Dec. 6
I See Your Smiling Face Like I’ve Never Seen Before

It should be no surprise I have a lot of black instant pics because Dumbass McGee here often forgets to take the lens cap off her camera, and I tend to hoard them to make use in other things like collages and masks for other images.  In this case I ended up using them for the lyrics, and added more pics with my polaroid zink photos, attaching things with pretty washi tape.  Mei pictures usually come quickly in a flash, so it wasn’t a lot of work, since I had work and cookies to do @_@.

Mei Asakawa and Creepy & Crawly belong to me.

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Kirsten Wiig.

Of the hundreds of Polaroids I shot at Sundance this is definitely my favorite. I wasn’t even supposed to photograph Kristen this year and at the end of the day I walked into my studio to start packing up and there she was looking at the wall of polaroids. “These are cool”. “Thanks, I’m mike. Can I shoot one of you?” “Sure”. I shot two frames and then she disapeared out the backdoor into an SUV.