Miiverse- Splatoon Spam Comic: Out one Ambush into Another… >3<;

I’ve been playing a ton of splatoon lately to try and get back into the swing of things.. and while I will openly admit that I am rusty as hell after my many-month-hiatus… I am steadily getting better again and I’ve even swallowed my fear a bit to jump into some ranked battles! :D

… And while that was going well at first, I can tell when a group of experienced players are playing their alts in a quad because… Some of these B rank players are a nightmare. holy octopus, batman. >m<;;;

Needless to say, Always keep your back to the walls and stay ever vigilant! 

(Also, I need friends. I want to play hide and seek so bad. xD Even if I would fail every time… just saying)


Have some splatoon doodles i did!! Its real funny, i tend to draw my kids when im stressed from just everything. Since i really love splatoon and ever since playing and meeting friends from it it helped me a lot in espressing myself in a weird way?? Its probably the best sort of escape from a lot of things 💖💖 i would love having to draw them a ton more. But so far theyve been here for helping me healthily vent and when i have free/ alone time. Cause i do stupid shit when im stressed. If i started drawing them dayly and all the time they lose that feeling i get when i DO draw them. Idk.
This time tho i redesigned a few, or just fixed my style!! But i had a lot of fun drawing them, i love them so much!!! And i feel a lot better its been a while!!!