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"Kak, hi! I'm Jotaro's aunt Shizuka. Wanna hang out?"

“I don’t know who Jotaro is but sure, let’s hang out. You can help me find cool sunglasses too! Everyone seems to have one for some reason.

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I love your new piece of art, especially the way lalnable is posed it feels dynamic and definitely shows his expression and how extra he is and it's just amazing and I don't know shit about art so let me just finish off with incoherent screeching over how much I love it

Ahh thank you!! Dynamic is such a good word, and in terms of art, it’s probably my favorite adjective c:

The Memory Sequencing series is just random art pieces meant to push the boundaries of how I present my art and how I can use my different styles to bring together a story.

However, it’s also meant to show how certain characters perceive the world around them. Think of it like a flashback sequence (most notably used in “Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy” when they recount a tale of how they ended up in Jonny’s wall) where everyone is seen with different personalities and the world is seen in different ways depending on their morality and personality.

So, Sips sees Sjin as a delightfully pleasant guy who follows Sips’ every order, and quite possibly isn’t that devious or “brilliant” as someone like Nano would see him. The world is painted in monochrome colors because Sips’ core personality is from a 1940s TV series.

Five sees Hector as strong and attractive, but also silky and brilliant. He’s got a leader’s air about him and a confident pose. I put them in a kitchen because of his butcher title - instead of the realistic gore, I would use tinted-pink blood with a bit of a sparkly sheen. If I were to animate this, it would be a mock-cooking show with Hector as the lead chef and Five as the assistant that everyone claps really hard for. It’d still be about cannibalization, but seen in a more childish light.

If you read all that, thank you!! I hope you found it as interesting as I do :D I can’t wait to do the others.


In their colorful collection of architectural photography, artistic couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda playfully interact with buildings around the world.

Citing the street as their favorite workplace and the whole world as their canvas, Valencia-based couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda inventively interact with architecture. When paired with their love of travel, this playful interest culminates in a quirky and creative collection of photos that’ll make you look twice.