time.  He was a bit surprised that you weren’t there, but he just shrugged it off.  He immediately began unpacking his camera, but something fairly interesting caught his eye.

Your photos.

Of him.

When Jonathan saw your bag lying on the ground, he knew the photos were yours.  He stood up and observed your photos.  More than half of them were of him.  Good photos, too, which he observed.  There was one of him getting into his car, at his locker, and sitting on a bench in front of the high school reading a book.  Why were you taking these photos of him?  Did you think of him more than a peer?  These were all questions rapidly flooding his mind.  Jonathan was shocked that you had taken an interest in photographing him.

Suddenly, the door to the darkroom flung open and you stepped in.  Once you saw Jonathan looking at your photos, you dropped your textbook on the ground and covered your mouth with your hands.  You massaged your temples.  “Oh my god oh my god oh my god…,” you muttered.  “Jonathan, I–”

“They’re beautiful.”

“Sor–wait what?” you didn’t believe what you had just heard.  Or at least thought you heard.

“I said they’re beautiful.  The photos you took.  Of me.  Well, I mean all of them are beautiful but I love the ones of me,” he blabbered on.

Your eyes widened in shock.  “You… really think so?  You don’t find them creepy?”

Jonathan shook his head.  “No.  Is it creepy that I’ve always wanted to take your picture since that time we bumped into each other?” His blush was hidden by the darkness of the room.

“Well I guess I have to say no after I invaded your privacy like that.”

“What?  No!  They’re not like… perverted photos or anything like that.  Y/N, you just liked what you saw.”  

You smiled and knit your eyebrows, looking confused yet amused.  Jonathan quickly realized what he had said.

“That–that came out wrong…”

You smirked.  “Did it though?  Maybe I did like what I saw.  A lot.”

Jonathan looked up at you.  “What?”

You shrugged.  “Jonathan, you’re pretty damn nice to look at.  I wouldn’t have taken those photos if I thought otherwise.”

“You… like me… like that?”  Jonathan said softly.

You nodded.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I guess I do.  Is that bad?” you asked a bit worriedly.

Jonathan’s eyes widened.  “No!  No, not bad at all.  In fact… I’ve taken a liking to a particular girl as well.”

You grinned.  “And who would that be?”

“Well, she’s standing right in front of me in the darkroom with lovely H/C hair, E/C eyes even though I can’t see her eyes so well with this lighting.  Oh, and her name is Y/N.”

“Gee… I don’t think I’ve met her before,” you replied cheekily.

“And I’m thinking about asking her out a date in a few seconds.  Do you think she would accept?” Jonathan said getting closer to you.

“I believe she would,” you answered and closed the space between the two of you by locking your lips to his.

Jonathan happily responded (this might have been his first kiss but he won’t tell) and wrapped and arm around your waist pulling you up against his body.  You threw your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his incredibly soft hair.

You both pulled away breathless.

“So… about that date?”

“How about tonight?”

“I’ll be there.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

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Really, I just wanna know how any of the Raúl characters (particularly Barba) feel about the fact that the fandom or their s/o has an infatuation with his tummy 😶 If you don't mind, that is... *sends love anyway because baby you're worth it 💃🏻💃🏼💃🏽💃🏾💃🏿*

pahahahahahahahaha ok ok ok ok. I know you said Barba but I totally thought of the awkward duckling Frederick so I’m doing both.

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Frederick knew he shouldn’t read reviews.

But, his most recent book had finally released to the public, and fortunately it appeared to be doing rather well. In fact, he had been invited for interviews, made it on the television. He wouldn’t quite consider himself ‘famous’ (he wouldn’t correct someone for suggesting so, of course), but he had indeed managed to find himself with a bit of a following- mostly young adults with a fascination that brought them to devouring anything and everything they could in regard to the criminally insane and serial killers…

And, well, while that may not be exactly the crowd he had intended on drawing in: it would do.

He had heard horror stories about Googling oneself. Who knew what you would find, especially if there was a reason for strangers on the internet to use your name?

What would happen, he wondered curiously one evening when the surveillance cameras of his hospital didn’t quite quench his nosinesscuriosity, if he simply…

“Dr. Frederick Chilton.” Send.
About 2,000 results (0.60 seconds)

Well isn’t that just fascinating?

Most of it was nothing new. A few opinions he had already seen, a video or two of his more recent interviews, some picture the press had gotten a hold of- he clicked over to “Images”, hoping he’d only find himself well-pressed and even better dressed.

