Inky Ghost

dirkdammit  asked:

If Pac-man was an Orthodox Jew do you think he'd have to stop eating ghosts or are they kosher?


I refuse to believe that Pac-man, as an observant Jew, would feast on souls. However, I am going to postulate that Pac-man is a metaphor for the turmoil inside the Jewish soul- specifically, Pac-man is the yetzer hara. And what else could he be? He does nothing other than devour, and devour, and destroy. He does not stop to daven, and he does not say brakha before he eats the wee dot thingies.

Above we see the four ghosts, Inky, Winky, Pinky, and Clyde. I postulate that each of them represent a different Jewish virtue. It is not Pac-man’s job to destroy them, but it is in his nature- it is the job of the ghosts to corral Pac-man and keep him from taking control of the soul, as represented by a maze.  Clyde, the yellow ghost, is the same colour as an etrog. His endless wandering reminds us of the wandering we did in the desert, yet like the other ghosts he still does the customs of a Jew, and therefore we may call him Zikaron (remembrance). Inky, as we see, is also called Bashful. Therefore  she represents tzniut, or modesty. However, the name Inky could also be a reference to the ink in which the Torah is written- this ghost is a scholar! Inky represents not only the learning of tzniut, but the application of tzniut, and for that she is called both Inky and Bashful. Pinky is pink, a colour associated with young children, and especially girls. Therefore Pinky represents new life and femininity- Pinky is a Jewish mama, maintaining spiritual influence over her family. The Talmud  says that when a pious man marries a wicked woman, the man becomes wicked, but when a wicked man marries a pious woman, the man becomes pious. Blinky, or Shadow, is a stand-in for the Plague of Darkness in Egypt, because of his name, and yet also he warns of darkness of the spirit, and the perils of benightedness- he goes all blue and woogy not to let Pac-man win, but to warn Pac-man that winning comes at a terrible price.

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On this date in history — May 22, 1980: The arcade game Pac-Man was released. Despite what it might seem, the ghosts aren't all chasing Pac-Man. Creator Toru Iwatani intentionally avoided programming them with that purpose, since that would have resulted in Pac-Man zipping around the screen with four ghosts always right behind him. Only Blinky, the red ghost, doggedly pursues you throughout the game. Pinky simply wants to position itself at a point that's 32 pixels in front of Pac-Man's mouth. Inky, the blue ghost, is seeking to position itself at a similar fixed spot. And Clyde, the orange ghost, moves completely at random.


“Funny that this store has a picture that looks like Number One. What a co-inky-dink.” The Ghost Girl said, waiting for Dahlarz to supply explanation.

He had none. Actually he didn’t pay too much attention to what decorated the walls of Groovy Groceries. The atmosphere soothed him and gave him a sense of security and belonging. The Boss was here and The Boss was his Psychopomp. The Boss called him his Prime Acolyte. Dahlarz was not bothered by details such as brains in jars and weird art on the walls.

Ghost Girl gave up waiting for an answer, shrugged, and started to flirt with Dahlarz instead. “I sense we have great chemistry “ she said.

Dahlarz was not fond of Charles, who was a ghost, but Ghost Girl was rather cute and friendly, so this particular ghost, Dahlarz decided, was quite ok.

He flirted back and they teased each other and joked in a flirty way for a while until suddenly they heard Charles yell out: 

 “What the FUCK are those things that just popped out? They look like mushrooms! “

‘Oh’ Dahlarz thought. ‘Isn’t Charles used to whatever The Boss is packing down there? I overheard some drama a while ago about The Boss showing Charles something weird..he said Tulpa? His name for his junk, I guess?  ’

Dahlarz snickered  and then yelled:

“Can you guys quiet down up there? Keep that stuff private?  We have a customer…”