Pokemon-Pikachu and Ash’s Reunion

An Animation I started during my 2nd year at the Animation Workshop and I decided to continue. It was a good challenge and a pleasure to use those childhood characters !

I guess if you don’t get invited to the party… make your own. 

I’ve got some pizza flavored hot pockets and cards against humanity 😎👍✨

Mun Granted’s (@askyoungvitya) got 2/3s of some dope chocolate soy milk

Luddy Cris’ (@badlydrawn-otabekaltin) got some hella good fried chicken

Feel free to add yourself other admins!!! 

((btw my university is pretty haunted so hope you like ghosts! ✌))

I’m super duper sorry for what Kumakichi did to you…. Oh looks really bad too…

I feel really bad about it so let me make it up to you, okay?..

I recently got tickets to go ice skating with Amy, but she bailed on me at the last minute…

so instead…

I wanted to know if you wanted to go!! We’d have so much fun skating around and i can show some really cool tricks i can do and i can take you to eat snow cones later if you want and then we and then and then!!

Oh please say you’ll go with me!!