The first row or two didn’t disappoint… but then, he stumbled upon a candid picture, or so it appeared. It was from a news station, shortly after he stood up and just before he re-fastened the button of his suit jacket; how embarassing, why would someone capture him without the blazer there to cover that boring dress shirt?

He couldn’t help from noticing, though; there were comments.
While pondering what ‘Tumblr’ could mean, Frederick went to the page containing the unflattering photograph, took a large drink of bourbon for courage: and opened up the hundred-or-so 'notes’.

“I’m obsessed with the tum-”

Tum? What are they talking about?


… cute? Frederick wouldn’t quite have used that phrase to describe himself; dapper, handsome, suave maybe but cute? Whatever, though…


Oh my god, he nearly choked on his drink- they were talking about his stomach? With wide eyes, he glanced downward, regarded his belly a bit more than he had in probably months. They said he had a tum? A cute tum, at least they were complimentary when discussing it…

“I looooooooove when he takes off his jacket-”

Why the Hell did he even waste money on nice suits? Apparently these Tumblr-folks would be much more interested in just seeing his stomach, his 'tum’ or whatever…

“The tum is so important! Daddy!”

……. Daddy….?

Very carefully, Frederick closed the laptop screen, brows knitting together. He was an acclaimed author, a doctor, a professional… yet, he was Tumblr-famous for his ’important tum’. Was this good or bad, he couldn’t quite decide.

Resolving never to bother Googling himself again, Frederick rose to his feet, tried his absolute best NOT to waste time studying his stomach any further- apparently there were already plenty of people who kept a close eye on it.

How odd.

He thought he had seen everything; but this?
A tum-obsession? HIS tum being obsessed over…?

People are strange. So, so strange…

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“Oh my God.”

Rafael Barba didn’t really find a reason to care that Carisi and Amanda were giggling at their cell phone. They usually found most anything amusing, especially kind-hearted Sonny, so who knew what they could have stumbled upon.

“I can’t believe someone actually made a blog about it-”

Why were they talking so LOUDLY, though? He was trying to concentrate, focus, actually get work done. Coming to the precinct may have been a mistake.

“These are pictures from his press conference on Wednesday…”

… Hold on… 

He had held a press conference on Wednesday.

Twisting in his seat, Rafael finally gifted the detectives the attention they were apparently trying to pry from him. “What on Earth are you two looking at?”

Proudly, Sonny snatched the phone, then turned it around so Barba could appropriately see the collection of photos. He squint, making quick work of scanning the little set. They were pictures of, well, him. “Who took those?”

“Your fans,” Amanda teased, and leaned over Sonny’s arm so she could scroll for him. “Look- they even leave comments.”

“You’re a hot commodity, Counselor!” Carisi only laughed when Rafael pried the phone from his fingers, then shoved his own hands in his pocket so he could carefully watch the ADA’s face. “Apparently you’re popular among the kids.”

Well, that would have been flattering, but the comments didn’t quite appear to be of the normal variety- a couple compliments about his suspenders (well, that’s nice of them) and a few side-notes about how great his hair looked (thank God he went to the barber just the day before)… but some were, well… a bit more interesting, to say the least.

Absently, his hand fell to his stomach, and at the sight of his slack-jaw and his brows nearly bouncing off his forehead- Rollins began to roar with laughter.

“HE FOUND IT!” She squealed, after hiding her face in the shoulder of Sonny’s suit.

Oh, but Rafael ignored her, much more distracted by the fact that these people were talking about… his ’tum’? He could only assume, due to the mentioned 'bottom right’ photograph where he was just about to button up his blazer, that they were indeed discussing his stomach.

And they were definitely not being shy about it.


They couldn’t be serious…

“I hope he never loses the tum, it is so cute.”

Okay, maybe they were being serious…

“I’m OBSESSED WITH THE TUM. Court is in session and my body is ready, we can meet in my chambers.”

The color drained from his face… really...?

Barba couldn’t decide if he was mortified or just surprised. Not only was he not quite prepared to consider that he had… fans? But now, he had to consider… these people discussing his photographs were interested in his stomach. Honestly, he didn’t think it was that noticeable… had he gained weight, or was that maybe just a particularly unflattering dress shirt? Were his pants too tight?


Okay, maybe the pants weren’t the problem.

“What the Hell is Tumblr?” He asked from behind curled fingers, which were being used to try and hide the bewildered look on his face, as well as his blush. “How did you two even find that?”

“Are we not going to talk about the fact you’re famous for your tum?” Amanda was still trying to recover, giggles interrupted every few words.

