New Crew Member [[Closed RP]]


Double Tap was pretty excited to be joining the Lost Light when they returned from their first departure. The green mech heard stories about the chaos that erupted with Shockwave but was not there to witness it for he was on his way back to Cybertron.

Seeing that the Lost Light was going to depart yet again, Double Tap saw it as a way for more adventures to come. Who knows? Perhaps they may reach Caminus; the home world of his Carrier.

He was able to convince the red and white minibot who was interviewing those who wished to join. But Double Tap knew that the minibot was not in charge and was merely doing it for his amusement (the poster on the door was the main hint).

Being a bartender himself, Double Tap agreed to take over shifts whenever the minibot got tired or needed a break. And while he wasn’t serving, Double Tap would clean tables and dirty cups.

With that, Double Tap was now a member and already had a place in the ship. The day of departure was full of excitement and the bar was packed! Double Tap had to carefully maneuver around to do refills and take empty cups and clean up the mess.

But this was something that he’s use to, so it was no big deal.


“Excuse me, creature with hands?  Would you oblige my belly with a rub?”

Aquarium Des Lagons in New Caledonia

I’ve had followers for a while now. But they never interact with me. They don’t send asks. They don’t send in memes when I reblog them. No one likes my ‘like for a starter’ posts. No one really does anything, even with post after post of 'who wants to thread?’. I’m not expecting a rush of attention here but if they’re gonna follow me it must mean they wanna do something right? So why is everyone so quiet? It’s getting lonely over here.

I never had an issue being an OC RPer until I came to Tumblr. Interactions were easy and I was able to keep partners, on here? It’s like no one wants to read information but they claim an OC never has enough even if there’s a mountain of it. If the OC has a backstory, a personality, headcanons, ect. or if they’re female they can still be ignored. I hate how Tumblr treats OCs.


When ignored, economic differences can cause awkwardness and resentment. Here are some steps you can take to soften the blow of the most common interactions surrounding money.

anonymous asked:

Can't people think that the reason they dont interact on stage is the fact that they have to keep professional and their private life seperate ?so by not talking to eachother they are trying to be professional, trying to do their job, as they know if they start talking to eachother it will be harder to differentiate between the two.?

This asks has 2 parts.

1) Their private life has nothing to do with this. We don’t want them to have sex on stage (do we???), we, I mean people want them to act the same way as any of them do with other people. I know what you meant but they are pretty damn professional and after a CO I’m sure they will keep being professional, they’re not teens anymore. We’re asking for the basics here, not a sex video.

2) About being unprofessional when interacting: If you think talking to each other, pranking each other, idk throwing water to each other, play tag on stage, just look and talk to each other is not happening because it’s unprofessional then we have a 4 band piece where everyone is unprofessional but Harry and Louis.

  • Harry + Niall
  • Harry + Liam
  • Liam + Louis
  • Liam + Niall
  • Louis + Niall

And DING DING DING. Who’s not on the list?

And then you ask yourself: Why.

BTW the last 4-5 concert reports were all mentioning Larry interaction, it’s funny how this also adds to the pile that keeps getting bigger an bigger just in time for the break.

  • Louis social media - and let me tell you that’s not normal because MM is a control freak.
  • Louis’ profile being built, H in the background
  • both single
  • Louis now posting something about H on his IG
  • unprecedented break
  • porky pies - April date - beginning of financial year
  • want to keep ot4 relevant to the break
  • want to rebrand One Direction
  • all this heavy Azoff presence OUT OF THE BLUE
  • OTRA US leg in states where the gay marriage is legal
  • all this seeding
  • all the professional and strategic reporting on anything HL and OT4 and the mess on anything Zayn