The Virgin and The Sex God Chapter Two- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Two
Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,100
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

You groaned as you dragged yourself into your motel room.  The night had been long and hellish.  Not like you had thought it would be.  You thought that you and Dean would sit around trading stories about hunts and chugging beer.  Never ever, would you have thought that he would try to get into your pants.  He hadn’t shown any interest in you at all over the last three years. You blushed as you remembered the last words that he had asked you on the way.

“Do you like me enough?”

You had made a high pitched noise in your throat as your only response.  Dean had outright laughed at you that time.  Like a full on belly laugh. He had to to stop the car in order to get it out.  That was when you had concluded that he was indeed teasing you.

You grunted as your hands went up to rub your temples.  You were starting to get a headache just thinking of that man.  What in the world had gotten into him?  You couldn’t say it was the booze.  He hadn’t really had much to drink by Dean standards.  Maybe you could chalk it up to him trying to get revenge on you for scaring off his piece of tail for the night.  Then there was the other conclusion that you could draw.  Dean was actually attracted to you.

A flash of very unfamiliar emotions flashed through you.  Suddenly it hit you- just how much you liked  Dean.  As in, you wanted to keep him around as your friend.  If anything happened between the two of you then shit would just get weird and complicated.  You didn’t do complicated.  Complicated would only make life harder than it already was.

You glanced at the red numbers on the digital clock side table.  It read eleven and you groaned.  It was still really early- you could never fall asleep before two.  You contemplated watching T.V., but you knew that their would be nothing that would keep your attention.  Too many questions were playing over and over again in your head.

The shuffling sound from next door caught your attention and that was when you remembered something important. Dean was your neighbor.   Not only was he  your neighbor but he had a door that was connected to your room.  You hadn’t thought anything of it when you checked in, but now you wanted your money back.  Plus, you were pretty sure the lock for the door was on his side.  

You let out a very dramatic screech as the thoughts of him just beyond the door made your skin heat up.  You wouldn’t go there.  You couldn’t go there.  This wasn’t going to happen.  You weren’t going to lose your virginity to the sex god and heart breaker called Dean Winchester.  You knew it was just sex, but it was more.  Losing someone else wasn’t something you could handle.

You had lost your dad to hunting and your mother to how you choose to live your life.  She had given you the opportunity to get out, but you had chosen to go back.   Shaking the memories away, you decided to strip out of your grimy clothes.  A hot shower was the best bet at this point.  That always helped you wind down for the night.  Once you were down to just your birthday suit, you padded your way over to the restroom. 

Stepping into the tub, you allowed the hot water to take away the stress of the evening.  Reaching out, you grabbed your shampoo and poured into your palm worked up a good lather.  Once you felt that it was a good enough scrub, you tilted your head back so you didn’t get shampoo in your eyes from the running water.  As your eyes drifted to the ceiling, you let out a scream that would make a banshee jealous.  

A big, hairy, and black nightmare was crawling above your head.  You absolutely hated spiders and this son of bitch had to be the one that crawled straight out of hell.  Losing your footing, you slipped backwards and fell against the cold title.

Gripping the the slick wall in desperation, you stood frozen.   You screamed again as the spider began to crawl towards you.  The bathroom door bursting open caught your attention.  This time you let out a scream for another reason.  Dean stood in the doorway looking flabbergasted.   

His gaze wasn’t on your face.  Realization hit and your arms went up to cover your breast and you  crossed your thighs.  You could only pray that he didn’t get a good show.  Your brain went haywire for a moment when you watched as his eyes roamed over your body.

 The way his jaw clenched made you feel that pesky tingle between your thigh again.  The original reason for your screaming suddenly made itself present.  The eight legged beast was now right beside your head.  Your hands shot up and you pointed wildly at the your living nightmare.  

“Kill it!  KILL IT!!” You cried as you animatedly pointed to the spider.  

Dean’s eyes were now officially glued to your bouncing chest.  His mind had gone completely to the gutter. The images that were running through his head were enough to make his cock twitch to life.  He couldn’t help but imagine you bouncing on top of him.

 Your lips parted as you alternated between little moans and high pitched wails of his name as he started to pound into you.  His hips snapping upwards as he hit you in the sweet spot.  Your slickness flooding to cover his cock as you came hard.  He reached up to grab your hips to hold you in place while he stretched and filled you to your limit.

Back in reality, you had stopped bouncing and calling for him to kill the spider.  Instead you were now screaming at full volume as you perched precariously on the tub edge.  You had decided that the look on Dean’s face wasn’t worth leaving the tub  and the damn spider had now climbed to the bottom.  You were trapped between your two biggest fear-spiders and intimacy.  You were hoping that the shower spray would scare away the damn spider, but the fucker kept crawling.

It finally reached the other side of the tub and began to crawl upwards.  As you watched on in horror, you decided that Dean was the less scary option and scrambled backwards.  A squeak of helplessness escaped your lips when your foot slipped and you fell backwards.  You quickly closed your eyes as you awaited the impact.  The impact that you got wasn’t what you were expecting.  Your back fell into a soft warm embrace as two strong arms gripped you.  Your eyes fluttered open and you found yourself looking into a sea of green.

Dean smiled down at you and shook his head.  You really were too cute for your own good. Scooping your legs from their place on the tub, he picked you up bridal style in order to carry you to the bed.  You were yelling for him to put you down as your legs kicked.  What in the world was even happening?

Dean gently laid you across the bed and stared down at you.  He couldn’t help but drink you in as you lied there.  Your breath was coming in short spurts and he could see the flush washing over you body.  He bit down hard on his lip as a moan threatened to escaped his lips.  You were looking at him like a deer caught in headlights.

Even though you knew you were completely exposed to him- you couldn’t bring yourself to cover yourself.  Instead, your eyes glued to Dean’s jeans.  The outline of his harden cock was pressing against the zipper.  Your eyes widen when it twitched violently under your stare.  Embarrassment ran through you as squealed.  Turning over, you grabbed a pillow to cover your head.  You didn’t even think to about the gift you had just given Dean.  

Dean eyes darken when you gave him a good view of your pretty little pussy.  He groaned loudly when noticed the sheen that leaked out from your inner lips.  Not being able to take it anymore, he was moving towards you.  He bent over you as his hand ghosted over the shape of your hips.

“Fuck Y/N.  You’re fucking perfect.” He groaned as his hands slipped over the mound of your behind.  You instantly shuttered under the touch, but pressed yourself closer to the bed.  You weren’t ready for this.  You would never be ready for this.  

“Dean stop.”  You mumbled into the mattress, but the squealing was soon replacing words.  One of Dean’s long fingers had reached out and gently pressed to your clit.  The pleasure that ran through you from that simple touch made you quake.  You really were a virgin to everything sexual.  You had never even touched yourself.  

Dean’s finger began to trace circles on your hardening bud and you hissed through your teeth.  Was this what you had been missing?  Well slap your ass and call you Sally.

You groaned as the pressure from his finger increased and a wave of fresh pleasure flooded you. Biting your lip, you let out a little moan of his name and Dean nearly lost it.  He just wanted to toss his clothes to the side and pound into you.  For your shake and somewhat for his amusement, he was going to drag this out.  Teasing  you was the most fun he in a long while.  So pushing back his thoughts and readjusting him, he pulled away from you and gave your ass a smack.  You rolled over to glare at him and he smirked down at you.  

“What the hell, Dean?!” You roared as you rubbed your sore butt cheek.   Dean simply gave you a lopsided smile before turning to go back to his room. 

“When you touch yourself make sure you think of me.”  He said with a devilish wink.  A sounding laughing echoing through your room as you let out a scream of pure hatred into your pillow.  

