My grandma headcanon’s- Botw
She plays the ocarina and she was so curious about the game, after seen all the cutscenes(including the memories) she want me to share some things she said.

- Urbosa loves Zelda, thats why she is supportive and care about her and she is not afraid to tell the world that shit.

-if Mipha end her phrase, she probably says : “I think in a person who i love so much” an instintively she stared and Link and her power magically appears and nobody has to die… But that shit means confirm zelink (a little) so… Thats why we have what we have

- All the reincarnations are independent, i mean, Link can love a different persons (Like , Grahim, Dark , etc)

- The fish husbando at first, blind by his excitement, just admire Link, but with the time, he fall sooooo deeep in love :)

-She ships Yunobo and Riju… Idkw but since she said it, i kinda do it too

-Ganondorf (at leats for her) have intelligence, the calamity is just a wild and brute buch of saliva and thats why he didnt have a “human” body.

- The Deku tree remember all the Zeldas since he exists, and he feel like a father love for her every encarnation.

- If the king was alive, he probably tell to Zelda :“you have to get married with a prince”… Thats sounds like a fanfic idea *wink wink*

-Teba probably lost some persons important in his life and he turns cold for that

- Revali is Falco ’s cousin or uncle.

-Zelda envide every aspect of Link, even the beauty, she thinks he have an “enchanting look” and is more atractive than her,

-Link and Zelda are probably siblings

-she imagine a cool story: Link and Sidon are in a relationship, but for an accident, he lost his memory again, and Sidon have to make him remember they compromise again because the last memory he have is when he defeat the calamity, and Zelda is the first person he saw. (Omg!!!)

- the yiga clan doesnt know another fruit than the bananas.

- Sidon cries a lot when no one else is watching, hes like an inocent piece of bread that thinks he cant with being a prince.

SidLink playlist( yes, she made her own playlist):
-Bombshell blonde- owl city
- Faith- george michael
- Et- Katy perry
-flesh- simon curtis
- Im in love with a monster- fifth harmony
-in the name of love- Martin garrix & bebe rexha
- quiero que me quieras- jesse & joy
- se puede amar- Pablo alboran

And thats all, my grandma just wanna know your opinion and ideas ;)

Conor Maynard Imagine - Photograph (SMUT)

For the past few days, you have been frustrated. Really frustrated. At some point during the past week, you started seeing Conor with different eyes. Suddenly, you wanted to be more than his friend, more than his go-to shoulder when he was upset. And it was all because of that fucking cover.

Not a song cover, but a magazine cover. Gleam had managed to get Conor into the cover of UK’s most important fashion magazine, and you were regretting getting a copy. The photoshoot featured inside, a 5-page-long fucking shoot, had your insides tingling. You had never seen him look so sexy, so ready to pin you up against the wall. And God, did you want him to pin you up against a wall.

Your favourite picture of him was strategically kept at the bottom of your drawer, as if you were a crazy ass 13-year-old fangirl. Shame? None. He was sitting down on a wooden chair, his chin lifted up slightly. His eyes were closed, his hair too bed-like for you to handle, and his left hand was grabbing his pants. He was biting his lip, and so were you.

That’s why, when he asked for your help with a video, you had struggled not to imagine him biting his lip, head thrown back in another situation that involved you kneeling down in front of him. Because that was all you really wanted.

Jack had told you he had a thing for you, but you knew it was smart not to trust Jack with everything he said. Since then, you thought you had seen him looking at you in a different way, yet you still thought you were imagining it. But you were tired of playing games. Lately you have been craving his touch, and not in the friendly way it always happened. You didn’t know where your obsession with Conor had come from, or why, but you sure were more than fine with it.

You were behind the camera, checking that everything was going well as Conor and Anth sung whatever they were recording. Your mind could only focus on Conor’s voice, and how good it would sound if he moaned your name with you on top of him. You sighed deeply.

“Sounded great, guys” you told them once they finished off “Don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t know you could sing so well, Anth”

The boy laughed, making you smile “It’s really a pleasure to surprise pretty girls like that” he said, and you saw Conor giving him a look by the corner of your eye.

You didn’t like Anth like that, and you well knew you weren’t his type - Jack had told you how he was trying to get with an LA blonde chick. But it didn’t mean you couldn’t have some fun with the situation “It was a pleasant surprise, indeed” you told him, and then you winked at him just for the sake of it.

“Let me see if we need to do another take” Conor said coldly, grabbing the camera from your hands without even looking at you. You knew that serious expression on his face, and you were enjoying every second of it.

“Want to stay for a drink, Anth?” you asked him, ignoring Conor right besides you.

“He’s going out shortly, aren’t you?” Conor interrumpted, not even letting his friend speak up.

You noticed Anth was going to acept your invitation, but after Conor’s words, he changed his mind. He could tell his friend was annoyed for some weird reason, and the last thing he wanted was to get him upset “Actually, yeah” he said. You raised an eyebrow “I’d love to, but I’m in a rush tonight. Maybe some other day, Y/N”

He smiled at you, and you smiled back at him “Sure” But you were pissed off. It was not because you wanted Anth to stay, but because Conor had no rights to uninvite people from your plans.

“Okay, no need for a second take” Conor informed you after a few minutes.

“Right, then” Anth said, grabbing his jacket from the desk “I’ll see you tomorrow, mate. Bye, Y/N, thanks for your offer again”.

And with that, he left. When you heard the main door closing, you turned your head to Conor, who had his eyes fixed on the video “What the hell is wrong with you?” you snapped, getting him to lift his gaze.

“Hey, what did I do?” he sounded confused, yet you noticed a slight sass on his voice.

“Anth wanted to stay, but no, pretty boy over here had to be a dick about it and remind him that he had to be somewhere else” you crossed your arms in front of you.

