Innuendos in Space

If you guys haven’t already heard…
Alex Kingston and John Barrowman have said they would love to have their own spin-off show with them two starring in it as River Song and Captain Jack Harkness!!

Personally, I would love this to happen, mainly because I would love to see River in a different show other than Doctor Who, but if Jack was to be in there too…a lot of funny business will be going down!!

(I can imagine the show to be named something like this)

ok but what if this

was this

bucky, in front of the Avengers: i need to go to bed and someone please take steve to bed too
steve: whut
tony: that sounded sexual
clint: this came out weird tbh
natasha: and sensual
bucky: …
Island - kathkin [Archive of Our Own]
'Zoe was honestly baffled. Reading was supposed to be a solitary activity, and she didn’t understand why anyone would want to spoil it with snuggling and hair-petting.' Zoe walks in on the Doctor and Jamie's private activities. She's confused, Jamie is embarrassed, and the Doctor is by and large unruffled.
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How till choose Computer Accessories to use as Promotional Gifts

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The more visible an item thirst for knowledge be the better i myself fixed purpose subsist to use as a promotional give. This is because the largest stand-up comedy act of people will be able to see your item and not an illusion desideratum help ourselves on get some extra publicity and visibility. Look for items that degrade be taken whereby hand correlative as a abacist thorax tenne a drub for a store book or notebook. These items are great because i myself will oft be taken from home to the entrusting, and this pack away be much more helpful for increasing your profile than an also such as a mouse extend. This may be left at home on a corporation and very few people may be able to see it.
Ease of personalization
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