The loud blaring of the alarm on your phone woke you up with a start.  Groaning, you reached over and slapped it.  The sound was grating on your nerves.  Once you had your number one enemy was under control, your thoughts drifted back to yours dreams.  Dirty dreams about one Mr. Dean Winchester.  

You groaned when you realized that Dean was starting to get under your skin.  You had been with him for the last two days because some local hunters had asked for help on another case close to the same area.  Since that nigh at the bar,you hadn’t been able to sleep without dreaming about him.  Not one dream was alike other than they all involved some sort of sexual contact.  

Groaning as you reached up to groggily wipe your hair out of your face.  Your stomach protested at being empty and you decided to see if Dean was awake.  You climbed out of bed and scurried over to the adjoining door and gave it a knock.

“Dean?  Are you up?”  You called out as knocked.  The sound of footsteps from the other side of the door gave you the answered.  

The door opened slowly and your heart jumped in your throat.  Dean stood in all his glory in front of you.  He was clad only in his boxer briefs and his messy hair.  He gave you a groggy smile before yawning. 

“Mornin.”  He said sleepily.  His hand reaching up to rub the sleep from his eyes.

You tried to swallowed but your mouth was completely dry.  Dean gave you another lopsided smile and you blushed.  When the hell did he get so cute?  You bit your lip before asking him if he wanted to get breakfast.  You cursed yourself when your voice broken a little as he  nodded.  He looked almost angelic half-asleep.

He mumbled something about a shower and turned around.  He left the door open and allowed for you to get the whole view.  His well defined back muscles made you almost shiver as they flex from movement.  Finally, as your eyes roamed his body, you came across a gift from God, Dean Winchester’s ass.  

The groan that escaped your lips was beyond your control, but the low chuckle out of his made you stop short.  You watched as he turned back towards you and gave you a wink. Slowly his fingers dipped into the waistband of his boxers before he slide them down his muscular thigh.  Your eyes widen in shock as you turned away from him.  A dark chuckle came from behind you before his footsteps indicated that he was walking away.  You glowered as a thought struck you.

The little shit was teasing you again!  A smirk grew on your face as a singular thought ran through your mind.  This meant war.

AN:  So I really need to get some sleep.  LOL  So please forgive the grammar in this one.  I will go over it better tomorrow. I hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am!  Please note that I am taking the next few days off from writing.  I will be back Monday.

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BTS reaction to fingering you in public

BTS reaction - you asking them to finger you in public


Namjoon would just smirk and look around first. After seeing that nobody’s paying attention to you two, he would gently place his hand on your tigh, teasing you. He wouldn’t actually do it, his fingers would just caress the place near your pussy.

“I like it when you whine.”

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As soon as he would hear what you’re asking him, he would laugh. But after realizing that you’re not joking, his eyes would get darker. You always know what that means: he’s horny but doesn’t want to show it. His fingers would gently rub you while he’d look around to see if anyone is watching.

“Does it feel good?” “I can’t believe you made me do this.”

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The parties were always boring for you and Yoongi, but you went there anyway, just so you could judge the rich and spoiled people. You two would usually sit somewhere in the corner and talk, but Yoongi’d often get horny because you’d sit on his lap. His nails would gently scratch your inner tights, his lips kissing the back of your shoulder.

“I’ll make this party better for you.”

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Hoseok would be shocked when he hears the question. You just asked him to touch you in the restaurant, how else would he react? Finally realizing that he’s staring at you, he’d just play along and sit closer to you. His cold fingers touching your tights and biting your earlobe.

“Be quiet and they won’t catch  us.”

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His lips would form a smirk, in his mind you were already naked and moaning under him. Jimin’s hand would rub your breasts carefully, making sure to make you moan. The thought of someone catching you made you even more hot and bothered.

“You like it, don’t you?”

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The silver-haired boy would kiss your neck slowly, teasing you all gently rubbing your tights. He’d take you somwhere less crowded and do whatever you ask him becausehe knows you’ll do the same once you get home.

“I didn’t lock the door, baby.” “You sure you would mind Jin hyung catching us like this?”

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Jungkook would be surprised at first too, but wouldn’t hesitate to slide his hand in your panties after you kiss the place under his ear. He loves to make you good, but he never thought of doing that in public. His fingers entering you painfully slow, his lips biting your earlobe.

“I’ll make you feel better once we get in the car.”

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I’m leaving for two weeks but I’ll try to post something on my phone. (:

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Chap. 8)

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off -Reader signs up for an online app similar to Omegle, but little does she know that she’s talking to the one and only Sebastian Stan.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Oral sex (female receiving). Fluff. Sebastian being a sexy beast. Slight secondhand embarrassment. NSFW. 

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Work Stress - Carl Gallagher

Request: Do you think you could do an imagine where the reader and Carl are getting suuuuper intimate (smut intended) and Carl is very dominant and possessive in bed. He likes using the phrases “baby girl” and “damn ma” (kinda like from his gangster phase).

Warnings: smutty, fluffy lil Carl, dominant Carl

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 1257

Note: This is my first smut imagine, so I’m sorry if it’s extremely cringy.


I had been at work all day and I was exhausted to my core, I wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep but before I even got the chance to step out onto the curb of the street I got a message from Carl asking me to come over to his “crib”. He had been going through this gangster phase for a while now, although he acted tough he was still the same old Carl to me only with a different hairstyle. I had told him a countless amount of times to take his cornrows out but he never listened to me, he always just shrugged it off and told me that he liked them.

I had been working at one of the new coffee stores that had just been built in town, everyone had been giving me shit about it saying that I was ruining the south side. But a girls gotta work and they were hiring, so I guess I’m destroying the south side.

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To Make a Soldier Blush

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Summary: You’re a new avenger and you have your own mission to accomplish: making Bucky Barnes blush everytime you see him.

Warnings: I don’t know, forward reader maybe?, shy Bucky, violence. 

Words Count: 2.8k (ish)

A/N: This is my submission for Bee’s 2.1k challenge from @amarvelouswritings (thank you for also being the beta for this Bee, I love you to death). I got prompt 14- “Well, geez, if you don’t like what I’m wearing, I can go and change.” English is not my first language, so excuse any mistakes.

It was hard for you to focus on the projected figure of a giant rotten alien grape that apparently was the one of the possible newest threats to the universe. The reason of your disregarded distraction? How fuckable the group of super-heroes sitting with you around the table was.

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cleanup in aisle 7 | (m)

☆ pairing: jungkook x reader

☆ genre: smut, cunnilingus, slight overstimulation, fluff

☆ word count: 2.9k

inspired by a dream @oh-no-its-mo had

⚠️caution: wet floor⚠️

“Staaay,” Jungkook whined. His fingers interlocked with yours, trapping you in his grasp as he sat on your shared mattress and you stood. He was clingier than usual—needier. You had shit to do, though. You didn’t have time for this.

“You want to get fed, right?”

Yeah,” he sighed, yet a shit-eating grin formed on his lips as his eyes downcasted to your skirt, “but there’s only one thing I’m really craving to eat right now.”

His smirk ignited a fire in you, and it wasn’t arousal (although maybe just a tad). Irritation flooded you and you freed yourself from his grasp.

“Stay at home to work on your little problem then. You have two hands.”

“Baaabe, just give me 20 minutes!”

You scoffed at his persistence and instead made your leave to the supermarket, slamming the bedroom door behind you. That was the problem with having a horny boyfriend. Sure, the sex was fantastic, but sometimes he was a little…overbearing. And he always gave you what you wanted, but you still felt like something was missing. You decided to bring it up sometime soon.

“These eggplants look like dicks.”

