Inland Sea

context: our DM didn’t name shit, so names were made up on the fly

DM: and so you enter the town of…

half-orc paladin: bulgium, founded after greg, the guy with a magnificent bulge

rest of the table (myself (a elf wizard), a human druid, and a half-elf monk) break out into laughter, quickly followed by the DM and the paladin.

and later, we discovered there was a hamlet quickly named by our monk, ‘dimsdale’

and yorkshire, the next town over, you can’t forget that

and later the DM drew us a map, that the half-orc paladin and I added things to, we now have an inland sea called ‘the sea of doom’ near 'the trail of doom’, with a fishing village of 'ills of the forgotten’, along with 'the pit of death’ which is a desert 


asoiaf meme - [6] locations: Yi Ti

A fabled land even in the Seven Kingdoms, Yi Ti is a large and diverse country, a realm of windswept plains and rolling hills, jungles and rain forests, deep lakes and rushing rivers and shrinking inland seas. Its legendary wealth is such as to allow its princes to live in houses of solid gold and dine on sweetmeats powdered with pearls and jade. Lomas Longstrider, awestruck by its marvels, called Yi Ti “the land of a thousand gods and a hundred princes, ruled by one god-emperor." 

Ixalan = Santorini ?

The Magic: the Gathering map of Ixalan looks a lot like the Greek Island of Santorini … .

The massive volcanic eruption in 16th century BC devastated the island leaving a large underwater caldera.

Likewise, the Immortal Sun had triggered a cataclysmic event which ‘may’ have created the Inland Sea / Sunken Ruins of Azcanta.