The Sculptures of  Jamie North

Jamie North is a Sydney based artist working across the mediums of sculpture and photography. Artist creates magnificent sculptures made out of cement, stone, marble, plants and moss. Evoking the feeling of remaining monuments of a long forgotten civilization.

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Controversial and Bizzare Sculptures by David Cerny

David Cerny - one of the leading and internationally famous, Czech contemporary artists. Born in 1967 in Prague. In 1996 he graduated from the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. In his works blends humor, provocation and satire. His works can be seen in many locations in Prague.

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Wim Delvoye born 1965 in West Flanders is a Belgian neo-conceptual artist known for his inventive and often shocking projects. Delvoye creates this oversized laser-cut steel sculptures of objects typically found in construction (like a cement truck), customized in seventeenth-century Flemish Baroque style.These structures juxtapose “medieval craftsmanship with Gothic filigree”. Delvoye brings together the heavy, brute force of contemporary machinery and the delicate craftsmanship associated with Gothic architecture via


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Yinka Shonibare

A British artist of Nigerian descent, Shonibare (b. 1962) creates work that cites the artistic and intellectual history of Europe. His sculptures—life-sized mannequins clothed in the Dutch wax fabrics associated with Africa—offer a dramatic, playful, irreverent examina­tion of identity, history, and politics.Yinka Shonibare MBE’s decapitated mannequins in their vibrant batik fabric outfits cavort through a collage of influences that the British-born, Nigeria-raised artist has excavated from the complicated history of culture.