Inouk. Male
Captive Born Feb 23rd 1999
Type of Birth: Tail first
Mother: Sharkan. Father: Kim 2
Blood Type: 100% Icelandic
Name Meaning: Australian name, unknown meaning
Offspring: None

Inouk is the second youngest male at Marineland Antibes. He was only a few months old when he was moved to the new killer whale stadium. His behavior has changed since his mother Sharkan’s death. He used to spend a lot of time with her. His dorsal fin is rather short. Inouk has become close with Moana.


Interviewer:  What’s with the terrible name?

Alex:  Obviously it’s a shit name. But we had these record company people saying things like “Oh, we like what you’re doing but you’ll have to change that name.” So we had to keep it just to spite them. It’s actually named after an Inouk cult.

Interviewer: Really?

Alex:  Umm. No. That’s bollocks actually. I dunno.

Tim Jonze (Vice) interviews Alex Turner
December 1, 2005