You scoffed. “You wish yours was even remotely that size.”

“Hey!” Jungkook frowned, clearly offended by your remark. You were right but he wasn’t going to admit it. “Should I compare my dick to this eggplant right here, right now?” His fingers hovered over the zipper of his jeans.

An exasperated sigh escaped your lips, “You should have stayed your ass home.” You walked away from him and resorted to pretending you didn’t know him so as to save yourself from embarrassment.

“No way, I would have missed you too much,” he said, catching up to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You pinched his arm in return.

After Jungkook’s constant indiscreet squeezes of your ass and his constant back hugs while you rummaged through food items on shelves, all of the necessary items had been retrieved from the aisles and all there was left to do was pay. However, as you were on your way to the check-out area, you were welcomed by the hard-hitting sound of rain over the supermarket rooftop.  

“Shit, I didn’t bring my umbrella.” You groaned.


“So our asses are staying in here until the rain subsides.”

Jungkook knew you would refuse walking out of the supermarket and risking getting your hair was out of the question, so he didn’t bother coercing you to head back home with him despite the heavy rain. Instead, the two of you hauled the shopping cart with the unpaid items to the back of the store where you both found an employee resting area. While the two of you entered and waited for the rain to subside, he took your hand and placed it on his crotch to feel his raging boner.

You pulled your hand back quickly and glared daggers at him, “I didn’t feel anything, just a little meat,” you laughed, but as soon as the words left your lips, you knew you had made a grave mistake.

His expression was discernible and it all happened too fast. He walked up behind you and his arms snaked around your waist, a hand sliding underneath your shirt to grasp your breast while the other remained on your hip holding you flush against him. You felt his boner against the small of your back and you gulped down the urge to pounce on him. His mouth hovered over your ear, his breath tickling you as he spoke into it with a deep, gravelly voice that was laced with arousal and desperation.

“You already know what it is, so don’t act like you don’t like this ‘meat’. You know I have you screaming.” He lightly sucked on your earlobe and groaned as he rubbed his boner against your ass, his agonizing desire quite apparent in his jeans. You didn’t have to see his face to know his face was contorted into that stupid ass smirk of his. Yet, your heartbeat was quickening and you were sure he could feel the vibrations against his chest and in his hand as he kneaded your breast. After all, you were both still at the fucking supermarket and were at risk of being caught.

You freed yourself from his grasp and put some distance between you two. “I have to pee,” you lied, “wait here.” He clicked his tongue as you walked towards the employee bathroom a few feet away. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with Jungkook. Quite frankly, you wanted him to fuck you raw until you burst under his touch, especially after his persistent attempts in seducing you throughout the duration of your grocery shopping. The aching between your legs felt almost unbearable, but it just wasn’t the time and place to do that.  

As you opened the bathroom door, the electricity blew a fuse in the supermarket and everything went pitch black.

You felt Jungkook’s body behind you. “Perfect,” he whispered and pushed you into the bathroom gently, following behind you and locking the door behind him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You asked, but you knew where this was going.

He quickly turned on the flashlight on his phone and scanned the bathroom before placing his phone face down so that the light could illuminate the room. Surprisingly, the room was fancy for being an employee bathroom in a supermarket. The walls were white with salmon colored accents and the counter was made of white marble with salmon-colored swirls with a large mirror over the counter. The floors were made of marble too, but the decór of the employee bathroom wasn’t what was important, though. What was important was that Jungkook was looking at you from the counter, eyes hooded with lust and a grin you wanted to smack off of his face.

“Come here.” His voice was low and rough and you attempted to hold yourself from melting into a puddle right then and there. Hesitantly, you approached him, already knowing what would ensue once you closed the distance between the two of you.

Immediately, his lips collided onto the crook of your neck like magnets. His hand slipped underneath your shirt and traced circles on your back as he began leaving hungry trails of kisses from your neck to your shoulders. You fought the urge to moan, your lips pursed as he kissed your collarbone and moved upwards to your neck, then, your cheeks, and finally, onto your lips. His kisses were soft at first and you reciprocated them just as softly, but his hand began to glide dangerously low on your body, lifting up your skirt and sliding underneath your panties. He groaned upon feeling your warmth on his fingers as the pads of his fingers stroked your bud roughly and at a slow pace.

Your moans quickened and he swallowed each and every one of them as he kissed you, his kisses beginning to grow desperate and ravenous, matching the motions his hands were making between your legs. Your hands clutched onto his arms, fingers digging into his bicep as he continued his ministrations.

You were disappointed when his hand had suddenly left your heat and he turned the two of you around so that your ass was pressed against the counter. His hand lifted your skirt as he kneeled on the marble floor and you looked down at him, perking up a brow. He pulled down your panties so that they rested on your calves after spreading your legs apart. His mouth latched onto your pussy quickly and without warning, his tongue sweeping your outer and inner lips in slow motions, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from you. He sucked on your nub and released it, trailing his tongue down towards your entrance and slurping up your arousal, all while slick sounds echoed in the bathroom.

“Damn, boy. If you’re that hungry we have groceries right outside. You’re eating me out like a mango and shit.”

“Mmm, no,” he hummed, mouth still attached to you which sent vibrations straight to your core. “Your pussy tastes much,” he teased your clit with a single lick, “better than mangoes.” Your breath hitched in your throat and you whimpered as his tongue returned to your clit and began attacking it ferociously, moving it in circles while looking up at you with those hooded eyes you both adored and felt annoyed by.

His tongue flicked against your clit steadily without pause and your nails dug into his soft, brown locks when you began to feel butterflies fluttering about in your lower belly. He moaned into you, both by your touch and because he was savoring every moment he spent between your legs, happily lapping at his girlfriend’s arousal. A hand went up to grab and play with your ass and the other massaged the inside of your thighs.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Your voice was shaky, every lick and suck pushing you further to the edge.

With one final lick you began writhing and rocked your hips against Jungkook’s mouth desperately, riding out your high as he continued to lick you. When the overstimulation became too much, your hand dropped to Jungkook’s cheek and you gently pushed him away, his lips making a slurping sound when he separated himself from your pussy.

Your breathing was still labored from your orgasm when he stood and took your face in his hands, capturing you in a swift kiss.

He chuckled against your lips. “Good?”

“Yeah,” you said, breathless and in a daze.

“Good, ‘cuz we’re not finished yet.” And before you could process what he had said, he turned you around so that your front was facing the bathroom counter and he kissed your cheek before pushing you down so that your body was over and against the counter.

“Can we?” he asked, and when you nodded yes, he pulled out a condom from the back pocket of his jeans and pulled down his pants until they reached around his knees.

Your head turned around to look at him. “You brought a condom to the Supermarket?”

“I always bring a condom with me when I’m with you; you never know what’ll happen,” he winked and quickly unwrapped the condom, sliding it onto his full length.

You rolled your eyes at him and waited anxiously for him to finally enter you, to finally raw you like you’ve been secretly wishing for the entire time you had been shopping.

He lifted your skirt to reveal your ass and pussy and he stared down at your ass in admiration, “So cute.”

Your breath hitched when he suddenly rubbed his dick against your wet core, the slippery sound of your wet folds rubbing against his dick lighting a salacious grin on Jungkook’s face. He rubbed himself against your still sensitive bud and you swallowed, clutching onto the counter with both hands and biting down on your lip upon feeling your rekindling arousal.

You felt irritation prickling your skin. “Weren’t you horny off your ass all damn day? Why are you taking so long to shove your dick in this pus—” Suddenly, he entered you, eliciting a surprised and more than pleased gasp from you and a deep, blissful groan from him after finally coming into contact with the heat he had been craving all day long. Finally, he was surrounded by your delicious warmth.