Carisi elbowed her, pointed out a later comment he noticed after he was given his phone back “Lookat this one- PAPI PROSECUTOR.”

THAT was enough; Rafael slammed his palms on the top of the desk, pulling their attention off the little screen long enough to watch him recklessly shove paperwork and his book into the familiar briefcase. “I’m getting out of here, you two are ridiculous, I can’t get any work done-”

“Don’t forget your jacket, Barba-” Sonny bit the inside of his cheek, yet still couldn’t resist a final jab, “Or you may distract a blogger with your tum.”


Hey. Im Kechie, an 18 year old Nigerian photographer interested in using portraiture as a means of exploring black femininity and representation in our media. Im using my art as a means of self love and discovery, and I use a Nikon d5300. Here are some photos from my, ‘For the sake of it’ series.
Twitter: @kechieee
Ig: @kechie.a
Website coming soon💕


#goodmorning with @dianasirokai - I love sunday’s!
P.S. Diana will be in #NewYork next month. Any interested magazine, photographer, mua and stylist can contact her directly for shootings.
Enjoy your #sunday 😘😘😘😘

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She walked solo as well. The pictures are on Getty. Why not together?

They both walked solo. They attended solo as per the captions. And most likely arrived solo as well. There are many pics of Sam from the party that do not include her. It certainly seems that those two interior shots featuring her and him were done for a purpose and that is most likely to gain her some exposure since she did not interest the photographers as an individual (this was a very high powered party- Harvey Weinstein was in attendance as were no doubt many others worth meeting) The only interior shots of her were the ones taken with Sam. If he had not posed she would have nothing but the single red carpet shot. Not such a good look.

anonymous asked:

Durian Rider is still labeling u fake. Such a shame as he is getting a lot of people convinced that you are not true to your colours and I can only think it will end up with people not wanting to follow you. Durian also mentioned that you are ranking in the money, I suppose too thanks to us morons who thought you were true but came to hear that you are FAKE.

1. I know who I am, what I do and my values in life and what I do online especially. 

2. His reason for me being “fake” is that Jonah my partner was sitting aside at the next table alone when I was sitting at the table just over with fonzie, bonny..etc. Jonah didn’t want to join the table because honestly he doesn’t have the same interests or get along with them comfortably, I told him to come over but he rather sit alone and he was completely fine with that, he only looked bummed out cause his phone has no battery.

For photos he doesn’t like taking photos together to post online and for videos, I’ve made some with him but whenever I actually go to film he hates it so I’m not going to drag him to do something he isn’t interested in doing just to get the views or make it look like we are some social media couple thing hahah (in saying this occasionally I’ll drag him to film a what he eats because as much as he hates filming he still wants to show what dudes can eat being vegan)

He is not interested in being photographed or being in videos and he has his own crowd of people he hangs around which have the same interests as him or just people he can socialise with easily and comfortably.

What’s funny is if I were to have Jonah online or in every photo that would some how end up being fake or whatever but because we just don’t take photos together that is also being fake or equals to me not caring about Jonah… We have been dating for almost 2 years next month, love each other a lot, have been close friends for 5 years and have spoken about anything and everything, especially this topic since I would love to have him in my photos or videos but it’s him that doesn’t want to and I respect that, he rather be behind the camera. another example I would love for him to start training again but he hates the gym now and love skating, I’m not going to force him to do something he hates. Fake for me would be making him train and take selfies together acting like some fitness couple or something or making his what I eat videos something it’s not just to make him look like he eats super healthy hahahah.. so yeah!

Another thing regarding money, I say NO to offers that pay around $1000-4000 for promoting products that I genuinely do not want to endorse.. products like lifesum app for example that everyone promotes (I didn’t want to endorse it because 1. I don’t use that stuff (only cronometer for the nutrients which this app does not have) and 2. it’s about counting calories and what you burned..etc and I actually think about those out there who can possibly develop an eating disorder through these things). and other things like waste trainers, protein powders, weight loss pills or sups, teeth whitening, detox products, games, makeup and the list goes on…

So just because I generate income online does not = being fake. 

“Someone said to me, early on in film school… if you can photograph the human face you can photograph anything, because that is the most difficult and most interesting thing to photograph. If you can light and photograph the human face to bring out what’s within that human face you can do anything.”

– Roger Deakins, cinematographer

Still from No Country for Old Men (2007, dir. Joel and Ethan Coen). Cinematography by Roger Deakins