Artist Immeserses Gown In The Dead Sea For 2 Years And It Transforms Into a Salt Crystal Masterpiece

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau decided to submerge herself into the mystery and effects of the Dead Sea. She dipped a down in the salt-rich waters in 2014, and recently removed it to be seen for display. The results are a stunning crystallized dress, which seems nothing short of surreal and straight from a fairy tale. Take a look below at the uncanny images.

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The Sculptures of  Jamie North

Jamie North is a Sydney based artist working across the mediums of sculpture and photography. Artist creates magnificent sculptures made out of cement, stone, marble, plants and moss. Evoking the feeling of remaining monuments of a long forgotten civilization.

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Tapes Installations by Monika Grzymala

Poland-born, German artist Monika Grzymala describes her work as three-dimensional drawings. She studied sculpture, shifted to drawing and found her place somewhere in between. Rolls of tape are her “pen” of choice and she allows them to dive and ripple in all directions.

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Peter Erskine (American, b. 1941, New Haven, CT, USA) - 1: Spectrum of Time, Rainbow Sundial calendar, 1999 Permanent Installations.  2,3,4,5: New Light On Rome, 2000 Spectrum Sunlight on Aula Stairs.Trajan’s Markets, Rome 112 AD. 21.6.2000-1.1.2001. Materials: Sunlight, Laser Cut Prisms  6,7: Peter Erskine (American, b. 1941, New Haven, CT, USA) - Secrets Of The Sun (SOS), Photovoltaic Solar Electric Panels, 1991  8: Meridian Solar Spectrum Calendar. Porter Ranch Public Library Los Angeles, California, 1998


Kimsooja aka 김수자 (Korean, b. 1957, Daegu, South Korea) - A Reflective Palace Of Rainbows, 2006  The Palacio de Cristal was originally built in the late 1880s in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 artist Kimsooja transformed it into this rainbow reflecting palace. Installations


Kohei Nawa

Kohei Nawa is a Japanese artist that is interested in surfaces. He covers Taxidermy with crystal beads and balls which alter the skin and the way we perceive the animal. There are a million different views of an animal covered in beads and each bead offers it’s own distorted view of the original. The grouping of all of these distorted partial views grouped together even suggests the way the public is fed information and how even when seeing all of the view still obscures the original object/intent/idea. Nawa explores the ideas of surface/perception/interaction with his other works liquid and scum. Check his website by clicking the image below if you want to see more of his work.

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Photographer Cayetano Ferrnadez uses toy dolls to build stories

Spanish artist Cayetano Ferrández prepares scenarios radically minimalist, suitable for a phenomenology of the essential, armed with an illumination of chiaroscuro where light is part of the language that modulates the meanings. The light becomes one means of concealing and revealing, to say without saying, make us also see in the shadows that hide facial features or members of the body / text Enric Mira 

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Installations by Lionel Estève

Lionel Estève’s work sits at a crossroads between drawing, sculpture and installation. Informality and fragility, which are characteristic of his pieces, awaken our perception of an infinite reality by revealing a palpable, almost tactile space. His work plays with space, colours and sensory perception. These works illustrate the artist’s interest in creative energy and how to harness it. An artisan and a seeker, Lionel Estève makes use of materials, lines and colours in the margins between the perceptible and the imperceptible.


Wim Delvoye born 1965 in West Flanders is a Belgian neo-conceptual artist known for his inventive and often shocking projects. Delvoye creates this oversized laser-cut steel sculptures of objects typically found in construction (like a cement truck), customized in seventeenth-century Flemish Baroque style.These structures juxtapose “medieval craftsmanship with Gothic filigree”. Delvoye brings together the heavy, brute force of contemporary machinery and the delicate craftsmanship associated with Gothic architecture via


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