When I first decided to share my collages, I’ll admit that I was a little nervous at first. I didn’t know how the Pokémon community would react or if they’d accept a different type of fan art like the one I was about to present. So I held back, I decided to keep quiet and post exclusively on DeviantART and on my personal Facebook page. I didn’t really receive much attention, and that was okay with me. There were a handful of people who ran into my collages and they really seemed to enjoy what I did. Since this was really the only place where I was posting my collages, I was glad to have conversations and receive constructive criticism. Not only that, but I was able to grow with each collage that I would create. If you take a look at my earlier work, a lot of it looks like it could still use some work. (I’m looking at you Venusaur!) It wasn’t long until I began feeling comfortable enough to share my collages throughout the Pokemon related groups on DeviantART and that’s when more people could check them out and let me know what they thought.

*Caterpie (Pokemon Card Collage)

Instagram: @Pluslethepokemon


Hey guys! So in the past, I've made collages for Taylor and she saw them both. I made one for her birthday and one for the release of 1989

I want to do this again just to thank her for being so great to us these past few weeks. I just really need help gathering photos. If ANYONE is interested in helping or wants to send in photos then please let me know! I am trying to get at least 300 photos of different tumblr or instagram users along with messages. Please reblog to help SPREAD THE WORD & let’s do this!



Easy Woman

Note: cannot believe this is finished wow dude. title and concept based on a specific scene in the drama Another Miss Oh. Also, this is very much reader-centric rather than member-centric. I hope you’ll still like it though. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Romance
Warnings: none (but if we’re being real, internalized fatphobia, insecurity, slut-shaming if you squint)
Word Count: 7582
Rating: E, for everyone (but caution because it’s a romance, and there are kissy-kissy times)


“The problem has nothing to do with how you look. None of that really matters- well actually it does kind of matter, but you don’t have to worry about the looks portion, seriously…” Yoongi pauses, eyeing you cautiously as if you’d explode at his words. “You’re too easy.”

Your kneejerk reaction of incredulous disbelief blooms into heated indignation on your face, and Yoongi holds up his hand to stop you from releasing a seventy-two-words-per-minute rebuttal. You are, probably, the purest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your age; and you haven’t even gotten to the point of kissing someone in bed let alone sex (“At Your Age! At Your Age!” your brain likes to shout at you), so how Yoongi can call you “easy” is beyond logic – if anyone was asking you.

“I mean,” he clarifies, with a tired sigh, “You are way too easy with your heart.”


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