“Tonight, in this very town, something big is going down.”

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Phoenix and Maya are investigating a case in the Ghost Trick town. They notice that some people look really familiar...

Maya: Tell me about it. With all these blue people walking around, you’d think Nick came from here!

Phoenix: Hey. Only my clothes are blue.

Maya: Oh, sure, that’s how it is now, but maybe you just grew out of your blue stage?

Phoenix: What the heck is a “blue stage”? And I’m not some mutant shapeshifter!

Maya: Yeah, I guess not. Your specialty is standing out, after all.

Phoenix: (Look who’s talking…)

[The young lawyer duo have found themselves yet another strange case in a certain town. Aside from the curiously blue-skinned foreigners, their oddly cheerful client has directed them to a junkyard where an even weirder murder has taken place.]

Maya: Not to mention the detectives here! That guy over there looks almost exactly like Nick! He’s just missing the spikes.

Phoenix: Yeah, it’s almost eerie… (And am I imagining it, or does Mr. Green-suit there remind me of someone too…? Maybe I’m overthinking it.)

[But most notably of all, there stands a large wrecking ball over a spot outlined with white tape.]

Phoenix: Couldn’t you have gotten straight to that detail in the first place? It sticks out like the biggest sore thumb ever!

Maya: Whew, flattened by wrecking ball. That’s a nasty way to go.

Phoenix: Hmm… Lynne said she fired a warning shot in the air, right? I doubt a single bullet would be enough to detach the ball from its arm… but I guess it’s not entirely impossible if the latch was weak in the first place.

Maya: But what are the chances? It still sounds like the police are making it up as they go…

???: Well, now. That’s a bit much coming from two nosy sightseers who’ve just walked onto a crime scene under investigation!

Maya: Huh?

[A handsomely dressed man in a white coat has arrived, and he’s not shy to show off a few dance steps as he skips on over and flashes them with a sparkling white grin.]

Maya: Wow! Smooth.

Phoenix: (What’s with this guy…?)

???: Nothing like it, baby! Now, how may I help you on this lovely night?

Phoenix: Sorry to intrude, but we’re here by request of one Detective Lynne.

???: Oh? So she really did call someone over. To be honest, I’m a little shocked that she doesn’t trust me enough yet.

Maya: Well, this guy IS an Ace Attorney.

Phoenix: Phoenix Wright, attorney at law.

Maya: And I’m Maya Fey, Ace Assistant!

Cabanela: Aha, Mr. Wright and Ms. Fey! You may call me Inspector Cabanela… *strikes a pose* and this is my crime scene.

Maya: Ooh, a smooth inspector! Hm, in a way, he kinda reminds me of that one pop star…

Phoenix: Oh, so you’re the inspector she mentioned. If you don’t mind, we have a few questions for you.

Maya: Yeah. For starters, why would you arrest Lynne? Aren’t you two close?

Cabanela: Oh, you could say that. But I can’t help it if we don’t have any other suspects at the moment. She’ll just have to wait it out until we sort out just what really happened here.

Phoenix: We heard from her that she was arrested on charges of murder, but from her story, it sounds like it’s just an accident. Why is that?

Cabanela: Hmmm? …Ah, I see we’ve had a little misunderstanding here!

Phoenix: Huh?

Cabanela: Yes, I believe the last detective may have charged her with murder, even though it could very well have been a case of self-defense. But while I could blow over the whole thing by calling it “manslaughter”, that wouldn’t put her in a much better position, especially since she’s so new to the force. Besides, these guys need a little motivation to do their best to look into it. So I reopened the investigations.

Maya: So that’s why you guys are still investigating.

Cabanela: That’s right! I’d prefer that she not be held responsible at all, but hey, we take what we can get.

Maya: Well, if you don’t mind, I’ve got a hunch who it was!

Cabanela: Oh? And who would that be?

Maya: Um… someone who was controlling the wrecking ball?

Cabanela: Hahaha! Yes, that would be rather convenient, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, there was no one else here at the time. The deconstruction had come to a stop a few hours prior, and by the time Lynne and the victim were here, everyone had gone home already. We made sure to check the alibis of all the workers who were here, of course.

Phoenix: I see… But would it really be possible for a stray bullet to hit the latch holding the ball and knock it loose?

Cabanela: Weeell, I have my doubts too. We checked with the workers and they all can confirm that the latch was pretty sturdy and in good condition. For it to detach, it’d take some real fire power!

Maya: …Like a shot or two from a shotgun rifle?

Phoenix: Right. The victim was armed with a shotgun… for some reason.

