Olloclip Studio for IPhone 6 Plus And IPhone 6s Plus

We came across an Olloclip lens a couple of years ago and we were amazed at the difference that a single detachable lens could produce via the iPhone’s camera. So, when this came out, we were obviously excited to share it with you. Presenting the Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

Is American English innovating a new “cuteness” marker? I keep thinking of examples like “snek” and “doge”, indicating that the entity in question is “cute” by shifting the vowel forward. But I can’t think of any other examples right now. Something is definitely up. I’M ON TO Y'ALL OUT THERE ON THE INTERNET!

When you are in difficulty, read the teachings of the most superior family to have ever walked the earth and you will find your answers.

“What I fear most for you are two things: The following of the desires and having a materialistic hope in this world’. Following the desires blocks out the truth and having a materialistic hope makes one forget the hereafter. The world is travelling away from you and the hereafter is travelling towards you and each one of the two has children. Be of the children of the hereafter and do not be of the children of this world. Today there are deeds you can perform and there is no accountability. Tomorrow there is accountability and there will be no more deeds you can perform. Verily, the trials (fitan/fitnas) have come to be because desires were followed and rulings were innovated that opposed the rulings of Allah whilst the innovators were taken as allies during this. Verily, if the truth was cleared and purified (*from these innovations) there would be no differences (clashes/disunity) and if the falsehood was made distinguished then it would have been clear to see to everyone who has a brain. But a bit is taken from here (the truth), and a bit is taken from here (the falsehood) and they are mixed together so they are both magnified.“

- Imam Ali blessings be upon him one day said this as part of a long speech.
The full speech can be found in: Al Kafi volume 8 page 58.


Polaroid Cube

Unconventional design is not the only advantage of the Cube. It is packed with functionality. It is shockproof and water resistant, very rugged and durable, but it also provides you with 1080p HD video, 6MP photo quality with 124° wide angle lens.


7 Cool Inventions You Can Buy Now On Amazon


2016 was a rough year for some of the biggest names in innovation. Facebook was plagued with fake news, Samsung phones exploded and Theranos suffered a stunning fall from grace. But in many ways, 2016 also gave rise to some of the brightest technological advances. Here’s more about the five of the most incredible breakthroughs that emerged in 2015.

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Blackmagic Design | DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel

If you are working in the cinematography business, chances are that you are familiar with the DaVinci Resolve software. This software is used to give life to exotic locations, and even entire worlds, that are produced within Hollywood’s film studios. 

Top 10 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See



This guy Manoj Bhargava made 5 hour energy and now he’s worth 4 billion dollars but he’s using 99% of it to give back and fund research and inventions that benefit the environment and the world. He’s building hospitals, funding projects that could save lives. His team of engineers have found such simple solutions to problems that we’ve been debating politically for decades. This guy needs to be more well known and people, specifically politicians, need to understand that it’s not about the money. It’s about all the lives we could save with this technology and all the people we could help. I just think this video is worth your time. I really do.


iDesk Organizer and card reader by Satechi

The iDesk organizer and card reader really solves your problems in a simple yet efficient way and it helps you keep your workspace neat and organized. But not only did it help you in this way, but the multi-functional hub/card-reader kit also functions as your coffee holder as well as pen holder, and also smart/mobile phone stand and all that while it’s charging.

Saukrates & Pharoahe Monch - Innovations [Video]
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Amazon Echo Look

If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re glad to bring you up to date with this cool new gadget. The Amazon Echo Look is like Amazon’s Alexa that will help you look better- essentially it’s a hands-free camera and style assistant in one. So, what features does it have? 

Innovations music that you usually hear when you walk into the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World, always found it inspiring C: Just gives you the picture of space. Just shows you the imagineers know what they are doing :P 


Maynard Carbine
Massachusetts Arms Co. 
Chicopee, MA

As southern secession and even a possible war against the Union became more realistic by the late 1850s, many southern governments looked to bolster their armories. Thus, as demand for both edged weapons and firearms spiked around the country, arms production became big business – and not just for gunsmiths. Practically anyone with even a remotely practical idea on how to gain a battlefield advantage through superior firepower could cash in, and from the mid-1850s through to the end of the Civil War, an influx of firearm alterations, gadgets, gizmos and other weaponized curiosa emerged.

One such offering was the Maynard Carbine, named for its inventor, a New York dentist named Dr. Edward Maynard, whose southern advertising campaign emphasized ease of use:  “Nothing to do with a Maynard but load her up, turn her north, and pull the trigger; if twenty of them don’t clear out all yankee-dom than I’m a liar…” The ads worked. Southern armories ordered about 1,600 of these first-model, breech-loading pieces prior to secession, and the Confederate Congress placed an additional order of 1,000 guns for assorted Cavalry units throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.

Carrying a nickname of “pop-gun,” the Maynard was anything but. It was an efficient weapon to say the least. Factory warranted to fire 12 rounds per minute with an effective range of 1600 yards, it was simplistic in its workings as a breechloader and, moreover, utilized brass cartridges. But, despite its overwhelming popularity, the Maynard had its shortcomings. The lack of a forward stock, for instance, forced the shooter to place his hand on a bare metal barrel, which after six or so rounds became quite hot to the touch. More of a liability, however, was its paper tape primer (similar to toy cap guns still around even now). In an effort to cut down on reloading time, Maynard devised a rolled length of tape embedded with multiple mercury fulminate capsules. Unlike the single-shot percussion caps, however, these capsules were embedded at measured intervals inside the tape and would automatically feed into place when the hammer was cocked. 

To be fair, Maynard’s paper tape priming system worked great - at least until it started raining. Despite its varnishing, the tape roll still proved unreliable in damp conditions, and was soon replaced with the standard metallic percussion cap action. 

Weaponry Wednesday: Each Wednesday we post an object (or group of objects) from the Charleston Museum’s diverse weapons collection. Many Weaponry Wednesday items may be on permanent exhibit in our armory or elsewhere in the museum, but some pieces rarely see exhibition, temporary or permanent, but are well worth sharing.  We hope you enjoy our selection each week – do let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see on WEAPONRY WEDNESDAY! Also, we always want to learn more about our collection - if you have some insights on a piece, please feel free to share!  #WeaponryWednes