“He really needed to be somewhere else” he said. After what seemed like three hours, he spoke again “Sorry I ruined your plans to flirt with him, if that’s what’s bothering you”

Your mouth hung open “Excuse me?”

He chuckled sligtly “Consider yourself saved” he said, and you adopted a more defensive position “I love him, but he’d leave you the morning after”

You raised your eyebrow again “And why do you even care?”

He left the camera on his desk, and walked towards you. You took a step back as the sudden image of him on that chair filled your thoughts again “Because you’re my friend” he smirked, and you couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

But you sure knew it was a game for two “Right” you mumbled “If you were a real friend you’d have encouraged me to get with him, if that’s what I wanted”

He laughed, and you suddenly felt ridiculous. Maybe your attempt to look and sound tough wasn’t working as well as you had planned “I don’t think that’s what you wanted, love”

You gulped as he took a step closer to you. It was impossible that he was insinuating himself to you, you were probably just imagining things. But then, your eyes met his and you instintively bit your bottom lip.

“You don’t even know what you want yourself, let alone what I want” you said, your words stinging on his chest.

He shook his head, and lifted up his thumb to chew on his fingernail, his eyes never leaving yours. You could tell he was nervous “Right, I see you wanna play” he mumbled, and before you could take in what was happening, you found yourself pressed against his body, the cold wall behind you sending chills down your spine.

He pressed your foreheads together, his lips hovering at yours “I fucking know what I want” he whispered, his voice sending you on a state even more intense than his pictures had made you feel “And it’s you

Your lips immediately pressed against his hungrily. You cupped his face on your hands while his roamed your body, pressing it closer to his. You moaned inside his mouth as he deepened the kiss, wanting nothing more than to have him inside you. Because you couldn’t take it anymore, and the friction you had been making between your legs wasn’t helping anymore.

“I need you inside me, badly” you moaned, unable to keep teasing around anymore.

“How bad do you need me, princess?” he asked you, already unblucking his belt.

“Conor, please” you begged as you felt his lips on yours again. His hands travelled to the small of your back, gripping at your sides in such a hot yet caring way it was driving you insane.

You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist, as he started walking towards his bedroom. However, the steamy pressure your lips were making on his neck made him stop halfway, and he placed you up on the kitchen counter instead. He attacked your lips again, your hands instictively going to his bulge. You massaged it tightly, trying to get him to react. He moaned into your neck, making you tighten your grip.

You jumped off the counter to remove your leggins, as he did the same. He grabbed your waist and pulled you up again, pumping his now bare member with his hand. You opened your legs, admiring his actions in front of you, because you couldn’t count with the fingers of both hands how many times you had imagined yourself in that situation.

Eventually, Conor slid inside you in a swift move, giving you no time to adjust to his lenght. You let out a high pitched scream as he thrusted in and out. Your arms wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life as his hands were on your waist, steading your body as he rapidly pounded inside you against the kitchen counter.

“Fuck, Y/N” he moaned, his face hidden on the crook of your neck. Your walls clentched around his member, making your both whimper in pleasure. He went on for a couple of minutes until he hit your spot, and you screamed his name in arousal, and he wasn’t able to take it any longer.

“Conor, that was…” you whispered as your head rested on his chest, recovering from your previous actions.

His arms tightened around your bare skin, and he kissed the top of your head “I love you, Y/N” he whispered back, catching you off-guard “I couldn’t see you flirting with Anth when all I wanted was to have you like this” he breathed out. He kissed your head again “My princess” he whispered to himself.

You lifted your head to look at him. You placed your hand on his cheek, caressing it carefully “Hey” you smiled “It’s fine, Con” He took your hand and placed a soft kiss on it.

“Let me at least take you out on a date?” he smiled, as you saw your cute old friend Conor Maynard again, instead of the hot mess in that photoshoot, and suddenly you realised you loved both way too much.

“I’d love to” you smiled, before leaning in and kissing his soft lips again.

When Hyde goes to work with W.B., Red still needs help at the store. Jackie lowkey hangs out a lot there, and starts convincing people to buy this and this, and advicing them on products their cars need. 

He remembers the Loud One knows how to work on cars, and she seems to enjoy herself around the bunch of losers and morons that start coming to the store asking for silly things. When he realizes is because of her, that they are there to see her, the papa bear instint hits and he is behind her with The Scowl™ and crossed arms.

Soon he asks her if she doesn’t want to work in there, she says no because the uniform doesn’t favor her skin and it’s one piece, eww. He rolls his eyes, but lets her keep selling shit for him. 

He starts putting a salary on the account he opened for Steven, it will help them in the future for their wedding or their own place. Kitty thinks he’s just the sweetest.

At some point she gets a tag with her name and officially works in the store when, with Kitty’s help, she convinces Red on letting her wear her own clothes for work. She also gets extra excited to buy new clothes that are apropiate for work.

Red still puts a part of her money on the account.

Just a litttle something on the last episode before I hit the bed for a long weekend. 

The thing that I found most interesting about the scene where Morgan told Rick and Daryl about Carol was how Daryl’s overall body showed worry for Carol the whole time. I mean it’s a big part of it and if you watch the scene again you see how Daryl can’t stand still and actually steps forward a few time almost instintively, especially here..

The worry is apparent here, you can almost see the thoughts crossing his mind as he seems to shift back and forth on his feet listening with that helpless feeling of knowing he wasn’t there for her then. Knowing that the Savours went after her and one of them almost killed her.  Everything about his posture indicates concern. He he just can’t seem to stop shifting on his feet. 

This seemed to very typical behaour when he’s upset or worried. He just can’t stand still. 