Cabanela: Oh, so she told you, did she? But I don’t think the victim was planning to commit suicide either! Besides, even if he were, the ball would have to be right above him, which means so would the latch. He couldn’t have hit it from there.

Maya: Oh, right. Well, I’m out.

Phoenix: Could it be possible the latch was hit by accident and it didn’t give way immediately?

Cabanela: Not a bad guess, Mr. Wright. But why would the victim shoot upward? Lynne may be a flighty young lady, but she sure hasn’t flown before!

Maya: Could she have climbed to the top of pile?

Phoenix: I don’t think so. These piles here aren’t packed that tightly, so if she were trying to escape fire, it wouldn’t be very practical to get up there. Besides, she’d become an easy target.

Cabanela: But it does bring up an interesting possibility.

Phoenix: What possibility?

Cabanela: That Lynne and the victim struggled with the weapon, which fired a stray shot and hit the latch. Then, if it didn’t drop immediately, the victim wouldn’t have expected it would fall right on him.

Maya: Oh! So it was an accident?

Phoenix: Though, I’d wonder what was going on in his head when he was standing under it. Who would even want to stand under a giant ball of steel?

Cabanela: Of course, this is only a possibility. Since the gun was in pieces when we found it, it’s a little tough to find fingerprints.

Maya: Oh. Rats.

???: Meow.

Maya: Huh?

[Suddenly, they’re accompanied by a small black kitten, followed by an excited Pomeranian. The kitten stops by the ball, looks up at the crane, and walks off. The doggie, meanwhile, sniffs around, and when it notices its friend has gone, it hurries after it.]

Phoenix: …What was that about?

Maya: Did they hear me say “rats” and get curious?

Cabanela: …Well, I think that wraps it up for tonight!

Phoenix, Maya: Huh?

Cabanela: Thank you for the ever-so informative deductions, my friends, but I believe you can leave the rest to us from here!

Phoenix: W-wait! But we didn’t even get a chance to examine the place yet!

Cabanela: Believe me, you’ve seen all you need to already! Rest assured, if all goes well, I’ll see to it that Lynne will get off without a hitch. She might not even need to stay in detention for much longer!

[He returns to his bike.]

Cabanela: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a little something to clean up.

Maya: Inspector Cabanela! Why are you leaving so suddenly?

Cabanela: Toodles~!

[And with that, he zips away in the opposite direction as where the pets went.]

Phoenix: …What the heck was that?

Maya: He started acting weird as soon as the cat and dog stopped by. Do you think he recognizes them?

Phoenix: Maybe. He looked just a little flustered as he left too.

Maya: Well, what’s stopping us from having a look around anyway?

Detective Blue: That would be us, ma’am! We haven’t been standing around here for nothing!

Detective Green: Sorry, but the inspector’s orders. You’ll have to leave the premises until we’re finished here.

Phoenix: What?

Maya: Hey!

[And they’re promptly escorted off. Perhaps this mystery shall be tackled another day…]

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What?!? only prompt?! you shame me. I asked for 1 A Cabanele from ghost trick! but instead of alarm clock he's scream about a clue he just figured out or some such. I figured you'd like something besides borderlands since you get that so often.

I meant 1 S. the bit with the waking up and hectic and such. but still, I totally asked! I blame tumblr for this.


 There’s one thing I’ll say about Ghost trick, you can doodle rad stuff. Or end up doodling the silliest of things. There’s no in between ( well, besides i guess doodling feels and pain )

we have to take down the reynonis and the jujonis and the cabanonis and the jowdonis and the sissoniss and the shonis and the joshonis and the nekonis and the shikonis and the tizonis and the edeonis and the ringonis and the agnonis and the noctonis and the claironis and the balthonis and the HA HA HA HA HONIS and the softonis and the wallonis and the cloudonis and the kefkonis and the galufonis and the cecilonis and the arconis and the firironis and the wolonis and the gentonis and the lightonis and the “any of you chumps know japanese”-onis and the axonis and the tenmyonis and the akonis and the sevonis and the lotonis and the ninonis and the lunonis and the dionis and the k-onis and the quarkonis and the phionis and the aliconis and the sigmonis and the seanonis and the dianonis and the ericonis and “there’s something about those two large planets” and the complex motivesonis and the hakenonis and the kaguyonis and the aschenonis and the reijonis and the xiaoonis and the chrisonis and the jillonis and the dantonis and the vergonis and the ryuonis and the kenonis and the jinonis and the ragnonis and the noelonis and the tageronis…

Well would you look at that!

Here’s a thing, laughingmango! Whee!