Love is never wrong, but love isn’t always correct. Sometimes it exists to teach us what is best, and sometimes it teaches us what we’re better off without.

Falling in love with someone we can’t have, or falling for someone who’s already got love on their brain… it’s not wrong to love. It is never wrong to feel too much, for love is the only thing that can save us, and we cannot control it. It is so powerful there is nothing malicious that can change its course.

But love can also be a choice. It can be a choice of choosing yourself or choosing someone who will make you feel less than yourself. Choose to love your own skin more than choosing a acidic love that won’t help you grow.

—  Ming D. Liu
You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else. You are a rare breed, sparking and gleaming in a world that does not yet understand what it means to love ferociously. You deserve to find someone who does not ask you to lessen your roar, who is in awe of the magnitude by which your passion burns. You deserve to find someone who will only ever want to add to your fire, someone who will use their own matchstick heart to encourage your passion, to magnify your flame. Until then, use the world as your kindling, use experience as your coal. Grow your love like a wildfire, and never back down from its heat; never let them dim its light.
A Few Generators

So Tumblr deleted my Master List of Generators. Here’s a few that were still on my clip board.

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Jade Chang of The Wangs vs. The World

“For me, the most vital aspect of creativity lies in making unexpected connections—not between people (though that’s good too!) but between seemingly disparate ideas. And the only way you can do that is to be a truly curious person. All of the world’s bigger conversations are deepened by that kind of creativity. I hope The Wangs can play some small role in it!” Discover our visit with Jade Chang author of #WangsvstheWorld in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Photos by Karen Hernandez for The Style Line

Be passionate about what you write, believe in your ability to convey timeless ideas, and let no one tell you what what you’re capable of.
—  Christina Westover

Surely you believe in the power of words? The ones in your head determine if you’ll make it as a writer.

You wish you could’ve learned to play piano. You wish you could’ve started drawing when you were young. You wish you could’ve figured out who you wanted to be before you graduated college. You wish you could’ve learned to love yourself sooner. Well you know what? You didn’t. And that’s just something you’re going to have to learn to deal with. But just because you didn’t do it sooner, doesn’t mean you can’t start now.
—  Daren ColbertLife Decisions
I always wanted to be an artist, writer and poet since I was seven, and one has to live long enough to evolve as an artist and do one’s finest work.
—  Patti Smith