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Dark Solas Theme (extended)
Trevor Morris
Dark Solas Theme (extended)

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.

Weird details about the part where you meet Flemeth and Kieran in the Fade. 

  • If you run as fast as you can, straight to the end of the level, you can see three spirits acting very strangely. 
  • Both the twin souls of Falon’Din and Dirthamen have statues in this area, when their statues are rare in the entire game.
  • Flemeth and Kieran doing some kind of ritual before you speak to them. (I’d like a HQ view of this because - why is Flemeth making those arm/head movements? Is she in pain? What is that (blood?)-red sigil? Is that red sigil the same as the one that flashes across the Inquisitor’s face when Flemeth takes control of them?)

So many questions. If someone has anything to add or explain, I’d be really interested to hear it.

everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I
everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I

(For reference, here is what Solas has to say about the Blight, darkspawn and the Grey Wardens, all together.)

  • Solas: Your Order… the Grey Wardens…
  • Blackwall: What about them?
  • Solas: The Wardens see themselves as the world’s defense against the Blight, do they not?
  • Blackwall: Yes… why do you sound so skeptical? Doesn’t everyone know this?
  • Solas: When an Archdemon rises, they slay it. What will they do when all the Archdemons are slain?
  • Blackwall: Retire?
  • Solas: Without Archdemons, there can be no Blights. Is that the reasoning?
  • Blackwall: Right. Where are you going with this?
  • Solas: Nowhere. I hope they are correct.

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solas talking calmly for 10 minutes
solas talking calmly for 10 minutes

an audio file everybody is probably in need of (HQ download)

it turns out that the variable check for the final solas conversation isn’t a check for High Approval or even a Certain Amount of Approval like I thought, it’s only a check for Positive Approval.

So that means the Inquisitor has the power to help Solas see the world as real just by having 1 single approval point with him. That’s it.

I thought Solas was being a lot more picky than that, but he isn’t at all. Somehow this, plus the fact that Solas is so obviously pinning all of his hopes on the Inquisitor… why is everything about this so hurtful….?

The Elven servant who dreams of Mythal in Val Royeaux
Dragon Age: Inquisition
The Elven servant who dreams of Mythal in Val Royeaux

So there’s an elven servant who will start speaking about having dreams about Mythal (youtube) after you come back from the Arbor Wilds. 

This same elven character has a few more earlier conversations in the game, and you learn some interesting things about him -> he knows Briala personally, he used to be a Dalish elf from the Arbor Wilds, and the Venatori were asking him where the Temple of Mythal was.

Implications I got from this dialogue: the Sentinel Elves don’t kill Dalish elven children intruders if they stumble across the Temple of Mythal - they just send them away (ಥ﹏ಥ). 

And the Temple of Mythal seems to reveal itself to elves, but hides itself from the Venatori. (This servant gave them directions he was absolutely certain of, but the Venatori came back angry because they couldn’t find the Temple.)

Transcription of the banter under the cut:

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solas go take a nap
Trespasser DLC spoilers

The negative responses Solas will say to the Inquisitor if he disapproves of them.

The Dragon Age Tabletop materials might be a little incorrect or outdated in some small details, but if that was the case, it still doesn’t really matter.

DA is full of misleading, unreliable narrator information as it is, so this is just one more source of that. What I find really interesting is that the writers seemed to have access to a bit of internal information, without maybe being able told what details they should be obscuring.

For example, there is an adventure written about the Avvar, well before Jaws of Hakkon was released. And the pages about the Avvar gods and religion are not only still correct after Hakkon, they’re still a big resource for details that weren’t in Hakkon. I put up a couple pages on imgur so you can see what I mean. Plus all the little details like: 

So look, the detail about Avvar deliberately letting spirits possess them were in the RPG materials back in 2010, long before Hakkon went into it.

(An Avvar origin was supposed to be in Origins, but it was one of the bigger things cut. So they had a lot of the Avvar world building laid out when they came out with the first RPG Game Master guide)

So there are some details only found in the RPG material that end up being suspiciously relevant, and it’s very interesting as a source, and just about as unreliable as in-game sources.

(endgame spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Someone asked me to do a little tutorial on how to find hidden audio in Inquisition’s game files, and while I was making it, I remembered I found a great audio clip, but never talked about it.

So here it is: there is audio of Morrigan reacting to the final scene between Solas and Flemeth.

So, in some version of the epilogue, Morrigan was supposed to be there. What do you think this means? Does it change anything? What do you think they were thinking? 

I just found something interesting about Cassandra. In the conversation where you meet Solas and Varric, Cassandra says a line that changes depending on whether the player is a human mage or a non-human mage.

Cassandra (if the player is a human mage): Unlike you, Solas is an apostate. [mage!Trevelyan]
Cassandra (if the player is a non-human mage): Like you, Solas is an apostate. [mage!Lavellan] [mage!Adaar]
Cassandra (if the player is not a mage): Solas is an apostate, well-versed in such matters.
Solas: Technically, all mages are now apostates, Cassandra.

So Cassandra thinks of Lavellan and Adaar and Solas as auto-apostates, but not Trevelyan.

(never triggered) Obscure Cole Comment
Trespasser DLC
(never triggered) Obscure Cole Comment

Cole: “The bone must be broken to set.” She wants a wall to keep the dreams away. Ignorance is a disease. She is the cure.

This is an audio file in the same location as the other obscure comments Cole makes in Trespasser DLC. I’ve google searched for this comment, but apparently it never triggered for anyone. 

Anyone have any ideas about this? (Is it implying what I think it’s implying?)

(missing dialogue) Lavellan reading and translating elven in the Temple of Mythal
Dragon Age: Inquisition
(missing dialogue) Lavellan reading and translating elven in the Temple of Mythal

Morrigan: It appears the temple’s magicks are still strong.
Lavellan: Here it says “abelasan,” which means “the place of sorrow.” That must refer to the Well.
Solas: “Atish’all Vir Abelasan.” It means “enter the path of the Well of Sorrows.”
Morrigan: There is something about knowledge. Respectful or pure. Shiven, shivennen…
Morrigan: ‘Tis all I can translate. That it mentions the Well is a good omen.
Lavellan: At least we know the Well of Sorrows was important.

Dalish + City Elf Convo (Skyhold)
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Conversation between a devout City elf and a devout Dalish elf in Skyhold. Not sure what exactly triggers which parts of this conversation, but I’m guessing something to do with the Temple of Mythal will change which elf says “Perhaps the old ways were not what we thought.”

I’m also not sure that this is in the right order, etc, but it does have all the audio lines.

I put a transcript under the cut because it’s easy to just copy/paste from the talktable editor. So this is the same syntax that was in the game:

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kiwi-xeet  asked:

Inquisition spelunking question. Have you come across any dialogue where Solas breaks up with you before crestwood? Because you lowered his approval enough after the romance was triggered. I know this happens with other characters like Sera and Blackwall.

Solas can dump Lavellan five different times, none of them due to his approval/disapproval (i.e. if he says “no” to you, you cannot sneak around his clearly demarcated consent lines by grinding up his approval). And Lavellan can dump him four different times, so Solas/Lavellan comes across to me as the romance all about the sacredness of consent.

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