It’s also interesting that when these particulars statements (and the one below) the focus of the camera and therefore the audience as well, was on Daryl’s reaction to this news and information. It’s his reaction we are suppose to see and his that is highlighted vof ux. 

The swallow, the look down, the seemingly lost look in his eyes at that moment. That quiet moment of heartbreak when he’s told she’s gone. That’s she was lost to him now, probably forever. It had after all been weeks at this point. There wasn’t much hope. 

All he had left at this point was the fight with the Savours. Because Carol was gone. It was on his face She’s left on her own, didn’t want to be around anyone and was completly lost to him. It was a lovely piece of acting and just as quietly broke my heart just like his was. 

And now I can only imagine what his face is gonna look like when he knows there. When she opens the door and sees her face to face. I’m pretty sure the look not only on his then but hers as well, will kill me. And each scene after and kill me more. 

I might not survive Sunday guys, just saying..

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Fallen for you.

You were not always sure whether you could take Jack seriously or not. The way he talked to you and behaved around you, sometimes had you confused. You thought it was obvious that you liked him as more than a friend, you were so sure. So everytime he got a little too cute, or a little too close, you wondered whether it might be you, who either didn’t notice he was dying for you, or were making a whole love story up.

“Hello again, guys” you heard Jack say as he held his vlogging camera up “So now I’m here with Y/N because everyone else dumped me” he put his strong arm around your shoulders as you got into the shot and waved.

“I’ll dump you as well if we don’t leave to get some food right now” you warned him, making him laugh.

“So” he continued “As I was saying, I’m here with this loser because I was bloody bored out of my mind and she has no friends, so she’s available” he joked, pointing the camera at you to get your reaction. You gave him the middle finger as you put your pink cap on.

He then took it off your head “I’m pretty sure this is mine” he laughed, putting the cap on. It wasn’t uncommon for you to steal Jack’s clothes. Anything from a loose t-shirt to an oversized jacket could appear on your wardrobe without you even noticing. 

You blushed, as it was the third day in a row he had caught you wearing something his. He chuckled, putting the cap back on your head “It’s fine, you can keep that” he said “Looks cuter on you anyway”

“Of course it does” whenever Jack complimmented you on camera, you never knew what to do. The fact that you had millions of people watching you, people who in fact dreamed of you getting together - you even had a ship name, for calling out loud - didn’t help at all. It might sound ridiculous, a YouTuber being camera shy; but there was something about Jack that never let you relax completely.

Eventually, he put the camera down and you headed towards the nearest mall. It was already fairly late. The sky was dark, filled with heavy clouds. You didn’t dare to venture London center in case the weather decided to play you.

As you walked besides each other, your sides touching, it hit you that maybe you were making it all up on your head. That maybe you were seeing things. That maybe he saw you as another sister, even though you definetly didn’t think of him as the brother you never had. 

“Hey” he spoke, waking you up from your day-thinking “You’re so quiet, everything alright?”

You looked up at him, and even though his sunglasses didn’t let you see his eyes, you thought they looked as comforting as always “Yeah, I just zoned out for a sec” you said, which was indeed kind of true. He put an arm around you and kissed your cheek. He didn’t say a word until you arrived at the mall, and neither did you.

“I don’t know how this happened, but I’m being dragged into Homebase” Jack spoke to the camera, a while after you left the coldness of the street behind and met the festive looks of the mall.

You turned your head “I just want to smell the candles” you laughed, as he pointed the camera at you while you held a cotton candy candle “Jeez, this is nasty” you said, making Jack laugh.

He then pointed at another candle behind you. This was gingerbread house scented “Totally smells like Christmas” you said as you sniffed it “I totally had these ones growing up” you said to the camera, inhaling the homey scent “Crap, now I want ten”

Jack laughed, still recording you “When did we become candle bloggers?” he asked, as your eyes lit up. Jack knew your passion for candles. He would often surprise you with a random one because ‘it reminded me of you and I couldn’t help myself’, usually followed by a weird look from Conor. Since when did his little brother stop by the candle aisle?

“Give this video a thumbs up if you want Jack and I to make a side channel for candle blogging” you joked.

“Jack! Y/N!” you heard someone calling your names loudly. You followed the direction of the voice as your eyes met three young girls, probably around fifteen, holding their phones in their hands and smiling widely “Can we take a quick picture with you guys?” a girl with long braided hair asked.

“No need to ask” you smiled back at them.

“Sure” Jack said, as he put his camera down. The girl gave him her phone and you took a few selfies.

“Thank you” the girl said once Jack gave her her phone back “Were you guys vlogging?” she asked.

“Yeah” Jack said, smiling at how excited the girls seemed to be “We are candle bloggers now” you said, holding the gingerbread candle up. The girls laughed.

“You’re so cute together” a short girl with blonde girl said, making you blush and Jack chuckle. 

The girl with braided hair spoke again “I know it’s none of our business and you probably wouldn’t admit it anyway” she said, and you were surprised at how casually she was talking to you when she had just freaked out a few moments earlier “But tell us, please, that you’re dating or something”

You both laughed, not knowing what to say. The answer was no, yet none of you made it clear “Or something” Jack said, and he laughed again. 

The girls left shortly. After having Jack drag you out of Homebase, you decided to grab some Chinese takeaway and take it to your apartment. When you went outside, it was pouring rain. 

Jack took out his vlogging camera again “Look at the daily vlogger” you said before he could say anything else. He pushed you aside, a cheeky grin on his face “You’re such a pain in the ass” he joked, and you pushed him back. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into a hug.

“You’re a fucking idiot” you said, laughing as you adjusted your cap, only to have Jack pushing it back against your forehead. You whined.

“You love me” he smiled, as he earned a death stare from you.

