Intelligent Infinity

“They feed on energy alone. From life-force they live. They know not what they do, they simply do what they must.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan

Genetics doesn’t always rule intellect. Believe me. I come from a long line of really stupid people. Scares me that I swim in their gene pool. Yet here I am, a hell of a lot smarter than they are.

Caleb Malphas, Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, Sherrilyn Kenyon )

Quote for today. I guess I relate to this.

Forgiveness Is The Way Out Of The Matrix!

Forgiveness is the portal to unified consciousness, the pathway back to infinity, and the key to unlock our mental shackles. All is one in the infinite cosmos, after all anything plus infinity is still infinity. Though divided into a spectrum of polarity, everything is composed of the same source vibration of intelligent awareness. Light and dark are one and the same, existing as illusory opposites to create contrast and a bandwidth for vibrational experience to occur within.

The manifestation of the experience of self has created in parallel the experience of other. But this otherness is part of the dualistic illusion created by polarity. We are all expressions of one intelligent infinity. Holding onto judgements, fears, and attachments perpetuate a belief system of separateness, which manifests experientially in our personal creations of “reality”. In other words we experience ourselves as separate from the world because we believe we are separate from the world. We then use these experiences to further validate our beliefs of separateness in a vicious cycle.

Forgiveness is the ticket out of this cycle of separation. True forgiveness is not a promise to give up retribution, it’s not something you do to be a good person, it comes from a place of understanding and compassion. Forgiveness is a letting go of attachment to a perceived imbalance. We resist forgiving someone and ourselves when we see something within them or us we cannot accept to be true within ourselves. We recoil and put up beliefs of separation in an attempt to distance ourselves from that which is deemed unacceptable. But this resistance (or attachment) we build in opposition to the unforgivable is exactly what gives it power to and continually manifest its presence in our reality. The first step to forgiveness is in understanding that all the evil and darkness we perceive amongst the world is merely the necessary balance in polarity to love and light in this bandwidth of vibration. We are all beings cast forth into the same unknown dealing with the endless struggles of exploring an endless cosmos, and exploring infinity includes the highest heavens to the lowest hells. Instead of deeming one aspect of infinity as bad or wrong accept it for what it is, part of reality and a reflection of self. Keeping in mind that every reflection of self provides an opportunity to learn and grow, we can begin forgiving by coming from a place of gratitude for the opportunities the perceived “evil” and “darkness” provide. In this way we can reclaim the power we’ve previously been feeding into the aspects of self we’d prefer not to manifest and actually direct the energy into what we want to create. Forgiveness not only frees us from our perceptual bonds, but frees up blockages of potential energy we can use in our creative focus.



it’s not that Meow-Meow dislikes Clint, it’s just that Clint very often can’t hear him and has occasionally inadvertently stepped on him. Clint is sorry. Meow-Meow has his favourite people (Darcy, Wanda, Steve), but tbh he’ll cuddle up to pretty much anyone. The only person he refuses to go near is Vision because cats don’t really get artificial intelligence or infinity gems or anything like that. He looks like a human, sounds like a human, but doesn’t smell like a human. Vision refers to him as “Miss Lewis’ bigoted housepet.”