Twitter is where news breaks; Facebook is where news goes. This is something that members of the media, who live on Twitter and regard Facebook with removed interest, take for granted. The coverage of and discussion about Facebook’s IPO may have been the clearest demonstration yet of one of the few things the service can’t seem to do: Lead the conversation.
—  BuzzFeed’s John Herrman • Making a wise point about how the Facebook IPO was really a much bigger story on Twitter than Facebook. Part of that, to us, is due to the way the networks work. “The site, as is, is great at building after-the-fact, heavily filtered digests,” Hermann explains, “While Tweets are like free-roaming units of information, Facebook posts live in the context of each users’ friend bubble.” We noticed the same trend when the IPO broke. And it is very telling — a level of engagement FB could never hope to have, even if it’s with a smaller audience.

Facebook filed for its hotly anticipated initial public offering on Wednesday, setting the stage for Silicon Valley’s largest-ever IPO.

The world’s largest social network, a dorm room project for Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg that exploded in popularity and vaulted to Silicon Valley’s top tier within 8 years , submitted preliminary IPO documents to the Securities Exchange Commission after weeks of frenzied speculation.

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Facebook to be the largest Internet initial public offering ever

New York Times: Facebook Files for $5 Billion Initial Public Offering

Facebook, the vast online social network, took its first step toward becoming a publicly traded company on Wednesday as it filed to sell shares on the stock market. The service, hatched in a Harvard dormitory room nearly eight years ago, is on track to be the largest Internet initial public offering ever — trumping Google’s in 2004 or Netscape’s nearly a decade before that.

In its filing, Facebook, which has more than 800 million users worldwide, said it was seeking to raise $5 billion, according to a figure used to calculate the registration fee. The company will seek to have the ticker “FB” for its shares, but did not list an exchange.

But many close to the company say that Facebook is aiming for a far greater offering that would value it near $100 billion. At that lofty valuation, Facebook would be much bigger than many longer-established American companies.

LinkedIn's massive IPO: One of the largest tech IPOs since Google's
  • $45 LinkedIn’s price per share when it launched its IPO this morning
  • $83 the company’s price per share now — that’s right, it nearly doubled in price
  • $352M the amount the company has earned from its IPO today source

» A really impressive start for social media: LinkedIn, the first social media company on the stock market, sets the stage for what could be an impressive transition from startup to stock for many social sites. Facebook’s far larger than LinkedIn, meaning that this may be the floor level for what the ubiquitous social site could expect when Mark Zuckerberg finally decides to go IPO.

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Here’s a few screenshots from various presentations on one of my favorite topics: Telemedia i.e. the coming convergence of the telecom and media sectors. Get ready - the coming Facebook IPO will hugely accelerate this. Go here to find out more.

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“Pasivadi Pranam” 1987

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Behind the big

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What is with the playboy cover ?

Facebook is preparing for one of the biggest IPO history ever witnessed quadrupling Google’s $23 billion IPO in 2004. They are (Goldman Sachs and facebook) likely to go public during the first quarter of 2012,  at $100 billion, Facebook’s impending IPO would be one of the largest in history.

The cover above is not there just for fun. If you look at closely, you will see the names of Goolge founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. This issue published only few weeks before Google went public. Analysts say this incident had lead serous downgrade while valuing Google’s IPO. After Google went public in only couple weeks Google shares had immense increases. (Share prices almost doubled in 3 months)

Of course Google’s success and strength is behind this jump but also something perhaps ? Less than 4-5 months to facebook’s IPO now we start people talking: facebook users are not very active like before and Google+ is pushing the envelope once more.

Do you think we see some news flash about facebook these days ? Be ready to see what is behind the big.

Fender: Legendary guitar builders enter the IPO battlefield

For those about to rock: Fender, the manufacturers of the legendary Stratocaster electric guitar, are preparing to offer an IPO soon. The company announced plans to sell $200 million in stock currently held by Fender and the guitar maker’s owners. The company, which currently sells its guitars in 85 countries around the world, hopes that the offering will give Fender the ability to “extend our reach to a broader global consumer base." (photo by Gilga Mesh) source

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Initial Public Offering

If a company wants to sell stock shares to the general public, it conducts an IPO. By doing so, a company goes from the status of private (no general shareholders) to public (a firm with general shareholders)


  • Facebook: $16 billion

  • Twitter: $1.8 billion

  • Google: $1.7 billion

  • Yandex: $1.3 billion

  • Infonet Services: $1.1 billion

  • Shanda Games: $1.04 billion

  • Zynga: $1 billion

  • Giant Interactive Group: $887 million

  • Renren: $743 million

  • Groupon: $700 million
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Liberty Interactive Corporation (NASDAQ:QVCA) to Buy Zulily, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZU) for $2.4 Billion

Liberty Interactive Corporation (NASDAQ:QVCA) to Buy Zulily, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZU) for $2.4 Billion

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#Liberty Interactive

Corporation (NASDAQ:QVCA) to Buy Zulily, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZU) for $2.4 Billion

Option Trading Partners   –   #Market News 

Liberty Interactive owns home shopping network #QVC, which also has an online shopping site. Zulily is an ecommerce company specializing in limited time sales of clothing, toys, and home products. The acquisition would boost Liberty Interactive’s online…

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Twitter Delaying IPO?

Twitter isn’t in the same hurry to go public with a stock offering as other Internet companies, including Groupon, LivingSocial and Zynga. Those companies have filed paperwork with the SEC to go public, while Twitter, the fast-growing Internet messaging service, is raising private funds for continued operations instead.

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Aw, Zucks. We're hoping this won't "poke" our portfolios too badly.

Want to own a piece of Facebook? You might be able to in the spring of 2012. It looks like, despite founder Mark Zuckerberg’s well-known resistance to the idea over the years, the company is on its way to its “initial public offering” — the sale of stock that a private company makes available to the public. (Groupon just had an IPO, and it hasn’t been going quite so well for them.) The social media trailblazers could raise as much as $10 billion from first-day stock sales; that would put the company’s total value at $100 billion. Not bad for a guy who screwed over most of his friends from Harvard (and a couple of Winklevi) to get there. source

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