“You wish, Maynard”


Before you could get any more wet, you arrived at your place. Jack took off his jacket and threw it at you “You just can’t stop, can you?” you rolled your eyes, as you left him behind, laughing, to change into your stay-at-home clothes.

When you went back to the living room, he was already waiting for you on the couch, your dinner spread on the table next to two beers. You plopped down next to him “So” you spoke, taking your chopsticks out of the bag “Have you found any place to move in yet?”

Jack opened his can of beer, and all you could do was to stare at his hands, suddenly longing his touch “Nope” he said, popping the P “And I literally need to leave my place in three days” he took a long sip.

“You can stay here if you want” you offered “I mean, until you find somewhere else”

He grinned “Can’t I stay with you forever?” he turned his head to look at you.

You moved your eyes away from his to avoid blushing “Forever is a really long time” you almost whispered.

“I know” you heard him say, while your eyes focused on the black TV screen “Do you think you could stand me forever?” he asked after a pause. Your heart sank. You didn’t dare to look at him just yet.

You took a long sip of your beer “Well” you started “I don’t think I could stand a girl in your room every day of the week” you said without thinking. When you heard the words that left your mouth, you gulped, and your heart started to race.

Jack, however, chuckled slightly “I meant being with you, forever” he corrected, but it didn’t make your heartbeat go any slower.

Your eyes finally met his, the blue in them burning your pupils “Are you being serious right now?”

He looked down, and left his can on the table. His fingers went through his hair, and that’s when you knew he was indeed, being serious “Why wouldn’t I be?” the grin on his face vanished. Yours was long gone.You were at ease.

“What do you mean, Jack?” you asked, leaving your beer on the table as well.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked at you. You looked vulnerable, afraid. You were afraid of him hurting you, because it was the last thing you needed, and the last thing he wanted.

“I mean, you’re probably gonna punch me in the face for this” he laughed, his hand scratching his neck “But I’ve kind of…well, yeah… I didn’t intend to, I just-”

“Spit it out, Jack” you interrumpted him abruptly.

He sighed “I’ve kinda fallen for you…yeah” he admitted, his eyes still not meeting yours. Your heart finally slowed down, causing your features to turn softer. You let out a small laugh, making he turn his head “Why are you laughing?” he asked, but before he could get any offended, you closed the heavy gap between you and pressed your lips against his.

His hand instintively went to your waist, like it usually did, just this time his grip was a little tighter. You cupped his face on your hands, slowly working your way towards his lap. He happily lifted you up so now your legs were around his hips, kissing him more passionately than before.

When your lungs ached for air, you pulled apart slightly, as your foreheads were still connected “I repeat, you’re an idiot” you smiled as his finger brushed the corner of your lips. He kissed you again, holding you close to his warm body.

And you realized it was true what they said, that you can miss places you’ve never been to, and people whose touch you never felt. But now, inside Jack’s arms, you closed your eyes as you let love rub your back. 

j: trains are just good, ok?
objectively good
i don’t understand how neurotypicals don’t instintively understand this.

p: x3
supply chains are good
logistics and infrastructure are good
without logistics and infrastructure neurotypicals couldn’t have a single bit of their social media influencer instagrams because all would be too busy hunting rabbits to survive

s: yes
supply chains are my fetish

j: supply chains are good

The Hero´s Journey

                                                                     - Jung and Joseph Campbell

Here I’m gonna explain very lightly some Jung concepts so you guys can follow the whole post which is gonna get pretty big. 

- Archetypes: instintics that are common to everyone regardless of where they live, their religion, their past or present, they culture. They are possibilites of behaviour incredible strong to all man and women. Ex: The archetype of the mother (completely good, that causes no harm or fustrations), the archetype of anima (the woman that lies within men) and animus (the man the lies within women), and many, many others.

- Shadow (Sombra) - Is the strongest of archetypes, the oldest and more powerful of them. The shadow is the parts of ourselves we can’t comprehend or accept, they usually become unconscius until a trigger brings them back with total force. She is important for criativity and instintic, and if integrated with the ego can creat a more individual self. Is generally like a drive or will, a power that takes over if your ego is not strong enough the handle it’s force.

@hillshollow, @emarasmoak,  and anyone who’s interested. 

Now let’s start with the rant:

1) The calling for adventure

Generally this happens by mere mistake, something happens that changes the hero entire world. Generally, he’s not even near ready for what he’s about to face. In this moment, we have a distinct ego and self (also an archetype, the most important of them). The ego needs to have control, but the self needs to integrate himself to the first, so he pulls the strings and hopes the ego will follow them. (Harry for example, was called to his adventure when he got the letter from Hogwarts). In 95% of the human history (books, movie or real people), you will notice how many of them weren’t ready for what they were gonna face. (When Mon-El’s planet was destroyed and he keep flying around for years). 

2) The refusal of the calling

Heroes do that very regularly, they think that what they are about to do ‘and get scared, because in the end they don’t know what fate will bring. They don’t know what’s coming their way. (Mon-El when he said he didn’t want to be a hero, or that he would run, Po when he though he wasn’t China’s saviour, Emma when she said that what Henry was telling her was just stories or when she was talking to August). 

3) The help of and older or wiser figure

For those who didn’t stop in the second part of the process, what comes next is the help of an older figure, or a wiser one. Usually someone with supernatural powers that will be a guide to the hero. (Dumbledore to Harry, Shifu do Po, and whoever to Luke, Deaton to Scott, Xavier for those who lived in the academy and the list goes on and on). For Mon-El was clearly Kara, someone who already knew what was happening, how to deal with her own powers and already had finished her process. 

