Rowaelin Pregnancy: Part Seven

Rowan kept his focus on healing the cut to the abdomen at Yrene’s instruction, but he could feel his instints right under the surface.

Aelin’s face was starting to flush with color, he almost sobbed.

But then Fenrys winnowed right in front of Aelin. Rowan looked up at him and flung his magic, knocking him to the ground when Yrene said, “Rowan, calm down, right now.”

Fenrys stood up, rubbing the back of his head, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

Yrene said, “We need to move her to her rooms,” looking at Fenrys, “can you winnow her there?”

Fenrys looked to Rowan, “Just do it.” he grounded out.

Nodding, he took off his jacket, flinging it over Aelin’s healing body, and picked her up. He rested her head against his chest and placed his arm underneath her legs, “I’ll meet you in your room, Rowan.” and winnowed.

Sam had started to cry. Picking him up gently, Dorian began to hum a lewd melody he learned as a child.

“Is that really approprate, Dorian?” Chaol said, walking into the room. His clothes were ragged and he had a gash in his forhead.

“What the hell happened to you?” Dorian asked, still cradling Sam.

Chaol scoffed, “I learned what happened when you come up behind a fae and his hurt mate.”

Dorian frowned, “Rowan did that to you? You’re lucky that’s all that happened.”

Chaol waved him off, “What’s going on, is Aelin okay?”

“I don’t know. She started hemorrhaging and then Sam,” he gestured to the babe in his arms, “his lungs weren’t working properly.”

“Is he alright? Is Aelin alright?”

Looking down at Sam, Aelin’s eyes looked up at him, “Yeah. he’s okay now. But I don’t know about Aelin.”

Chaol smiled, “His name is Sam?”

Dorian figured that it would probably be best to not bring up the fact that he basically made a deal with his life forfiet if anything happened to the twins in his care.

“Yeah, it is.”


Rowan wanted to shift into his hawk form to fly to his mate, but he hurried with Yrene to his rooms.

“The worst is over, Rowan.”

He hoped the healer was right. He could feel the bond’s threads starting to reinforce themselves. His Fireheart was a survivor. She would live.


Fenrys took Aelin over to her bed and pulled the blanket back, placing her softly in it.

He has removed several of the pillows, leaving only one, just in case it obstructed her airways.

Hugs not Mugs - Kane&Esmeralda


Em had to get out of the apartment, it was the first time she felt this restless during a full moon, she had lost control before but the iching she had under her skin was a new thing, she had already burned the flowers from the rooftop and a whole on her room and she decided that enough was enough. She pulled a hoody over she sport bra and the hood over her head and exited her home. She put on her headphones and tried to calm herself down while loosing herslef in the music that’s why she didn’t noticed a mugger come to her until he grabbed her by the waist, her first instint was to screams but her powers were faster and the guy’s leg was set on fire where her hand was “Oh my god I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed, trying to fix it but making it worst.

anonymous asked:

Well, some fans (not only in Seb´s fandom, this is the same in all the fandoms) have the need to over protect their favs. It´s more a maternal instint than anything ;- ) . And Seb seems so sensitive and vulnerable. I can´t help myself to try to protect him too. o_O

Just don’t get yourself so invested that you mess with your own psyche. I promise you that Sebastian wouldn’t want anyone fretting over him. He does seem to have a wonderful, solid group of friends that know him personally and will watch his back. I think all he asks of fans is to respect him and ya know, go see his movies. ;)