Insurgence 5: Kat Graham's stage talk

Kat Graham was talking about Joseph Morgan today, and she spoke about how much of a genuine person he is. In the scene where they show Bonnie break down after Klaus threatened Jeremy, he stayed behind with her till 3am in the morning reading through her lines with her as she had no one else.

i had a coffee lounge with Nate Buzolic at Insurgence 5 and he said he might be getting cast for Game of Thrones and now i’m sat here wondering who the hell it could be that he’s playing.. but omg i think i will actually die if it truly does happen it’s like mixing flawless with perfection and i’m not sure I can handle that


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Insurgence 5: Candice Accola story.

Candice Accola’s wish for Caroline’s storyline is that she remains single for a while. By the end of the show she wants Caroline to go off on her own, after realising that she doesn’t need to judge her self-worth by having a mans affection.