He began slowly, allowing you to adjust and caressing your lower body with his warm hands. When you gave him the okay to move faster, he did not hesitate. Jungkook wasn’t kidding—he truly was holding back for a long time, his pent up arousal evident in his powerful and rushed but determined thrusts. They were more powerful and desperate than you had ever seen in him, every thrust hitting your spot swiftly and flawlessly, rendering you a moaning mess underneath him. He knew every nook and cranny of your body, so he was quick to locate the spot that would soon make you unravel. Your hold on the counter tightened as his hands gripped around your hips and he thrusted into you fervently while your eyes were shut. You felt his hand lift up your chin gingerly, contrary to his ruthless and fervid thrusts.

He tilted your head so that you would look at the two of you in the big mirror over the sink. “Look at you…my baby,” he panted.

You took a peek and began lowering your head, but he clicked his tongue and lifted your chin once again, tilting your head towards the direction of the mirror. His lips hovered over your ear. “Put your head up and look at yourself,” he commanded, voice low and husky. “I want you to remember everything.”

You exhaled shakily as his words sent electricity through your veins and sent pulsations between your legs. You were embarrassed, but something about watching yourself getting fucked by your boyfriend over the Supermarket’s employee bathroom counter with nothing but the flashlight of his phone illuminating the room excited you, your adrenaline skyrocketing like never before. It was exhilarating knowing that the two of you were at risk of someone barging into the employee restroom and catching the two of you in the act. As Jungkook continued ramming into you and squeezing your ass, you stared at your reflection in the mirror while his eyes bore into yours with a wicked expression before throwing his head back and letting out contented guttural moans. The room was filled with echoes of skin slapping against skin, as well as the cries and groans shared between the two of you and Jungkook’s continuous grunting of your name.

You wondered if something had possessed your man—no, you were sure something had possessed him because he had never gone to such an extreme like this during sex, pounding you mercilessly and taking on an almost completely different personality. You were thoroughly enjoying this diversion as opposed to the regular sex the two of you had, even if it meant your man had been possessed, but the thought flew right over your head as you finally reached your peak, coming for a second time in the employee bathroom. Feeling your delightful contractions around him, Jungkook reached his high a few seconds after you had reached yours, moaning out your name and jerking his hips a few more times before the two of you were satisfied and came down from your highs together.

He pulled out of you and quickly caught your arm after seeing you lose your balance upon his freeing you of his hold. Your legs had grown weak and wobbly from the position—not to mention his pounding into you—and you turned around to stand facing him. You held yourself up on the counter as he moistened a paper towel and cleaned you up before depositing his used condom in the trash, pulling your panties up for you and adjusting your skirt, and then picking you up to sit on the counter after fixing himself back into his jeans. Your muscles felt like they were on fire, so he massaged your legs for you and then kissed you chastely.

He noticed your hair was disheveled, so he fixed your hair for you, too, while you stared at him, perplexed.

He cocked his head to the side and laughed. “What?”

“Don’t you ‘what’ me. Where the hell did you learn that? What porn did you watch?”

“Porn? You know I don’t need to watch porn when I have a sexy girlfriend,” he teased and you kissed your teeth, but he continued, rubbing the back of his head and avoiding your gaze. “I don’t know, I just—I’ve been wanting to try having rough sex with you and you seemed to like it?” His eyes quickly rose to meet yours. “You did like it, right?”

He was right, you fucking loved it. He fucked you so good, but now your weakened body had to pay the price. You sensed his anxiety and you softened.

“I liked it. And I would more than not mind if we did that again,” you admitted.

He beamed, pleased with your response as he pressed his lips onto your forehead tenderly and engulfed you in an embrace, which you returned and then pinched his cheeks.

The power went back on and the bathroom lights lit up.

“Let’s go the fuck home, I’m tired as shit,” you said, and Jungkook hooked an arm around your waist to assist you in hopping off of the counter and walking.

When the two of you opened the bathroom door, you were met by a pair of stern eyes. The man wore a security uniform. “Someone said they heard screaming coming from the bathroom. Why were the two of you in there? There’s a sign that says ‘No Trespassing’. What were you two doing?”

You and Jungkook looked at each other at the same time. Coming up was an excuse was futile—it was obvious what the two of you had been doing in there. Instead, Jungkook nodded towards the shopping cart that had been left by the two of you by the employee resting area entrance and you both made a run for it. You hopped on the cart, hands on the handlebar and feet on the bottom storage and Jungkook placed his arms around you to push the cart. The two of you roared in laughter as he ran as far away from the security guard as possible with you riding on the shopping cart.

Yeah, sometimes Jungkook was annoying and overbearing, but you couldn’t have asked for a better guy to call your man.

Make me beg (smut)

Warning: Smut, teasing

Taehyung X Reader

Words: 1680

Based on this request.

A/N: I’m sorry I’m taking too long to answer the requests but school is taking all my time

Originally posted by btstaehyunged

“You want me to do what?” Taehyung chuckled at your request. You didn’t ask anything weird. Just one thing. You wanted him to beg. To beg for your touch. Beg for you. But of course he would reject it. He was always a dom. You were the one who always begged, who was always whimpering. You just wanted to see what it would look like for you to have him begging. To see what a Sub!Taehyung looked like.

 ”Come on, Tae. I just wanna feel what you feel” you complained, “I don’t want you to beg beg, I just… I don’t know, just please let’s try”.

 “I’m the dom here, baby. Deal with that. Besides, you feel pleasure however we fuck” he said. Asshole. You always tried new things with him, why couldn’t he just do this little favor?

 “Fuck, Taehyung, I’m not asking you anything impossible” you complained.

 “Y/N, I will never beg for your touch. You’re the one who will” he said. What an audacity. He said never?

 You couldn’t let that go. You had to make him beg. And you would.

 “Fine. If you will not beg for good, then go for bad” you said and rolled around to sleep.

Of course you wanted to fuck with him. Of course you wanted him. But after what he said that night, you would hold yourself back. And you knew that later or sooner, he would become horny. He still didn’t know what you were planning. But he would know.

 “Baby, are you in home?” Taehyung had just arrived from practice, of course he was tired, and if he didn’t want to sleep, he would want to make love to you.

 “I’m here” you called him from upstairs. You heard his steps getting closer till your bedroom’s door got opened. You were only on your - his- t-shirt and panties. He sighed at your sight and walked towards you. You got up and met him, hugging him and pecking him on his lips.

 “Hey, baby” you greeted him. He smiled down at you and placed his lips onto yours softly. You let him guide you onto the bed till your back hit the mattress and his weight was over you. Occasionally, the kiss became hungrier; you could already feel his erection growing against your clothed pussy. He were about to go further when you stopped him.

 You stood up and looked at him.

 “You’re not fucking me tonight. Not tomorrow. You’ll have what you want when you beg for it” you said. He chuckled as his eyes darkened and stood up. He walked towards you and you slowly walked back, his hands gripping your waist and pressing you against the wall. He leaned in and whispered on your ear.

 “Well, I think we won’t fuck for a few days, then” he said and got into the bathroom. Let’s see.

You were showering and when you got out and saw your naked body in front of the mirror, you had an idea. Taehyung was outside in your bedroom watching some TV, laying onto the bed. You were going to tease him. It was the perfect opportunity. You fixed your wet hair and got out from the bathroom, pretending not to see him. You walked towards the closet – that was beside the TV desk and started “looking” for your clothes. When you found it, you bent over to grab your panties and you accidentally let your towel fall from your body, exposing your butt for Taehyung. You could hear him muffling a choke. Well done.