4) The passage of the first limit

After finding someone to guide him and help him, the hero passess through his first tasks. The first limiar is full of danger, shadows and the great unknown. (Harry in the end of the first book, Percy when he goes to hell, Jesus Christ in the desert, Moises when goes to talk with Ramses, Simba when he decides to go back and reclaim his throne (in narrative terms).

5) The wale’s womb

Is wher the hero goes through massive changes and it appears to be dead. Is like self- annihilation, the hero goes through so many changes that’s when he’s ego and self are finally starting to become more intagrated. (Bruce Wayne in Batman Dark Knight Rises and the pit scene, Po in Kung Fu Panda 3 and the last scene, Harry in Order of the Phoenix. In Mon-El’s case is when he reaches 

6) Death

It can be literal or not, but it symbolises the rebirth of a new person. This is what we saw in Harry Potter, Po and many other heroes, and since Mon-El is following the exact same path this is what we might see for him, this is where he does the ultimate sacrifice in other to protect other’s. Is where he’s ego unites himself with his self.

Now the interesting thing about all of these is: Mon-El is following the exact same pattern real people and fictional people did every single day, and he didn’t stop at the beggining which a lot of people do by the way, If a person came this long way, this harbored path, if she died (either literally or not), she will be rising as someone else. (Again like Bruce in BTDR). For Mon-el to be the hero in Jung’s and Campbell’s book, he will have to go from the coward he once was, to a man with great courage. He will have to let go of his boundaries, fears, and sacrifice everything not for Kara, but for his people. 

To Mon-El become Valor (great power, merit, strenght and corage), he will have to rise not only as a new personality but as a new man. But the most important thing is that Jung deeply believed in the integration between persona and shadow (sombra) and self. He believed that you have to face your darkest wishes, your darkest thoughts and desires, your shadow. He believed that you have to earn those instincts - as bad as they may be -, because a denied shadow is a powerful one, and the more powerful they are the more than can take over your ego-. He believed in balance between Yin and Yang (the bad and the good, the feminin and masculin, the light and the dark), only when you embrace both, they are unable to take over. And Mon-El made the mistake of denying his past (his shadow, his errors and his cowardness), and now he has to atone. He has to embrace it, make it his own. Like Harry did when he lashed it out on Dumbledore, or when Bruce seeked for revenge, or when Peter almost killed his uncle murderer, or when Tony almost killed Steve and Bucky, or when Barry travelled back in time for selfish “ish” reasons… Mon-El has own up his pass, accept him and try to change his future. The past is the begining of the journey, and it is the guide that prevent us from making the same mistakes. 

A hero is a not a perfect guy with a nice cape and a cool symbol. A hero is a man, any man or woman, that manages to outgrow what anyone thought it was possible. It can be Mandela, Ghandi, Rosa Parks, and it can be you, someone who finished college even with all the hard work, sleepless nights and trouble), it can be someone who fights a desease (depression, anxiety, cancer), it can be that one person that will know that’s doesn’t want to give up). It can be someone who was once broken, hurt, wounded… People that reappear stronger, changed in a way is impossible for those around not to notice. 

And for last but not for least. All archetypes have positive and negative pole. You can be a hero but let the darkness take over, or be a shady person and let the light take over. Nothing is set in stone. People can break, they can get up, they can fight, they can change. 

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“There is enough room for both of us.”

Cassian had brought Nesta to the Illyrian war camps. It was..Interesting. He was pretty sure Lord Devlon was afraid of her. He chuckled darkly. 

He and Nesta had been.. He didn’t really know. And as someone over five hundred years old, it irked him. But there was something between them. He knew it. He could feel it in his core.

“The girls aren’t done with their chores.” said Lord Devlon.

Nesta growled at him, fire dancing on her fingertips. “I don’t give a shit about your chores and your excuses. You get the girls out there in the ring.” Cassian stood behind Nesta, arms crossed and just begging for Lord Devlon to argue.

To Cassian’s disbelief, Lord Devlon just narrowed his eyes and called out the girls to train. Mother’s tits, bringing Nesta here was actually a good idea. Feyre was right.

Cassian and Nesta spent the day, rain and all, training the girls. There were seven of them that had the instints. It was a good batch. Nesta had them training and was a good instructor. 

By the end of the day, even Cassian was freezing down to his bones.

“The houses are filled up with Illyrians. Were using a tent, tonight.”

Fixing up the tent, Nesta watched him, arms folded eyes narrowed.

“What? There is enough room for both of us. If you have a problem with it I can sleep outside.” A carefully worded remark to see what Nesta would say.

Raising her eyebrows, Nesta then crawled into the tent and said, “You coming or what?”

Cassian blinked back suprise and ducked into the tent after Nesta.


Summary{Requested} - You’re in heat and Derek helps you with it.

Characters - Derexreader

Warnings - Smut but only fingering, dirty talk

The moments your scent filled the room, Derek mentally cursed himself out due to how your arousal made him hard and uncomfortable due to his inner wolf aching to be released.

“Derek.” You mumble, staring at him with the most innocent eyes you could make. He took a deep breath looking up at you, his beautiful light eyes making your knee’s weak. You already knew your heat cycle was beginning, and he did as well, but tried his best to keep his distance over these few days.

“Why aren’t you at school?” His voice his huskier, laced with lust as his eyes examain your body, eyes wondering the the v-neck you wore. The heat was growing and making you sick, you were a mess, and needed some kind of release. “I’m afraid I’ll jump every guy there.”

He growled rolling his eyes at you, “You will not, you will behave yourself.” You couldn’t help but notice the sexy, and older man in front of you. He must have discarded his shirt somewhere in the flat, leaving his pale but sexy muscles to be eye-fucked by you.

