Now that it’s on BuzzFeed, I can finally show you guys the full illustration!

Also, holy moly, the @onethousandandoneknights  Kickstarter is now over 200% funded!! If you want to get yourself a copy of these books, there’s still some time left before the Kickstarter is over.
After this though, they are going to become way harder to get, likely at a higher price and without the cool add-ons like the sticker set, the awesome art prints, and the newly unlocked patch that come when you get a full set!

They might just end up being the most beautiful books in your collection, thanks to the design by @anniestoll and @kevinjaystanton that will be gilded and foil embellished, and housed in a beautiful slipcase. And that’s just the outside!! Lots of amazing art and stories inside- just look at the previews on the kickstarter!

Capsize//The Angst In My Veins

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I’ve been meaning to share this story for ages, but I always have been too lazy to write it down, but here we go:

After the match between Brazil and Colombia in Fortaleza, the governor of Ceara (Cid Gomes) was acting drunk and tried to get into Brazil NT dressing room, but was stopped by one of the volunteers working on the stadium. Cid Gomes is known for being authoritarian and disrespectful with others as he tries to pass by a “funny person” all the time. He then started to push the volunteer and scream at him that the guy was “a nobody” and should obey him (by letting him go into Seleção’s dressing room). The volunteer still didn’t let him pass as he did not have FIFA’s credentials to cross that area.

As the governor started to get more violent, David Luiz, who was giving an interview nearby, noticed what was going on and paused the interview to step on the volunteers defense. He gently asked the governor what he wanted and Cid answered that he would like to get in the dressing room to sign the ball that he got from the game. David nodded, took the ball into the dressing room and came back with the ball signed by the team. Not too satisfied, the governor slyly thanked the player and left.

As for the volunteer, David gave him one of his shirts signed with an especial message, thanked him for doing his job right and apologized for what he just had been through. After all, they even took a picture together as Thiago Silva joined them.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you represent your people inside and outside the pitch.

Something More

Selasa kemarin, saya kedatangan tamu spesial.

5 anak kelas 5 SD dari Mentari School: Rumi, Syaina, Dafa, dan dua kawannya.

Mereka bercerita bahwa mereka akan menggelar pameran tentang berbagai jenis pekerjaan di sekolahnya. Semua siswa dibagi dalam kelompok, dan setiap kelompok mendapatkan tugas untuk mewawancarai orang-orang sesuai pekerjaannya.

Kelompok mereka mendapatkan tugas untuk mewawancara Blogger dan Vlogger.

Melalui serangkaian jaringan sana sini, saya blogger yang kena tembak untuk jadi sasaran wawancara mereka. Saat pertama kali dihubungi dan mendengar mereka punya tugas untuk wawancara blogger, hal pertama yang terlintas di kepala saya, saya ngapain ya waktu kelas lima?

Rasanya kerjaan saya cuma main bola dan ga betah di kelas menunggu waktu main bola. Sekarang, anak anak ini punya PR yang buat saya keren luar biasa.

Mereka diantar oleh ibunya Rumi, dan kemudian ditinggal untuk melakukan wawancara mandiri dengan saya. Layaknya anak SD pada umumnya, mereka langsung kasak kusuk buka buku catatan berisi daftar pertanyaan yang akan diajukan untuk saya. Lalu salah satu dari mereka mulai bertanya,

Can we do it in English?

Saya cengap sebentar, lalu mengangguk, “If you guys are more comfortable with that, sure”. Saya kemudian baru sadar kalau Mentari School itu sekolah internasional.

Mereka pun memulai dengan beberapa pertanyaan dasar yang terdengar sangat template, tapi saya sangat kagum karena dilakukan oleh anak kelas lima. Pertanyaannya berputar di sekitar what is blog, why do you blog, dan how do you start, pertanyaan sederhana yang ternyata lumayan membuat saya berpikir. Saya jawab satu per satu lalu mereka sibuk mencatat dengan pensil. Canggihnya, salah satu dari mereka tidak mencatat, tapi menyodorkan iPhone nya untuk merekam. Iya, iPhone.

“So where do you blog?”

“Tumblr. You guys know it?”

“Yes, kind of instagram and twitter, right?”

“Social media, yes”

“What’s the difference? Is it better?”

Saya tersenyum sebentar, lalu membuka hape saya dan menunjukkan aplikasi Tumblr.

