Beyond sad - I’m angry

It’s never the parks fault, it’s always the poor trainers, the poor people that work at the park, the poor people who won’t get to visit the park. 

The focus should be on Valentin. The 19 year old whale in the prime of his life who has died as a result of human incompetence.  

There was no back up plan, no emergency rescue procedure to keep those animals safe. They let those whales swim in sewage water, they are still letting them swim in, toxic, pollutant ridden filth. 

If you maintain animals in captivity it is your responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing no matter the circumstances. Marineland failed completely, there has to be a disaster plan. Europe is second in the world for natural disasters because of flooding alone - you cannot tell me there was no way to plan for this. You get the animals out  - and if you can’t, if you cannot keep them safe even when the worst should happen - you do not keep them captive. 

I am beyond disgusted with the pro-cap comments I have just read. One of the animals you claim to care about has just died and all you brush off their deaths and reply with - think about the poor trainers???!!!???

What about Valentin? What about Wikie, Moana, Keijo and Inouk whose lives are now in real peril. The truth is you really don’t give a fuck about those animals, they are just as replaceable to you as the industry that confines them. 

I’m so sorry Valentin. I’m sorry you had to spent your life in a box, I’m sorry you were used as a money maker for your entire life. I’m sorry you were deprived of everything that is Orca and I’m sorry you never experience life as it should be. 

Rest in peace, magnificent soul. You will be remembered. 

12. Inouk

Inouk is a captive born male orca with 100% Icelandic DNA. From a young age, Inouk was intensely curious and known for sizing up human visitors through the glass walls of his tank. Apparently, Inouk’s growth is stunted. His size is comparable with female orcas much younger than himself, and he has an unusually short dorsal fin. During the birth of his sister, Inouk helped his mother through the delivery, a duty normally performed by the dominant female of a captive “pod.” Since the death of his mother, Sharkan, Inouk has become the leading performer at Marineland.