“I can’t help it.” You whine, closing your eyes as the heat now began to spread through your body to your most sensaitive. Derek’s breath increased rapidly as he stared at you, his cock twitching underneath the thin,grey sweats.

“I need to be touched Derek.” Your words send another shock through his cock, Your eyes met with his panic filled ones, as you were quick to throw your jean jacket off, his breathing seemed to increase as if that was possible, everything in him was telling him, to grab you, to cure you from this heat. He was quick to stand, not being able to fight his animal instintics, his arms were tight around your waist, giving your hips a rough push, so your back hit the wall with a slight thud.

His blue eyes stared deeply into yours, his hand resting against the small of your stomach, his touch making your breath hitch. Without warning Derek’s lips met with your collar bone, leaving a trail of tiny, sexy kisses to your jaw, where he took the skin between the whites of his teeth, tugging onto the skin, a moan falling from your mouth. His tongue now rubbed against the sore spot, soothing the pain, he kissed it once before kissing another trail to your ear. “Do you want to be touched?” His voice was enough to make you moan alone, without an answer his grip tightened around your hip, making you whine. “Answer me.”

“Yes, yes.” You answer, as a small grin played on his lips before he roughly crashed his lips against yours, fighting for domanice as his body pressed against yours, his hard chest holding you between himself and the wooden wall behind you, his hardness pressing against your inner thigh, as he tugged on your bottom lip. he was quick to pull away, ripping the white v-neck down the middle exposing your lacy, black bra to him. His lips now fell to your chest, kissing a line down to the top of your exposed breast, where he took it into his mouth, sucking roughly on the smooth skin, but releasing it soon after, showing the purple mark that sat there. “Now I’d like to see any guy touch you, with my mark on you.” His voice was pure sex, as it grew thicker and thicker with need for you.

His hands now found there way down to your jean shorts, where he unbuckled them, pulling them down mid thigh, to reveal your matching panties, his fingers slipped past the waist band, allowing your sent to be free allowing a loud growl to erupt from his chest, leaving his throat sore. The scent filled your senses as well, making you dizzy in need. His nummble finger met with your clit, making you moan loudly. “Derek.” You beg, a grin growing on his beautiful features. He pressed it harder making a whine leave your body. He was loving every second of this, every second of how you would fall into his touch. Without warning his two fingers fill you completely, drenched from your wetness already.

The moan you released once again made him groan, rubbing his hard-on against your thigh once again, creating so source of friction for his aching member. His fingers met with your core once again, and continued to with every thrust, making you head fall back against the wall, as moan fell over and over again. You were so close, as your wall clenched around him, “Derek.” You growl, as he, if it was possible, began to thrust his fingers into you rougher, hitting your g-spot everytime with a gush of wetness. Finally your cum fills his fingers, his dark eyes staring darkly at you as he pulls them out, Your chest heaved, trying to catch your breath his soft hands met with your jean shorts pulling them up your legs. He left a small kiss against your lips before returning to his spot on the sofa, controlling his inner wolf.


COCK’s root is salty, sometimes hairy, COCK’s root must be pleasures, COCK’s root must be licked, COCK’s is uneven yet perfect, COCK is superior

COCK left ball must be gently stimulated by tongue, COCK left ball must be sucked and feel inside the mouth, COCK left ball must be french kissed until fluids are felt, skin of sack is crumpled, unevenly perfect, salty, yummy COCK is superior. this inferior being is air headed, complex information is difficult for this inferior being, inferior being acts by instint on COCK, COCK is superior, COCK is all, all is COCK, inferior being is learning

right ball is not unlike left ball to inferior being, but inferior being is lefty, right ball takes longer to pleasure, inferior being needs to suck right ball for longer, inferior being must be in knees, right ball has a slightly different size and taste, COCK right ball must be tasted until is served and it had its fill, submission taste salty, yummy, slimy, ball sack is crumpled textured and perfect, COCK is superior, COCK is all

COCK hairy lower base of shaft is yummy, inferior being sucks COCK, back and forth, up and down, sticking tongue out inferior being licks, cleans and tastes COCK, up and down, back and forth until hairs mess up inferior being’s tongue, inferior being then eats and thanks COCK for the gift, then licks again, sticking tongue out, then going in with the lips, sucking, tasting, worshipping, texture is smoother, even, perfect for sucking, perfect for tasting, up and down until COCK had its fill, eating every fluid, COCK IS ALL

COCK upper side of shaft is complemented with lower based, inferior being grabs lower base, stroking, caressing while lips suck COCK upper side of shaft, from left to right, holding COCK, sucking from left to right, eating fluids, grabbing COCK, COCK IS ALL, COCK is superior, sucking upper side of COCK, french kissing it, texture is smooth and perfect, COCK IS ALL

COCK veiny main shaft must be secures and grabbed while fingered by nails, COCK main shaft must be sucked more roughly up and down, left and right, back and forth, licking, sucking, french kissing it, tasting it, eating every fluid going down through shaft as gift from COCK, COCK is superior, COCK IS ALL, main shaft feels bumpy, yummy, must lick every vein to enhance COCK power, COCK IS ALL

COCK rim is tasty, COCK rim must be heavily sucked and licked, COCK rim saves lots of tasted and fluids as reward, COCK shaft must be fingered and grabbed while rim is sucked by mouth, COCK rim is soft and perfect, COCK rim must be dried of all tastes and served, COCK IS ALL, COCK is superior

tiny white dots on rim’s based must be licked and tasted, must be dried by inferior being