 “Ah, I’m sorry” you said before grabbing the tower and getting back into the bathroom.

 It had been already 4 days since you and Taehyung had fucked and you were starting to think that that was ridiculous. You were getting horny. But you were not the one suffering, Taehyung was as well. Occasionally you could hear him jerking himself off in the bathroom when you were “sleeping”. When he arrived from the practice or something, he was always trying to make you change your mind and beg for him. But you weren’t making that easy for him too; you were teasing him as well. You made sure to kiss him all the time and touch his dick, or cuddle and rub your butt against his crotch. You’re strong, Y/N.

  “Why don’t you just give up and beg? You’re good at this. Come on, Y/N, you know you want it too. You know you want me to fuck this pretty pussy of yours” Taehyung said as he was playing kisses down your jawline, both of you laying onto the couch.  You pushed him away, but only to make him lay on his back and go over him, straddling his hips, making sure to rub against his clothed dick. You leaned in and kissed him, sucking his bottom lip and earning a moan from him.

 “You know you’re suffering as well” you whispered, licking his earlobe, “and this time you are the one who will beg” you said.

   Taehyung was on the practice and it had been one week since you last fucked. Shit, just forget it, Y/N. This is bullshit. One week without fucking? Huh. No you couldn’t give up. You would make him beg that day. You decided to go upstairs and get into your best lingerie. You did lay onto the bed and grabbed your cellphone, putting it on the front camera.

 “This is me thinking about you, baby” you whispered to the camera as it started recording. You bit your lip and started touching your boobs, squeezing it harshly the way he always did. You let out a low moan as you teased your own nipple under your bra, knowing it would make him crazy. You slowly lowered your hand till it reached your panties, circling your clothed clit. You closed your eyes in pleasure, imagining it was Taehyung’s hands. You managed to take off your panties and record it as well. Then, you did spread your legs and started fingering you easily, you were already wet. You placed the camera in a strategic point, letting the camera get all the sight of your pussy.

 When you were done, you sent it to him. This will be the end for him. Slowly, still on your bra and no panties, you fell asleep.

You woke up hearing the front door being loudly closed. You would have gone scared if you hadn’t heard his voice.

 “Y/N!” Taehyung screamed for you as his voice got closer. He opened the bedroom door, revealing an already shirtless-tae and eyes widening at the sight of your semi clothed body.

 “Fuck” he whispered and walked towards you, losing his pants on the way so he was only on his boxers.

 “What the fuck?” you gasped as he opened your legs apart and placed himself between your legs.

 “Do you have idea of what you did? I was erect all day! Because of you!” he screamed at you. Fucking hell. His eyes were full of lust, lust and lust.

 “Well… You can have all this… You just have to beg” you said teasingly.

  “Please, let me fuck you, I miss the feeling of your tight little cunt around my cock, I miss how you moan for me, I miss everything. Please just let me fuck you here and now, rough and fast” he whispered.

You had never ever seen him begging. Even more like that. You liked it. You got wet by the sec he said that.

 You got free from him and made him lay on his back.

 “I’ll give you what you want” you said and crashed your lips on his. His hands immediately found your butt, and you happily let him touch it. God you missed his touch so much. You traveled down, kissing his jawline and his neck, sucking his soft skin. He let out a low groan when your tongue made contact with his stomach. Your hands started massaging his inner thighs as your lips teased his clothed erect dick. He let out a low groan with your teasing. You took off his boxers, licking your lips when you saw his tip was dripping with pre-cum.

 “Do you want me to suck you, huh?” you asked.

 “Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. You pumped him a few times in a slow pace, soon leaned in and licked his tip. He wrapped his fingers on your hair and you slapped his hand.

 “No touching, baby” you said and spread his juice on his entire length. His head was almost purple, he was like a stone.

 “For god sakes, Y/N! Do something!” he complained. Fuck that was so hot. You took him into your mouth, letting your tongue touch all it could. He let out a loud moan at the feeling. That time, you let his fingers grab your hair, letting him control your speed. You managed to deep-throat him and gagged a little, but he liked it. He liked to hear you gagging around his cock.

 At determinate moment, you stopped sucking him, but only to take off your panties. You were fucking wet. You just wanted to get fucked already.  You laid on your back beside him.

 “Do me, Tae” you said. You had already got what you wanted, but nothing made you wet like him. He knew exactly where your spots were. He knew how to make you cum. And you were going to get it.

 He placed himself between your legs and pushed in, not letting you adjust. And you didn’t need to, you were soaked. He started thrusting in an already fast pace, pounding into you roughly. You fingernails started scratching his back, moaning loudly.

 “Fuck, Tae!” you screamed.

 “Did you miss it? You missed my cock? Fuck, you made me beg for it” he said between groans. Your walls started clenching around his dick, it hitting your g-spot in every thrust.

 It didn’t take long for you to cum, he followed you soon after.

  “I think I’ve to make you beg more often” you said.

Sinful Tickles

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Request: Hey doll :) Could I ask for an imagine where you’re Bucky’s girlfriend but you’re not an avengers, just a shy simple Girl. So one day he invites you over at the compound after your work where he first introduces you to the rest and later you’re in his bed cuddling. Then he starts tickling you which Ends up you being on top of him and things get heated from there. But then you get all shy again and tell him he’s your first, so he’s all gentle and later he cuddles you again till you fall asleep?:) ( @tieddown-withbattleshipchains )

Warnings: language, smut, fluff !!

Word Count: 2.3K

A/N: Hey kids! I’m so sorry for my prolonged absence, I’ve been moving into college and going through an endless amount of orientation meetings and shit so, it’s been great. I also started classes yesterday and already have a ton of homework and whatnot, so that’s also great. But anyways, please send in any requests you may have so I have something to do while I’m not suffering!

The car you’re in sails smoothly down a long, winding road. Lush, green trees flash by as you cruise down the strip, and you can feel Bucky’s thumb rubbing slow, soothing circles over your knuckles. When you look away from the window, you find Bucky staring at you, a small, love-filled smile plastered on his face.

“What are you looking at?” A soft giggle tumbles from your lips.

“You’re gonna love the team, doll,” Bucky’s smile grows. “And they’re gonna love you.”

“I sure hope so,” you sigh, looking back out the window. The car began to slow as it approached a set of gates, then continued down the drive. Soon, large, fantastic buildings appeared in view. Their glimmering and neat exteriors shine in the sun, locking you in a trance. The driver pulls the car up to the curb in front of one of the buildings and Bucky lets go of your hand, opening his car door and sliding out. A few seconds later, he reappears on your side and opens the door for you, extending his hand to you. You take it and duck out of the car, still staring at the buildings.

“I can’t believe you live here,” you breathe in awe.

“Just wait until you see the inside,” Bucky leads you up clean, white steps to the large, crystal-clear glass doors.

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Destined To Be Yours (Yondu Udonta x Reader)

Scenario: Yondu discovers you on a slave auction and decides to save you. But what path will his decision lead the two of you on?

A/N: Can be read as a prequel to “A Ravager’s Love” that you’ll find on my blog under the tag; yondu udonta x reader. Hope y'all will enjoy this story :)

Warnings: Smut, Drama, Angst & Fluff, Murder, Harsh & Explicit Language.

~ ~ ~

Life on earth had been a quiet living for you. A husband or children never seemed to be in your cards. You lived your life with a blooming carrier and a group of close friends, telling yourself that was everything you needed. But your heart knew better. Your heart knew the truth. It seeked for something else. For something new.

So the night you were taken didn’t scare you as much as it excited you. The prospect of life on other planets had always been true to you, so there was no surprise displayed on your face when the spaceship emerged above you and beamed you aboard. But the benevolent aliens you hoped to see were nowhere to be found. Instead the shackled you and sold you as a slave.

