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For your top three favorite Naruto characters, pick a song to describe their personality, their life outlook, and a song you think would make them feel happy inside! So, nine altogether, if it's not too much!

these are all just coming from my own personal music collection so,,, yah know anyways 


  • His personality is very gloomy tbh but its understandable. The song i best think goes to his personality is “Lazy Eye” by the Silversun Pickups
  • Sasuke’s outlook on life isn’t great and it never has been so the song I think fits best is “A Better Sun” by Sorority Noise
  • A song that would make him feel happy is probably anything from Hozier. They’re a mellow band and their songs have meaning so he likes to listen to them. 


  • Kisame’s personality is very serious and sarcastic in my opinion. The song that best suits him is “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1″ By Kayne West. Why? I dont know, but I think of Kisame when I listen to it.
  • For his outlook he has a decent one tbh. He killed all his comrades and is a rouge nin living the life so what I think fits best is “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” by Brand New. 
  • A song that makes him happy is “Swalla” by Jason Derulo, it’s got a good beat and it’s catchy. He can dance to it and thats all he needs.


  • She is so happy and positive and flirty so I think “Cheer Up” By Twice fits her best. 
  • Her outlook is great tbh, and she really thinks she’s that bitch, so I think “33rd” by CupcakKe fits well
  • A song that makes her happy is “Dare” by the Gorillaz 

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Although I'm sorry to hear about your asks, I'm more than happy to deliver more asks! Autumn is almost here, so could I please request headcanons for (choose your favorites!!!) characters' favorite fall activities or autumn-y things? Thank you kindly! ❤

I love autumn with everything in me 


  • He loves to carve pumpkins and hit up haunted houses. 
  • Kisame loves watching scary movies as well. He just real likes scaring himself and the rush of adrenaline that it brings. 
  • Caramel apples are his favorite 


  • He likes to go apple picking and on hayrides. 
  • Itachi doesn’t have the best health so he doesn’t mind staying home and watching some moveis and cuddling with you. 
  • He is a sucker for pumpkin pie


  • Kakashi likes the colder weather and he likes going on walks and picnics this time of year 
  • He likes putting on the costumes and dressing up with his s/o or just by himself and going to costume parties and getting copiously drunk 
  • He likes warm comfort foods, like hearty stews or soups


  • Ino loves fall because it’s time for her favorite fashion time. She rocks sweater dresses, cute sweaters, button ups, skirts, and booties. She lives for the color scheme too. 
  • Other than fashion, Ino likes haunted houses and carving pumpkins. She thinks they’re fun group activites and its nice to see her friends. 
  • Ino likes eating fresh pumpkin bread and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. 


  • He likes the cooler weather, it makes his travels more enjoyable. 
  • If Sasuke is home, he likes carving pumpkins, or picking apples with Itachi. 
  • Sasuke doesn’t love fall because that means no more fresh tomatoes 


  • Tsuande likes fall no matter what. Fall is beautiful in Konaha. 
  • She likes walking around the forest. The leaves are her favorite part. She could spend all day looking at them. 
  • She also likes stews and fresh bread. They warm her up and remind her of her childhood. 


  • Naruto loves haunted houses and all the pretty shades of orange this time of year. 
  • He loves sitting at home and watching scary movies as well. Again Naruto just likes to scare himself. 
  • Naruto loves all food, but he is a sucker for fresh pumpkin seeds. 


❛ Notícia :

Capa do DVD 1 de Konoha Hiden (último arco de Naruto Shipuuden). O DVD irá inclui os episódios 714 à 716.

Descrição : ❝ O primeiro volume de um novo capitulo baseado nos mangás de Masashi Kishimoto. O casamento de Naruto e Hinata, Kakashi que lamenta pelos Shinobis que não poderiam participar da cerimônia devido a suas missões declara uma missão secreta para prepararem presentes de casamento. ❞

➣ OBS 1 : De acordo com o site “” o lançamento está previsto para o dia 04 de Outubro no Japão .

➣ OBS 2 : Peço desculpas pela imagem não estar com uma boa qualidade esse foi o melhor que conseguir, assim que tiver uma imagem com uma qualidade melhor eu trago pra vocês.

➣ OBS 3 : Olha que belezura essas maravilhosas Kunoichis, Hinata é claro roubando toda a cena vestida de noiva, Ino outra maravilhosa, Sakura segurando a carta enviada por Sasuke e Tenten com as pernocas maravilhosas de fora, estou apaixonada pela imagem mas Hinata e Tenten estão simplesmente magnificas .



Konoha Hiden DVD 1 (Last Bow of Naruto Shipuuden) cover. The DVD will include episodes 714-716.

Description: ❝ The first volume of a new chapter based on the manga by Masashi Kishimoto. The marriage of Naruto and Hinata, Kakashi who mourns the Shinobi who could not attend the ceremony due to their missions declare a secret mission to prepare wedding gifts ❞.

➣ Note 1: According to the website “” the launch is scheduled for October 4 in Japan.

➣ Note 2 I apologize for the image not being of a good quality that was the best I can get it, once I have an image with a better quality I bring it to you.

➣ Note 3 : Look at that beautiful these wonderful Kunoichis, Hinata of course stealing the whole scene dressed in bride, Ino another wonderful, Sakura holding the letter sent by Sasuke and Tenten with legs beautiful outside, I am in love with the image but Hinata and Tenten are simply magnificent.