COCK thickest part of COCK head must be sucked, not unlike a baby pacifier, we are trained since babies to serve COCK with pacifiers, must be tasted while COCK is firmly grabbed by hands and sack is being fingered, inferior being must let go of all instincts from the past as baby and fully serve cock until taste is all dried up and COCK has had its fill, not unlike a pacifier, COCK pacifies inferior being, COCK IS ALL, COCK is superior

inferior being must grab COCK tightly for slit, inferior being must stick tongue out and harden it, then lick slit up and down, left and right, circling it, then suck an french kiss slit, tongue must taste all slit had to offer, slit is soft, delicate and rewards inferior being a lot, COCK is superior, COCK IS ALL

precum must be sucked dried by inferior being, then cock must be fully swallowed in and out continuosly as deep as posible, COCK is superior, inferior being must keep swallowing COCK in and out while grabbing and fingering sack, tongue must french kiss and lips must suck COCK over and over until COCK rewards inferior being with tasty cum, COCK IS ALL, COCK is superior


Rowaelin Pregnancy: Part Seven

Rowan kept his focus on healing the cut to the abdomen at Yrene’s instruction, but he could feel his instints right under the surface.

Aelin’s face was starting to flush with color, he almost sobbed.

But then Fenrys winnowed right in front of Aelin. Rowan looked up at him and flung his magic, knocking him to the ground when Yrene said, “Rowan, calm down, right now.”

Fenrys stood up, rubbing the back of his head, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

Yrene said, “We need to move her to her rooms,” looking at Fenrys, “can you winnow her there?”

Fenrys looked to Rowan, “Just do it.” he grounded out.

Nodding, he took off his jacket, flinging it over Aelin’s healing body, and picked her up. He rested her head against his chest and placed his arm underneath her legs, “I’ll meet you in your room, Rowan.” and winnowed.

Sam had started to cry. Picking him up gently, Dorian began to hum a lewd melody he learned as a child.

“Is that really approprate, Dorian?” Chaol said, walking into the room. His clothes were ragged and he had a gash in his forhead.

“What the hell happened to you?” Dorian asked, still cradling Sam.

Chaol scoffed, “I learned what happened when you come up behind a fae and his hurt mate.”

Dorian frowned, “Rowan did that to you? You’re lucky that’s all that happened.”

Chaol waved him off, “What’s going on, is Aelin okay?”

“I don’t know. She started hemorrhaging and then Sam,” he gestured to the babe in his arms, “his lungs weren’t working properly.”

“Is he alright? Is Aelin alright?”

Looking down at Sam, Aelin’s eyes looked up at him, “Yeah. he’s okay now. But I don’t know about Aelin.”

Chaol smiled, “His name is Sam?”

Dorian figured that it would probably be best to not bring up the fact that he basically made a deal with his life forfiet if anything happened to the twins in his care.

“Yeah, it is.”


Rowan wanted to shift into his hawk form to fly to his mate, but he hurried with Yrene to his rooms.

“The worst is over, Rowan.”

He hoped the healer was right. He could feel the bond’s threads starting to reinforce themselves. His Fireheart was a survivor. She would live.


Fenrys took Aelin over to her bed and pulled the blanket back, placing her softly in it.

He has removed several of the pillows, leaving only one, just in case it obstructed her airways.

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bless u

sexual orientation: that boy is Gay
gender: he’s super trans too
mental stuff: he’s gotta have anxiety and probably ptsd?? war aint easy
rando: uhh 1) he’s very physically affectionate
2) hes kind of a crybaby. like, his first instint to any strong emotion is tears
3) he doesnt know he’s eating oranges wrong. he thought u were supposed to eat them like apple, and no one had the heart to tell him and now its too late

Imagine Aiden pulling into the janitor's closet

Imagine Aiden pulling into the janitor’s closet

It was lunch time and you finished eating earlier, so you decided to go to the bathroom. It was a normal day, Aiden kept trying to make you give in to him. But you did not wanted that, he fooled around with Lydia and saying ‘Hi baby girl’ to you everyday wouldn’t make you just wanting to have sex with him.

But today he decided to try something else. As you walked near the janitor’s closet you felt an hand on your arm and it roughly pulled you inside the closet. You turned the little light on the ceiling, only to see Aiden.

“Hey baby girl…” He smiles seductively smiles.

“What do you want Aiden?” You ask not amused at all. “I’ve got other stuff do do , other than being in the janitor’s closet with you.”

“Oh come on (Y/N)! I know you want me…” He smirks getting closer to you. “Just as much a I want you.”

You laugh- “Mmm, yeah Aiden, of course I want you, sooo bad!” You joked and before you knew you were being pinned against the closet door, his lips were roughly on yours, his hands pinning yours above your head. You couldn’t help but kiss him back, such as roughly. Although the idea of Aiden fooling around with all girls, Lydia included, didn’t please you, the idea of being with him did. So you finally gave in. One of his hands let go of yours and sliding to your hip, gripping it tightly. “Aiden…” You moaned into his parted mouth, when his tongue reached  to your bottom lip. you opened your mouth for him, gladly. He let go of the other hand, sliding to your hips.

“Jump.” He whisper, an hoarse sound that came from his throat. You immediatly did as he told you, jumping up. He quickly grabbed your ass, making you wrap your legs around his hips. Your lips and tongue still glued to his. He caressed your thighs and ass, softly, has his hands gave your a warm sensation that filled you with pleasure. He smiled agaisnt your lips when you shiver at his touch. He slid one hand from your hip to the hem of your jeans, playing with the button for a moment. You break the kiss looking at him carefully and then at his hand, that finally unbuttoned your jeans. he smiled widely before sliding one hand inside your jeans and messaging you over your panties. You gasped softly at his touch and instintively you bit your lip. “You like this don’t you?” He smiles wickedly before sliding his hand inside your panties, rubbing your clit softly with slowly, circled movements. You nodded quickly, biting your lip more harshly. “Oh (Y/N) you’re so wet..” He leaned in whispering in your ear, his lips brushing against you ear, making you shiver again. He smiled proudly from the effect he had on you, sliding a finger inside of you, slowly bumping in and out of you.