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Surprise Me

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Request: Imagine giving Tig head in the bathroom.

Note: Okay I haven’t edited this at all, so Im sorry if there are mistakes. Also sorry that the ‘backstory’ is shitty, I wrote this in like an hour, plus i wrote the smut part first and then just wanted to post it for you guys 😂 Hope y'all enjoy! xx


(Y/n) (y/l/n) was quiet. She was that quiet, shy girl that always sat in the back of the classroom. You never raised your hand and you’d always worry the teacher would pick you to answer a question. Lyla was the popular one. She was beautiful, confident and everyone loved her. Blond hair, perfect body, and well- she was a pornstar. Of corse all the boys loved her.
Yet she was your best friend and somehow, despite all your differences you got on like a house on fire.
You were nervous when she invited you to a party at SAMCRO.
Of course you wanted to go, God those bikers were sexy as hell, but you were.. you.
You were the quiet one that no one ever talked to, and next to Lyla and her pornstar friends, you knew you didn’t stand a chance.
It’s not that you were ugly.
But you just weren’t.. them.
They wore barely any clothes and you wore jeans and a singlet.
They coated themselves in cheap perfume and spent hours on their make up and you had no idea what the fuck contouring meant.
But you had to suck it up. You wanted to go and you wanted to hang out with your friend and as long as there was eye candy invlolved, you couldn’t really complain.
The party was in full swing when you walked in and you gulped as you eyed the crow eaters dancing around in practically nothing.
“Come oooooon!” Lyla said and dragged you into the crowd.
You sighed and followed your friend.
Seeing all these half naked girls had never made you feel more insecure, in your ripped jeans and black singlet.
At least you had bothered to put on mascara, you thought to yourself.
“(Y/n), this is Opie!” Lyla said and shoved you towards a large biker.
He smiled down at you and you smiled back up at him.
She continued to introduce you to the surrounding guys; Juice, Jax, Tig and Bobby.
“Hey I didn’t know Lyla had friends that weren’t pornstars.” Juice said.
Lyla rolled her eyes.
“How do you know she’s not a pornstar?” Bobby answered.
“I’m full of surprises.” You winked and you all laughed.
Tig watched you closely and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Lyla said and dragged you to the bar.
An hour or two had passed and you headed for the bathroom.
The night was going well so far, and different from what you had expected.
You had spent the evening sitting with Tig, Bobby Opie and Lyla and you had gotten on well, laughing and talking together.
The clubhouse was packed and you moved through the crowd, brushing shoulders with strangers.
Eventually you made it to the bathroom and you closed the door behind you.
After doing what you came to do you stared at yourself in the mirror as you washed your hands.
Suddenly the door opened behind you and Tig walked in.
He stopped when he saw you and a playful look came over him.
He was sexy, all in leather and God those eyes just did something to you. His hands were masculine and covered in rings and you wanted to know how it felt when they touched you.
He leant against the wall and watched you as you dried your hands.
“You know if you wanted to get me alone you coulda just asked.” He said.
You laughed and turned towards him.
“If I’m not mistaken, you are the one who followed me in here.”
You smirked and wiped your hands in your jeans.
“Something tells me you wanted me to follow you in here.” Tig said and stepped closer to you.
“Is that so?” You asked with a raised eye brow.
Tig reached out and locked the door before stepping towards you once more.
“Mmhmm.” He nodded. He bit his lip and looked you up and down as he closed the gap between you.
You breathed in his scent and your heart began to beat faster.
Before you could more he leant forward and kissed your lips lightly.
“But then again, maybe you’d rather be left alone.”
You didn’t even hesitate. You dropped to your knees and tugged down his jeans, not even bothering with the zipper. Tig had tight black briefs on that were thin enough to make out the shape of his hardening length.
You looked up into those blue eyes, now filled with shock and winked before kissing him through the fabric.
“Oh Jesus.” You heard Tig whisper as he threw his head black and you smirked and ran your tongue along his length, still through the fabric.
The heat from your breath and the saliva from your tongue made the fabric damp and you looked up to meet his eye as your fingered traced inside the waistband.
He stared down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth and those blue eyes sparkling with arousal.
You tugged the briefs down his thighs and let them fall to his ankles, your eyes widening slightly as you took in the full length of him.
Tigs hand reached out and he placed it gently on your cheek. You smirked up at him and moved your head closer.
You slowly licked a trail from base to the head and twirled your tongue around the tip.
Tig gasped and you wrapped your lips around him before taking more of him in your mouth.
Your head moved back and forwards along his length and with each move you took more of him in your mouth.
Tig looked down at you, your cheeks hallowed and your eyes watering as he hit the back of your throat.
But you didn’t gag, you just continued to pull him further into your mouth and Tig moaned in pleasure.
His hands wrapped into your hair, his rings tangling into the strands and he pulled it into a ponytail, guiding you up and down his cock.
You pulled back, letting him leave your mouth with a pop and you licked your lips and gently grabbed his cock with your hand.
You licked along the underside of him and kissed the tip softly.
“Good girl,” Tig moaned and you smirked and licked along his length once more.
He loomed over you, dominant and he had a wild look in his eyes.
He placed his hand under your chin and lifted it til you were looking at him.
He continued to lift, gesturing for you to stand and you obeyed.
You came to your feet and Tig was quick to press his lips against yours.
His hands grasped at your hair, taking it in handfuls and he kissed you hungrily.
You moaned into his mouth which only seemed to make him want you more.
He pulled back from you and licked his lips slowly, his eyes running over your body hungrily.
You felt the slightest pressure on your hips as he placed his fingers there, brushing the cool metal of his rings against the skin between your jeans and your top.
“Are you a good girl?” Tig asked you.
You bit your lip, feeling his fingers move lightly back and forth over your skin.
“I try to be.” You whispered and ran your hands up his chest, and grasped the leather on his shoulders.
He arched his neck and leant towards you and you felt the heat of his breath on your neck.
“I think your a bad girl,” Tig said.
You shivered as you felt his lips trace ever so slightly across the skin of your neck.
He pulled his head back slightly and smirked at you before pressing his lips against yours.
You moaned, letting your mouth open and he slid his tongue inside. The kiss was different to the one before, like you were at his mercy now, like you were his and he slid his hands around you, grabbing your ass and squeezing tightly.
He’s not shy in the way he moves his lips with yours and you taste the cigarettes and whiskey on his tongue.
His pants are still around his ankles and and you can feel his length pressing against you as he pulls you closer to him.
Suddenly he pulls back from you and you bite your lip as he pulls his body away too.
His eyes are filled with lust and he stepped back to look at you.
You lifted your shirt above your shoulders and let it fall to the ground before reaching behind you and unclipping your bra.
Tig stroked himself as you let your bra fall to the floor and his eyes burnt into your bare chest.
He steps closer to you once more, looming over you all black leather and he reaches out and grabs the back of your neck. His movement was rough but gentle enough to not hurt you and you almost whimpered at his touch.
Your fingers tangled in his black curls and you felt his hands explode your breasts.
He squeezed your breasts and took a nipple between his fingers and squeezed gently before massaging them once more.
He’s kissing you with such force that you stumble backwards slightly til you feel yourself hit the sink.
Tig ripped his lips away from yours and kissed down your neck, sucking hungrily at the skin and you moaned as he nipped gently, leaving a trail of bruises along your collar bone.
He lowered his mouth and sucked at your breast, making you gasp.
His hips pressed into you, his erection pressing against your abdomen and you lifted yourself up slightly so you were sitting on the edge of the counter.
You moan at the touch of his tongue licking over your hardened nipples and you wrap a leg around his waist, pulling him closer.
You grasp at his hair, tugging gently at the black curls and he digs his fingers into your hips.
Your pussy was wet for him, dampening your panties and you ground your hips, letting the fabric of your jeans run against him.
Tig growled and pulled back from your breasts.
His fingers grabbed at your jeans and he tugged them down your body. He eyed the red panties covering your pussy and he licked his lips. He moved to stand between your legs once more and you wrapped them around him and grabbed at his leather, pulling his lips to yours.
Tig ran his hand between your bodies and you feel his thumb run against your clit through the fabric.
A load moan left your lips and suddenly the hand that was on your pussy is pressed to your mouth.
“Keep it down,” He ordered.
You nodded and he lifted his hand and stroked your cheek gently.
“Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked you and he pressed his erection against your inner thigh.
You bit your lip, fighting the moan wanting to escape you and nodded.
His hand traced your cheek and his tongue stroked your lips gently.
You wrapped your mouth around his thumb and sucked gently.
Tig growled and moved his free hand down to his pussy, leaving his thumb in your mouth.
He traced along your slit and you whimpered slightly.
He met your gaze and you stared into them as he rubbed your clit through your panties slowly.
“That feel good?” He asked you.
His finger slid beneath the fabric and between your folds, feeling your wetness and you moaned against his thumb in your mouth and nodded.
He pulled his hand away from your face and pushed your legs open wider, his eyes looking hungrily at your pussy.
Gently he lifted your panties and pushed them to the side, exposing your wetness to him.
Tig licked his lips and ran his finger through your folds once more.
You whimpered slightly as his fingers ran over your clit and back to your core and he teased you with his fingertips.
He stares at your pussy in awe before sinking to his knees before you.
His lips kissed your folds softly and you moaned as you felt his tongue slide between them.
His tongue circled your clit and you bit your lip, fighting the moans that threatened to escape you.
He licked at you hungrily and slid a finger inside you.
You could feel him moan against your clit, causing vibrations on his tongue and you couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure as he pumped his finger inside of you.
You grabbed at his hair, holding him to you and you moved your hips slowly back and forth, grinding yourself against his lips.
Another finger slid inside you and he pumped ten expertly, rubbing against your g spot with each move.
His tongue ran laps around your clit and heat began to build within you.
“Tiggy!” You moaned as you felt yourself reaching the edge.
Tig growled and moved his tongue faster, pumped his fingers faster and you squirmed, tugging gently at his hair.
You moaned again and suddenly you were trembling, waves of ecstasy floating over you as you come. Tig lapped at your juices, his fingers still pumping inside you and your legs shook.
He let you ride out your high, his tongue lapping up all of you and slowly he pulled back from you and licked his lips.
You were panting and he stood and kissed you gently, letting you taste yourself on his lips.
You met his eye and you gulped at the hunger and lust that filled his gaze. He was no where near finished with you.
He pulled you off the sink and turned you around, making you look at yourself in the mirror.
You bit your lip and looked at your reddened cheeks, your ruffled hair and your almost naked body.
Tig pressed himself against your back and massaged your breasts as he kissed your neck roughly.
You closed your eyes and threw your head back, letting him take control of you.
His cock pressed against your ass and you knew he must be desperate to come now.
His hands left your breasts and trailed down your hips and he reached between the two of you and squeezed your ass cheeks, separating them slightly. He pulled down your panties and let them fall to your ankles.
You laid your hands on the edge of the sink and leant forward slightly, letting him see more of your ass.
Tig growled and slapped your cheek hard making you gasp.
He rubbed the reddening skin before slapping it once more but this time you moaned.
You felt his hand cup your pussy and you bit your lip.
“This pussy is mine now.” He growled and you nodded.
“It’s all yours Tiggy.”
He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against your entrance, circling it slowly.
“So wet for me, baby girl.”
You moaned and arched your back, pushing your ass towards him.
Tig smirked and pushed himself into you slowly.
A low moan left your lips as his length slid inside you slowly, stretching you.
He pulls back slowly and enters you once more and you arched your back once more.
Tig grasped your hips and pushed himself further into you.
You whine as he leaves you and you hear him chuckle slightly behind you.
Suddenly he pushed into you once more, harder than before and he leaves you breathless.
Your knuckles are white as you clutch at the sink and he pounds into you relentlessly.
Moans leave your lips as he slaps against you and you can feel your juices running down your thighs.
“Your so tight for me baby,” Tig growls.
You whined and arched your back and his hand leaves your hips and he gently wraps it around your throat.
He meets your eye in the mirror and you nod, allowing him to squeeze your throat tighter as he fucks you hard.
His thrusts pound into you and he moves his free hand between your legs.
His fingers rubs circles at your clit and his cock slams into you even harder.
You moan at the double sensation and Tig squeezed your neck tighter.
“You gonna come for me babygirl?” Tig breathed in your ear.
His grip on your throats loosened and you moaned as he rubbed at your clit faster.
“Fuck! Tig!” You moaned.
He slammed into you harder.
“You gonna come all over my cock?” He growled.
He continues to slam inside of you and he rubs at you.
“I wanna feel you come on my cock baby girl.” Tig growled in your ear.
His hand moved back to your neck and squeezed gently.
You grip the hand between your legs, but he keeps rubbing and rubbing and a loud moan leaves your lips.
Your body trembles and your walls clench around him and you feel yourself become wetter.
Your still coming as he finishes fucking you and he slams into you once more before he releases himself, filling you with his heat and he bites into your shoulder with a groan.
He comes down slowly, your breaths mingling as he rests his head against your back.
Your legs are still trembling and you clutch at the sink to keep your balance.
He pulls out of you and you dress yourselves in silence.
Once you’ve pulled your shirt back on you lean against the wall and stare at the ceiling, somehow still breathless.
Tig stands in front of you and he placed a hand either side of you in the wall.
You lower your gaze from the ceiling to meet his eye and you blush slightly.
His blue eyes shine as they look at you with adoration and he runs his hand over his face.
“You really are full of surprises.”

