Intercepted/Duplicated Signs

An intercepted sign is a sign in which no house in the natal chart begins. While that sign is still within a house, no sign starts in that house. Because of the symmetry of the natal chart, if there is an intercepted sign in the chart, there is always another one opposite that sign. For example, if Cancer is an intercepted sign in the natal chart, Capricorn must also be an intercepted sign.

Because there are twelve zodiac signs and twelve houses, if there is an intercepted sign in the natal wheel, then there is also a duplicated sign, which is a sign in which two houses begin.

An intercepted sign indicates a sort of “blockage” in the chart that keeps certain traits from shining through in a person’s personality, keep the traits sort of bottled up and repressed inside the person.

The ruling planet of the intercepted sign (for example, if you have Cancer and Capricorn intercepted, the ruling planets are the moon and Saturn) might also be repressed in the natal chart.

To see if you have any intercepted/duplicated signs, go to and enter your birth information. In the first table that comes up, you can find your houses on the righthand column. If any signs are skipped in the list, they are intercepted. If any signs are seen more than once, they are duplicated. In the table below, for example, Virgo and Pisces are skipped making them intercepted signs, and Cancer and Capricorn are seen twice, making them duplicated signs.

If Aries and Libra are intercepted, you have problems being assertive and aggressive or finding balanced, stable relationships.

If Taurus and Scorpio are intercepted, you have problems finishing projects and tasks all the way through or overcoming problems.

If Gemini and Sagittarius are intercepted, you have problems taking in information and prioritizing information.

If Cancer and Capricorn are intercepted, you have problems translating your dreams and ideas into action.

If Leo and Aquarius are intercepted, you have problems being in the spotlight or pushing the boundaries

If Virgo and Pisces are intercepted, you have problems distinguishing what is realistic and what is too over the top and idealistic.

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Big News from NTT Newswave
  • Big News from NTT Newswave

Napstaton: “Hey there, dudes and dudettes, it’s me, Napstaton, here with NTT’s Newswave! So we’ve been hearin’ rumors goin’ ‘round 'bout how the studio has been buzzing with some sick, hot news. And, check it, I’m actually sitting here LIVE with our own Studiotale Error Sans to give us the 411! Error, bro, don’t leave us hangin’.”

Error: [Error laughs] “Oh, c'mon, it’s more fun to leave you all hanging by a thread. But really, I know it’s been hard for all of us at Studiotale to spend some time with our fans with all the issues we’ve been having and we’re hoping to change that. Sooo, to make up for all this, we are announcing a fight tournament to be held May 14th for people to see who is the best of the best in the multiverse with a grand prize of 5000G.”

Napstaton: “Dude, that is TOTALLY rad! Yo, is anyone else gonna be there?”

Error: “We’re hoping, but officially, I and Blueberry, my co-star from AskError and CPAU are going to be attending, as well as other well-known members of the studio, such as Ink, Yan, G, and many more. And one last thing, this is going to be limited to only twenty people. We’re looking for both fighters, as well as healers to help us out. So hurry and get your applications in, and on the 10th of May, we’ll announce who’ll be taking part. We’ll be considering all candidates so please, let us know your name, your AU origin, whether you’re a fighter or healer, and any information you think would convince us you’re ready to fight to be best of the best!”

Napstaton: “Oh, this is gonna be gnarly! Yo, you all heard it here at NTT Newswa-


???: λομ нαvε sнaττεrεδ αℓℓ οƒ мλ δяεαмs…λομ αяε мλ sμηsнιηε…мλ οnℓλ sμηsнιηε…λομ мακε мε нαρρλ ωнεη sκιεs αяε gяαλ…

???: You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.

So please don’t take my sunshine away.

I’ll always love you and make you happy,
If only you will say the same.
But if you leave me and love another,

Y0U’|_|_ R3GR3+ 1+ 4|_|_ 50|\/|3|)4Y

[chuckles] 3|\|J0Y Y0UR |_45+ |_U|_|_4|3Y, 5+U|)10+4|_3. |_3+ +|-|3 G4|\/|35 |33G1|\|.


((That’s right, folks, we got big plans coming up! May 14th, Saturday, starting at 6 PM Central, we will be holding a huge combat event. This fight is expecting to go on for two or three hours and there is a plot involved for it, so PLEASE, make sure you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you will be able to be there for the entirety of the event.

How do you sign up? Send in an application through with at least the following information. But the more the better.


AU Origin:


You CAN send in as many applications as you’d like of each character, but if you are chosen, we will only choose one character. AUs and OCs will join but we are going to be leaning towards AU characters that catch our interest. We are also looking for four healers and sixteen fighters for the event.

When the event takes place, anyone can watch the events that unfold but only the ones who have been granted an invitation for the tournament will be there ICly.

We will have strict rules during this event that we will go over prior. You ARE required to follow them. If you choose to continue breaking them, you will be removed from the event.

Any other questions you may have, send me an ask and I will answer promptly!


Napstaton/??? 2: @bluestreaksdan

Error: @askstudiotaleerror

??? 1: @nalaxa-art

Spooktune Remix: Sim Gretina

All characters belong to their respective owners!))


I love my new turntable. I can reverse and pitch bend to make Collective tunes. #INTERCEPTION #Firebrand #boardsofcanada #TribeTwelve #vinyl

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In Kirsten Johnson’s The Above a U.S. military surveillance balloon floats on a tether high above Kabul, Afghanistan. Its capacities are both highly classified and deeply mysterious.

In an interview, the director notes: 

I was informally told by the PR person at the[American] embassy that I didn’t have the right to shoot it. And I was like oh, wow, I’m not allowed to shoot the sky? Really? Even though it’s in every one of my shots? Then I started asking people on the street what they thought it was, and what it meant to them. People said things like, “It can see underground.” “It can see underneath burqas.” To some people it was feeling like a transgression in their lives. Then other people totally didn’t care. They thought it was completely ineffective. That god is much more powerful than this little thing in the sky. So there was a huge spectrum of responses to it. I’ve long been a person who’s thought about what Foucault wrote about Jeremy Bentham and the Panopticon, and these institutions where you create setups for people feeling like they’re being watched all the time, even if they’re not necessarily being watched all the time. When I was working on a film in Sudan, every day we had to check in and talk about what we planned to film, but they would also have a list of what we’d filmed the day before — they knew everywhere we were. It was such a revelation that surveillance states can operate without technology, too. Everybody’s in on the deal.

quick interceptions in the signs
  • *a quick way to understand interceptions! an interception is when two signs are blocked*
  • aries//libra:lacking the individuality, so you lack the ability to compromise.
  • taurus//scorpio:lacking the stability, so you lack the ability to have nothing.
  • gemini//sagittarius:lacking the freedom of the mind, so you lack the freedom to learn.
  • cancer//capricorn:lacking the ability to root yourself, so you lack the ability to be ambitious.
  • leo//aquarius:lacking your freedom to shine, so you lack the ability to show your quirks.
  • virgo//pisces:lacking order and structure, so you lack the difference between your dreams and reality