Inland Sea

The pristine, aqua-colored water of Lake Superior has returned with the departure of the ice. Here was the view yesterday afternoon along the rocky shoreline at the Presque Isle park in Marquette, MI. The water may look warm but looks can be deceiving. At 37 degrees, we have a long ways to go for tolerable swimming. Photo taken 4/27/15.

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Charlie Mayfair @ The Troubadour

Rave Magazine issue 17 August 2010:

Charlie Mayfair / Montpelier / Inland Sea

The Troubadour - Sun Aug 15

With 10 members in total and a three-girl choir, Inland Sea are Brisbane’s answer to Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers, but with more folk and ukulele. Apparently one of the members got drunk instead of writing a set-list so the band gets the audience to pick song names out of a hat. If this little gem of audience participation doesn’t win the crowd over, their endearing folk-pop tunes certainly do.

Next are Montpelier, who play a tight set filled with accessible and commercially friendly rock. While the format is not new, they are compelling to watch and the keys do well to contrast the soaring melodies and heavy drums.

Charlie Mayfair’s songs are simple and filled with harmonies so sunny they make you want to frolic in the park. Hannah Shepherd is a charming frontwoman with an amazing vocal range but tonight it is all about backing vocalist Sammy George-Allen who is leaving the band to go overseas. George-Allen is given liberty to play her own song, stumbling through a cutesy ukulele number. It’s an emotional moment and there are definitely a few teary eyes before the end of the night.