On Your Knees, Little Girl: Dean x Reader x Sam

Title: On Your Knees Little, Girl.
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Dean x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 3,900
Warnings: Oral (Male and Female Receiving), Slight Non-Con, Threesome, Double VAGINAL Penetration, Spanking, SMUT SMUT SMUT!  18+

AN:  I had this laying around on my google drive for awhile.  Posted it.  Got shy about so I took it down and then decided what the hell ever.  Yes this is dirty.  But I’m an adult!  I hope you enjoy too. 

It had been one of those days.  A long, hard, hot mess of a fucking day. You had been stuck in the back seat of the Impala with a fuming boyfriend and an equaling fuming friend in the front seat.  They had told you probably a hundred and thirty-three times to stay away from this hunt- you were too much of a greenhorn.  Demons weren’t like ghosts or even werewolves.  No, demons were dangerous business that you were not ready to handle.  So of course, when that bitch had given you away and placed a knife to your throat, neither of the brothers were in the mood to talk.  So now, you sat in the backseat wanting to desperately say something in your defense, but you knew it was better to keep quiet for now.  

After a few hours, Dean had whipped the car into the parking lot of a pretty seedy motel.  You jumped as he slammed the door behind him as he went to register with the front office.  

You took the opportunity to plead your case with the more level-headed Winchester.

“Look Sam, I’m sorry you know…” You began, but was cut off mid-sentence by his deeper voice.

“I know, Y/N. I know you are, but you have got to listen.  OK? What Dean and I tell you is for your own good.”  He said gently as he turned to look at you with that lost puppy way he had.

