I’m pretty sure French people didn’t invent all this shit because they like to surrender.

  • spitzer bullets, smokeless powder
  • integrated paper cartridges (+Switzerland)
  • Minié balls (+England)
  • metallic cartridges (pinfire and rimfire)
  • putting shotguns in revolvers
  • flintlock
  • modern tank layout, light tanks
  • slopped cast armor
  • bayonets
  • style

5 Food Innovations We Desperately Need

Taking “food for thought” to a whole new level. — Glimpses Into The Splitting of the Muslim Ummah:

Part 1: The Completion and Perfection of the Religion and The Way of the Companions.

Part 2: The Emergence of the Sects and Heads of Misguidance.

Part 3: An Overview of the Various Deviant Sects and Corrupt Creeds and Methodologies.

Part 4: The Preservation and Safeguarding of the Islāmic ‘Aqīdah.

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The linguistic definition of bid'ah: newly invented matter.

The Shari'ah definition of bid'ah as defined by Imaam Ash-Shaatibee (Rahimahullaah) in his book, Al ‘Itisaam, 1/37:

“Newly invented way (beliefs and actions) in the religion, in imitation of the Shari'ah (prescribed law), by which nearness to Allaah is sought, not being supported by any authentic proof-neither in its foundations, nor in the manner in which it is performed.”

Avoiding innovations is one of the greatest foundations and principles of Ahlus Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah and it involves: Having hatred for it, keeping away from it, and warning the people about it.

Foundations of the Sunnah by Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (Rahimahullaah).


Adorable Vegetable Nursery Home Made of Bamboo and 2,000 Plastic Bottles Pops up in Vietnam

To help promote green living habits in Vietnam, the 1+1>2 International Architecture Company partnered with Action for the City to create a Vegetable Nursery Home made from bamboo and over 2,000 plastic bottles. Apart from its function as a greenhouse, the structure is also a place for farmers to rest away from the rice fields, and a place where children can play and learn about their local ecosystem. The project is also part of a unique collaboration between the governments of Vietnam and Ireland to better support local citizens in the South East Asian country.


Thanks to guayabapr for submitting this exciting project. 

Signal Boost

This is for my son, he has come up with an app for reading the current temperature anywhere you are standing. Just lending a hand.

This is my first day on Tumblr and I want to start it by saying hello to any and all that will be reading this and checking out my new App web page.  If you have any questions or ideas please let me know.  I am hoping a developer will see this app and like my idea enough to want to make it.  Thanks again and hope you all like it.

We Celebrate Mawlid With Good Intention | Doubt Refuted

‘Abdullāh b. Mas’ūd رضي الله عنه saw a group of people in a gathering who were remembering Allāh in the mosque, and were all counting their Dhikr with pebbles (a new affair, a Bid’ah to Companions). He said to them: “By the one in Whose hand is my soul, you are either following a path that is more guided than the path of Muḥammad ﷺ or you have opened the door to misguidance (innovation)!”

They said: “By Allāh, O Abū ‘Abdur-Raḥmān, our intention was nothing but good.”

He said: “And how many people who aimed for good never attained it!”

● [سنن الدارمي ٢١٠]