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So how is your new friend doing? *smiles and pats the vulpix's head* -gardevoirsgallery

Osha: We think he’s doing good! We’re getting the hang of putting out fires he sets and melting any ice he creates, and I think he’s starting to get used to… uh.. Doing the fire and ice stuff? He grew a second tail, too, that was pretty cool!

Dew: He only knows the word ‘snoot’. Don’t ask us why.



Pokemon-Pikachu and Ash’s Reunion

An Animation I started during my 2nd year at the Animation Workshop and I decided to continue. It was a good challenge and a pleasure to use those childhood characters !

Did everyone see that; Starship/Monsta X interaction with Fans on YouTube:

´´… love you always´´ this makes me emotional 

of how casual communicate with Fans is so so sweet…. all I have to say support Monsta X 200%

+  they know whats going on (gives me postive goosebumps):

on weekly idol hongseok did the handstand from seating postion thing btob minhyuk always does

and mcs reaction was basically ‘minhyuk what are you going to show now??’

and just now minhyuk actually replied to mbc tweet

‘i will yield the palm of the sports-dol idol title to hongseokie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ’

and pentagon official twitter replied to that

‘from sports-dol legendary legend god minhyuk..🙏

  • NASA: guys, I used to have an imaginary friend named Ophiucus.
  • Ophiucus: what? I'm not imaginary
  • The zodiac community: sometimes we can still hear his voice