Falling Playbook 2

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Subtitle: Setting the Rules

Characters: Jeon Jungkook | You | Mentions of BTS

Genre: smut | college!au | fwb!au

Word Count: 12.5k

Summary: Jungkook and I want to test the waters before we start anything serious.

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It was Monday; first out of five days which were going to determine whether Jungkook and I could be friends or not. We had five days to test the waters before we could proceed with our arrangement. By Friday, we would either start our sexual adventure or just settle for that one time thing we had already shared. Regardless of the outcome, I was excited. It was new to me, and I just couldn’t help but smile whenever I thought about it.

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No love - Jungkook

Summary : What will happen to that girl, that one person out of more than 7 billion that he chose to work off all the anger he had inside of him toward the Human kind during all these years. He will certainly torture the poor thing, play with her mind, play with her feelings, and in the end end, he’ll kill her, like he always do.Because he’s a demon, and that’s what demons do, bad things.

Genre : Demon!au, angst, [mention of murders]

Word count : 2584

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

It’s been a year. A whole entire year that he spent tracking his prey, his next victim. He followed her all the time, when she was going to college, when she was going on dates with stupid humans, when she was shopping, or when she was home alone he was there somewhere.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write a scenario where jimin and you are best friends but being the flirt he is, he starts to flirt with you for fun and then you flirt back? With a sweet and fluffy ending please thank you <3 love your scenarios btw!! :D

Hope you enjoy!!!!!! :DDDD
- Devi ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

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> friends. 

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In praise of the Instant Pot.

Do you have a tiny kitchen? An efficiency apartment? A non-working stove, or no stove at all? But yet you want to cook things and stop eating things out of the microwave?

You need an Instant Pot.

What is it, praytell?

The Instant Pot is a programmable pressure cooker that can also work as a crock pot or an ordinary cooking pot. It can steam, stew, roast, even bake.

But pressure cookers are scary!

No they’re not! Not anymore! This is high tech with a locking lid and automatic settings. You literally do this:

  1. Put food in.
  2. Seal it up.
  3. Hit a button.
  4. Wait.
  5. Eat food.

And pressure cooking is way faster than conventional. You can make pot roast in an hour. Pasta with sauce and veg in minutes. I’ve done stews, I’ve made steel-cut oats, I’ve done hard-boiled eggs, and tonight I’m making a cheesecake in it (by placing a smaller container inside the pressure vessel you can cook all kind of things).

They come in  couple of sizes but can live unobtrusively on your counter and cook just about anything you want to eat. Baked potato? Instant pot. Rice? Instant Pot. Chili? Instant pot. Ice cream? Okay, so not everything.


Admittedly, the IP is not cheap. There are other, cheaper programmable pressure cookers on the market, but the iP is much higher quality. An item for a Christmas list? I got mine on an Amazon lightning deal for about $80. 

Root Beer Float anyone? It’s national Ice Cream Soda Day! Two parts soda, one part vanilla ‘scream and you have a float made in heaven.

Ice Cream Sodas were invented in 1874, possbily by accident! Robert Green substituted scoops of ice cream to keep soda cold after he ran out of ice – it was, of course, an instant hit. In 2012 we updated the classic by taking an all ice cream approach to it with our flavor # 68, Scratch Root Beer Float – again, an instant hit!


How to make instant ice-cream | Do Try This At Home

Are you in urgent need of some ice-cream on a hot, sunny day? Well science is here to save your summer! Beth and Sarah make liquid nitrogen ice-cream and show you how to make your own instant ice-cream in just a few minutes using milk, cream, ice, and… salt!?

i think luke would be very willing to spend new years indoors with you if you don’t feel like celebrating and partying on new years eve with your friends just so you don’t feel alone and you would be extremely grateful for that even though you told him that it’s okay for him to go out with his friends and let you spend new years alone on the internet but he insists that its all right for him to spend this years new years eve with you and just the two of you alone and probably even pizzas don’t deliver that night so you two and made a mental note to go buy some groceries during the day of the 31st just so you guys can cook pancakes during the night or spaghetti with instant bolognese sauce and ice cream for when the midnight hunger strikes and when you both already had dinner and are sitting on the couch sharing a tube of ice cream (really you’re feeding him ice cream he’s just using his hands to touch you appropriately) but when the countdown’s starting he’s rubbing your arm and touching your jaw and is so set to kiss you at midnight (and the thought of ending the year and starting a new one with the same kiss) so 10 seconds to new years he’s already had his head so close to yours and his head leaned in and lips touching and kissing for quite some time into the new year and finally letting go only to say “happy new year babe i’m so happy to be spending it with you and i love you so much and i’m so glad i didn’t go out with my friends i’m so happy to be with you right here i love you baby” and not even giving you time to tell him the same but kissing you again😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

Preference: Period


When you are on your period Michael would be over in an instant with ice cream, chocolate, pizza, your favourite hot drink and video games. You’d sit between his legs as you two play video games while eating the variety of foods he bought over, if you ever got a cramp he would instantly stop what he was doing and rub your stomach better.


Ashton would bring over a hot water bottle, chocolate and movies. He’d hold you close, his warm hand resting on your lower stomach while you watch movies, holding the hot water bottle in place. If you were feeling really down he’d jump up and sing and dance weirdly and wont stop until you smile or giggle.


Calum would come over with games, movies and a large amount of fatty foods to snack on. You’d play games, watch movies and just pig out on foods, if you were feeling cramps he would run around trying to fix it by warming up hot packs and rubbing your belly and he’d end up tripping over trying to get the hot pack out of the microwave which would make you laugh.


When you were on your period Luke would bring over comedy movies, panadol, food and a hot pack. He’d lie on your bed, under the blankets, his arms wrapped around you and you lay on his head while you watched movies. If you were tired he’d sing you to sleep and once you were asleep he wouldn’t leave your side until you were awake and feeling better.

this was very bad but I’m so busy and I got bored… 

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