“Oh…Mmm… A-Aiden…” You moan softly, your arms wrapped around his neck, your face near his.

“Yes baby?” He smiles kissing you softly. You tip your head back slightly.

“Mmm…. Faster!” You moaned softly gripping his shoulders.

“What did you say?” He whispered jokingly adding a second finger inside of you, bumping in you faster.

“Oh… Fuck!” You moan more louder than you should making Aiden smash his lips to yours again, moving his fingers inside of you faster and deeper. Small muffled sexual sounds left your mouth onto his has his fingers kept bumping in you. You felt your walls starting tightened around his fingers.

“Oh! Cum for me (Y/N)!” He whispered inside your mouth. His words were like a trigger to you and soon you released cuming on his fingers. You dig your nails on his shirt covered shoulders and gasped inside his mouth while he just smirked at you. He rode your orgasm till the end and then dropped you to the floor, sliding his fingers slowly off of you. you giggled, buttoning your jeans.

“So this means you’ll give a chance?” He asked hopefull putting his hands on your hips. You looked at him smiling.

“Maybe… Maybe not…” You chuckle.

“Oh come on (Y/N)! I just made you cum…” He pleads. You just smile.

“Meet me a 5.” You smirk walking out of the janitor's closet.

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2nd Smut imagine

wolfgreenie –> Could you give me some feedback beautiful? ´Thank you so much if you can :)

LOve you all!!

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Stumbled over Ricardo Baldin, and can now only think about Derek having a younger, more succesfull, happier, funnier and more put together model brother and Derek being super pissed off/jealous when Stiles admit he is attracted to this guy. Derek grumbeling: "Yeah but he's like mini me" Stiles: "Derek have you SEEN his underwear commercials? There is NOTHING minimal going on with your brother. Fuck, he's like a dream! Like model McDreamy! He's the dreamy to your grumpy"

Dude, I would like to thank you for so many things.

1. I did not know who Ricardo Baldin was and THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST GLORIOUS INTERNET SEARCHES THAT I HAVE EVER COMPLETED. (Seriously, all followers, do yourself a favor and just type that name into google. 5/5 stars - would recommend to a friend.)

2. Adorable grumpy Derek getting more and more grumpy with Stiles’ frankly ridiculous praise and so by the time his lame brother is in town, he has half a mind to keep Stiles from meeting him. Because Stiles is finally his and he loves Stiles and his brother may be straight but anyone would get with Stiles because Stiles is perfect and he…. he should keep them apart. Even though it’s selfish. Even though Stiles has already made it clear who he prefers. Derek has to hold onto him for as long as he can. 

But of course, Stiles is Stiles so even though Derek is vague with the plans , Stiles just shows up and… they’re meeting. Oh god, they are meeting and they are hitting it off because of course they are. Because Stiles is funny and his brother is hilarious and Stiles has already laughed about a hundred times more than he ever does with Derek and this is it. Derek gets more and more grumbly and grouchy and he had tried to convince himself that Stiles was joking when he said that he was desperately in love with Derek’s brother but he clearly wasn’t and Mr. I’m the Straight Younger Brother is slapping Stiles on the shoulder as they laugh about Derek’s awkward teenage years and he is grinning and- and - yup. He’s so not straight. No guys are straight when it comes to Stiles. Sexualities just bend around him. He’s a sexuality bending force-field of hotness. 

Derek may or may not take to growling and one word answers and okay, maybe it comes across as rude but he is literally watching his boyfriend seduce his brother (or maybe it’s the other way around) so he thinks he’s entitled to some level of pouting and running away to the bathroom. And when Stiles follows him, his panicked brain makes the assumption that Stiles is going to break up with him right now. Derek can’t even blame him. He doesn’t even talk to Stiles in the morning until Stiles makes him coffee. Oh god, he is the worst boyfriend ever.

It doesn’t help when Stiles finally pauses in his ramble about how awesome Derek’s brother is, only to frown at his face and then BURST into laughter. Full-bodied, shoulder-shaking, tears-in-the-eyes laughter. Laughter that make it seem like he knows something and Derek is, as always, two steps behind. Derek reacts as he always has to this brand of laughter. He scowls. 

Though it gets a bit more difficult when Stiles finally stops laughing long enough to take a deep breath and then fucking kisses him. Like… intensely kisses him. Kisses him like Derek is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to him or the world or the entire fucking universe and Derek is still a little confused so he kisses back only instintively and then Stiles is pulling away and-

“Dude. I am not going to break up with you for your brother.” Stiles says, grinning. “I am getting him to like me because he is your brother. You know. Brother. He has to like me.”

Oh. Right. That… Stiles did mention that a while ago. Before he saw the pictures. That he wanted Derek’s family to like him. That he was nervous because he was strange and spastic and didn’t have siblings and oh god, what if they hated him. And Derek had grumbled that they would love him and Stiles had said he wanted to see pictures and that had lead to-

Okay so Derek may have been panicking for no reason. 

“you didn’t have to talk about how hot he was that much,” he grumbles. beacuse still. There had still be an inappropriate amount of talk about his little brother’s body.

Stiles laughs. “Oh that’s cause you go bright red whenever I do.” Derek scowls. “And did you know your sex game goes up like 4 points when you’re a little jealous?”

“You did not- my sex game- There are no points in sex, Stiles!”

Derek is blushing and Stiles is laughing and Derek does not have a “sex game” thankyou very much but Stiles pulls him into the bathroom and-

Well, it takes them a while to get back to Derek’s family.