Innuendos in Space


X-Files Deleted Scene ‘Home’

Mulder & Scully are confined together in a small bathroom. This 16 second exchange follows, full of UST, complete lack of personal space & innuendo.  

–Scully feels something poking into her back, and turns to Mulder.  

MULDER: Oh - that was my pen light.

SCULLY: Well. I thought a long-standing curiosity had just been satisfied.

MULDER: Mhhmm.

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If you guys haven’t already heard…
Alex Kingston and John Barrowman have said they would love to have their own spin-off show with them two starring in it as River Song and Captain Jack Harkness!!

Personally, I would love this to happen, mainly because I would love to see River in a different show other than Doctor Who, but if Jack was to be in there too…a lot of funny business will be going down!!

(I can imagine the show to be named something like this)

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