“The Day I Stopped Caring by Scott Bergey

9 x 9 , mixed media painting on paper. March 2015


.Weekend in Photos.

This weekend has been an eventful one but probably not for the best of reasons! Two weeks ago i was knocked back with poorliness and had to take a few days out to rest and recover with some anti-biotics from the doctors, so i did as i was told and felt a little better but not 100%. Putting it down to tiredness and just general under-the-weatheritus i carried on as normal for a week taking it a bit slower than usual until the middle of last week when i got quite poorly and was taken into hospital.

It was all rather sudden and whilst i didn’t feel brilliant i certainly didn’t feel as if i should be lying in a hospital bed with wires here there and everywhere. The doctors confirmed i had ‘grown’ a serious infection which if that hadn’t caught may have been fatal(!) and that i needed lots and lots of IV treatment to fight it away. I’d never been in hospital before so i was a little scared at first as i didn’t know what to expect but all the nurses were incredible and looked after me so well it wasn’t that bad at all. Luckily the doctors agreed to let me go home after two days and simply come back in to have my IV treatment once a day meaning i could relax in my own bed, in my own pjs and just generally be a lot more comfortable. Fitted with my new arm candy in a bandage i was off, released back into the outside world!

I came home to find a pair of Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets in an envelope on my bed as a 'thinking of you’ present from my shiny new and wonderful boyfriend - cheers and applause from the crowd for the fact that i may no longer end up a crazy cat lady and die alone. I honestly cannot WAIT to go and you bet they’ll be a ton of pictures when we do. He also showed up the next day to visit with a giant bunch of my favourite flowers (lilies of course) and a big box of Milk Tray - my favourite cheesy box of chocolates - which put the biggest smile on my face. 

I managed to visit my puppies volunteering at the RSPCA again when i was feeling a bit better too which seriously cheered me up walking this little monster for the morning. Such a cutey bounding along and occasionally stopping for cuddles, and the best part, he was being taken home to a lovely family that afternoon! BethJReid took me out shopping and for a yummy Soy Latte and Gluten & Dairy Free Bakewell Tarts (we love you costa) which really did me good to get out the house for a while. The rest of the weekend was spent being looked after by the boy with lots of cuddles, cups of tea and dvds on the sofa and i’m finally starting to feel a little better. I’m meeting with the doctors again in the morning for my last treatment and some tests - fingers crossed we’ve got it all and i can get back to normal soon. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your lovely messages, comments and tweets - you made me feel so loved and reminded me once again why i adore our little blogging community ♥

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.What i wore | Instagram Collage.

Did you know that i post most of my outift posts on instagram? It’s so much quicker than getting out my serious camera kit and a lot easier when natural light is so sparse at the moment in our little country. 

I have just brought some studio lighting though so i’m hoping to start taking more blog worthy outfit shots, but for now come follow me on instagram (@xameliax) to stay updated if OOTD’s are your kind of thing!



.Weekend in Photos.

This weekend was for celebrating and a much needed relax! I’ve been training really hard for the past couple of weeks alongside working a full time job, running my blog and youtube channel and everything else life brings and i felt like i just haven’t stopped. So i made an executive decision to take some well-deserved me time and enjoy just doing nothing for a little while!

After filming a new video with the lovely BethJReid I started my Friday night with a lovely bottle of wine and Alan Partridge on DVD! The laptop was banned and pjs were the dress code, operation relax was well underway. On Saturday i had a big lie-in and a gigantic bacon sandwich to set me up for the day before getting dolled up in my brand new (one size smaller) outfit for an afternoon of cocktail making with the girls! We were out celebrating two of the ladies upcoming birthdays so we’d booked a rum masterclass which was so much fun! We got to make (and sample) a number of rum based cocktails before creating our very own and enjoying them over some tapas and even more cocktails. After dancing the night away in our ridiculously large shoes we made our way home at a respectable hour, applied a layer of Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask and got some well needed beauty sleep!

Sunday was spent enjoying more sleep with another naughty lie-in and cuddling on the sofa with a hairy friend who makes good tea watching rubbish and eating junk food. I feel completely rested and ready to start all over again now - sometimes we can do too much and every now and again we need a bit of time to just sit and do absolutely nothing!