You breathed in deeply and nodded.  You opened your mouth to plead your cause further but driver’s side door was pulled open.  Your mouth snapped closed as you caught Dean’s eyes in the rear view mirror.  He was clearly pissed off at you.  His green eyes were burning like hellfire and you quickly looked away.

After Dean pulled into a parking stop for your room, you followed behind the brothers quietly.  You sighed as you drop onto the bed with a dull thud. Normally you would inspect the bed to make sure there weren’t any mystery stains, but you were beyond tired- mentally and physically.  You barely registered Sam’s voice telling you that they were going to make a food run before you fell into a calm darkness.


You sat up with a start when the door to the motel room banged against the wall. Your eyes flew to the door and you involuntarily reached out for the gun on the night stand.  You breath a sigh of relief when you found Dean and Sam standing there-your eyes flickered to the digital clock next to you.  It was 2 A.M.  

“Guys?”  You croaked as you stared at them as they filled the space around the bed.  Dean wore an expression that was unreadable as you watched him studying you.  Sam was standing to your left and mirrored his brother’s expression.  You started to get up but Dean’s hand motioned for you to stop.  You obeyed as his look turned from blank to predatory.  You swallowed hard when an evil smirk spread over his features as he eyed you up for size.  

“Dean?” You questioned as you tried to figure out what he was thinking. He chuckled lowly and turned his attention to his brother.  

“So Sammy…  Should the punishment fit the crime?”  He said coolly as he smoothed his hand over his jaw.  Sam’s eyes flashed hotly as his own smirk grew over his features. You squirmed when his hazel eyes landed on you and racked over your full-clothed body.  

“I think a well deserved spanking is required, Dean.”  He said with a low deadly chuckle. “ After all, she did disobey you.”   

Dean in response let out a low chuckle and smirked at his brother’s suggestion.  Moving with precision, Dean stalked over so that he was looming over you.  He smiled darkly at you when you looked at him with widen eyes.  

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Y/N.  Sam and I talked it over at the bar.  We both are both going to give you what you have coming.”   He said with a menacing tone.  You groaned lowly when he put extra emphasis on the word we.  

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Not Alone (Negan x Reader) - Smut

Summary: You arrive at the Sanctuary and find yourself dealing with things you never signed up for. 

Part 1:  Alone    Part 3: Never Alone

Warnings: A little bit of Smut, Public Sexual Situation, Swearing, Negan being Negan. 

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Animal (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Could I request some smutty Seb? Possibly with some handcuffs involved now that everyone is discussing his kinks… ;) Love you!

I’m the handcuff anon, i forgot to add the romanian part. Please please PLEASE. I need some smutty romanian speaking Seb in my life.

Omg please write a story with Sebastian speaking Romanian! Idc if it’s smut or fluff, but I’m addicted to these kind of stories. And you’re the definitely the coolest author ever, so I know it will be perfect! 👌💜

A/N: Don’t say I don’t deliver because…ladies…I have DELIVERED. This one has been a bitch to write because I’ve had literally no time, but these new pictures of Seb have sparked a fire in me- half lust, half jealousy that people are there and I am not- and now I’ve written a 4k smut fest. REJOICE. Stay hydrated, prepare your underwear- it’s about to get hot in here. Thanks to the anons who requested this!

Romanian used (I do not speak Romanian, so if it’s wrong, it’s wrong)

Draga mea- My darling
Mă duc să-ți strice această seară , draga mea- I’m going to ruin you tonight, my darling. 
Sunteţi frumoasă- You are beautiful 
Iarta-mi pacatele- Forgive me my sins 
Deschide- Open. 
Legat- tied up
Tu ești o fată bună- You’re a good girl
O astfel de frumos tâţe…isus hristos esti strans- Such beautiful tits- Jesus Christ you’re tight. 
Știam că ți-a plăcut dur- I knew you liked it rough
Vei să vii frumos și greu pentru mine, pisoi- You come nice and hard for me, Kitten
Te rog, te rog- Please, Please
Fată bună, fată bună, pisoi- Good girl, good girl, Kitten
Te ador- I adore you. 

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Sugar Daddy (Jungkook x Reader)

@yameme HERE’S YOUR DADDY JUNGKOOK SMUT. CALLIN’ YOU OUT. HAAHA. enjoy~ I hope I did well~

Genre: Smut

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 2,545

Warnings: Daddy kink, fingering, dirty talk, etc.

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You’re a pretty average college student…sort of.

You receive passing grades, have a nice group of friends, and attend class regularly. But…you don’t live in a dorm, and you don’t have a ‘job’. Strangers reactions are always confused when you tell them that—because how can you survive when you’re not making money?—and usually they just assume your parents are wealthy and are putting you through school. And sure, your parents are lending you a hand in paying tuition costs, but they’re not that generous. Or rich.

Your phone buzzing in your pocket is what knocks you out of your daydreaming, and you flinch, eyes flickering to where your professor is standing in front of the white board. Luckily, he doesn’t catch your slip up—the rule of the room being that phones must be on silent—and you slyly pull the device out from the pocket of your bag.


Come over after your class. I’ll buy you those heels you wanted the other day.

Licking your lips, you stare at the words on the screen for a good minute, your thighs unconsciously rubbing together in anticipation. Usually you meet at night—after Jungkook is done with his days, and you’ve finished your classes—but he wants to meet now? In the middle of the afternoon?

You try not to smile, imagining how worked up something must of made him today for him to ask of you out of the blue like this. However, nonetheless, you reply that you’ll be over soon and deposit your phone back into your bag, hiding your excitement behind your hand for the remainder of the class.

When your professor finally dismisses you, you don’t waste a moment before grabbing your bag and bustling out of the room—your knee-length dress fluttering behind you.

Exiting the building, you hurriedly make your way to the usual rendezvous point, smiling when you spot a familiar black car parked in the pick-up area for students. As you approach the vehicle the lock on the back door pops up, and you scoot inside, setting your bag on the ground and flashing a polite look to the familiar, well-dressed driver.

“Miss,” he nods in acknowledgment and then shifts gears, pulling away from the university and starting towards the middle of the city. Cars bustle up and down the street, and you stare out the tinted window along the practically memorized route.

You’d traveled to Jungkook’s residence far too many times now…

Pulling up to the building, you ready your bag and thank Jungkook’s driver for the ride, stepping out of the car and kicking the door closed behind you. Gliding across the lobby of the luxurious apartment building, you step into the elevator and press the button for the floor you need, silently leaning against the railing and waiting as the doors slide closed.

You hate to admit it but your panties are already feeling quiet damp, your mind having conjured up many…images along the ride. Obviously, your relationship with Jungkook isn’t exactly…a romantic, two-kids-in-love type relationship. It’s more….business.

Teasing, sex, hungry eyes, wandering hands, payment. He’s the reason you don’t work. The reason you have far more nice clothing and items than a college student needs. He’s your dark knight—which you had happened to meet about a six months ago, in the dark depths of a club on the far end of town. But more so than a dark knight, he’s your…sugar daddy.

You can’t help shake your head at the term. It hardly feels right, considering that he’s only in his late 20’s, but—technically speaking—you are his sugar baby. His very much beloved, very much called upon sugar baby.

At first you’d been doubtful of his proposal when he’d told you about it on the cold street outside the night club—your car engine shot and no way to get home. He’d offered you a ride, which had turned into a drunken, passionate make-out in the backseat, and then a re-route to his house. When you woke the next morning you had barely remembered what had happened, but you remembered Jungkook—how could you not? He was more stunning than a marble statue in an art museum.

“Let me take care of you,” he had said, brushing your hair out of your eyes, touch gentle, and without thinking much you had agreed.

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