“This is Tumblr Dashboard. You can try post anything”

Saya lalu membiarkan mereka mencoba main Tumblr. Mereka keasikan memainkan tombol post yang memunculkan 7 icon postingan secara popout.

“You can literally post anything so easily, and have your beautiful blog without doing anything. Tumblr make everything for you”

Anak anak itu mengangguk, lalu salah satu dari mereka bertanya.

“What can I see in Tumblr?”

Saya terdiam sebentar, lalu menjawab. “Well, anything. What do you want to see?”

“Hmm lego?”

“Of course”. Saya lalu mencoba membuat postingan GIF dan mengetikkan lego. Lalu muncul ribuan GIF lego.

Saya coba scroll ke bawah, dan ketika hasilnya ada terus menerus, yang lain mulai ikutan.

“Try Spongebob!”

“How about naruto?”


Saya mengetik semuanya. And Tumblr just never let me down.

Mereka semakin asik mencoba berbagai hal di Tumblr, sampai saya harus mengembalikan mereka ke daftar pertanyaan.

“Okay guys, any other question?”

Mereka kembali melihat catatan, lalu melemparkan satu pertanyaan terakhir.

“This is the last one. What do you get from your blog? From your Tumblr?”

Saya terdiam sejenak, lalu mengingat banyak hal yang saya dapatkan selama 5 tahun ngeblog di Tumblr.

“I get a lot of things. At first, it was just me expressing myself. Post things I like, write about stuffs I’m curious about, tell stories about things around me.

Then, I got a lot of new friends. Everywhere I go, I felt like someone from Tumblr can welcome me in the city.

I am connected with people who have similar interests. Real people whom I really meet, who share their real stories.

I have people listen to my stories.

I got supports in helping others. 

I got advices, fresh ideas, and new inspiration.

I got excited to explore my creativity. 

At first, Tumblr is just a canvas, where you express yourself and tell your stories. But when you do it right, being honest with who you really are, it becomes something more”




“It becomes a home”

Just pretend.
For a little while.

That something wonderful is going to happen. Something quite lovely.

And if you thought about me…
In a sundress with pockets.
Maybe in blue.

I think spring is when all the flowers grow.

—  A scribbler// Spring

The Story So Far//Solo

(My edit,not my photo)


My one hope for you is that, someday, you realize the stars you’ve been chasing all your life, have been in your eyes whole time.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 5
“You are made of stardust”

@punkdraco and I have already had part of this conversation but I just wanted to put this out here & add some thoughts I’ve been having out here - 

the star wars novelizations are great and all but I’m sort of weirded out by the kind of information they insert about the characters into the text, but not in the films. Some of it, okay, it adds depths to characters - but I genuinely have questions about whether a film’s (and given that the film canon existed first) characters should be interpreted differently based off information given in the novelization of the film. Like, I’m currently reading the OT novelization & Han Solo the womanizer is very much played straight in the novelization - which like, the way Harrison Ford plays Han Solo in the films is very much a Han whose real self is at odds with the image he wants to project (he’s not a cool guy womanizer, he’s kind of a totally reckless and impulsive screwball who pretty much shouts about how much he likes Leia). Here he has a woman sitting on his lap at the start of the Mos Eisley cantina despite the fact that this doesn’t appear in the films. There’s bits of descriptors that are obviously channelling us towards the Cool Guy Han Solo reading, even though those sections, viewed purely on film, could be read very very differently.

And like, there’s shit in the TFA novelization I know of, for example, which alter how people interpret Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren - Kylo more so than Poe. 

So this is the question - which ‘canon’ is more canon and do filmmakers get to cover up on their inability to show onscreen by putting additional facts into a novelization? Do we have to accept that as canon or continue our conversations based purely on the films? What does it mean for fans who can’t get the goddamn novelizations or who don’t know of their existence? How does death of the author work when you have like, coded descriptors trying to guide your reading of a scene which was previously ambiguously coded on screen?

These are just questions, I don’t have answers. But it’s something that’s been niggling at me for some time.

A super very really screenshot of an overworld before a boss that is very extremely real for an RPG that may actually really exist, a follow up to those really real battle mockups.

(Wow. This took a month to make. Also since he is quite large he has a very large fake screenshot. They’re still the same colors because friendly fire is bad.)

Clementine and Whinter @tamarinfrog

…Of course since this is the Octostomp I also had to reference this too.

Ridin’ off into the sunset on the Octostomp. What a journey.