You don’t need someone else to be happy
You don’t need someone else to be strong
In order for you to be right
You don’t need someone else to be wrong

Your life is the product of choices
The ones that you make every day
And when happiness comes from within
No one can take it away

So remember to say what you mean
And remember to make it sincere
And only believe what you see
Never believe what you hear

Your fate is your own
It’s whatever you make it
And though others may try
No one can break it

So come as you are and leave if you want to
No one can tell you what to hold onto
Your life is your life
And your mind is your conscience
So put others aside and
Just live like you want to
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This is what I wrote yest. on @sony UK instagram (4 hours before that article written abt Louis & fans) ..I ll not say that my comment inspired the writer or not , cuz Idk if she saw it..But what I am sure of is that the admins on the acc read it cuz it was the only comment there.. (anyways, I am glad that they start with editing his profile , wether cuz they read my comment or the article, or both…Or maybe their consience just wake up)

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honestly, I'm rlly glad u're back. u're a pretty big inspiration to me as a writer & I'm so glad that u're getting back into the swing of writing! ☺️ much love too my favorite writer (*psssst* that's u lmao)!! 💓☺️✨

Thank you so much! This was so nice of you :’)))

When you are hurting remember
that a wilting flower has the power to disseminate seeds of life.
Fragments of broken mirrors will always manifest reflections of beauty

and the storm inside of you will find its calm.

—  //growing
How To Motivate Yourself To Write

This was meant to provide motivation, but honestly, this is more of a list of ways to make sure you get it done, rather than make yourself “motivated”. Either way, this should benefit you somehow.

  • In the words of Chuck Wendig, “do not fucking multitask”. Carve out a specific time to write and use it to write. Don’t try to simultaneously write and tweet and check your email. Whether it be 15 minutes or 2 hours, write, and only write.
  • Take breaks occasionally. You can’t just sit there and fog up your creative lens. Go outside and go for a walk. Go to coffee with your friends for an hour. Do something to relax your brain for a while. It’s the same with studying. Don’t drive yourself up the wall because you feel you’re “on a roll”. Your ideas and plans will still be there when you get back. If you begin to get frustrated or your foot starts to fall asleep, take a break.
  • Use a rewards system. Say, for every 100 words, you get a piece of chocolate. After eating a regular sized Hershey’s bar, you’ve got 1200 words. Go you! (I personally fine this incredibly useful.)
  • Have people you trust hold you accountable. Have your best friend (or partner, if you’ve got one) check in when they know you should be writing to make sure you did.
  • Read books like a writer. Read a shitty book and pick it apart to find what you don’t like about it. Read a good book to find what you do like. Use these reflections and apply them to your own work. Nothing helps quite like learning from other people’s mistakes and success.
  • Don’t get stuck in the planning stages. You may get really excited while planning a story, that huge plot twist, a minor character’s backstory, etc, but keep in mind that at some point you’re going to have to sit down and hash it out. A lot of promising writers never get past the planning stages, so in the words of my very wise boyfriend: “Just write”.
  • Write in places that make your creative juices flow. Get cozy in bed with your laptop open to a word document, light a few candles, make some tea, get that incense going, and write. Music really helps to get in the mood as well, and if you would like to take a look at my writing playlist, here it is, free for public consumption.
  • Keep your mind open to new ideas and changes to your story. Your idea will develop and evolve over time, and the beauty of writing is that you can change anything you want and there are no consequences. If you decide to completely scrap a character, remove a subplot, add one in, or change the plot but keep the same characters, you’re totally free to do so. Nothing about writing is set in stone, so stay open minded to new concepts and changes and, most importantly, criticism. (I won’t elaborate on this because I might end up making a whole other post about this topic in the future.)

As always, this is just a compilation of the tips and tricks I’ve found the most useful in my own experience. They may not help, they may help a lot, it really could go either way or somewhere in between, but all the same, I hope this proves useful to you.

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One day you are going to find someone who loves you more than you love life itself. And this person will make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. 

One day, you will see all the cities you fell in love with through photographs and meet people who resemble the characters in your favorite novels. 

One day, your dreams will come true.

Wake up early enough to start your day peacefully. Wake up, ignore your phone, and take a deep breath, today will bring greatness. Stretch. Trust me. Spend your morning moving at a snail pace, caring for yourself and making time for all you need to do. The morning will decide your mood for the day, make sure you are at a place of happiness and gratitude.

The significance of a good morning by Amy Kennedy


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A khanda broadsword from Rajasthan, Northern India, in the mid-1800s, with a couple of extras in the form of a katar punch-dagger and a single-shot percussion pistol. Decisions, decisions, which one to use first?

In fact given the Indian swordsmiths’ fondness for tucking away a hidden sting in the tail, there may even have been a version of this with a stiletto that screwed up inside the grip. Rather like these…

And the katar dagger could have been enhanced as well…

Indian weapons are a great source of inspiration for writers and artists who want something a bit OTT but with the realism that comes of having actually existed.


In high school I thought I was happy but I never could have imagined how much better my life would turn out. And the secret to why it got so great is really simple- it’s because I made it that way. I went to college and I sought after good times. I didn’t sit in my bed expecting amazing things to happen to me. I went to parties, I met new people, I took chances, I went on walks, I drank the punch at the frat parties. And of course I had some bad nights but I don’t regret any of it because even out of the bad nights I got stories and lessons and friends. What it comes down to is your life really is what you make it, so why not make it a good one.
You have to be willing to work. I mean, really work your ass off, not work like you do in the job you hate and not work where you think you’ll get away with slacking off. It is called the grind for a reason, machines don’t stop until the outcome is reached. Goals are not easy to accomplish, they are going to take it out of you, but when you reach them, there is one hell of a view.

Grind by Amy Kennedy


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