Here’s some Inktober drawings from last year I never got around to posting!! They were just silly ones for fun lol


Inktober 2017: #7 - Other Mother

Steven meets a sinister relative.

This was sitting untouched in my hard drive a while before I got around to coloring it and, finally, posting it. Inktober is done and over with, but I did enjoy what few mock-promo art I did manage to do and the prompts that some people sent me! 

I want to move on to other projects, but I’d like to save the couple of requests I didn’t do and try this challenge again when October rolls around!

(Requested by @steeringthetimeline, based a Coraline-inspired prompt!) 

Inktober Day 27- Climb

Spider-Man just hanging out in between doing super hero stuff 🕷 

 Update: this original drawing is now up for sale! Check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/579579308/spider-man-original-ink-drawing?utm_medium=SellerListingTools&utm_campaign=Share&utm_source=Raw&share_time=1519269572000&utm_term=so.slt

-Alyssa Tallent

a very late inktober commission- day 25 for @seasonofthegeek <3

not a scene from her fic bread makes you fat, but something i’d imagine happening in the story- cuddling in bed and nino trying to get a bite of marinette’s bread turtle