The ocean opens lungs
Floods in salty sighs
Floods in being peace
That puzzles me
As I drive away
Why can’t I stay
Mind at high tide
Arms out washed in
Washed out being


Boken Wings.

Get up, do not give up. 

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Just Write It

Write a story where the charcter is accidentally thrust into the world that plays out inside their dreams.

Camrado mio, we stand at the peak of the ages. Our feet spurn the pinnacles of the Centuries. Don’t you see? Look! Countless eons have gone before. Eons uncounted will follow after! The centuries sleep with forgotten kings; ages lie unborn in the womb of infinity. Today is ours! We must seize Time swiftly and with strong hand grasp its mane, for Time passes like the night wind. Live! Every hour, every minute. Tomorrow, in a hundred years, careless feet will stir our dust, heedless of we who lived and laughed and toiled and passed. Listen! He who fixes his eye on a distant goal and follows unswerved follows the right path, but he whose eyes are blinded to all else is a fool. Our purse may be empty, our back bare, but the Present is ours. The gold of sunset, the rose of dawn, the whisper of the night wind, the breezes in the grass and the trees—today the Universe is ours!
—  Robert E. Howard in a letter to one of his best friends, Tevis Clyde Smith, April 14th, 1926.

my mother told me
i could be anything
in the world

but she’d only be happy
if, out of everything
i chose to be
was to be
kind // art journal entry 🍁

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Be passionate about what you write, believe in your ability to convey timeless ideas, and let no one tell you what what you’re capable of.
—  Christina Westover

Surely you believe in the power of words? The ones in your head determine if you’ll make it as a writer.