So something I found interesting in INITIATE SEQUENCE, the Tron Legacy "choose your own adventure" book:

If you choose to ditch Quorra at the games (“GET IN USER WE’RE GOING SHOPPING”) and make a run for it, you jump down into this sub-level of the Grid, which is all decrepit and abandoned. All the buildings are crumbling and its rusty (I had never even considered rust on the Grid) and freezing. So you (Sam) go into this old factory of some sort, where you begin to get taunted by voices. You fall through a trap door and break your neck (“you know, for kids!”) and then as you’re dying you see that the voices belong to “ghost programs”–programs that were deleted (I’m thinking deleted improperly from the outside) and dwell in a ghost-like, glitching form in lower Grid levels.

I thought this was so interesting and really eerie, and I had to share it with you guys! 

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How would each paladin (+Allura) cuddle with their s/o?

A/N: hmm… let see… When I re-read this, I think I have gone overboard with it


  • This guy? Cuddling? He’s like a leech, he will whine if you try to refuse his cuddle. To put it in a way, he is like lost puppy. Giving his s/o the puppy dog eyes. He will wrap both arms around their waist and snuggle them. 
  • He acts like he is the small spoon in the relationship. Which he is. His s/o is the big spoon.  


  • This one is the best. Have you seen his hugs? His s/o enjoys them very much. Cuddling is like, hug 2.0. But Hunk’s version. He will initiate the cuddling sequence. 
  • The way he hug his s/o is heartwarming and adorable. Even though he act like a nervous wreck, his s/o can calm him down. Some people think he is crushing his s/o. Actually, thats how he is cuddling them.


  • She likes cuddles. Her cuddles are sweet. If her s/o are tall, they will pull her onto their lap as she works on her laptop or whatever she is doing. Typing away or upgrading her Lion. 
  • The best part; when she falls asleep, she sleep like an adorable kitten. Her s/o will treat her with care. WITH LOTS OF CARE AND LOVE. 


  • This guy is like a tough egg. He don’t show his affections in front of everybody but when he and his s/o are alone, having a private moment. Like, in his bedroom. He will let them to rest on top of his chest. His way of cuddling is different than Lance. 
  • Cute moments is when his s/o caught him off guard by giving him surprise kisses. His reaction will be flustered or hide his face behind their back.


  • He needs hugs. He needs cuddles. Give him all the love he need. If he saw his s/o, he will drag them to a seclude area and cuddle them. He will make sure that his s/o are looking at him. He will rest his head on top of their shoulder, cuddling away. 
  • His s/o will give his back some gentle rub when he is cuddling them. He will feel peace and love from them.


  • I think her s/o will do it. When Coran is not around or popping out of nowhere. Her s/o will surprise her with a hug from behind. Allura will giggled if they do it. Some are side hugs. She will be comfortable with their cuddles. 
  • Its like those two are long-lost couple. Allura’s face will brighten up when her s/o cuddled her. You could feel the universe are saved, just by her smile. You could tell that the Galra Empire has been defeated

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.... Help i keep thinking about how much hux hates the fact that hes illegitimate. Like think of the fics where he has kids with klyo. I cant. My heart.

If it makes you feel better, we don’t actually *know* that Hux hates his illegitimate status. He might not view it as something that hinders or even defines him.

And even if he *does* hate it, look on the bright side: he’d never want a child of his to suffer what he perceives as the indignity of being a bastard, which means that he’d make sure to get married before having children. INITIATE KYLUX WEDDING HEADCANON SEQUENCE!

Happy Monday everyone!

This morning I went to Carolina Barre and Core and I enjoyed it! I am really digging barre classes that actually have a hard wood floor, it actually reminds me of the yoga/ballet/pilates fusion that barre is supposed to be. CB&C was very similar to Pure Barre - moreso than the Xtend Barre class I went to last week. Similar phrasing and sequence, 4 thighs and 1 seat that sort of went parallel and turnout fluidly. Abs were very similar. I’m trying my hardest not to compare everything to PB because they’re not Pure Barre but it’s a challenge - I’m definitely biased but I think I’m biased for a good reason! :)

I liked CB&C because of all the additional arm work! After we did thighs we actually came back to the center of the room and did 15 pushups before stretching… it was great. There was also an arm exercise right about their initial ab sequence. I’m into it! I will definitely go back and when I do I will not wear my OG pair of sticky socks because they are clearly not grippy enough anymore for actual hard wood. 

I also am loving 5:30/5:45a classes. It’s never easy to roll out of bed but the amount of time I have when I get home before 7am is perfect. Enough time to shower, make a breakfast, and slowly enjoy coffee. And seriously, once I’m back, I do not miss those few extra hours of sleep. I really don’t!  

It’s a beautiful morning and it’s going to be a great week! Get out there and do it, friends.

tonights episode of steven was my second favorite one of the week (behind mr greg) and one of my favorites of the season so far, both bc of stevonnie’s characterization and the over the top initial d race sequence. the whole thing was good as fuck