12. Inouk

Inouk is a captive born male orca with 100% Icelandic DNA. From a young age, Inouk was intensely curious and known for sizing up human visitors through the glass walls of his tank. Apparently, Inouk’s growth is stunted. His size is comparable with female orcas much younger than himself, and he has an unusually short dorsal fin. During the birth of his sister, Inouk helped his mother through the delivery, a duty normally performed by the dominant female of a captive “pod.” Since the death of his mother, Sharkan, Inouk has become the leading performer at Marineland.


Gender: Male
Pod: N/A
Place of Capture: Born at Marineland Antibes, France
Date of Capture: Born February 23, 1999
Age at Capture: Captive born
Current Location: Marineland Antibes, France

On February 23, 1999, Icelandic female Sharkan gave birth to her second calf, a male named Inouk sired by the Icelandic male Kim II.

Inouk was very close with his mother, and even assisted with the birth of his sister, Wikie - a duty normally performed by the dominant female of a pod. Unfortunately, Sharkan died in 2009, leaving Inouk to take over as the main waterworks whale until waterworks were stopped with all whales.

Since Sharkan’s death, Inouk has become close to his sister Wikie and her calves, two males named Moana and Keijo, and he can often be seen with them. He has never displayed any aggression towards his trainers, and interacts with guests often in the underwater viewing area.

Today, Inouk is 16 years old and despite his age, his dorsal has not sprouted and overall can easily be mistaken for a female Orca. It is believed that his growth is stunted.

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