My Top Picks from Smoko Inc // 

Smoko Inc are the most adorable Los Angeles based company who are well known for their beloved & super cute Toast Handwarmers. They’ve always had really cute things for sale on their online store, but have only just recently expanded to selling a collection of basically anything cute that you could have found around the web.

I’ve collected 9 of my favourite items from their online store to share with you today! So have a looksie!

1. Toast Wireless Pillow
This cutie pie is battery operated so whenever you’re feeling cold and in need of a cuddle, you just switch him on and get toasty!

2. Lomo Instant Camera
They haven’t gone out of style yet and I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon. This modern take on the polaroid still prints out gorgeously vintage snaps. Just the way you like it. 

3. Bling Colour Changing Wireless Speaker
Stream wirelessly to this super pretty speaker system, and watch as it’s galaxy like globe lights change colours. The speakers can be synced to work as an alarm clock, mimicking the sunrise you can wake up naturally. 

4. Self Watering Animal 
I’ve been buying so many plants lately, and this sweet lil thing would look perfect sitting on my desktop. With a choice between a cat, dog or monkey. I would probably just buy all 3, instead of tirelessly trying to decide. Each one comes with seeds ready to grow as well! Clover/Basil/Strawberries. Or buy your own plant!

5. Gummy Bear Puzzle
Explore your creepy side as you break apart this helpless little Gummy Bear, take out all his insides and put him back together again. Not only is this a sweet puzzle, it’s just a really cool piece of decor too. 

6. Hello Kitty Wired USB Hand Warmers
These babies are perfect for the Winter months, (Winter is on it’s way in the Southern Hemisphere!) They plug easily into any USB ports and heat up, keeping your fingers super toasty. And the best part? They’re currently on Sale for $4.99! Come on.. that’s a bit ridiculous. 

7. Huge Dinosaur Head
The only animal head decor I’ll approve of are the faux kind, Combined with my love of dinosaurs, this piece of wall art would be my absolute fav. I also think my partner would freak/be highly confused if I brought this home one day.. 

8. Nari Narwhal USB Heated Slippers
I spend a lot of my time at the computer blogging, and my entire house is tiled! So it can get pretty darn cold here. I love these slipper because the cords are so long that they are not a bother, the slippers heat up super fast, and you can proudly show up your unicorns of the sea, on your footsies.

9. Eggling
Another baby plant for your desktop, crack open the egg and there’s a little seed ready to grow! They come with extra seedlings and a little terracotta tray for your little eggy to sit in. I’m already sold. 

I hope you liked my Top 9 Picks from Smoko Inc! For more posts like this, and lots of other stuff, you can check out my main blog, Permanent Procrastination, over on blogger! Cya! xx

Spider Killer

Pairing: Gruvia
Rating: T 

Summary: Juvia desperately needs to take a bath, but a certain spider is blocking her path. She’ll have to call on her neighbor for help.
A/N: OMG I saw this post last night and instant light bulb! I haven’t been hit with inspiration in so long that it was really nice to finally get a little bit. It’s short and cute, but I hope you guys still like it ^.^ 

Juvia stopped with one foot in the air and clenched the shower curtain in her fists. She dropped her foot on the floor, closed the curtain, and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around her naked body and walked right out the bathroom. There went her plans for a shower because sitting in the middle of her bathtub was an eight legged devil staring right back at her with his beady red eyes.

She needed to take a shower!! She glared at the bathroom door gripping her towel. She sure as hell wasn’t going back in there before the eight legged fiend was taken care of, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to be taking care of it herself either. Light bulb!

Juvia ran through her apartment and ran straight towards her neighbor’s. She knocked on the door and waited. She heard shuffling and a faint coming from the other side. She bounced on foot to foot excited to have found such a great solution. She practically leaped for joy when she saw the door opening.

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fyi re: tumblr chat

I’m glad this exists - I think it’s an improvement on fanmail, because you’ll be able to see whole conversations instead of losing access to the parts you’ve sent, which is good for me because I tend to forget what I’ve just said, like, 5 seconds after I’ve said it :p (and the xkit outbox could only hold a limited amount)

but so you know - don’t expect to be able to live message me at the drop of a hat, I, uh… I’m bad at responding to things quickly, and to be frank I just don’t like suddenly finding myself part of instant online conversations I haven’t initiated, there’s… there’s a kind of pressure to that, you know?

an ask or an email or a message you can leave for hours or even days before answering while you get your head around it, or even simply get in the MOOD for thinking about and/or answering, or while you finish the other stuff you were doing online first (which may itself sometimes be done in-between procrastinating by scrolling down your dash) - and people, generally, are happy to WAIT for you to respond

an INSTANT message can feel like someone breathing down your neck, because you are aware that the person messaging is online RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND and it can give the impression they have messaged you this way because they are EXPECTING you to respond RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND, and not to do so is rudely ignoring them while they are talking to you, because they are trying to CHAT, as opposed to leaving a message for you to read and respond to in your own time

so yeah… not a big fan of instant online chats as a whole because of that, never have been (I spent pretty much all my time using MSN Messenger set to the ‘offline’ status, so no one except people I specifically chose at specific times I was happy to chat during would try and talk to me), so my psa here is -

you totally CAN send me chats, it’s cool, but understand I will be treating them as if they were asks/fanmail/email/messages, meaning:

  • be aware that I may well continue blogging while your chat message remains unanswered, because I may not want, for whatever reason, to respond to you just yet
  • it’s entirely possible I might not respond to you at all

* which is not to say I will NEVER give them - sometimes I AM in the mood to chat, as people who I have fanmailed with will know :p

How Will Science Confirm Those Cosmic Signals From the Infant Universe?

Announced on Monday, the detection of primordial gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of the universe that tell us about the first trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang – is already one of the biggest science discoveries of the year. In fact, it’s hard to think of something that can realistically top that.

That statement might sound a little hyperbolic, but it isn’t. Many cosmological ideas depend on the events in those very first, violent instants. Until now, we haven’t had much direct observational evidence pointing toward one theory or another.

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